5 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow While The New Algorithm Rolls Out

Remember back in the working day, when we would ask all our friends if they had AIM? Stimulating our “away messages” before school was a must, and asking our middle-school crush what his or her screen name was seemed to be the struggle of a lifetime.

My first screen name was “TotallyCrazy4U, ” and it still attains me wince. “CrazyItalianGirl”came shortly after. Thank God that was all only a phase.

Those were much simpler days. Those were the working day when I didn’t have to hold my breath while I kept scrolling 62 weeks into my hot chemistry teacher’s Instagram account. Yes, I said chemistry teacher. I am better at analyse than the FBI. It’s a gift, really.

Today, everyone has an Instagram. People are even creating accounts for their adorable newborn babies and puppies( which I may or may not be guilty of ). If you scroll through Instagram as much as I do, you’re bound to come across some of those Instagram-famous people. You only can’t look away, but you have no notion how or why these people have 9,603 followers.

Regardless of what you’re into, here is a list of five famous Instagrammers who are giving me all the feels 😛 TAGEND

1. #EverythingGoals

This woman, tammyhembrow, is a flawless Australian mommy who, even when she’s seven months pregnant, is still goals AF. I’m pretty sure the only reason she has 2.4 million followersisher looks.

Look at how perfect her 1-year-old son, Wolfe, is. Oh, maybe another reason she’s so famous is her booty-building program, which everyone has appeared to be obsessed with. Whatever it is, I’m still questioning why I can’t wake up with her life and hunk of a husband.

You go, daughter. Teach me your ways.

2. Fit, Thick And Damn Proud

Fitandthicktiffis a fitness guru who’s all about motivating her 16,000 adherents to embrace their curves. Her account is full of progress photos, snack prep ideas and her own workout videos.

In a society where everyone is preoccupied with thigh gaps, this famous Instagrammer is all for thick thighs and loving her body , no matter what shape it is. If you’re looking for some daily gym motivation while you’re on your third row of Oreos, this account is honestly all you need.

3. Paging Doctor Grey

OK, I’m fully aware this account may not be for everyone. But I’m obsessed.

Mrs_angemiis a spouse, mom and human dissector. This autopsy specialist is dedicating her 828,000 adherents an in-depth look on what life looks like after demise for the human body.

Her pathology page is full of real medical photos, and it’s taken from a pathologist’s point of view. Here, she explains what happens to the human body after demise and dissection.

This account gives us a different perspective on what our bodies definitely sounds like from the inside out. If you’refascinated with all things medical, this page will keep you up for hours while you’re endlessly scrolling.

4. BRB, Sephora Trip

Yes, I’m fully aware there are a million makeup artists all over Instagram and YouTube. But this one has me doing a smokey eye when I just go out to buy toilet paper. This Los Angeles makeup artist has tallied up 820,000 adherents with her unique seems, sick lip penetrate and perfect makeup skills.

Ourfazinaliis all about big lips, big sunglasses and even bigger lashes. What more could we perhaps want?

She is currently generating her own lipstick shade which I’m low-key fangirling over since she is the only makeup artist I know who can pull off lip colorings, such as mustard and turquoise, while looks a lot like a bad bitch. Her makeup styles are so bold, they’ll have you making your fifth Sephora run this week.

5. He put a ring on it.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this Instagram account will have you feeling both hopeless and romantic. Howheaskedis the only site that will attain you scream daily.

This page has over 1,000 wedding proposal tales. Half of this account’s 442,000 adherents swoon, while the other half wonder why their humen aren’t as romantic.

They also have a website, so all you #engagedand #blessedfolk can submit your own stories. This account has the best #ringspiration, too.

These accounts will add a little bit of glam, motivating, romance and even gore to your Insta feed. Each one is worthy of a follow.

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