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As a yoga instructor, I’ve been to my fair share of Bikram classes where I exercised in just a sports bra, and the dude next to me pretty much sported a skimpy Speedo.

We’re sweating, we’re basically naked, we’re breathing heavily it’s basically like a spiritual porno.

So, you’d guess I would have no problem tearing off my baggy t-shirt when it came is high time to hit the gym rather than the yoga studio.

But, TBH, there’s just something about the extremely suspect side-eye I constantly suffer from the old man on the rowing machine that builds me want to wear a full-body space suit during the entirety of every HIIT circuit.

Yoga is my comfortable, happy place. When I’m in the studio , nothing can go wrong.

In comparison, uncovering my midriff at the gymseemed like it would be just as uncomfortable and awkward as demonstrating up to a party alone and standing in the corner pretending to enthusiastically text someone.

But, in the name of not dedicating a f* ck, I decided to suck it up, strip it down, and conquer some commandos sans workout shirt.

Georgina Berbari

As I headed toward the elliptical for some warm-up cardio, my first instinct was to immediately turn around and grab my shirt from my car.

My belly button suddenly felt like international crimes punishable by law, and I could feel sweat beginning to drip down my forehead, even though I hadn’t even started my workout yet.

I managed to talkmyself out of it, realizing I should probably save my irrational anxieties of bellybutton-related felony for something more realistic, like my horrendous parking abilities( yup, shootings fired at myself ).

I finished my warm-up and strolled over to the ab mats with my headheld high, ready to kill the new HIIT workout I had planned.

I was candidly starting to feel various kinds of badass and liberated without my shirt.

However, right when I determined down on the mat, an elderly human decided to explosion my bubble by motioning for me to take out my headphones.

Oh no, I thought to myself.

I tentatively removed one earbud and prepared myself from what came next.

He told me I should set my shirt back on because my stomach was truly distracting to him and others.

Georgina Berbari

Oh, I didn’t realize that my belly button is so disturbing to you? Is it the piercing? The diamond can be kind of blinding I altogether feel you.

That was the heavily sarcastic statement I I’d had the balls to throw back at him.

Instead, I mutely rolled my eyes, gave him a half-hearted nod, and decided to channels my newfound annoyance into my workout.

What seemed like a billion burpees afterwards, I was out of breath, drenched in sweat, and feeling on top of the world.

I refused to let this man’s commentary get at me, or build me put my shirt back on.

And I think that’s actually what made this whole experiencefeel so incredibly freeing.

Georgina Berbari

Other than a handful of not-so-subtle gazes fromguys my age in between their dead-lift grunts, demonstrating my belly was actually a lot less scary than I anticipated.

As for that old dude on the ab mat, perhaps he should try to focus on his own workout routine rather than preoccupy himself with a young woman’s body. Just a think, you know?

Luckily, his comment actually a sort of natural, pre-workout-esque boost of energy for my sweat sesh, so perhaps I should thank him( nah, I’m good ).

I’m sure I’m not the first woman who’s experienced this kind of sexualization, and I’m certain I won’t be the last.

But if you can’t help but be distracted by my midriff, that sounds like a big bowl of your problem not mine.

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I’ve employed plenty of excuses to skip a workout: I’ve had a long day at work; I’m too sore from yesterday’s HIIT circuit; I have amarathon I need to catch. And with summertime in full swing, you better believe I’ve been ducking out of some of my workouts because of the sweltering heat. Seriously, sometimes it’s like my sweat is sweating.( Is that a thing ?)

I know it seems like a ridiculous excuse, but my body only feels too sluggish at times to make it through a productive sweat sesh when it’s humid AF outside.

But good ol’ science is here to back me up. Research from the University of Nebraska at Omaha suggests exercising in the summer heat may minimize the results you want from your workout.

In their study, the researchers examinedexercise’s impact on the participants’mitochondria( which are responsible for creating most of the energy this is necessary) in order to assure how high temperature outside are related to your fitness results.

Basically, the mitochondria in your body barely undergo any changes when you work out in high temperatures.

The researchers detected these findings after looking attissue samples taken from 36 participants both before and after they exercisedin hot and cold environments.

According to Dustin Silvka, analyze writer and exercising physiology laboratory director at the University of Nebraska, these results basically demonstrate the response[ in hot is] about the same as if no workout had occurred.

Well damn, what’s the point then ?!

But don’t go cancelling all your summertime workout plans just yet.

