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Figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your lifeis a dreaded task only you can findthe answer to.

Now, this chore is kind of like journaling, in that you should probably grab a pen and paper to lay your thoughts out neatly.

Your judgement might be clouded with sentiment after opinion from your mothers, peers, siblings, your SO and your educator. But to be honest, you will be required to search internally for the answer.

Everyone has a purpose, meaning y ou have a purpose. Combiningyour natural gifts and talents with your innate passion for whatyou wish to achieve or experience is how you play out your purpose in the world.

So here are five topics you might want to ask yourself to figure out what you genuinely wishes to do with the rest of your life 😛 TAGEND

1. What did I always want to be when I was younger?

This is an important first question to ask because, as children, we had a fearlessness withour mentality.

As we get older, though, we seem to beset with thinks likeIm not been enough or that could never happen.

Instead of letting those thinks eat you, briefly return to your childhood dreams, and uncover whether some of those dreams still induce you excited.

2. What builds me truly, truly happy?

What are you passionate about? What doyou really love doing? What do you feel helps you make a contribution to the world?

Whatever your response is, your answer will eventually draw you to the field or industry you should be working in.

3. How do I want to serve or help others?

How do you want change and impact the lives around you?

With observing your purpose goes finding the ways in which we know we can make a difference in the well-being of others.

And more often than not, what youll find you want to do for the rest of your life is likely to be strongly related to the ways in which you best make an impact in your community and in the well-being of others.

4. How do I find myself expending my days?

Visualize your ideal work day. Are you in front of a computer and at a desk, or are you spending time outside and traveling? Who are the people you work with?

When you can see a clear vision of how you expend your days at work, then, you can take the necessary actionsto get yourself there.

5. Do I know anyone else with that occupation?

If you have some contacts in fields youre thinking about entering, it couldbe a great notion to reach out to them and ask some questions.

If someone else is work the same undertaking, talking to them will give youan inside look onwhat the real ins and outs of the job are and decide if its still something you really wishes to do.

After you get all of these guess together, reflect on your answers and know what youve visualized can be a reality.

Knowing the possibilities are endless can be a daunting guessed, and sifting through those potentials might seem scary, but once youre able to develop a plan, you can take action to achieve your goals.

From one Gen-Y to another, however, the answer is usually to do what induces you happy.

How To Boost Your Confidence In The Workplace[ LABS]

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Have you ever supposed living your life is a full-time chore in and ofitself?

Think about it for a minute: Not merely do you work over 40 hours per week, but you also have to clean the house, do your laundry, grocery shop, take care of buying all your regular furnishes, plus then cook, clean the dishes, and try to get some sleep. No wonder more adults are running regularly on sleep deprivation.

The good news is that times have changed, and you no longer have to do it all on your own. Instead, there is a new breed of mail-order services that are quickly gaining popularity and building life easier for all users: the subscription order.

With so many options out there, how do you know which ones are going to fit your needs? The folks at have compiled a great list, including reviews, of some companies you may want to consider.

To help you narrow it down, here are 10 subscription categories you may want to look into and a few of the companies who offer subscription services for them:

Meal Subscriptions

One of the biggest consumers of personal time is preparing for and cooking snacks.

You have to plan what snacks you are going to have, shop for ingredients, set groceries away and then, pull the food out and prepare it.

Meal subscriptions help to cut the workout. Snacks are planned for you based your predilections, and you choose the number of dinners you want to have provided for you.

The various subscription services range from solelyrecipes to full meal prep, where all you have to do is cook your meal. Some of the dinner subscriptionsinclude Blue Apron, Home Chefand HelloFresh.

Snack Food Subscriptions

Everyone likes a snack here and again. One of current challenges with snacks is having a good various forms of selections that is also healthy.

This is where snack subscriptions can come in handy. Snacks from providers likeNatureBox, Grazeand Taste Trunkrange from nuts and dried fruit to sweet treats and everything in between. You are sure to find something for everyone with these options.

Personal Hygiene Subscriptions

Few people enjoy goingto the store and standing in long lines to buy razors, toothbrushes or feminine hygiene products.

Thankfully, you donthave to wait to run to the store and store to been a good bargain. Now, you can use services like Dollar Shave Club, Bokaand Le Parcel.

Beauty Product Subscriptions

Forget going to the store to search forbeauty products that are going to be good for your skin and in colors that complement you.

Many big retailers, includingWalmart and brands like Allureare joining the subscription-service club to better serve their clients. Anddontforget about the smaller players like Ipsy and Birchbox, too.

Fitness Subscriptions

Keeping in shape does not have to be a challenge , nor do you have to invest a boatload of money into different fitness products to find what will work for you.

Fitness subscriptions provide you with variousfitness products weight loss supplements, vitamin and energy supplements and fitness gear. These are a must have for every passionate athlete: BuluBox, RunnerBoxandYogi Surprise.

Clothing Subscriptions

Forget trying to keep up withthe latest fashion tendencies. With dres subscriptions like Five Four Club, Trunk Club, Manpacksand Fabkids, you and your entire household is likely to be have incredible clothes, in the latest styles, that meet your savours.

