How Many Days A Week Should You Actually Work Out To Be Skinny?

Working out is various kinds of like watching a season of or. Like, when youre into it, youre sooo addicted and cant shut up about last nights episode. But when youre not really feeling it this season* coughing* Rachel, sorry* coughing* youll watch the two hours anyway although you somewhat dread it and feel like its a waste of time. Whether youre hardcore addicted to bootcamp endorphins or you dread going to the gym more than your monthly Brazilian, you know you need to do it. The only question is HOW OFTEN? And even more specifically, what is the absolute minimum you must work out to both seem hot and still preserve your usual level of laziness? After looking into legit scientific proof about regular workout routines, we learned the facts you need to know to in order to make an effective workout schedule. Heres the lowdown.

1. You Should Be SOMEWHAT Moving All Week

Sorry if this news sucks, but its time to get the fuck off the sofa and MOVE. That doesnt mean you need to be doing a Soul Survivor class everyday, but it does mean you have to move a bit. Stroll your dog. Take the stairs. Do SOMETHING that requires you to get up. Being a little active throughout the day will help keep your metabolism moving and ensure youre burning calories throughout the week, even on days youre not making the gym.

2. Your Workouts Dont Have To Be That Long

News flash, IDGAF if spent your whole day on the elliptical. Modern science has proven that doing high intensity training in short intervals is what actually burns fat. By doing short explodes of intense workout in intervals, also called HIIT, you dont need to spend an hour on a cardio machine. Focus on moves like sprints, burpees, and leap squats, and then add in some full-body strength training for toning your muscles. Youll literally be drenched in sweat in less than 30 minutes so you can move on with your happy hour life.

3. You Should Switch It Up, Though

We cant give you an exact number of days to work out every week because it depends on what type of workouts youre doing. Just like you shouldnt be going on a light jog( with a soft J) twice a week expecting to see results, you also shouldnt be enduring a heart-pumping, calorie-torching, vomiting-on-the-floor workout on the daily. The key to the perfect workout schedule is VARIETY. Try doing HIIT or spin twice a week, strength train or pilates once a week, and then add in a yoga day. That route, youll work different muscle groups and avoid a workout plateau from doing the same thing everyday.

4. You Require A LEGIT Rest Day

Speaking of making a schedule, you NEED to incorporate at least one day of rest if you want to see results and avoid injury. Theres something called overtraining your body; it’s real and it sucks. If youre sweaty and sore everyday, youre probably putting too much stress on your body and your muscles will just take longer to recover afterwards. Take a day to relax, stretching, and chill the fuck out. Working out everyday will only attain your workout less effective than it wouldve been if your body was fully recovered and ready to go again. The gym will still be there tomorrow and your body will still appear good. REST.

5. If Your Diet Sucks, It Doesnt Really Matter

Whether your goal is losing fat, house muscle, getting faster, leaner, stronger, or just looking good in a crop top, no amount of exercise will get you there if youre feeing like shit. Focus on whole foods, lean proteins, and remain the fucking away from sugar. And if youre scared that those weighted squattings are gonna construct your ass too big, you should probably be a little more scared of the sleeve of Oreos you demolished last Saturday night.

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