First of all, as the researchers noted to Huffington Post, their findings were only based on a single workout, and future endeavours aim to observe how people’s muscles answer after a few weeks of training in those humid temperatures.

Plus, just because working out in the summer hot may not inevitably yield the results you want, it doesn’t mean you should ditch all your fitness goals until the cold weather returns.

Otherstudies have suggestedworking out incooler surroundings can promise a multitude of benefits and improve your overall progression meaning you’re probably better off sweating it out inside with an arctic AC blast hitting you anyway.

Of course, the options for indoor workouts are practically endless you can go to a local gym, yoga studio, look for a SoulCycle class near you, or simply lay out a mat in your living room and crush an ab circuit or two.

Bottom line: When it feels like the Sahara outside, take it as your cue to spice things up and try something new in your fitness routine, like a class you’ve always was just thinking about looking into, but never have.

FromBox+ Flow( which is literally a combination ofyoga and boxing ), to underwater cycling, there’s no reason why exercise can’t be just as exciting indoors as it is outside.

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Some people will do anything to score the body of their dreams.I happen to be one of those people.

Over the years, Ive basically tried every fitness fad on the face of countries around the world in order to whittle my waistline.

And when it comes to sweating it out at the gym, Ive learnedweight trainingis my least favorite thing to do.

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I’ve tried every fad diet and trendy workout New York City has to offer.

Ive strictly counted calories and preoccupied overeverything I ate.

I’ve done juice cleanses, cycling, pilates, personal training and sweaty dancing classes.

None of that helped me lose weight.

But over day, Ive detected why.

I wasnt listening to my body.

I wasnt being loving and fostering. I was being harsh, critical and extremely judgmental.

“Why cant you do anymore leap squattings? ” I had just done 120 reps, so maybe thats why.

“Why arent you losing weight? ”

“Why dont your abs seem leaner like the women you train with? ”

“Why do your knees hurt when you run? Why are you so tired? Ugh, whats wrong with you? ”

Wow. With that sort of self talk, Im amazed my body does anything for me.

No wonder I wasnt feeling like my best ego, physical or otherwise.

Ive since learned the biggest health and weight loss secret no one is talking about: listening to your body.

Thats what I wasnt doing.

When my body told me, “Hey, Im depleted, ” I ignored it and pounded away at the gym anyway.

When I wasn’t hungry for food, but truly yearned for love and needed to do something relaxinglike sleep or talk to a nurturing friend, I ordered pizza instead( and eat the entire pie by myself ).

When my body was craving physical activity, I lied on the couch.

Our bodies are constantly sending signals.

The problem is, many of us arent listening to our greatest allies.

Our intellects, picking up on many self-limiting messages and images from the media, thinks it knows best.

The key is to have our intellects and bodies in sync with one another.

Our bodies talk to us, and we need to listen.

All the things you can do to find inner happiness require the body. The intellect isn’t living in a separate house.

I could never fully commit to the best regime of diet, exert, stress reduction and meditation until I got my body fully on board and comfy with it.

That entailed loving, honoring and respecting my body for all it does for me, rather than blaming it for not being superhuman.

It is vital to work with your body and not against it.

Here are the ways I learned to listen to my body 😛 TAGEND

1. Feel what you are feeling.

Simply ask yourself, How do you feel right now? Be honest with yourself.

Feel what you’re feeling rather than escape through distractions and denial, including narcotics, alcohol, food, work, shopping, social media and TV.

Now, when I crave my go-to convenience food( pizza ), I ask myself why I feel the need to be comforted in that moment.

Last night, for example, I felt lonesome.

Instead of ordering pizza to comfort myself, I called a dear friend on the phone to connect, and I FaceTimed with my niece and nephew.

Afterward, I felt joyful and realise I was no longer hungry.

I made myself some white tea and curled up with a good book.

2. Accept what you are feeling.

Don’t judge or criticize what youre impression. Practice revolutionary self-compassion.

Instead of beating yourself up for wanting a cheeseburger and fries instead of salad, compromise with yourself.

Order something that’s a compromise( like crab cakes, for example ). It can be something fulfilling that is neither super healthy nor super unhealthy.

3. Be is accessible to your body.

It’s always speaking, so be willing to listen.

I do this through prayer and meditation in order to give my body a deep sense of peace, relaxation, ease, calmness, lightness, alertness and energy.

When you are open to your bodys needs, you are less likely to pollute it with food, narcotics or alcohol you know doesnt agree with you.