Cleaning Subscriptions

Who really wants to go to the store merely to pick up more dishwasher cleanser, laundry soap or window cleaner? Companies like Honest and Amazonhave stimulated these mundane errands super easy.

The Amazon Dash Button is a new idea for subscriptions, where it wontautomatically ship, but ifyou are running low on a product you need, you hit the button and it initiates a new shipment.

Home Maintenance Subscriptions

It can be difficult to do normal home maintenance when you do not have the furnishes readily available.

No more trying to remember to pick up things like air filters and change them every 30 days. You may want to considersubscriptions likeQualityAirFilters and Subscription Lighting.

Kids Subscriptions

Why should the children be left out of the subscription fun?

There are subscription services to help keep the children occupied and happy as well. Try Little Passports, Tinker Crateand Koala Crate to build life with the children a little more fun and a whole lot easier.

Pet Subscriptions

Caring for your pets just got so much more convenient. While these subscription services may not let your dog out in the morning, services like Bark Box, KitNipBox and Surprise My Petcan add a little spice to your pets life.

Make your life a little bit easier today. Try out some of the subscription services and see how much time you free up for activities you actually enjoy.

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Rememberwhen a well-balanced meal meanta cheeseburger in one hand and a milkshake in the other?

Ah, if only.

These days, the only type of burger you’re probablyeating on a regular basis is of the veggie assortment( hold the bun ), with a side of charred asparagus instead of those tasty fries. And that milkshake? It’slikely been replaced by a glass of red wine don’t magistrate, we’ve all read how it’s good for the heart!

Becoming an adult comes with plenties( and plenties) of changes. You’d instead spend the night at a classy bar sipping a martini than at a crowded house party where “quality glasses” are red disposable cups. You can’t help but feel sorry for peoplewho spend their Friday nights in line at the club when they could be binge-watching anamazingshow.

I mean, who wantsto be tired on aSaturday morning? It’s only not an optionwhen you’re determined to squeezein a workout before gratifying friends at that newart exhibit you maintain reading about. There is a whole world to explore, and you wantto take advantage of everything it has to offer. That’s right, world: You are growing up, and you’re growing up well!

This video isa tribute to all those moments whenyou is understood that you’re really doing it: You’re becoming a full-fledged, living, inhaling adult. Congrats!

This episode is been supported by Clear Care Plus. Upgrades You Construct When You’re Adulting highlights all the arousing upgrades people attain when they’ve fully ripened into adulthood . And now, CLEAR CARE PLUS is giving you the chance to win a $10,000 upgrade experience. Click here to enter the Bubble Upgrade Sweepstakes . NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Sweepstakes begins 8/ 10/16 at 12:00: 01 AM ET. Must be at least 18 and a resident of 48 contiguous U.S. or D.C. Objective 9/6/ 16 at 11:59: 59 PM ET. Void in AK, HI, PR and where prohibited. Subject to complete Official Rules available at regulations. Sponsor: Alcon Laboratories, Inc ., Ft. Worth, TX . Compensation for this post was provided by CLEAR CARE via Elite Daily. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or postures of CLEAR CARE or Elite Daily . For more Elite Daily original videos, subscribe to the official Elite Daily YouTube Channel and like the official Elite Daily Facebook Page .

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When I was 5years old, home, to me, was the house Igrew upin.

It was the couch Ispilled syrup on when Isnuck pancakes into the living room to watch TV, even when mymom told meto eat in the kitchen. It was the door that didnt quite shut all the way or the long driveway that was impossible to drive up when it snowed.

Growing up, I had the best possible childhood, and I am luck to have two mothers who loveme and “ve done everything” they could to make sure I washappy and healthy.

I grew up in a beautiful, old house, with stairs that led to the ocean and a big porch that wrap around it. Summertimes in that housecreated memories that will stay with me for my entire life.

Winters were cold, but still beautiful, in their own style. Since our old house was built in the 1800 s, the wind would find its style through every fissure, and I would have to pile on a million blankets merely to stay warm. At the time, I hated it, but somedays, I would devote anything to go back.

If the walls of that house could talk, they would have incredible tales: some good, some bad but most filled with love and laughter.

Upgrades You Build When You’re Adulting

I used to sit at the end of my long driveway and watch the cars drive by. My mama grewtomatoes, sunflowers and green beans in a garden by the side of the house and hydrangeas surrounded a wishing well in the front.

When I was a little girl, I used to listen to the waves accident against the coast as I fell asleep, and my mama would tell me tales about mermaids in the water. I spent hours wanderingthe beach below the cliff my old house was built on, searching for ocean glass.

At that time, myhouse, and all that came with it, was what home was to me.Now, though, I know home isnt a physical place. Rather, its a feeling.

My mothers have sold that house, andIve driven by it a few hours since moving. Butit doesnt feel like home anymore, even though everythingpretty much looks exactly the same as it did when I grew up there. Nothing has changed but me.

While that old house was a wonderful place to live, however, the only reason it felt like home was because of my family.

Your home isnt a situate of walls, a wraparound porch or a garage roof you used to lay on tostare up at the stars. These things can be part of a house, yes, but homeis the happinessand consolation “youre feeling” when youre surrounded by people you love.

