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Good news: Bicycles are catching on in China!

What was once viewed as a symbol of poverty is now cooler than Copenhagen. And the two-wheeled trend couldn’t have caught on sooner. Because in case you haven’t heard, China has, erm, a little bit of a smog problem particularly in Beijing and other urban environments .

Among their many wonderful benefits, bicycles are efficient, affordable, and help cut down on smog and traffic congestion … at least, until people start abandoning their motorcycles en masse, generating massive bicycle graveyards across college campuses.

Oh yeah. That’s the bad news. While the roads have opened up a little bit, some college campuses look like this:

Photo by VCG/ Getty Images.

That’s the scene at Jinan University at the end of the semester . To be fair, a lot of these bikes are corroded, bent, or otherwise junked. But they kind of “losing ones” environmentally-friendly appeal when all that steel and rubber get left in big pilings of scrap on the side of the road. Some parts of the country have found ways to turn these bicycle cemeteries into refurbished bike share programs; other places have robust communities of scrappers, who rely on salvaged components to earn their livings. But there are plenty of other uses for simple machines like wheels and pulleys too .

Here are a few cool ways that people around the world have found to repurpose pedal-powered portions, turning steel-and-rubber graveyards into hub of invention:

1. Gears and pedals can be used to create corn de-grainers, water pumps, and other agricultural machines.

A bicimquina from Bici-Tec in Guatemala. GIF from Bikes Not Bombs/ YouTube.

2. Even damaged wheels or frames could attain life easier for people with physical disabilities.

Wheelchairs made from repurposed bicycles by Ability Bikes in Ghana. GIF from Bikes Not Bombs/ YouTube.

3. Scrap proportions in general can be used to empower communities by devoting them free access to learn mechanical engineering skills.

DIY bicycle maintenance is a lot easier and a lot cheaper than owning a car!

A youth mechanic apprentice at CESTA in El Salvador. GIF from Bikes Not Bombs/ YouTube.

4. The rubber from employed tires can be used to re-sole shoes.

GIF from Tyrone Corbett/ YouTube.

5. Or to construct rugged furniture for your home.

Recycled rubber tire furniture factory in Indonesia. GIF from Bali& Beyond/ YouTube.

6. There are plenty of other crafty ways to repurpose metal motorcycle proportions too( though perhaps they’re more Pinterest-y than practical ).

If you don’t require a spinning pot rack, there are plenty of other ideas on the Internet. GIF from Laurent Saidah/ YouTube.

7. Or you could just … ride it.

GIF from Queen/ YouTube.

Bicycles are the perfect people-powered transportation machines. They’re just as good in cities as they are in rural environments, and they’re even better for people on a budget because if you do your own upkeep, the only thing it expenses you is a workout for your calves( which is always, always cheaper than the price of gasoline ).

Bikes are good for humans, and they’re good for the Earth. It merely takes a little bit of work to go from this:


To this:

Photo by Feng Li/ Getty Images.

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One day, Reddit user and crafter daidougei noticed that his three cats truly enjoyed sleeping on the shelves in his home.

Of course, this led to a lack of storage space, so he decided that maybe a cat tree was the way to go. He even has the perfect space for it, behind a pillar in his home.

But when he looked for cat trees, he didn’t find any to his liking. “I’ve never liked carpeted cat trees, ” he explained. “I’ve always felt they’re a little bit of an eyesore and the carpet tends to look dirty over time.”

So what could he do? He built his own! Using natural timber, artificial plants, and some careful planning, he was able to create a cat tree that seems just like a cozy little forest hangout.

It’s no secret that cat people love generating little spaces for their feline friends there’s even a whole line of furniture dedicated to stimulating space for cats but daidougei’s handmade construction is extra cool because it’s altogether unique!

Check out how he did it below, and let his design inspire you to attain something special for your furry friends.

[ H/ T: Reddit]

The first step was scheming. You can’t go into a project like this with no scheme!

Using the design software Blender, daidougei created a model of what he wanted, which gave him an idea of how much material he would need, and how everything would need to be put together.

The design would change a bit over period, but he had the basics for the measures and proportions.

For the main supports, he bought some artificial plants from IKEA. Since cats like to chew on plants, he wanted to use plastic so they wouldn’t potentially poison themselves on a real plant.

For the natural bark areas, he use some fencing posts. But not having a auto entailed everyone got a workout carrying them back to the house.

Next, he assembled the house portion. “If you can make a gingerbread home, you can make this, ” he says. He even added in some personalization with a Dremel.

A “helicopter pad” was added to the roof so that the cats could access the second level. It turns out the 45 angle of the roof was too steep, even for cats!

Finally, it was all put together, and of course, his curious friends tested it out at every stage of growth. But it actually helped daidougei determinewhat they liked and what they didn’t.

Talk about the perfect focus group!

The finishing touch was this little hammock under the house. He also put down some artificial grass and wrap one of the posts in rope for scratching.

And it was a success! As you can see, the final product is slightly different than the original scheme. Instead of being on the ground, the house is raised.

He installed it near a pillar in his home, which kind of adds to the forest effect, too.

If your cat-fan friends are at a loss for where their cats should hang out, SHARE this stylish, creative notion for some inspiration!

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