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In todays society, it seems like almost every woman is on a journey to health and happiness. At what point, though, does the effort to become healthy turn unhealthy ?

I can date my tireless goals of being fit back to high school. My family was into working out and exert, but I got carried away with it. The second I had my drivers license I was waking up at 4 am to go to the gym before school.

I also had two to three hour competitive cheerleading practises after school, but I didnt let myself believe that was enough of a workout. My senior year, I expended my dual-enrollment hour on a treadmill in the gym instead of working on my college course.

When college started I didnt share the same excitement as my friends. I chose to stay local community college so I was running, living at home and managing a heavy course load. My parents were on the brink of divorce , none of my siblings got along and I was under an incredible amount of stress.

The only thing I could control was what I put in my mouth and what I did with my body, so I began to constantly beat myself up. I was constantly comparing myself to other girls my stomach wasnt as flat, my thighs werent as toned and my butt wasnt as round.

It seemed like I had to work 10 times harder than anyone else I knew to maintain my shape while girls who didnt even try somehow seemed amazing. I resentedgirls I didnt even know; in the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, but I couldnt stop myself.

Looking back, I realize all those impressions camefrom a place of self-hate , not self-love. They say comparison is the burglar of elation, and its true. I was unable to focus on anything but losing weight.

Because of this unhealthy desire to be thin and attractive, I developed an nasty relationship with food. Eating was no longer enjoyable to me and food became my adversary instead of something that nourished my body.

I started to dread social situations. I wanted to spend time with my friends, but the thought of ordering pizza or drinking wine gave me anxiety. I wanted to go to dinner with my boyfriend, but I would ruin it by complaining of remorse for the next 24 hours.

I wentthrough up and down cycles of binge eating. Id first fill myself up with unhealthy food and assert that it was pointless for me to even try and lose weight. Then, I would detest myself, go on a crash diet and repeat the unhealthy cycle of self-loathing.

I couldnt stop thinking about my next snack, my next workout or my next endeavor at finally gaining the thinness I had been working so hard for. It ran my life and I disliked it.

My first two years of college are full of memories of grueling CrossFitworkouts I wasnt even sure I liked, Hydoxycut gummies and green tea tea pills that messed with my digestion. Oh, and I cant forget the daily combats with the scale that would leave me tearfully miserable and ruin my entire week.

I didnt is understood that my destructive thoughts and nasty mindset were sabotaging every aspect of my life because I was so blinded by self-corruption that thinness would make me happy.

I felt so alone and like no one would ever know what I was going through. There was hardly a positive gues in my mind, and when I looked in the mirror I was never complementary or kind to my body, just harsh and savagely critical.

I thought my life would be fulfilling when I was at my ideal weight; I thoughtI would finally be able to live and enjoy my life. Little did I know how wrong this was.

Before my last year of college started I moved in with my fianc. He stuck by my side at my lowest phases even though it frustrated him to assure me so upset over my body.

The bliss of moving in with my favorite person was constantly bombarded by my preoccupation with food and fitness. I knew something had to change when we began to argue and it started to affect our relationship. I didnt want to go out, I didnt wishes to cook anything held heavy, and I was letting my workouts ruin our plans.

I no longer wanted to be a slave to health and fitness, I wanted to enjoy my life with him and my friends. I began to realize that dieting just wasnt a sustainable lifestyle. I wanted Friday night beers, Sunday game snacks and the luxury of sleeping in in the morning without having the weight of a workout hanging over my head.

Its been a slow process, but Ive made one small change at a time to break free from the chains of being skinny. For the past year, Ive been on a journey of self-love to accept my body and to stop the negative thoughts and self-hate.

Hereare the five things I did to have a thinspo detox that saved my life 😛 TAGEND

1. I stopped following thinspo accounts on social media.

Although theres nothing incorrect with people who love to show their super-trimmed physique, filling my head with unrealistic pictures wasnt helping me.

To get to that level, Id have to nearly starve myself and do nothing but workout all day. Instead, I started following strong, empowering women who are advocates for self-love and body acceptance. I also followed campaigns that stand up against the medias beauty criteria likeIskra Lawrence, Healthy is the New Skinnyand Gina from Nourish and Eat.

