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I love the feeling of my beating heart the rush of blood in my face and extremities, the rub of heavy breath in my lungs, the pulsate in my fingertips.

I love to feel sweat gather in the fine hair at my temples, neck. The bright colours of workout clothes and the rhythmic pulsate of blood in my veins are a celebration of the life in my lungs.

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At the end of the day, happiness is the top priority for most people.

That includes Glee star Lea Michele, who has finally figured out how to be healthy without sacrificing anything.

Sounds hard, doesnt it? But genuinely, its about workingto figure out whats best for you.

She told PEOPLE,

You have to look good, but you also have to feel good. So I find workouts that take of both those things.

It took the Scream Queens actress a couple of years to figure out what workouts induced her both looking and feel good. For now, shes sticking withhot yoga, hiking and SoulCycle classes.

She goes to SoulCycle every other day. Consistency is key, people.

Obviously, working out is just half of the whole picture.

The 30 -year-old sticks to a vegan diet most of the time, but also likes to enjoy pizza, pasta or mac and cheese for her cheat snacks. She also maintains her home nearly gluten-free.

Her one rule? Utterly no fast food. Youll never insure Lea in a McDonalds.

A vegan diet might voice extreme to those who couldnt imagine living without cheese( like me ), but Lea has that detected it works best for her body.

For her, being at the top of her health game doesnt entail going overboard with it.

She says,

Its so important for me to stress that being healthy is not about being a gym rat. Its not about being 90 lbs.

Lea also loves to hit up plant-based restaurants in LA when shes not whipping up nourishing vegan food at home.

Learning to love your body is a process. After years of experimenting and experiencing fluctuation in her weight, Lea has finally reached the point where she truly feels her best in her own skin.

Ive never loved my body more than I do right now. And Im so grateful that I feel that way.

For her recent shoot inthe August issue of Womens Health UK, Lea had no problem stripping down. She owns her confidence because she cracked the code to a healthy lifestyle that works for her.

Want to do the same? Start experimenting by changing up your diet and workout regimen.

The biggest takeaways from Leas journey are that figuring out a personalized healthy lifestyle can take years and that its not about how you appear. Its about how you feel.

And you wont learn what feels best to its implementation of food or exert unless you try new things.

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Did you know that get a thigh gap, a defined ab cracking, or the goddess-like back dimples will build you more beautiful, valuable, and happy?

If you scroll through social media, or popular health and fitness resources, and soak in the plethora of motivational memes and images displaying these features, you may be inclined to think so. Theres no deficit of these hot, new, must have, this-is-what-a-real-woman-looks-like traits being featured along side, of course, the accompanying diet tricks, gimmicks, and exerts to get them.

But, and Ill try to put this delicately: claiming features like thigh gaps, ab crackings, and back dimples as must have features is absolute bullshit.( So much for being delicate, but its true .)

No physical feature or body shape constructs you more or less valuable.

Apparently our bodies are strolling resumes, and these hot new physical features displayed by celebrities, fitness professionals, social media icons, and photo-shopped models are just items were supposed to add to it with the expectation that well be more beautiful and valuable. So what if your anthropometry and genetic make-up constructs certain it features physically impossible to obtain? Doesnt matter; these are the standards, and youd better try to fit the mold if you want to be beautiful.

Enough with the body-shaming bullshit.

And I mean all of it. Any group claiming X is the new Y or spitting mantras that begin with Real girls needs to end. Every body is unique. “Were not receiving” single feature that defines beauty or self-worth or fitness. Seem at it this way: no one else( except an identical twin) has your genetic makeup; youre truly one of a kind. So why do we think its acceptable to declare single features or shapes as must have or ideal? Why do some think its motivational to attempt to shove all the women into a single mold?

Some women are tall, some are short. Some have long extremities, some have short extremities. Some have physical restrictions, some dont appear to have any. Some are thick and some are thin. Some achieve results more quickly and others have to work harder to make any discernible progression. Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so this declaration of must have features is abhorrently ridiculous. And stupid. And degrading.

A woman I once worked with had what would be described as a short and stalky physique; she despised it. I simply wish I was taller so I could have long and lean muscles, she said during our first session. The marketing messages and images of long and lean muscles being something females should desire were seared into her mind. This was a battle she could never win because she cant change her anthropometry.

We had a conversation about changing her perspective and the need to stop wasting energy and berating herself for things she cant control. She loved the idea of being able to love and embrace her body, but knew it wasnt a quick transition. It would be a process.