You work together as a team with the common goal of feeling good, instead of ignoring each other.

4. Trust your body.

Every cell is on your side, which means you have hundreds of billions of allies.

Ground yourself by turning inward and feeling the sensations of your body.

Take deep breaths, and be aware of your body.

I recommend trying pilates or yoga.

When you are connected to all the ways your body is working foryou, you are able to induce healthier choices that support you.

5. Live your life.

Before I eat, I ask myself if I am hungry for food or hungry for something else like love, comfort, stability, validation, etc.

I shed unnecessary weight when I stopped obsessing over everything I was putting in my body and rigidly counting calories.

When I stopped labeling myself and food as good or bad and enduring the shameful impressions and emotions that accompany that way of thinking, the weight literally melted off my body.

The next time you want toreach for “bad” food, feel seduced to overeat or have any kind of craving, try to stop focusing on the food.

Listen to what your body is telling you instead.

When I’mout with friends and feel tempted to order a brew like everyone else, I can literally hear my body gently remind me that brew stimulates meextremely bloated and sick for hours.

I order a glass of wine or iced tea instead.

If I only want to drink water when Im in a social decided and dont want to deal with any pushback from party-goers, I ask the bartender to set a slice of lime in my drink.

People believe Im sipping on vodka and leave me alone.

Another trick is to ask, “How do I feel right this moment? ”

Either you are hungry, which is natural, or you feel something you don’t want to feel.

Instead of self-medicating through food, try being emotionally available to yourself.

Through the practice of checking in with and fostering yourself, you will eventually stop feeling the need to comfort yourself through food.

Journaling has helped me open up and be honest with what Im actually experiencing.

Enjoy what your body wants to do.

I choose to ask my body what it needs, and I follow its advice without judging, whether it’s sleep, remainder , nourishment, physical activity or time spent in nature.

If you can scarcely keep your eyes open, its probably best to go home and sleep and skip spin class.

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Image: Pixabay

Though staying in shape is a year-round activity, theres just something about summertime that inspires us to focus on personal fitness. Or, maybe its just something about this summertime including with regard to that constructs us truly want to go for the gold.

While youre looking for hotels this month, why not opt for a destination that will help you go for your personal best? Each one of these spots across the U.S. features incredible athletic amenities, from in-room workout options to sprawling gyms that are down right epic. Heres where to stay fit on the go.

Image: The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel – Minneapolis, MN

If youve ever dreamed of butterflying your route to national glory, live out your fiction here at the Grand Hotels indoor six-lane lap pool. Theres also some 58,000 square feet of space to explore in the hotels Life Time Athletic Club. Or, if swimming isn’t your thing, play a little squash or racquetball, run on the track, or break a sweat with some cardio in the weight room. Not much of a gym rat? The 140 -room boutique hotel also offers yoga mats for some downward dog and complimentary motorcycles for exploring one of the Twin Cities.

Starting rate: $199


EVEN Hotel – Rockville, Maryland

Healthy living is the name of the game at EVEN Hotels. Wellness-minded travelers can rest assured that being on the road doesnt mean tossing fitness out the window at this destination. Each of EVEN’s hotels offers a diverse range of options for taking care of yourself, from nutritional, organic meals to multiple workout options. In the Athletic Studio, follow a virtual trainer on the Tv or attend a staff-led class. Peruse the Wellness Wall, where staff post information about things to do nearby, workout guides, and tips for remaining fit. A mounted fitness wall and yoga mats, exercise balls and foam rollers in every accommodation means you can create your very own athlete village in the consolation of your own room.

Starting rate: $138

Image: The Hotel at the Los Angeles Athletic Club

The Hotel at the Los Angeles Athletic Club – Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Athletic Club is a dream sojourn for those who never miss a workout. A refined and elegant 72 -room boutique hotel sits above this sprawling gym, which boasts a multitude of options for transgressing a sweat. A basketball court, indoor way, squash, and competitive-size indoor pond are all at your disposal. Fitness buffs and armchair athletes alike can take part in a range of classes too, like yoga, cardio hip-hop, muay thai and spinning in this 88,000 -square-foot, multi-level space.

Starting rate: $229

Image: Radisson Blu Aqua

Radisson Blu Aqua – Chicago, IL

Even if it’s below zero in the Windy City, you can still get your swimming on at Chicagos Radisson Blu Aqua. With both indoor and outdoor alternatives, youll have no trouble perfecting your backstroke during your remain. Before you get all pruney in the hotels 25 -yard lap pool, get into some cross training with the 80,000 -square-foot lifestyle garden, complete with yoga space and a running track. When youve had your fill, throw in the towel and head over to the spa for a post-workout massage. Youve earned it.

