How To Use The ‘Hamilton’ Soundtrack To Guide You Through The Perfect Workout

I can pretty much guaranty youve never worked out while listening to a Broadway play soundtrack before.

I get it; its not really the first thing that comes to intellect when youre looking for hardcore motivation to get your lazy ass to the gym.

But, if youve listened to the Hamilton soundtrack( or if youve been #blessed enough to witness the showwith your own eyes ), you know its pretty much like any other play youve watched or heard before.

I personally came in rather late to the Hamilton fan club, but ever since I listened to the soundtrack for the first time about four months ago I. Just. Cant. Stop.

Naturally, my obsession hemorrhaged into every area of my life including my hour at the gym, which brings us here to this very moment. Im about to change how you work out FOREVER.

First of all, DO NOT try to do all of these workouts in one sitting. The whole soundtrack is over two hours long, and there is no reason at all to be at the gym that long.

I recommend use each act in the play( theres two of them) per gym session for the ultimate boost of energy for your workout.

Kick off ACT I with the perfect run.

Unfortunately, youre still going to feel a lot of feelings as the play comes to an end.

Even though you know Hamiltons death at the hands of Aaron Burr is coming, youre still going to feel utterly devastated when it happens, especially as Burr describes himself in his silky smooth voice as the rogue in your history.

On the plus side, after running your body to its full potential, youve earned some well-deserved stretching time.

Find a floor mat and stretch it alllll out, baby. Do some splits, reach for your toes and let your tears fall as Eliza tells you all the ways shes preserved Hamiltons legacy even after hes gone.

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