2. I started reading the right books.

I knew my journey to self-love wouldnt come without a commitment to actually developing as a person.

I came across the book The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells and its truly transformed my stance towards food and the style I respect my body.

3. I began to listen to podcasts by women whove been where I was.

I came across Maddy Moon, an inspiring daughter who has a series of free podcasts called Mind Body Musings.

There are over 100 episodes of her interviewing different people who have a TON of great experiences and thinks to share; all of her guests are empowering.

I started to listen to the episodes while folding laundry, cleaning my room or before falling asleep. Hearing other people tales and listening to their advice was an immense assist. It gave me hope that there was away out of the darkness of self-loathing.

Body acceptance does exist you merely need to find it.

Why The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist[ Gen Why]

I also subscribed to online summits from You Aint Your Weight, where founder and anti-dieter Jenna Free speaks with 21 females about determining food and body freedom.

I would get an email every morningwith the newest interview and it started off my day on a positive vibe.

4. I started to be kind to myself.

When I look in the mirror as Im changing, I dont say wow, you need to lose about 10 pounds of belly fat. I think your legs are appearing strong or youre glowing from all the sunshine youve been getting.

Being mean to yourself will do absolutely nothing for your recovery. Nobody is flawless and a womans body is an incredible thing.

5. I discovered a workout program I actually enjoyed.

I now know that working out should be a gala of what your body can do , not a punishment for what it cant.Workouts shouldnt be something you force yourself through because you eat an extra cupcake.

I eventually discovered Beachbody programs and I began to workout at home, do yoga and lower impact workouts and look to online chat groups for supporting. I regained the elation of exercising and it felt so freeing to work out because I wanted to.

I still have negative supposes more often than Id like, but the difference now is my mindset. I have the resources and influences to help me set negative thinks to the side.

Being body positive doesnt entail every day becomes easier, it simply means that now Im running every single day towards being a happier and healthier me. Most importantly, Im ultimately living again.

If theres one thing you do for yourself, detox your life from negative thoughts and self-hate. It wont always be easy, but it will be worth it.

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We can all be supermodels, yall. Its not even that hard or anything.

Victorias Secret model Elsa Hosk recently laid out her food and fitness diary for StyleCaster, and, TBH, it sounds pretty doable.

On oneparticularday, the 27 -year-old downed bacon and eggs for breakfast, a mozzarella and tomato panini with lentil soup for lunch and an impressive spread for dinner at The Greek including fried cheese, chicken skewers with rice pilaf and a potato, cucumber and feta salad.

Um, yeah, yes. All of that. Every day. Dedicate it to me. I want to be runway sexy and suck down plates of hot cheese more than I want to breathe clean oxygen.

The model doesnt snack, so she makes sure her dinners are big enough to tide her over until the next plate of pilaf or Juice Press smoothie.

To stay fit, Hosk develops with boxing coach Kwame Davis and opts for basketball over mindless cardio.

She doesnt work out to music, which sounds like a unique formof torture developed by terrorists to gain entry to the White House undetected, but to each his or her freaking own, I guess.

The 5-foot-10-inch Swede advisesreaders to recollect to exfoliate and moisturize, as it is evidently a vital step in the supermodel transformation.

Lets face it, you dont want to play a sweaty round of basketball and polish off your third pan of fresh, cleansing bacon merely to realise you still definitely sounds like the cartoon witch from Brave who turns everyone into bears simply because you missed one simple skincare step.

At no point does Hosk mention how big a role genetics play in a given individuals ability to be so drop-dead gorgeous that society as a whole stares agape like hungry cartoon animals.

Yet, I have faith if we all commit ourselves fully to the lifestyle, were each merely a four-day weekend away from strolling down the runway of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Showin string bikinis and massive pairs ofwings, the breeze blowing gently through our thigh gaps.

Anyone interested in exploding the sweet bubble of this fiction for me can kindly keep it to his or her damn self.

Let. Me. Have. This.

See you on the runway, Elsa girl!

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At the end of the day, happiness is the top priority for most people.

