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There’s nothing worse than a dreaded trudge through five inches of snow to construct those #gains in the wintertime.

I often find myself questioning whether dead-lifts are even worth it in the depths of December. Is worth it when it’s that cold outside?

So, when summer eventually rolls around and blesses us with constant sunshine, it’s pretty much necessary to take your workout to the outdoors to make the most of the gorgeous climate.

And, yes, you can work on your bronze glow and your #BootyGains simultaneously.

I know. It’s truly an emotionalexperience.

From outdoor dance parties, to downward dog, here are six outdoor fitness class that serve upa killer workout with a side of much-needed vitamin D.

1. Yoga In The Park

Tree pose is always style more enjoyable when I’m actuallysurrounded by trees, and it’s just like, hey fam we in this together.

If you’re based in NYC, you can perfect your warrior pose in Bryant Park every Tuesday morning at theiroutdoor yoga classes.

It’s opento everyone of all ages and skill levels, so bring a friend, and get ready to quite literally salute the sun from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

2. A Sunrise Workout

Morning people always seem like myths to me. But I guess I’d try out that lifestylefor a kickass class like this.

It must be fairly fulfilling to get those endorphins flowing before the rest of the world even makes the snooze button, and The Rise lets you do just that.

From HIIT circuits, to hill sprints, you can get your heart pumping before the sunup with these free classes.

3. Bootcamp In The Park

If you’re looking for a sweaty and fulfilling challenge, try seeing a local bootcamp in your area.

At the Bryant Park Bootcamp, you’ll endure exerts likecrunches, timbers, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers( seducing ?).

I know it voices rough, but believe me, the intense mix of cardio and strength train will provide a murderer workout withresults that will last all summer long.

4. NYC Endurance

Whether you’re training for your next triathlon, or you’re just trying toconquer the walking between rooftop bottomless brunches, this 60 -minute class could be right up your alley.

NYC Endurance is run by three dedicatedathletes, who mix up challenging intervals, operating, and CrossFit techniques( you can do it, I promise ).

The trainers make sure to foster everyone to go at their own pace, so you’re ensure a good workout, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just doin’ it to balance out the mimosas.

5. Dance Fitness In The Park

Dance it out with certified instructorsfrom Sweet Water Dance& Yogafor these high-energy workouts along theshoreline.

These class combine good-vibe tunesand your dreaming dance moves, with open-air and stunning views to enjoy along the way.

Even if your dance moves resemble an awkward platypus( I feel you on a spiritual level ), try this fun fiesta out I dare you.

6. Beastanetics

This intense, twice-a-week HIIT class is held at the crack of dawn a naturally occurring shooting of espresso, amirite?

Coach Tim Haft lures you into his combo of plyometrics andcalisthenics with murderer playlists, a healthy dose of rivalry, and pizza creep?

I’m not sure exactly what I simply read, but I’m down. Watch you there!

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There is something about grunting or moaning while exerting that brings to mind the clich of a cockyweightlifter, or maybe even that person who seems to be having multiple, heavy-breathing orgasms in your yoga class. But the truth is, yelling while working outcan feel really cathartic and energizing. Not to mention, it might just be really good for your body.

Some exercise psychologists, in fact, believe a good shout or groan is a practice in mentally preparing for a moment of forced exertion or physical release. As athletics psychologist Charlie Browntold the, grunting while exerting can allow youto be more mentally present overall in your workout. It is part of total concentration, he said, referring to grunting in particular. It really is a matter of dedicating oneself over to the process.

Vanessa Dunleavy, a buti and vinyasa yoga teacher, says she considers it a way to remove static energy from the body, alleviate stress, and help people be more present during an exercise practice, which she reiterates should be a judgment-free zone, both of yourself and of others.

She tells Elite Daily,

I promote my students to make sounds. Build the weird noise! It constructs you feel good, it allows others people to release and do the same.

While there’s some debate as to whether or not hollering during a workout truly impacts performance, some proof indicates it may affect your strength.

A 2009 analyze from Iowa State Universityinvolving martial artists measured their handgrip strength on a dynamometer, a device used to measure force-out. They first gripped without noise, then tried again while performing a breath/ sound technique used in martial arts called a kiap, which is basically a quick and loud call. When they built the noise, their strength increase by about seven percentage.