The plan of action we created: set her energy and focus on what her body could do with strength training. She would begin by learning basic exercises with the goal of improving her performance each time a workout was repeated. Outside of the gym she was instructed to pause and reflect when she start having the I dislike my short body guess. When those guess began to bubble to the surface, she had to stop the conversation. Once she successfully paused, she would then redirect her focus to be grateful for something her body could do. For example, instead of saying, I wish I had a long and lean appearance she would stop the conversation from progressing like it normally would and instead say something like, Im grateful that I have ample energy play games with my children, or I dominated todays workout.

The energy that previously went into disliking her body shape was redirected toward strength training and other elements she could control. The premise was simple, yet powerful: her aim was to discover what her body could do, and then do more. With strength develop she began with a novice program and improved her performance each time she recurred a workout. Squats, including with regard to, came naturally to her and she progressed speedily. She began with goblet squats to learn proper technique and then switched to barbell back squats to take advantage of the greater loading potential. Her strength increased, and more plates were slapped onto the barbell.

A beautiful transformation passed: as she progressed with strength educate, for the first time she could remember, she was actually proud of her body. She was flabbergasted at her bodys abilities and previously unrealized strength. I didnt know I could be this strong! she exclaimed at the end of a workout.

These gym moments proved valuable when old guess crept into her intellect. Over period, the previous, I wish my body thinks became less frequent, and were quickly replaced with empowering statements such as her ability to squat more than she thought possible: “Thats what” my body can do. Im going to induce most of it, and then do even more, because I can.

Embracing what her body could do led to an increase in self-confidence and happiness. She was no longer focused on things she couldnt control( her extremity length) and highlighted her abilities( with strength training ). She began to care less about what other people proclaimed girls should look like and opt her own values.

So I say is again: fuck thigh gaps, ab crackings, and back dimples . Embrace your body; discover what it can do; find your natural strengths and highlight them; do things that make you feel good; become the best damn version of yourself. And encourage every other woman to do the same.

You can, and should, embrace your body and all its features, and you should encourage every other woman to do the same.

Thats one of the many overlooked benefits of strength training: it allows you to discover what your body can do and increases confidence. Strength training doesnt discriminate; it doesnt care what your age is, any limitations you possess, or what body shape you have. Strength training is for everyone.

Look, Im not indicating any of this it body features and standards proclaimed to be ideal will ever die off; there will always be traits and features held desirable and others proclaimed must-repair flaws and tips-off, tricks, and products to help us get or remove them.

But heres the great news: we can exit these conversations.

We have the choice to reject this nonsense.

We can say, Some girls have thigh gaps, and thats cool. Some females dont, and thats cool too. Now, excuse me while I go appreciate my body for the awesome things it can do instead of preoccupying over physical features some source is trying to convince me is important and valuable.

Every woman should appreciate her body, and take the necessary steps to get there if shes not already. No physical feature, size, or shape equates to value, worth, and beauty.

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The gym is the ultimate experience in intimidation.

If youve never worked out before and feel self-conscious about your jiggly thighs or stomach, those clanking weight machines and whooshing treadmills are enough to cause a quasi-panic attack.

When I first started hitting the gym, route back in college, I opposed the urge to scream every time person looked at me.

Interestingly, though, its not only the fit people casting judgement at the gym.Everybody participates in body-shaming.

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Not too long ago, Playboy model Dani Mathers angered the world when she posted an invasive, degrading Snapchat of a woman at the gym with the caption “if I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.”

One Florida woman including with regard to felt the need to address Mathers about the tasteless, body-shaming stunt immediately. And that’s exactly what 42 -year-old Christine Blackmon did. According to Today, Blackmon took to Facebook to post a disclose photo of herself attached to a long letter addressed to Dani Mathers.

In a recent interview, Blackmon told Today,

It really upset me because I’m thirty pounds heavier than I ordinarily am, and I’m struggling with my own body image right now because I’m coming back from knee surgery, I’m 42 and I’m trying to develop for a marathon.

Blackmon, just like a ton of other people, was disgusted by the 29 -year-old model’s body-shaming on Snapchat. That’s precisely why she found an old photo her husband snapped of her after a workout and decided to share the photo on Facebook for not only Mathers, but the world to see.

The letter reads,

Here’s the bargain you may have been a Playboy model but not all of us work out to be’ hot, ’ some of us work out simply to honor the bodies we were given. That’s all that female was trying to do and you violated her. Disgrace on you.

Check out the full post below.