That includes Glee star Lea Michele, who has finally figured out how to be healthy without sacrificing anything.

Sounds hard, doesnt it? But genuinely, its about workingto figure out whats best for you.

She told PEOPLE,

You have to look good, but you also have to feel good. So I find workouts that take of both those things.

It took the Scream Queens actress a couple of years to figure out what workouts induced her both looking and feel good. For now, shes sticking withhot yoga, hiking and SoulCycle classes.

She goes to SoulCycle every other day. Consistency is key, people.

Obviously, working out is just half of the whole picture.

The 30 -year-old sticks to a vegan diet most of the time, but also likes to enjoy pizza, pasta or mac and cheese for her cheat snacks. She also maintains her home nearly gluten-free.

Her one rule? Utterly no fast food. Youll never insure Lea in a McDonalds.

A vegan diet might voice extreme to those who couldnt imagine living without cheese( like me ), but Lea has that detected it works best for her body.

For her, being at the top of her health game doesnt entail going overboard with it.

She says,

Its so important for me to stress that being healthy is not about being a gym rat. Its not about being 90 lbs.

Lea also loves to hit up plant-based restaurants in LA when shes not whipping up nourishing vegan food at home.

Learning to love your body is a process. After years of experimenting and experiencing fluctuation in her weight, Lea has finally reached the point where she truly feels her best in her own skin.

Ive never loved my body more than I do right now. And Im so grateful that I feel that way.

For her recent shoot inthe August issue of Womens Health UK, Lea had no problem stripping down. She owns her confidence because she cracked the code to a healthy lifestyle that works for her.

Want to do the same? Start experimenting by changing up your diet and workout regimen.

The biggest takeaways from Leas journey are that figuring out a personalized healthy lifestyle can take years and that its not about how you appear. Its about how you feel.

And you wont learn what feels best to its implementation of food or exert unless you try new things.

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I’ve tried every fad diet and trendy workout New York City has to offer.

Ive strictly counted calories and preoccupied overeverything I ate.

I’ve done juice cleanses, cycling, pilates, personal training and sweaty dancing classes.

None of that helped me lose weight.

But over day, Ive detected why.

I wasnt listening to my body.

I wasnt being loving and fostering. I was being harsh, critical and extremely judgmental.

“Why cant you do anymore leap squattings? ” I had just done 120 reps, so maybe thats why.

“Why arent you losing weight? ”

“Why dont your abs seem leaner like the women you train with? ”

“Why do your knees hurt when you run? Why are you so tired? Ugh, whats wrong with you? ”

Wow. With that sort of self talk, Im amazed my body does anything for me.

No wonder I wasnt feeling like my best ego, physical or otherwise.

Ive since learned the biggest health and weight loss secret no one is talking about: listening to your body.

Thats what I wasnt doing.

When my body told me, “Hey, Im depleted, ” I ignored it and pounded away at the gym anyway.

When I wasn’t hungry for food, but truly yearned for love and needed to do something relaxinglike sleep or talk to a nurturing friend, I ordered pizza instead( and eat the entire pie by myself ).

When my body was craving physical activity, I lied on the couch.

Our bodies are constantly sending signals.

The problem is, many of us arent listening to our greatest allies.

Our intellects, picking up on many self-limiting messages and images from the media, thinks it knows best.

The key is to have our intellects and bodies in sync with one another.

Our bodies talk to us, and we need to listen.

All the things you can do to find inner happiness require the body. The intellect isn’t living in a separate house.

I could never fully commit to the best regime of diet, exert, stress reduction and meditation until I got my body fully on board and comfy with it.

That entailed loving, honoring and respecting my body for all it does for me, rather than blaming it for not being superhuman.

It is vital to work with your body and not against it.

Here are the ways I learned to listen to my body 😛 TAGEND

1. Feel what you are feeling.

Simply ask yourself, How do you feel right now? Be honest with yourself.

Feel what you’re feeling rather than escape through distractions and denial, including narcotics, alcohol, food, work, shopping, social media and TV.

Now, when I crave my go-to convenience food( pizza ), I ask myself why I feel the need to be comforted in that moment.

