20 Things You Absolutely Need To Do With “Your Person” Before You Reach 30

You know who “your person” is, because you truly wouldn’t be able to navigate life without them. They’re the first person you turn to when you’re “re going through” the toughest days, and they’re front and centre to celebrate the best ones. Just like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from, “your person” is so much more than just your BFF. You and “your person” may not have been through as much drama as Meredith and Cristina have, but you can relate hard. Needless to say, there are a few things to do with your best friend before you hit 30.

The time is now to live it up with “your person” right by your side. Meredith and Cristina go to bars and drink after long work days, or they chill at home with a bottle of wine and dish about their relationship woes. You and “your person” are truly the same, which is why you’ll be friends forever. You’ll definitely be the best of friends well into your 30 s, so what better day than the present to check off things on your bucket listing? Here are 20 crucial things you both need to do together before you turn 30.

1. Have As Many Dance Parties As Possible


There’s nothing freer than dancing like no one’s watching with your best friend. Seize every moment to have a dance party. You could do it at home, or even get all dressed up and go out to a club.

2. Travel Someplace New And Exciting

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Pick a place you’ve never been before. You can jet off to Las Vegas or Europe. Your 20 s is seriously the best time to travel, and the spectacular memories you attain will last a lifetime.

3. Play Hooky From Work

It’s good and necessary to take mental health days. You deserve a violate, and the only person you’ll want to spend the day with is “your person.” You should scheme a day even Ferris Bueller would be jealous of.

4. Try A New Workout Class

There are so many unique things you can do nowadays to work out. You can take a dance class, a trampoline class, or even aerial yoga. Pick something fun, because perhaps it could be your new thing together.

5. Be There For Each Other As You Fall In And Out Of Love


In your 20 s, you should allow yourself to fall in love and try new relationships. They won’t all work out, which is why you need to be there for “your person.” You can mend each other’s hearts with movie nights.

6. Get A Matching Tattoo Or Piercing

Get something together that’s extra special and shows you are a team, like matching tattoos or penetrates. If that’s not your style, you can get matching necklaces. Just pick something that’s special for the both of you to share.

7. Pamper Yourselves Whenever You Can

You both deserve to be pampered. Scheme a spa day, or if that’s out of the budget, you can have a spa day at home. Dedicate each other manicures while drinking your favorite wine.

8. Attend A Music Festival

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You both probably like the same various kinds of music, so you can always find a festival you want to go to. It could be a local one, or one across the country. Either route, you’ll be enjoying music, food, sunshine, and being together.

9. Have A Rager … Or Two


Party it up with your BFF whenever you can. You both should be living life to the fullest. Drink your favorite tequila while you’re spending quality day with “your person.”

10. Learn A New Language

You both can help each other out as you learn a new language. Your 20 s is a great time to try and assimilate as much as you can. Heck, you could even start to learn a language of preparing for a big journey you both take together.

11. Go Shopping For Each Other

If you’re game for it, try out a different style. Let your bestie go shopping for you, and have her pick out some attires you may never pick out for yourself. Even if you totally hate what she picks out, it will make for a ton of laughs.

12. Watch A Marathon Of The Shows You’ve Been Putting Off

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You maintain hearing that you need to watch, but you maintain putting it off. Induce it your mission to finish the shows you’ve procrastinated on. You guys can totally maintain one another in check.

13. Go Out For Brunch Whenever You Can


Brunch is the best time for catching up with endless mimosas. Try to go to brunch as much as you can together. Perhaps you can try out different places each week until you find place, just like you find “your person.”

14. Embrace A New Hobby

This could be something like taking an acting, paint, or photography class together. You both can get out of your convenience zone and try something new. You’ll have one another as you explore what’s out there and find something you both love.

15. Cook Dinner For Each Other Or Bake Something Together

Have each other over for a home-cooked meal. It will even help you out if you’re trying to learn how to cook, which is an important ability for your 30 s. And you know “your person” will be grateful for the dinner, even if you’re still working out the recipe. If you’re actually not into cooking, cook something sweet.

16. Take A Weekend Road Trip

Road trip-ups are a must for anyone in their 20 s. The wind in your hair, favorite songs playing on the radio, and “your person” by your side sounds like a dreamy adventure. What more could you ask for?

17. Read A Book Together


Start a mini book club with “your person.” You both likely watch the same movies and Tv shows together, so find a book that intrigues you both. You could even find an entire series to try and finish by your 30 s.

18. Act Like Kids As Much As Possible

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Have as many sleepovers as is practicable. Genuinely take advantage of the carefree stance you have in your 20 s. So, run build a blanket fort and watch some quality chick flicks.

19. Be Cheerleaders For Each Other As You Reach Your Dream Job

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In your 20 s, you’re both still trying to navigate the work life and detecting the right path for that dream job. You guys should be each other’s biggest cheerleaders. You really make each other better.

20. Do Something That Scares You

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It’s essential to do at least one thing that perfectly scares you. It could be bungee jumping, cliff leap, or skydiving. You know you can manage any thrill with “your person” by your side holding your hand.

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