Even if you’re not looking to increase strength in your workouts, the power of yelling and soundis actually considered by someto be primally healing, and there’s a whole psychology and mode of therapy behind use such soundsas a means of releasing trauma.

While having a few good shouts or moans while you exercise might not necessarily solve neurosis, it can, at least, help relieve a little bottled-up stress, which I think everyone can benefit from, amirite?

So, even if it seems a little weird, give it a try. You might just be surprised by how good it makes you feel.

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When it comes to crushing your #GymGoals, it can feel impossible to determine time in your schedule to fit in some quality workout. Sometimes, you only don’t have room in your busy day for anything more than a quick, 10 -minute workout. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that you don’t have to choose between your4 5-minute, full-body HIIT circuit and lazing away onyour couch after a long day at the office.

Trust me, your fitness results aren’t going to fade-out simply because you aren’t committing an hour each day to working out.

In fact, research actually shows that short spurts of exert can providejust about the samebenefitsas longer workouts, especially when your efforts all add up.

When it comes down to it, a 10 -minute workout is better than nothing, and honestly, you’d be surprised by how intense 10 minutes can actually be when you put your mind( and, of course, your body) to the task.

Here are six workouts for every part of your hard-working bod to try when you’re pressed for period, but still want to feel that delicious burn.

1. Engage Your Abs

Apparently, it merely takes 10 minutes to feel like your core is going to literally implode.

This workout is intense AF, and will work your abs from every single angle.

Like, angles you didn’t even know inside your core.

2. Run Your Arms

These exerts target your upper arms and shoulders the perfect combo for when you don’t have time for a total upper-body workout.

Warning: This may or may not feel like the longest 10 minutes of your life.

3. Sculpt Your Legs

If you think you’ll avoid the post-leg-day soreness because you cut your glute gains down to 10 minutes, think again.

You’ll probably still have trouble climbing a flight of stairsafter this loot blaster.

But it’ll be worth it.

4. Construct Your Back Muscles

I always believed back workouts were only meant to be done on elaborate gym machines, but this speedy sweat sesh altogether demonstrated me wrong.

All you’ll need to grind through this quick workout are two free weights and a comfortable mat. Get to it, girl.

5. Cardio Without The Machines

You don’t require an hour-long conference on the elliptical to get some quality cardio into your routine.

Jump for joy( literally) tothis quickie cardio circuit.

This baby will get your heart racing, the endorphins pumping, and before you know it you’re done!

6. No Muscle Groups Left Behind

I know, “youre supposed to” thought it was impossible to get a full-body workout in just 10 minutes but it’s absolutely a thing.

From sumo squats, to mountain climbers, to jumping jacks, you’ll be out of breath before you even know what you( teheh ).

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Everyone knows the impression after a kickass workout is simply unbeatable.

You feel strong AF, the endorphins are pumping, and TBH, you’re pretty much unstoppable.

But you’ve likely heard the majority of your advance isn’t aboutwhat goes on inside the weight room; it’s also about the decisions you construct post-workout.

Personal trainerGreer Rothermelsays what you do right after a workout is just as important as what you do before preparing your body for exercise.

She tells Elite Daily,

Many people hit the gym and volume it out the door after, forgetting to make sure their body is going to recover properly.

As tempting as it is to head out the door immediately after your HIIT circuit, you are able simply besabotaging all the hard work you put in.

Here are six small, but easily fixable mistakes that will build your #GymGains altogether worthwhile.

1. Cutting Out TheCool Down

So, you just finished a murderer cardio sesh.

You kind of simply want to stop the treadmill and take a nap right there on the gym floor, don’t you?

While you may have an overwhelming desire to face-plant into a pool of your own hard-earned sweat, science sayswhen you stop exerting abruptly, your heart rate can slacken a bit too abruptly.

This can cause blood to pool in your lower body, leading todizziness, and perhaps even fainting.

Take time to cool down by walking for a few minutes on the treadmill or actively stretching after a HIIT workout.

2. Slacking On Stretching

Rothermel tells Elite Daily one of the biggest mistakes people attain post-workout is forgetting to stretching:

Stretching isimportant because itallows your muscles to rebuild, grow, and get stronger to make it possible to get the full benefit from yourefforts in the gym.