Starting rate: $139

Image: Hyatt at the Bellevue

Hyatt at the Bellevue – Philadelphia, PA

When you stay at this 172 -room hotel located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, youll gain access to the 93,000 -square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness centre located only next door. Take the plunge into the 4-lane, 25 -meter pool, work on your jump shot on the full-length basketball court, or run wind sprints on the indoor way. Accessible via sky bridge from the hotel, the Sporting Club also offers plenty of relaxation space for your recovery regimen, so take some deep breaths in the yoga and meditation room or soothe those aching muscles with a dip in the whirlpool.

Starting rate: $218

Image: cheyenne mountain resort

Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs, CO

Need to work on your serve? Take it to the net on one of the resorts 17 tennis courts. Theres also a 9,000 -square-foot fitness center and a 50 -meter outdoor pool at this sprawling resort, nestled among the natural beauty of Colorado Springs.( When your lips start turning blue, head to the smaller lap pool indoors .) Active travelers staying at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort flock to the 35 -acre lake, where theres canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and two sandy courts for beach volleyball. If all that develop has your clothes smelling like a locker room, the hotel also offers a next-day laundry service.

Starting rate: $199

Image: The Westin

The Westin – San Jose, CA

Talk about a hotel that goes the extra mile. At the Westin, challenge yourself to a workout any time of day. Thats right: The Fitness Studio is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Looking to reach the pavement? Lace up and head out on one of the local working routes determined by RunWESTIN, a concierge service dedicated to those who need to get their mileage in. Not merely can you volume a room with your own fitness DVDs, stability balls, and treadmill, the hotel will also give you running clothes and sneakers for the duration of your remain. Leave your excuses at home, because there’s truly no reason for missing a workout at this place.

Starting rate: $159

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Fitness trends come and go( remember the Power Balance Bracelet? #TBT .)

New exercises enter the scenein the fitness world each and every day.

But some of the classics are here to remain whether you like it or not.

The burpee is one of those oldies that’s proven time and time again to be super effective when it comes to enhancing your overall fitness routine and toning your bod.

It also happens to have this magical ability to automatically construct you groan at the mere mention of its name.

I kind of wish that burpees would get out of my life forever.

But at the same day, the awesome results I tend to see whenever I consistently add them to my routine, tell otherwise.

If you’re a total burpee novice, here are seven fluctuations to seduce you into the world of the most curiously named workout out there.

And yes, you can all curl up into fetal positions and cryabout it when you’re done. I’ll bringing the tissues.

1. The Standard Burpee

It’s like the vanilla ice cream of the burpee world: the foundation of it all, without any sprinkles or magical shell.

This classic foundational move combinesa squat, a push-up, and a jump.

Ugh, I’m depleted simply writing about it.

Pro tip: Always recollect to engage your core, and to continue efforts to land softly to avoid injury.

So, you know, you can do more burpees( yay ?).

2. Spiderman Burpee

I’m no Peter Parker, but I sure do like a superhero when I successfully complete 10 reps of these bad boys.

The spiderman burpee will tone your abs and attain you feel like you got bit by a radioactive spider, just like in the comics( literally I’m in pain; send help ).

3. Single-Leg Burpee

I’ll admit, just because you’re subtracting a leg on this, it doesn’t make the variation any easier.

Sorry fam, but that burn is real AF.

But so are the endorphins, amirite?

4. Side-Plank Burpee

This baby right here involves acombination of the OG burpee with a side-plank.

Holy coordination.

OK, yes, I’m being a bit dramatic. It’s not as scary as it sounds.

Practice the exercises separately before combining the two, so you can be a pro and vex your friends by showing off at parties( yes, I am friend ).

5. Tuck-Jump Burpee

Jump up as explosively as possible for this variation.

You know the meme that tells the floor is gluten?

Yeah, like that.

6. Box-Jump Burpee

Yep , now you have to add someprops.

Literally, SOS.

But, in all seriousness, this is a workout, and it’ll give you so much satisfaction after you complete a few sets.

Make sure this is right comfortably, and safely, complete standard box jumpings before you embark on this combo.

Then get to it, you lil’ jumping bean.

7. Weighted Burpee

Last, but surely not least( there’s a whole world of burpees out there it frightens the crap out of me ), you’ve got the weighted burpee.

