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If theres one saving grace of me graduating high school route back in 2007, its the fact that image telephones were just becoming a thing.

I live in anxiety of becoming a meme. Had my awkward scenes and videos in high school been highly shared, Im sure I would have become one.

But it also entails I missed out on things like this

Oh, to be young again. My body was spritely, sturdy. I could disintegrate to the floor whenever anyone would holler, Andys coming!

But now? These old brittle bones would surely snap.

Just a few days after the less than impressive Mannequin Challenge took off, teens thought to themselves, Hmm, we see the appeal, but no one is getting hurt. How do wefix this?

Enter #AndysComing.

While high schooler were not alive when Disneys Toy Story came out( this is true: Toy Story came out in 1995, 21 years ago ), that hasnt stopped them from drawing inspiration from the beloved movie.

In the film, toys come to life. But once a human is around, they have to act like toys again.

So, in this challenge, person shouts, Andys coming! and everyone else will reacts as if theyre a lifeless toy and falls to the ground.

This person tweeted but await whos Andy tho? Oh, youths.

I presume toys did this in Toy Story because if humen realise they were animated they would be swiftly burned.

Well, at least people would stop changing their clothes in front of their debased, beady eyes.

Do we owe it all to this Vine from 2013? RIP Vine.

So, my high schoolers, you dont have bones of glass. You can take lifes knockings. If you let this chance to perform #AndysComing while its still popular pass you by, your heart will become as dry and brittle as my skeleton.

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