Stretching after exercise also relax your muscles, helps aid in circulation, and helps your body rid itself of wasteproducts( lactic acid ), which helpsalleviatemuscle soreness.

Take a moment after your workout routine to slow it down and stretch it out. Your body will thank you, and TBH, doesn’t it justfeel good?

3. NotGetting The Right Nutrients

Proper nutrition is imperative for muscle repair.

You know when you can’t even sit on the toilet because you’re just sore from leg day?

A combo of complex carbs and protein could cut that recovery hour completely in half.

My personal fav is a peanut butter banana sandwich, but I won’t tell you how to live your life.

4. Sitting In The Sweat

Listen, I feel you. I kind of want to live in my yoga pants, too.

But maintaining your sweaty leggings on hours after hot yoga could lead to uncomfortable yeast infections and bacteria build-up.

Enough said. An itchy vagina is basically hell on Earth.

Pack an extra pair of Lulus tokeep your body clean and bacteria-free.

5. Dehydration Nation

Water is your BFF at this crucial time, and not sufficient of it can lead to some major post-workout fatigue.


It’s important to make sure you rehydrate toreplenish the fluids you lost while working out.

This refuels your muscles to prevent your body from getting dehydrated and aids inrecovery.

Drink up, baby!

6. Heading To Happy Hour

It’s been a long week, but you just managed to make it from work to your Pilates class, and now you’re in serious need of an ice-colddrink.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that spicy marg only won’t cut it if you’re looking for quality post-workout fuel.

Drinking alcohol immediately after a workout dehydrates your body, ups the health risks of blood clots, and hinders overall muscle recovery.

Save the sangria until at least an hourafter your sweat sesh.

After that, treat yo’self, girl. You deserve it.

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You’ve probablyheard of a runner’s high. Those endorphins never fail to make you feel ecstatic enough to bust through the end of a long run. But what about, well, another type of highs? I entail, can I work out high and feel some of those same, awesome, euphoric effects? Or is it a total recipe of natural disasters?

Well, it sort of depends on the person, but the research isn’t precisely a hard no against the whole idea. In fact, according to T, a handful of ultramarathon runners have admitted toindulging in a quality bowl prior to pounding the pavement.

Now, this doesn’t mean your should turn your HIIT circuits into take-a-hit-circuits, but if you do decide to roll a joint before hitting the weight room, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

Here are six things you should definitely take note of if you’re planning on lighting up before leg day.

1. You Might Become A Lot More Focused

As research demonstrated, many long-distance runners have admitted to devouring cannabisbefore their race.

This is because the drug actuallytakes away the tedious nature of their trek, and lets them stay in a steady, focused zone.

Is weed actually merely nature’s pre-workout? I mean, maybe.

2. Your Metabolism Will Get a Boost

Apparently, a lot of the main compoundsfound in marijuana may help boost your metabolism, and may even work to lower your cholesterol levels.

So, are munchies a myth, or?

3. Exercise Can Intensify Your High

According to a study published in the journal, engaging in exercise was in fact increase the potency of the marijuana and intensify your high.

Researchers from the University of Sydney asked 15 cannabis smokers to complete 35 minutes of workout on a stationary bike, and subsequentlyfound higher levels of THC in their blood when they are did the workout.

Talk about a literal runner’s high, amirite?

4. You May Have A Speedier Muscle Recovery Time

If you take a few puffeds before planks, you can thank the CBD, a major cannabinoid may be in marijuana, for helping you avoid sore muscles the next day.

That good ol’ CBD has many therapeutic effects for a winded body, includingdecreased inflammation and ache, as well as that juicy, faster recovery day.

5. You Should Definitely Know How Weed Affects You Beforehand

Before you partake in a stoned sweat sesh, make sure you know your own personal tolerance for marijuana.

It’s unclear exactly why, but according to experts, pot can have a widely diverse array of impacts on people’s behaviour.

Bottom line: Don’t turn SoulCycle into BowlCycle if it’s your first time smoking weed, or you know you don’t commonly have a greatresponse to thestuff.

6. And BeSure You Don’t Have A Heart Condition Or Do Anything Intense

It’s probably not the best notion to try an intense new workout class while under the influence. This is because marijuanaincreases your heart rate by 20 to 100 percentshortly after taking a couple of hits.

