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1. I can accomplish so much more than I dreamed I could.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows how neurotic I am, always working on something, Im simply restless in general. But I noticed an annoying thing I do in relationships, which is tending to the needs of my partner instead of putting my priorities first. Now that Im putting myself first I have watched so much of my hard work pay off and its the best impression in the world.

2. Just because I accept someone elses flaws doesnt mean they will accept mine.

I reflect a lot on the past and that includes past relationships. All of my relationships have obviously failed, or objective so Ive reflected on the characteristics of the guys I tend to be attracted to. All of the guys I have been with had red flags initially, but I appreciated them still- their flaws were something real and authentic- but these beautiful flawed men couldnt accept me for who I am, which in my opinion is the worst kind of rejection. Ive had to forgive myself for letting myself believe that everyone loves the way that I do because not everyone has my patient nature and Im not always attracted to those who do. And thats okay.

3. Im tired of attraction only leading to sex.

I had a little girl crush on this guy last semester, like butterflies and everything, it was awesome. However, knowing the health risks of getting hurt, I tried to stay away from him, but having reciprocal friends and being the approachable person I am, he eventually got me talking. We briefly got to know one another, but after months of on and off merely get ahold of me when he was drunk, and wanted to do stuff he vanished and moved on. I actually did enjoy him as a person and I dont think he was trying to use me, but in retrospect, he was clearly in it out of physical attraction. I just wish that people saw me for the interesting life I lead instead of simply the body who happens to live it.

4. Amazing things can happen when you maintain an open mind.

I was actually adamant about my decision not to take part in Greek life when I first transferred to my current university. Though I had no reason to be so cynical towards it because I never gave it a chance. This past semester I decided to see what Sigma Alpha Iota( a professional womens music brotherhood) was all about so I attended rush week. It was such an eye opening experience, such a positive surrounding, that I accepted my bid. After a rewarding process I have wonderful sisters and get so many opportunities to impact, learn, connect with, and serve others through music.

5. I can hold my own and my liquor.

I am fully capable of going out on my own and inducing it home to my own bed. Many of my exes detested me going out and didnt trust the guys at the bar( or me for that are important) so I became nervous that I couldnt handle myself. Portion of me could understand the concern because Im little, but Ive had my share of negative experiences and I learned from them like anyone else. Over my year of being single, I have been able to walk myself to and from the bar, parties, etc. There is something really empowering about knowing you can take care of yourself because at the end of the day youre all you have.

6. Some nights are excruciatingly lonely.

Its really tough when youre unavoidably having a bad day and youre on your own at the end of the night; especially when you know what its like to go home to someone who will admire you no matter how much you screwed up, or how much of a shitty day you had. This was probably one of the hardest parts for me to accept, but it gets easier.

7. Never underestimate the power of friendship.

Sometimes you merely need to surround yourself with people who get you, the ones who build you laugh so hard you feel like you got an ab workout. People who dont judge you for your bad days and accept you for all your oddities and things you would normally be insecure about. I feel like I appreciate these people and acknowledge many more of them as a single woman.

8. Ive learned a lot about myself.

Its easy to get caught in the shadow of a devotee. It can be difficult recognise yourself from them, or separating their perception of you from who you really are. I was extremely guilty of needing acceptance from a man to feeling okay with myself, but I have learned fast that who I am varies day to day. I have invested in a self-help therapy periodical that has been rewarding and it is making all the difference.

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I couldve employed a lot of assist when I turned 18 and went off to college.Ive made a lot of mistakes and memories since then, and I often think back to who I was four years ago and wonder how I attained it through everything.

There were good times, there were bad times, days that constructed me feel alive, periods that constructed me topic everything and hours that ultimately forced me to grow up.

Im thankful for these periods because theyve taught me valuable lessons, but there are days I wish I knew these lessons beforehand so I wouldnt have had to go through the ache of learning them.

Im 22 years old now and Im living a life I never couldve imagined for myself.If I could go back in time, Id tell myself these seven things 😛 TAGEND

1. Freshman year of college is going to be a nightmare.

And thats putting it mildly.

Youre going to stimulate lots of new friends and youre going to lose some. Youre going to think that taking 10 shoots of vodka to get drunk for the first time is a good idea, and youll be wrong.

Youll also be wrong about who you sleep with. As much as you want them to be right for you, nine hours out of 10, they wont be. But please, dont let them destroy you for too long because its not your fault.