As a result of Blackmon’s Facebook post, hundreds of women poured into the comments section to share their own personal battles with body image and self-love.

I’m so proud of them. I sat here( watching their comments pour in ), feeling very protective of them and so proud. It was just beautiful. They are beautiful.

Body shamers, you know who you are. It might be important to learn a thing or two from Christine Blackmon and her handled in Playboy model Dani Mathers body-shaming an innocent female at the gym.

Not only did she make her point abundantly clear, but she also dedicated other women with body image issues a platform to express themselves and depict one another that they’re not alone.

Christine, you’re a hero!

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Three years ago, Randy Meilbeck would regularly sit down for a three-hour-long snack of over 3,000 calories’ worth of fried chicken and potato scalps.

After finishing hismeal, he’d drownhis sorrows with alcohol. He was in bad shape. Not merely did he suffer his classmates’ incessant bully, but his health was utterly failing him.

Doctors told Meilbeck that his blood pressure was through the roof, he had diabetes, and he was essentially eating himself to death.

After that appointment, he eventually stepped foot in a gym, and began changing hisreality. Meilbeck startedlifting weights, and rapidly became obsessed.

Three years later, he placed third in his first-ever weightlifting rivalry, qualifying him for national competitions.

Since starting his amazing journey toward wellness, Meilbeck has lost over half of his heaviest body weight. Now, heis raising fund to complete his health transformation, and have his excess scalp surgically removed.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Meilbeck’s awesome journey from being unhealthyto becoming a nationally qualifying weightlifting champion.

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For most of Randy Meilbeck’s life, he was overweight.

At his heaviest, he weighed around 350 pounds.

He would gorge himself daily on 3,000 calories’ worth of fried chicken and potato skins.

Meilbeckwas eating so much food, meals often took him three hours to complete.

After he would finish eating, he’d wash away his sorrows with alcohol, and folks in their own lives were worried.


Meilbeck’speers bullied him nonstop. They called him names like “fat blob” and “man boobs.”

His blood pressure was skyrocketing, and he was suffering from diabetes.

Meilbeck’s doctor advised him that his excess food and alcohol consumption would likely kill him if he didn’t breakthese habits.

At that moment, Meilbeck chose to make a change.


Meilbeckhit the gym.

He dove right into a devoted exercise practice, lifting weights, building strength, and slimming down.

For the past three years, bysticking to his diligent exercise routine, Meilbeck whittled his 56 -inch waist down to a mere 32 inches.


Since beginning his journey toward wellness, this 24 -year-oldhas shed over half of his heaviest body weight.

People in their own lives can’t believe how much weight he’s lost.

He told: “When that happens, I love gazing them in the face and watching their puzzled lookings turn to shock and incredulity when they realise it’s me.

“It usually takes about four seconds until they start screaming,’ Oh my God’ and go nuts, it’s such an amusing response.”

Now, Meilbeck is helping others navigate their weight loss journeys as a personal trainer.

He’s also eventually pursuinghis lifelong dreaming: becominga bodybuilder.


Three years later, Meilbeck’s determination has certainly paid off.

Recently, he placed third in his first weightlifting rivalry. This win qualified him to compete nationally.

He told: “It felt astounding while I was onstage flexing my muscles, I was genuinely confident and knew I couldn’t fail as it’s my dream to travel the world doing competitions.

“I’d always followed bodybuilding since I was a kid and now I’m attaining that dreaming happen.”


He continued to the Daily Mail , “People literally will not know who I am; they don’t recognise me at all because I’ve lost so much weight.”

Meilbeck’s girlfriend, Tasha Kay, has been right by her man’s side throughout this three-year journey.

In fact, she’s also embarked on her own parallel journey toward wellness.

Kay willsoon compete in her own weightlifting competition.

The two are true inspirations, proving that becoming your healthiest ego is easy when you diligently devote yourself to your goal.


Meilbeck told the Daily Mail , “Now I’ve made a full life transformation mentally and physically, I don’t think the old me could ever imagine I’d turn out like this.”

He’s now creating funds to complete his body transformation, by having his excess scalp surgically removed.


After receiving a grim diagnosis, Meilbeck altogether turned their own lives around , now actively realizing his childhood dream of being a bodybuilder.

Areyou interested insupporting Meilbeck continue transforming his body? You can donate to his skin-removal surgery money here.

What do you think of Meilbeck’s fitness journey? Have you ever experienced a drastic weight loss? Tell us about your journey in specific comments below.

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