You will definitely feel the burn with this one. I can actually feel my muscles getting stronger within simply hours of doing these exercises.

Am I exaggerating? Perhaps. But adding these into your HIIT routine will work every damn part of your body like nothing else.

It’s equal proportions exhausting and effective hand over the free weights.

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With the holidays upon us, I would be lying if I told I wasnt a little nervous about loneliness.

Last year, I was madly in love during the vacation season.

My ex-girlfriend and I exchanged gifts, nuzzled on the lounge and celebrated the holidays amid our own secluded world.

There were few things we seemed to enjoy more than permitting a cold wintertime day to serve as an excuse for us to do absolutely nothing.

Unfortunately, that relationship came to an end soon after our first wintertime together.

While I kept myself busy during the summer, I knew the holiday season would present a challenge.

Dont get me wrong; I love winter hibernation, but there needs to be a balance as cuffing season can be a one-way ticket to loneliness.

Below are six tips for combating that loneliness during this winter season.

Work out.

In my experiences, Ive “ve noticed that” people tend to get lazy with their workout routine during the winter.

This constructs sense, sincethe pressure to maintain a beach body is eliminated.

However, that lackadaisical approach to ones fitness is a huge mistake.

Considering how easy it is to get lazy in the winter, staying committed to a workout routine helps me not only looking good, but feel good.

If Im feeling particularly lazy on a slow winter day, the consistent goal I set for myself — if nothing else — is to kick ass at the gym that day.

Not to mention, it is far more rewarding to cozy up on a couch after exerting than to simply cozy up all the time.

Get outside.

Oddly enough, strolling my dog has taught me so much about the winter.

My dog is on the older side, and Ive noticed summertime climate can be borderline paralyzing for her.

However, when it comes to winter hour walks the cold has this incredible they are able to invigorate my dog like shes a puppy again.

I used to position the winter like as a nuisance.

I hesitated to walk outside as I bundled up in layers, folded my limbs across my chest and bitterly cursed the cold wind assaulting my face.

However, the trigger of my dog taught me a valuable lesson: Winter is an incredible opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

One activity Ive come to adore is snowboarding.

To be clear, I am an nasty snowboarder.

However, with the right gear( jacket, snow pants, gloves, hat ), wintertime activities can be exhaustively enjoyable.

Ultimately, when it comes to wintertime, I always think of the proverb, there is pleasure in pain.

Its painful to wake up early, put on snow gear and trek on a snowboarding trip.

However, once you find yourself gliding down a pristine mountain, breathing the fresh air as your body pumps extra adrenaline, its easy to become addicted to winter period activity.


As a single human, it borderline infuriates me when all my single friends want to do on a weekend is play video games.

Even if its cold outside, nightlife still exists.

In my eyes , no single human ever has a good excuse to miss an opportunity to party, socialize and have fun on a weekend night.

Of course, every city is different, and some of you may live in places that become ghost townships during the winter.

However, I live in New York City. No matter how cold it is, you are bound to find beautiful girls occupying bars across the city.

So, get off your ass, get a drink in you and get out there.

Netflix and Chill the right way.

Outdoor adventures are surely worth the effort in the winter, but there will unavoidably be downtime.

When it comes to Netflix, its easy to binge on the same, familiar depicts season after season.

However, Netflix offers a wealth of under appreciated entertainment that ranges from informative and historical to powerful and moving.

Some of my favorite gems on Netflix are the documentaries.

And a particularly useful tool for receiving gems on Netflix is Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes has a tomatometer which you can use to kind Netflix alternatives based on critical reception.

This meter introduced me to unbelievable documentaries like “Restrepo, ” which chronicled the first-hand experiences of soldiers exchanging gunfire in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan.

Dont get me wrong; I love binging on familiar sitcoms.

But it never hurts to throw in the occasional Ted Talk or biographical documentary to add a little substance to a slow winter day.


In general, it vexes me when people tell me to travel because if traveling were a fiscal prospect, don’t you think that’s exactly what I would be doing?

Many of us are not fortunate enough to travel during the vacation season, but even a weekend getaway can serve as a freshening change of pace amid a slow winter.

So, run visit that old college friend for a weekend in their hometown or devote skiing a shot.

If it’s a prospect, hop on a plane and escape the winter for a bit.

Become more of a “yes” man.

Its so easy to fall into the habit of hibernating during the winter.