Apart from that, youll dye your hair red and go running through the sprinklers at 2 am just because and itll be the most fun you ever had.

2. Some friendships wont last forever, but thats OK.

I know itll seem sad when the best friends you had in high school arent your friends anymore. If Im being honest, the loss of those friendships will still sting occasionally, but eventually youll accept the fact that things will never be the same.

Youre going to do so much growing up in the coming years, youll grow apart from people you thought would be there for you forever and you will change. Not everyone will like or want to be a part of that change, and thats OK.

The people who really matter will stay by you through thick and thin, and those are the lasting friendships you want.

3. Examining abroad will be the best period of your life.

Enjoy the baguettes and Nutella while you can, because that semester will fly by a little faster than you want it to.

Youll spend your nights in tavern after drinking inexpensive bottles of wine, and youll kiss random strangers whose speeches you wont quite understand.

Youll fall in love with the cities of Italy, spend a week with your family in Switzerland and reunite with your freshman-year roommate in Scotland.

Some of the best nights will be with your best friend, eating pasta and watching every rom-com imaginable. Youll come home after five months realizing that everything is the same as how you left it and because of this, youre going to dislike America for a while. Dont worry, it does get better.

4. Unrequited love is its own kind of hell.

Unfortunately, youre going to become quite the pro at liking men who dont end up liking you back. There are going to be many, many men that come and go over the next four years, so dont take anything too personally when those relationships aim. Youll eventually learn that you were seeking the wrong guys at the incorrect time.

After you graduate, youre going to meet someone on New Years Eve and hell be different than all the remainder. Hell make you believe in the sorcery of beginnings again. One very important piece of advice: Dont fall in love with him.

When you fall in love for the first time, it should be with someone whos going to fall in love with you too. You wont get what you want from him, so do your best to leave the memories of him in the past and be grateful he taught you how to open upagain.

Why Falling In Love Is Never Like It Seems In The Movies

5. After you graduate, your world will fall apart for a little bit.

Youre going to feel lost for a while, because no matter how many times you tell people you accommodate well to change, deep down you know its a lie.

Youll be scared of what happened next, and youll have a grand idea for how you want their own lives to turn out. Please dont hold onto that notion too tightly because almost nothing will happen the route you expect it to.Having too many ideas and no actual style of turning them into a realitywill be overwhelming, and youll only disillusion yourself in the long run.

Do your best to not let your expectations for life get the better of you because youre going to make it the working day. Youll get to do the things that you want, so dont fret too much about the style things play out. Theyend up alright in the end.

6. A bad day in New York City is still better than a good day anywhere else.

Do you want the harsh truth? Moving to New York is going to be the hardest thing youll ever do, even though its also the very best decision youll ever make for yourself.

Youll question why you came, youll doubt how qualified or ready you are to be here and youll hold going back home to Texas because that would be the easy and painless option.

Staying and procuring an apartment and job will be incredibly stressful and tiresome, but I promise you youll laugh about it in six months.

Whenever youre feeling defeated, itll help to look up at the Empire State Building. One glance of that building on your commute to run every morning sets everything back into perspective, I promise.

7. Prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Youre going to do so many crazy, reckless, beautiful, impulsive, careless, stupid and messy things on your route to growing up.

Youll expend some nights exclaiming yourself to sleep, and some nights youll be too drunk to make it out of your bedroom door. The best nights, though, will be spend sitting up on the roof watching shooting stars or going out for a night on the town with your friends and being perfectly and incandescently happy.

Its not always going to be easy, but whatever happens is going to be worth it.

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Youre at work and 12:30 p.m. rolls around. Its lunchtime, but your late breakfast has left your tummy full and your body itching to get up and move.

A SoulCycle class is seductively whispering your name, but you youre just going to return to your desk smelling like a day-old burrito.

Stewing in your own sweaty filth at your desk is probably the most wonderful style to lose your invitation to the offices annual holiday party.

Maybe you could just change your clothes, throw on a little extra deodorant, and spray yourself with an entire bottle of vanilla perfume until your stench is even remotely tolerable?

You know youvethought about it. But, frankly, how bad is possible to perhaps beto skip a shower after a sweaty workout?

According to, in terms of protecting yourself from illness, you really dont “re going to have to” hop in the tub nearly as often as you think even after a gym session.