Theseeffects can last up to three hours, so if you have a pre-existing heart condition, you could be at risk for a heart attack.

At the end of the working day, whether it’s a runner’s high or a literal high, security always comes first.

Always listen to your body, and know what precautions to take if you’re thinking of mixing ganja with your gains.

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Youre at work and 12:30 p.m. rolls around. Its lunchtime, but your late breakfast has left your tummy full and your body itching to get up and move.

A SoulCycle class is seductively whispering your name, but you youre just going to return to your desk smelling like a day-old burrito.

Stewing in your own sweaty filth at your desk is probably the most wonderful style to lose your invitation to the offices annual holiday party.

Maybe you could just change your clothes, throw on a little extra deodorant, and spray yourself with an entire bottle of vanilla perfume until your stench is even remotely tolerable?

You know youvethought about it. But, frankly, how bad is possible to perhaps beto skip a shower after a sweaty workout?

According to, in terms of protecting yourself from illness, you really dont “re going to have to” hop in the tub nearly as often as you think even after a gym session.

In fact, sweat itself is actually sterile. If youve ever wondered why your armpits smell so bad when youre sweating, while your legs are entirely fine, its because of good old bromhidrosis( the fancy medical term for B.O .).

Bromhidrosisis caused by secretion from your apocrine glands, which are located near your underarms and your groin.

But the sweat that comes from those glands doesnt immediately come out of you all smelly.

Its actually the bacteria on your skin, which mixes with the sweat, that creates those unpleasant odors. And the amount of bacteria on someones scalp varies from person to person.

So, basically, if you happen to not have as much bacteria chilling on your skin, youre #blessed, and you can wait longer than the rest of us to take your post-workout shower.

If youre still feeling a little grossed out by the whole idea, Eva Glasrud, a psychologist and life coach at The Happy Talent, told SheKnows,

When you rain, basically nothing happens.

You wash away sweat and dirt, but the bacteria count on your skin doesnt actually change. Hence, “youre feeling” clean, but, biologically, youre the same.

Still not altogether sold?

Well, your hair could use a violate from the shower, too. Lynne Goldberg, a dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Centers hair clinic, told Business Insider that washing your hair too much can strip your luscious locks of petroleum and dry out your scalp.

So, what it really come to is being mindful of the key, stinky regions on your body: the pits and the groin.

Other than that, feel free to bask in your natural, day-old burrito odor for a day, or maybe even two. It wont hurt, I promise.

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Theres nothing like a good workout.

Those sweaty, meet, endorphins can leave you feeling good for, even if youre left struggling to make it up your five-floor walk-up after the fact.

Even though you know how good youll feeling after busting your butt on the elliptical, sometimes you still need a little extra pushing to get motivated.

A workout buddy can immediately make going to the gym seem style less like a chore, and more like another means of hanging out with a friend. And theyll definitely come in clutch on those days when the last thing you want to do is work out.

But, much like your ominous freshman year roommate decision, you must choose wisely.

Here are six must-have qualities to look out for in a true swolemate.

1. Motivation Nation

Like I said, some days, you only dont feel like building the trip-up to the gym, and those are the times that youll need some serious motivation.

When you call your buddy up and “re saying you” just want to lay in bed with a loaf of bread, you dont want someone who says theyll come join you and skip out on leg day( OK penalty, perhaps you want that occasionally ).

Choose a friend who will pump you up, and save the bread for after the booty work.

2. Reliability

Youve got your Lulu leggings on, youve “ve had your” pre-workout snack, and youve maybe even foam rolled a little bit to warm up.

You text your gym partner about how excited you are to try out this new HIIT routine together and then nothing.

Your supposed partner-in-crime is simply nowhere find work, and theyre ghosting you harder than that f* ckboy you were too hung up on back in college.

Make sure you choose a buddy whos actually dependable, so youre not left psyching up for every burpee set.

3. Right Place, Right Time

You have to find a friend with a similar schedule to you.

As much as you may love working out with your friend who works the night shift at a radio station, the two of you are only able to make your schedules work together once a week, that.

No matter how much you love them, its simply not meant to be.

4. #Goals

An ideal workout buddy will share similar fitness goals with you, and theyll be just as invested in existing cooperation as you are.