Sometimes, I get nostalgic for my old house up on that mound. You end up missing thingsyou never thought you would.

I knew I would miss the beautiful position of the Atlantic Ocean, the big window across from my bed and the many summertimes I spent operating through myyard. But I never believed I would miss the style I never had cell phone service or the fact we didnt have central AC.

Sometimes, I need to remind myself, evenif I could stroll up that driveway and live in that house again, it would no longer feel like home to me. I love that house for the beautiful memories it has given me and for being the setting for a beautiful childhood, but without my family, its no longer home.

What I have learned is, home is not inevitably a specific, physical place at all, but rather, its a feeling you experience , no matter where you are, when you spend time with people who make “youre feeling” loved and comfortable.

Female Mechanic Educates Women On How To Own The Auto Industry

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Most people will read the title of this piece and think, First world problems.

But understand that everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender, income and every other factor, has their own things to deal with. Millennials who are lucky enough to fall into the middle class socioeconomic category are no different.

One of the major issueswe face is income. Its root causes of all else that is negative in our lives.

Middle class income, for our generation, islarge enough to attain us not be considered poor and eligible for government assistance, but small enough that were unable to afford some basic thingsyou would assume should be pursued criterion in an advanced society such as the one we have here in the US.

When visiting the polling stations to vote for the candidate that will supposedly attain lifebetter this November 8, take into account whats at stake for the Millennial middle class.

Given the impending aim of the world sorry, I mean presidential election, here are five harsh realities about lifethat middle class Millennials should consider 😛 TAGEND

Healthinsurance is actually a luxury for which we are forced to pay.

Officially, its called the Affordable Care Act and it was created to attain healthcare affordable to all. Albeit with good purposes, Obamacare hasnt been so successful.

Thats mainly because of a lack of bipartisan politics( every Republican member of Congress voted against Obamacare) and technical deficits when it was hastily put in place.

Now, if our employer doesnt offer good healthcare, we are left with few worthwhile private alternatives or Obamacare. If you fall into the middle class demographic, you likely attain too much fund to receive government subsidies, but you cant afford to pay for decent healthcare either.

In some examples, its actually cheaper and more practical to forego health insurance and pay the end of year penalty if youre willing to take the risk that nothing serious will happen to you, which a lot of us are.

You either attain too much or not enough to live in your own place.

If youre like me, you always wanted to live in the big city and find a cool apartment in a hip part of town, just like all the movies indicated you could do.

Unfortunately, reality is a lot different than those idealistic movies where you could get a huge two-bedroom loft in Chelsea and pay for itwith an average persons salary.

Proud Brooklynite Explains The Harmful Impact of Gentrification[ Mockumentary]

Given thattheplaces with the jobs are the places with the highest rents, this poses a bit of an issue.

When a city starts to become more popular because of its low cost of living, people move there and the cost of living goes up.

And to attain matters worse, developers are either build low-income housing where you cant earn overa certain income or high-end condos where you need to makesix-figures merely to afford the rent. Theres no in between.

Now were left searching Craigslist for the four-bedroom basement apartment to share with five other people and one bathroom.

The job market is a gauntlet of rejection and dejection.

Remember the days when you left college with that degree in hand and the possibilities were endless?

You could go wherever you wanted to go and no matter what, there would be a career waiting for you.

Me neither.That ship sailed before we had the pleasure of entering the job market.

Now internships are basically entry-level, and entry-level requires at least three years of experience. Show that prospective employer a Bachelors degree, and its like you dont exist.Show them a Masters degree, andyou would think you insulted their mother.

Standard now is working a full-time undertaking with a part-time undertaking at night and side odd undertakings to make a couple bucks for food.

Although college doesnt guarantee a undertaking anymore, you still have to go.

Youre not special if you have a college degree, despite what your mom might tell you.

That big ceremony with the speakers, the president of the college encouraging you to go out and represent the school you called home for four or more years, the sweet graduation party that left you with a fewhundred dollars to get started that you spenton booze anyway it was all a charade to attain you feel like you accomplished something genuinely life-altering.

In reality, you had to get that degree and you had to sign all of your future paychecks awayto get it.

This Commuter Proves You Dont Need To Live In Manhattan

And what do you get by going all in for that piece of paper? An entry-level position at best, with a salary that doesnt even pay for rent and food. Wereall swimming inan endless ocean of debt.

At least its nice to know the rest of ourentire generationis swimming with us, right?

Retirement and deathseem like remote dreams, too far away to consider real.

I recently read that the average life expectancy is now over 70 years worldwide. But considering advances in modern medicine, theres no reason to believe were all not going to live to be over 100.

On top of that, retirement age( if there is such a thing) is supposedly 65. But lets be real: Were all going to be working until we cant function anymore or robots take all of the jobs.

So, basically, for the next 70 or so years, are always going to be workingfrom sunshine up to sun down, at the least five days a week, just so we can maintain be paid by our studentloans before succumbing and passing them on to our next of kin.

That just got route too real. Sorry , not sorry.

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