5 Pilates Moves That Can Actually Make Your Orgasms More Intense

Anyone who’s been to a pilates class before can tell you with confidence that the subtle micro-movements involved are no f* cking gag. But after attending several sweaty conferences on the reg, you might notice that there’s something a little than core-sculpting going on with these exerts. Basically, if your sexuality life has abruptly gone from good to with no foreseeable cause, you’re likely wondering whether pilates can help with orgasms — and the answer, my friend, is it altogether can.

A good ol’ pilates workout majorly strengthens your pelvic floor, which is the group of muscles in your pelvis that support your bladder and uterus, according to Huffington Post. Basically, if you can increase your ability to control these muscles, you can actually amp up both intensity and any other sensations experienced during sex( or, you know, when you’re going solo, too ). When it comes to the big O including with regard to, the pelvic floor muscles actually contract by themselves automatically. So, the most powerful these muscles are, the more intense the orgasm will feel.

Perhaps you should maintain that little fun fact in mind the next time your friend invites you to that early morning pilates class and you’re seduced to hit the snooze button. Her “post-workout glow” might run a further than all those feel-good endorphins, know what I mean?

If you’re intrigued by all of this( um, how could you not be ?), here are five pilates moves that you can do any time, anywhere, that’ll help take your orgasms to a whole new level.

1. The Hundred

This move majorly works the strength and stability of your core, while demanding you to engage your pelvic floor in the process.

Keep in mind as you do this workout that there’s actually a connection between the pelvic floor and the transversus abdominis( aka a very deep layer of core muscle ), so when done correctly, core run sculpts the pelvis muscles, as well.

Working the pelvic floor — which involves the muscles surrounding your vagina — during this exercise will also help teach you how to voluntarily squeeze these muscles.

Pro tip: If you squeeze those muscles during sex, it can feel amazing for your partner — just sayin’.

2. Scissors

This bad boy is an advanced pilates exercise that calls for tremendous shoulder and pelvic stability, hip flexibility, and full-body lengthening.

Scissors help mobilize the entire pelvis by releasing tension within tight hips and unlocking the lower back. By releasing all of this tightness, your pelvis is better able to boulder up and down and move in circles freely.

Hello, spicy sexuality life.

3. Dead Bugs

Dead glitches activate the muscles in the pelvic floor and are challenging AF.

As you pull your abs to your spine, be sure to keep your mid-section and pelvis as still as is practicable, asserting complete control over this part of the body.

4. Chest Lift Holds

This baby is basically the same as a sit-up, but it calls for style more focus and control.

Engage your pelvis, and try to do these chest lifts without moving the pelvic area or pressing your lower back into the mat.

Consistently doing chest lifts, along with the other workouts on this list, will help you understand your body better. And more body awareness leads to more control over its functions — and kickass orgasms, let’s be real.

5. Roll-Ups

Roll ups are effective, because they teach you not to rely on “the worlds biggest” muscle groups to move your body. Rather, this exercise encourages you to focus on using both your abs and your pelvis in a slow and controlled manner, sans momentum.

Be as precise and controlled as you can during this exercise to reap the full benefits — aka the best orgasm ever when it comes is high time to snuggle up with your partner between the sheets.

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