Its like wedding, minus the bridal cake, plus the protein shakes. Your gym spouseshould feel devoted toyour success and cheer you on as you get closer to your goals.

Oh, and they shouldntbe afraid to call you out when youre slacking.

5. Healthy Competition

Guys, theres actual science behind this one.

The Khler Effectis a phenomenon discoveredby German psychologistOtto Khler, who found that weaker peoplepersisted longer within a group in contrast to working out alone.

A person whos not afraid to go the extra mile( literally) will induce you work harder towards your goals. Choose someone who will move you to be your best, and a little more.

6. Attitude Is Everything

At the end of the day, it all come to attitude.

Whos going to cheer you on when you simply get through that final ab circuit, or tell you youre stronger than you think when you choose the lighter define of weights? Thats what your swolemate is there for.

Finding your perfect match can feel a bit like a a series of left swipes on Tinder, but once youve saw your person, you wont be able to defy saying I do.

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Fall foliage, cool climate and pumpkin-flavored everything signal Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

But before you get ready to break out your fat gasps and had recognized that Thanksgiving is the season of weight gain, consider these easy tricks to keep your exercise and waistband in check through the holidays.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Eating Processed Sugar[ Body& Mind]

You can squeeze these exercisings into your downtime easily. And of course, as important as workout is, its just as important to help yourself avoid temptation and overeating.

Here are five exercising tips to make sure you dont compromise your wellness routine during the holidays 😛 TAGEND

1. Take is high time to exercising and feed before the big meal.

If you are a fan of Thanksgiving food and who isnt? its easy for you to overeat without even realizing it.

This is especially true if you are cooking the dinner because you will likely taste things as you go, as the smell of turkey in the air stimulates you oh-so hungry.

Avoid this by starting the day off right. Get some exercising in before sitting down for breakfast, even if its a quick yoga session.

This will help set the tone for the day and remind you that your healthy lifestyle isnt going to completely go out the window.

Limit the all-day grazing by sitting down and having a healthy breakfast and lunch. No matter how busy your schedule is, make time to sit down and chew your food.

By eating a healthy breakfast and lunch, the turkey perfume wont build you as hungry, and your body will recognize youve already had two meals.

2. Turn cooking time into exercise time.

You can exercise in the kitchen while youre cooking.

Try some of these exercises in the moments when youre not basting the turkey or mashing the potatoes 😛 TAGEND

1. Do defines of 20 squats after putting dishes in the dishwasher.

2. Hold a 30 -second plank before every baste.

3. Knock out 10 push-ups after you finish peeling any vegetables.

Bonus tip: Dont undo your efforts. Once its period for digging into all the delicious foods, be mindful. Use a smaller plate so you arent tempted to fill it full and overeat. A smaller plate will trick you into eating smaller sections because it holds less food.

Keep in mind, the smaller plate merely helps if you dont go back for extra servings. Moderation is key. You merely need one plate of food to meet your nutritional and caloric needs.

Speaking of moderation, when you reach the dessert table, dont feed ALL the pies. Prefer your favorite-absolutely-cannot-live-without-it single dessert for today, and enjoy it slowly with some coffee or tea and allow yourself another dessert tomorrow.

If you must indulge, make a deal with yourself that for each extra serve, you will exercise 30 minutes in the working day to come.

How To Workout On Your Way To Work[ LABS]

3. Make exercise a family affair.

Instead of trying to keep your exert routine alone over the holidays, make it something the family participates in.

Before its time to put the turkey in the oven or while its cook, gather the family for a walking or run around the neighborhood. You could even make it a race if you are feeling competitive, and construct the incentive something like the winner gets to skip cleanup duty.

You might be surprised by how fast some people move.

4. Be realistic.

Dont think you can get in enough workout in one day to cancel out your Thanksgiving feast? That is unrealistic and will merely lead to stress and disappointment.

Once you realise how many calories are in a serving of your favorite Thanksgiving foods, you will understand.

Instead of trying to do enough exercise to make up for what youd like to eat, just make sure you get some exert every day and dont use Thanksgiving as an excuse to skip your regular activity.

5. Makeit fun and easy.

Almost 40 percent of American workers clock in at the least 50 hours of work each week. Its no wonder that once you get a holiday, all you want to do is sofa on the couch.