Last night, for example, I felt lonesome.

Instead of ordering pizza to comfort myself, I called a dear friend on the phone to connect, and I FaceTimed with my niece and nephew.

Afterward, I felt joyful and realise I was no longer hungry.

I made myself some white tea and curled up with a good book.

2. Accept what you are feeling.

Don’t judge or criticize what youre impression. Practice revolutionary self-compassion.

Instead of beating yourself up for wanting a cheeseburger and fries instead of salad, compromise with yourself.

Order something that’s a compromise( like crab cakes, for example ). It can be something fulfilling that is neither super healthy nor super unhealthy.

3. Be is accessible to your body.

It’s always speaking, so be willing to listen.

I do this through prayer and meditation in order to give my body a deep sense of peace, relaxation, ease, calmness, lightness, alertness and energy.

When you are open to your bodys needs, you are less likely to pollute it with food, narcotics or alcohol you know doesnt agree with you.

You work together as a team with the common goal of feeling good, instead of ignoring each other.

4. Trust your body.

Every cell is on your side, which means you have hundreds of billions of allies.

Ground yourself by turning inward and feeling the sensations of your body.

Take deep breaths, and be aware of your body.

I recommend trying pilates or yoga.

When you are connected to all the ways your body is working foryou, you are able to induce healthier choices that support you.

5. Live your life.

Before I eat, I ask myself if I am hungry for food or hungry for something else like love, comfort, stability, validation, etc.

I shed unnecessary weight when I stopped obsessing over everything I was putting in my body and rigidly counting calories.

When I stopped labeling myself and food as good or bad and enduring the shameful impressions and emotions that accompany that way of thinking, the weight literally melted off my body.

The next time you want toreach for “bad” food, feel seduced to overeat or have any kind of craving, try to stop focusing on the food.

Listen to what your body is telling you instead.

When I’mout with friends and feel tempted to order a brew like everyone else, I can literally hear my body gently remind me that brew stimulates meextremely bloated and sick for hours.

I order a glass of wine or iced tea instead.

If I only want to drink water when Im in a social decided and dont want to deal with any pushback from party-goers, I ask the bartender to set a slice of lime in my drink.

People believe Im sipping on vodka and leave me alone.

Another trick is to ask, “How do I feel right this moment? ”

Either you are hungry, which is natural, or you feel something you don’t want to feel.

Instead of self-medicating through food, try being emotionally available to yourself.

Through the practice of checking in with and fostering yourself, you will eventually stop feeling the need to comfort yourself through food.

Journaling has helped me open up and be honest with what Im actually experiencing.

Enjoy what your body wants to do.

I choose to ask my body what it needs, and I follow its advice without judging, whether it’s sleep, remainder , nourishment, physical activity or time spent in nature.

If you can scarcely keep your eyes open, its probably best to go home and sleep and skip spin class.

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You dont need me to tell you that sex is great for the spirit. Aside from, you know, the pleasure factor, gettin busy can solve pretty much any emotional issue, from stress, to anxiety, to anger hell, it even cures headaches.

But according to sex-perts, the added benefit of sweet, sweet loving extend style beyond simply boosting the mood. In fact, get frisky on the reg might be one of the best things you can do for your body.

So how exactly does sex help your health? Read on to find out.

1. Its great cardio.

Sex gets the blood pumping, so it shouldnt come as too much of a surprise that its a good workout for your heart . But according to researchers at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, get your heart rate up is just one of many perks of a good, old-fashioned romp.

In one study, researchers found that having sexuality three times a week may reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by up to 50 percentage. Cardiologist Dr. Graham Jackson explains,

As far as the heart is concerned, sex is merely another form of exercise. In fitness words, its equivalent is going for a mile-long walk or climbing up and down two flights of stairs.

You can go ahead and cancel that gym membership now.

2. Guys: It can improve the quality of your sperm.

In a small study, Australian researchers detected ejaculating daily reduces health risks of carrying sperm with injury Dna by approximately 12 percent.

Dr. Gillian Lockwood, Midlands Fertility Services medical director, explains,

When sperm is hanging around in the epididymis, the long coiled tube in the back of the testes where sperm is stored, it succumbs off rapidly. Unless a human has a low sperm counting, the more often he has sex, the better the quality of his sperm.

