3 Workout Videos That Will End Your Love-Hate Relationship With Leg Day

It’s officially winter. This entails layers, long sweaters and multiple pairs of long johns are entirely acceptable( and even kind of trendy ).

I’m a fan of the cooler months. They conceal a lot of imperfections.

But as an advocate of body positivity, Im not about to make this article about your body looking good in the winter.

Every body is different, and if I read one more piece about how to get a thigh gap, I will explode.

What I will do, though, is explain why its important to exert your lower body-year round. These reasons have nothing to do with how you appear, and they even offer some workout suggestions.

Exercising your lower body will reduce the health risks of trauma, improve your balance, allow you to move more quickly( and for longer periods of period ), improve your metabolism, alleviate lower back ache and increase your range of motion.

Your legs are basically half your body. You rely on them to do basically everything.

Making dinner? Youre most likely standing.

Running to the bathroom? Still using your legs.

Tapping your foot during a long flight out of boredom? Watch?

I havent even mentioned exercising.

Leg day doesnt exactly have an exciting reputation on social media. Everyone calls leg day the day they love to hate.

There is a lot of pain post your lower body workout, sometimes attaining it difficult to even sit down.

But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Actually, you can learn to love leg day, especially if it means awesome results.

Thisis why I’m presenting you with three 10 -minute videos( and who doesn’t have 10 minutes ?) to help you get super strong legs.

1. Ballet Beautiful: Lean Hips& Outer Thighs

The moves in Ballet Beautiful: Lean Hips& Outer Thighs are easy and can be done anywhere. If theres room for you to lie down on the floor, you can do this video.

I do, however, recommend doing this routine on a mat. You may not be able to walk quiteas easily the next day, but youll feel empowered and strong.

Plus, the video is quite elegant. It takes some of that leg day fear away.

I would recommend stretching and warming up your hips before pressing “play” for ultimate security. Spectators are not required to have any previous ballet experience to make this one a favorite.

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2. 30 -Day Fat Burn: Legs And Butt Shaper

Interested in a bit more cardio, but not too much? 30 Day Fat Burn: Legs And Butt Shaper is exactly that.

Its great to pair this video with any other routine, as it involves many squatting pulses, light cardio explosions and even some floor work.

All you need for this 12 -minute routine is a mat, or at least something to put under your knees when the floor run begins. If I miss this routine on leg day, I feel like somethings missing.

Its a must-try, low-impact aerobics routine for everyone.

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3. BeFit Bikini Body Pilates: Lean Legs

Though BeFit takes the exercises in this video from traditional Pilates class, they differ from novice to intermediate.

Anyone can do them.

You dont have to be a Pilates expert to be good at this. You can implement the moves into your regular workout routine.

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Exercise doesnt have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Simple motions can work, get you the strength you want and may very well be free.

No gym membership is necessitated this winter.

But Ill still keep the long johns.( Theyre so comfy .)

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