Who wants to get up and exercising on that rare day off, anyway?

Thats understandable, and no one can blamed you for wanting a little rest and relaxation. Instead of looking at it as exert, look at it as fun. Find an activity you enjoy doing, and use that for your exercise.

The idea is, you keep physically active over the holidays so you dont fall off the wagon and gain weight.

Turn on some music and have a dance party in your home while dinner is in the oven. Try to keep up with all of the musicians during the Macys Parade.

Think outside of the box and hold things you love to do so you stay physically active without feeling the chore of exercise.

Thanksgiving doesnt have to be an excuse for overindulging and being lazy. You can still enjoy your favorite holiday foods and stick with your healthy lifestyle. You only have to know how to make it work.

These tips-off make workout and healthy eating much more attainable and realistic. Which ones will you incorporate this holiday season?

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You know when you wake up, realise you slept weirdly, and literally feel like you need to purchase a neck brace for the day? Or perhaps you’re a victim of “text-neck”( yes, it’s a real thing ), or you’re just plain stressed out and tense AF. As nice as a professional deep-tissue massage would be, your neck needs some TLC asap. So, some simple stretches for a stiff neck are going to have to suffice.

Neck tension is real, especially when you’re sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer the working day, or even if you’re just constantly staring at that article about Jon Snow’s ass in the finale on your iPhone( yeah, I see you ).

But a stiff neck was in fact develop sans technology, as well. When you’re stressed or anxious, your body’s muscles stiffen in an attempt to protect you from harm( also known as the fight or flight response ). Specifically, you’ll probably feel the muscles stiffens in the back of your neck, which is why, if you have a lot on your plate and it’s stressing you out, you might find yourself complaining about a super stiff neck.

So, besides find relaxing ways to de-stress, like deep breathing or meditation, try these five liberating neck stretches to release all that tension you’re holding up there.

And then on the weekend, treat yo’self to a massage. You deserve it, girl.

1. Seated Neck Release

Target the sides of your neck with this super gentle stretch.

Hold each side of your head tilted for about 30 seconds, and breathe deeply while you feel the sensations this stretch brings.

Less is more when it comes to this effective neck stretching, so start with super subtle pressure, and slowly increase a bit if you want to go deeper.

2. Behind The Back Stretch

Targeting the shoulders works in direct correlation with neck tension, this is something that standing stretching is of great lifesaver.

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, and clasp your hands behind you, adjusting the high levels of your arms to go deeper.

This can be done anywhere — even on a break from emails at work. Stand up and stretch that bad boy out. Your coworkers will probably join you, TBH.

3. Grounded Tipover Tuck

Start in child’s pose, then bring the top of your head to the ground( or a mat ). Slowly begin to gently roll the top of your head around on the floor, and pay close attention to your body as you feel different regions providing different forms of release to your neck.

This stretch will relax any funky business going on in your neck, and it’ll has become a kickass head massage.

4. Bridge Stretch

You’ve likely done bridge pose before and didn’t even know how awesome it is for your neck.

This simple stretch allows you to control how much you release the back of your neck, depending on how high you lift your hips.

Go slowly, listen to your body, and was of the view that stress merely melt away.

5. Neck Rolling Stretch

TBH, rolling your neck slowly in a circular motion might seem absurdly simple, but it really is the perfect release for neck tension.

Do this every hour or so if you’re sitting at a desk over a computer or whenever you feel tightness building in your neck.

It’ll is just like giving your stressed out muscles a well-deserved vacation.

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Being a new mama is wonderful and exciting. Abruptly youre responsible for a little person who relies on you for utterly everything.

For all its exhilarations, motherhood is also depleting. New babies are precious and sweet little bundles of love, but they require constant attention. And youve still got yourself to take care of.

Your body patently changes after youve given birth, and, as any new mommy will tell you, youre bound to lose some of the strength you had pre-pregnancy. It constructs sense. Its not like you were hitting up your favorite boot camp class on the reg while pregnant. The same is true post-baby: According to Kaiser Permanente, most experts advise against starting a regular exercise routine until four to six weeks after giving birth.( It can be longer forcesarian births .)

But werehere to help you get your groove back. Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead to workout again, try starting with thesefive exercisesthat can help new mamas getstrong, fast.

1. Downward dog to upward-facing dog

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