It constructs sense: The more sperm you, uh, unload, the more room there is for fresh, new, healthy sperm. Though Dr. Lockwood tells frequent sexual activity is better than having lots of[ sex] on infrequent occasions, know that masturbation likely attains the same result, health-wise.

Who tells it takes two to tango?

3. Its a serious mood-booster.

You know that relaxed, peaceful impression you get after a good sweat sesh between the sheets? Its not your partners sex skill to thank its your brain.

Research shows that after sex, the body releases a cocktail of feel-good chemicals, including oxytocin and serotonin. The former, known as the nuzzling hormone, promotes feelings of calm and contentedness, while the latter is one of the bodys natural antidepressants. Though both men and women experience this surgeof hormones post-orgasm, the effect is more pronounced in females, who render up to four times more of the chemicals than men.

As a result, sexually active women in long-term relationships are less likely to suffer from depression than their sexually inactive equivalents, according to a poll conducted by psychologist Gordon Gallup.

4. It could cure your cold.

OK, OK so theres no actual cure for the common cold. But having frequent sex may strengthen your immune system, stimulating it easier to fight off the icky germs that turn you into a walking sneeze.

In one small study, researchers measured levels of immunoglobulin A( IgA) a chemical that helps the immune system ward off illness in the saliva of 11 volunteers with different sex histories.

The researchers measured the lowest levels of IgA in the volunteers who abstained from sex, while the highest levels up to 30 percent higher, in some cases were found in those who got down more than once a week.

Its still not exactly clear how sexuality strengthens the immune system, but as far as Im concerned, its enough to know that it does.

Heres to building the most out of your sick days.

5. It may help you live a longer life.

Its true: Having sexuality frequently may straight up reduce the health risks of succumbing. The benefits dont get much better than that.

In one analyze, researchers received having sexuality twice weekly or more may reduce a men risk of premature death by up to 50 percent.

According to researcher Dr. Brewer, the longevity-boosting effect of frequent sex activity may be related to DHEA, a sexuality hormone released before and during orgasm.

Though DHEA serves as a building block for several other sexuality hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, it is unclear if its sexy-time release also benefits womens health. For our sake, we’ll assume that it does.

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Loving your body as is demonstrates to be a so difficult thing to do, especially when you go through a major life event, such as having a baby.

New mom and blogger, Laura Mazza, from the UK posted the photo below along with heartfelt terms about learning to love your body through the changes that come with pregnancy and childbirth.

On theleft is a photo of Mazza before having a newborn, and the right is after.

No, this isn’t a before and after shooting of weightloss. But it is a victory tale. I write this from my heart. It hurts.

Posted by Mum on the Run onSaturday, August 27, 2016

The photo has been shared over 4,000 days since she posted it two weeks ago.

I feel like we rarely ensure before-and-after photos like this.

We are all left in awe of women like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively who can bounce back from having a newborn in eight months, but what about the women whochoose not to bounce back?

In the photo on the left, Mazza confesses she wasnt truly happy.

She says,

I ate no carbs, and barely any vegetables. Simply meat. But I loved it because I was losing weight rapidly and the more bones that protruded, the more I valued myself.

I ended up hating meat, and was always suffering from heartburn. But still I looked at this photo, this image of myself, like I was fat.

She feels her post-baby body and post-baby habits have built her even more proud of herself.

She told,

I have achieved more with this body than I have with my old body. Ive eaten more good foods. Ive lived more, Ive devoted more, Ive enjoyed more. Ive built life. This body, THIS body should be celebrated and admired.

I should admire myself. I should love myself.

But that self-love didnt go easy.

It took her some time to get at a point where she didnt care about being skinny anymore.

Because sometimes, its only not worth it to curtail your diet to only meat. How long can someone feasibly sustain that lifestyle, anyway?

Mazza has learned skinny bodies arent the only ones that should be celebrated. In theory, celebrating all bodies seems pretty obvious, but its much harder to do in practice.