In fact, sweat itself is actually sterile. If youve ever wondered why your armpits smell so bad when youre sweating, while your legs are entirely fine, its because of good old bromhidrosis( the fancy medical term for B.O .).

Bromhidrosisis caused by secretion from your apocrine glands, which are located near your underarms and your groin.

But the sweat that comes from those glands doesnt immediately come out of you all smelly.

Its actually the bacteria on your skin, which mixes with the sweat, that creates those unpleasant odors. And the amount of bacteria on someones scalp varies from person to person.

So, basically, if you happen to not have as much bacteria chilling on your skin, youre #blessed, and you can wait longer than the rest of us to take your post-workout shower.

If youre still feeling a little grossed out by the whole idea, Eva Glasrud, a psychologist and life coach at The Happy Talent, told SheKnows,

When you rain, basically nothing happens.

You wash away sweat and dirt, but the bacteria count on your skin doesnt actually change. Hence, “youre feeling” clean, but, biologically, youre the same.

Still not altogether sold?

Well, your hair could use a violate from the shower, too. Lynne Goldberg, a dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Centers hair clinic, told Business Insider that washing your hair too much can strip your luscious locks of petroleum and dry out your scalp.

So, what it really come to is being mindful of the key, stinky regions on your body: the pits and the groin.

Other than that, feel free to bask in your natural, day-old burrito odor for a day, or maybe even two. It wont hurt, I promise.

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Sometimes, life is smooth sailing, and youre one happy captain.

You know exactly who you are, the goals youre striving for, and all of the pieces are falling perfectly into place. Its not a struggle to get what you need done, and balancing your various responsibilities is an actual cake walk.

But, lets be real here: Some days are not-so-fabulous.

The majority of life is filled with scrambling to get your sh* t done on time, doing your hair and makeup on the way to wherever youre running, and hoping you didnt forget anything.

When your life is turning into chaos, what you really require are a few stabilizing things to pulling their own lives back into orbit.

So, for all of my ladies who are worried your daily routine is going awry, here are eight necessary things you can do to reach the intermission button, and simplify your life .

1. Clean Out Your Closet

For some serious breathing room in your life, consider giving away the items in your closet that you dont wear.

Stop making excuses for that blue blouse you merely wore once. If youre never going to pull it out again, nix it.

Give away anything that isnt stimulating “youre feeling” your best, and focus on merely wearing things that help you channel your inner #GirlBoss.

2. Organize Your Desktop

If your life is a little intense right now, your desktop is likely a complete and utter calamity. Whether you realise it or not, that mess is stressing you out, too.

Take 20 minutes out of your day to sort through the various screenshots and junk you dont need. Youll be glad you did.

3. Figure Out How To Budget And Track Your Spending

If you dont have a route of tracking your spending, bills, and savings every month, its time to start ASAP. Staying on top of how your hard-earned money is spent will instantaneously put you at ease.

4. Establish A Workout Routine You Actually Enjoy

Hight intensity workouts are great for improving your mood and productivity. It might seem counter-intuitive to add hour constraint to your schedule, but the added benefitsof daily exert are too good to pass up.

Find a workout buddy and exercising class you love, and go for it.

5. Drink More Water

It sounds like its the ultimate time for a detox.

Drinking more water will help rid your body of any toxins, and it actually sets you in an awesome mood.This may very well sort out some of the imbalance to blame for the excess chaos in your life.

6. Shut Off Netflix For A Hot Second

Dont give me that side-eye. Im the queen of procrastination via Netflix, so Im not judging in any way whatsoever.

But, the truth is, expending too much period focusing on your fave displays when your life is crumbing around you can be detrimental AF.

Getting a chaotic life in check is about prioritizing, and Netflix shouldnt be number one on your checklist.

7. Build A List( Or Two)

Theressomething so satisfying about stimulating lists.Ive found that not trying to keep all of my lists in my head, and actually writing them down on paper, leaves much more space for brain power.

Keep a pen and a notebook with you, or use your Notes app on your phone, if you prefer. Start off small with a grocery list, and see if it works for you.

8. Focus On Your Mental Health

When life is extremely busy, and the stress levels are rising, it can truly take a toll on our mental health.

When life gets out of hand, spend time writing your thoughts down in a periodical, take a relaxing bath, consider a therapist, vent to your friends, or go for a few long runs throughout the week.

Whichever method works for you personally, youll most likely feel more ready to take on the day.

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