No matter what sizing you are, a sizing 6 or sizing 60. You deserve to celebrate it. Sexy underwear AND a new wardrobe.

Her honest words and before-and-after photos demonstrate self-love is something we learn over and over again throughout our lives.

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Three years ago, Randy Meilbeck would regularly sit down for a three-hour-long snack of over 3,000 calories’ worth of fried chicken and potato scalps.

After finishing hismeal, he’d drownhis sorrows with alcohol. He was in bad shape. Not merely did he suffer his classmates’ incessant bully, but his health was utterly failing him.

Doctors told Meilbeck that his blood pressure was through the roof, he had diabetes, and he was essentially eating himself to death.

After that appointment, he eventually stepped foot in a gym, and began changing hisreality. Meilbeck startedlifting weights, and rapidly became obsessed.

Three years later, he placed third in his first-ever weightlifting rivalry, qualifying him for national competitions.

Since starting his amazing journey toward wellness, Meilbeck has lost over half of his heaviest body weight. Now, heis raising fund to complete his health transformation, and have his excess scalp surgically removed.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Meilbeck’s awesome journey from being unhealthyto becoming a nationally qualifying weightlifting champion.

[ H/ T: Daily Mail]



For most of Randy Meilbeck’s life, he was overweight.

At his heaviest, he weighed around 350 pounds.

He would gorge himself daily on 3,000 calories’ worth of fried chicken and potato skins.

Meilbeckwas eating so much food, meals often took him three hours to complete.

After he would finish eating, he’d wash away his sorrows with alcohol, and folks in their own lives were worried.


Meilbeck’speers bullied him nonstop. They called him names like “fat blob” and “man boobs.”

His blood pressure was skyrocketing, and he was suffering from diabetes.

Meilbeck’s doctor advised him that his excess food and alcohol consumption would likely kill him if he didn’t breakthese habits.

At that moment, Meilbeck chose to make a change.


Meilbeckhit the gym.

He dove right into a devoted exercise practice, lifting weights, building strength, and slimming down.

For the past three years, bysticking to his diligent exercise routine, Meilbeck whittled his 56 -inch waist down to a mere 32 inches.


Since beginning his journey toward wellness, this 24 -year-oldhas shed over half of his heaviest body weight.

People in their own lives can’t believe how much weight he’s lost.

He told: “When that happens, I love gazing them in the face and watching their puzzled lookings turn to shock and incredulity when they realise it’s me.

“It usually takes about four seconds until they start screaming,’ Oh my God’ and go nuts, it’s such an amusing response.”

Now, Meilbeck is helping others navigate their weight loss journeys as a personal trainer.

He’s also eventually pursuinghis lifelong dreaming: becominga bodybuilder.


Three years later, Meilbeck’s determination has certainly paid off.

Recently, he placed third in his first weightlifting rivalry. This win qualified him to compete nationally.

He told: “It felt astounding while I was onstage flexing my muscles, I was genuinely confident and knew I couldn’t fail as it’s my dream to travel the world doing competitions.

“I’d always followed bodybuilding since I was a kid and now I’m attaining that dreaming happen.”


He continued to the Daily Mail , “People literally will not know who I am; they don’t recognise me at all because I’ve lost so much weight.”

Meilbeck’s girlfriend, Tasha Kay, has been right by her man’s side throughout this three-year journey.

In fact, she’s also embarked on her own parallel journey toward wellness.

Kay willsoon compete in her own weightlifting competition.

The two are true inspirations, proving that becoming your healthiest ego is easy when you diligently devote yourself to your goal.


Meilbeck told the Daily Mail , “Now I’ve made a full life transformation mentally and physically, I don’t think the old me could ever imagine I’d turn out like this.”

He’s now creating funds to complete his body transformation, by having his excess scalp surgically removed.


After receiving a grim diagnosis, Meilbeck altogether turned their own lives around , now actively realizing his childhood dream of being a bodybuilder.

Areyou interested insupporting Meilbeck continue transforming his body? You can donate to his skin-removal surgery money here.

What do you think of Meilbeck’s fitness journey? Have you ever experienced a drastic weight loss? Tell us about your journey in specific comments below.

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