In the past, I would get invited to numerous social jaunts, but I would reject all of them purely due to my negative relate with winter.

I didnt want to deal with the cold; I preferred to hibernate.

However, the truth was that hibernation without moderation induced me unhappy.

But in a strange style, being unhappy was far easier than stimulating the effort to be happy.

So, take advantage of the invitations you receive this winter.

Whether its the happy hour after run, the impromptu ski journey or even the opportunity to shovel some snow with your family, merely get out of your house and get moving.

You wont regret it.

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Travel blogs are always quick to proclaim travel allows you to expand your horizons and broaden your mind, but what they fail to communicate is travel also allows you to expand your waistline and broaden your muffin top.

Id like to think my year of traveling has been a lot like that best-selling book and resulting sh*tty Julia Roberts movie, “Eat Pray Love.”

But maybe, it’s a bit more like “Eat Drink Eat.”

Okay, actually, theres been some praying and loving along the way, too (like praying we got to Tek Sen in time for the twice-cooked pork belly, or loving BYOB at HutongDumpling Bar).

For the most part though, this year has been less about discovering me as it has been about discovering meals.

I can’t tell you how many times travel companions and I are like the vultures in “The Jungle Book,” trying to figure out what to do if neither of us is hungry, or if 10 am is not quite an acceptable time to start drinking in a predominately Muslim country.

Without a set routine or constant access to a kitchen or gym, sticking to a healthy-ish diet and exercise plan while traveling can be harder than turning down free food in the break room.

(Can a coworker hurry up and quit so a girl can get some free sheet cake already?)

With the southern hemisphere’s summer fast approaching, I’ve compiled a list of workout ideas to keep your vagabonding body banging no matter where you are.

Once a personal trainer in a former college lifetime, Im currently working as a server.

So, instead of encouraging healthy habits among my clients, Im now coercing them into a second basket of fried chicken and fries.

Take my suggestions with a grain of salt (or MSG, the table seasoning of choice in Asia).

Im not over here trying to get ripped, though.

Rather, I’ll simply equalize my chili cheese fries and cancel out my takeout because like a good cocktail, life is all about balance.

1. Free Week Gym Trials

Who doesn’t love free sh*t?

Likefree samples at Costco, free hotel bathrobes, shampoos, free Moe’s burritos on your birthday (I’ve had like three birthdays last year) and free vodka soda from the balding bank branch manager who has a 0 percent chance of getting your real number, free workouts are no different.

Gyms always offer free trials or free workout classes to get you into the club, and I always take full advantage.

I think I’ve inspected and sweated in every gym in Melbourne.

Just be sure to give the gym a fake number.

Otherwise, the owners will hunt you down like that guy who bought you the free vodka soda.

2. Pounding The Pavement

One of the first things I like to do after long travel days is go for a run to stretch my legs and realign my lumbar discs after 10 hours on a budget flight in economy class.

Running is one of the best ways to explore the area and get your bearings straight.

But don’t get too crazy off the beaten path, oryou’ll end up lost among water buffalo off the Red River Delta in Ninh Bnh, Vietnam.

Before you lace up the Asics though, make sure to write down or commit to memory your hostel’s (or hotel’s, if you’re fancy) address.

Bring enough money with you in case you get lost and need taxi fare, or better yet, get three blocks into your run and say “screw it” and get a beer.

3. Swimming Laps (Or Just Staying Afloat)

Whether I’m swimming in a pool, ocean, lake or bottle of sauv blanc, swimming is one of my favorite workouts.

I always pack my goggles when I travel, and I often throw my sexy one-piece Speedo in the suitcase if there’s room.

In this tantalizing attire, even though I feel sleek and agile underwater, I’m sure I look a bit morelike this pool pugIRL.

You don’t have to go full on Phelps to burn off an extra Bintang beer or two.

Even if you’re just freestyling to work on your back tan or only swimming to the swim-up bar, aim for any water aerobics.

Or at least tread water with your Mai Tai, and maybe you’ll at least break even.

If you are at a beach destination, try water activities to get swole in the swell by surfing or renting paddle boards, kayaks or snorkels.

Do snorkels work for funneling beer, too?

4. Biking

Biking is one of those simple joys I always forget how much I enjoy until I’m back on the bike, pushing pedals and praying I don’t get mowed over by a moped in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bike rental shops are usually easy to come by in most tourist destinations.

Just be sure to opt for a helmet, map out your route and get home by dark before you get lost in incoming traffic on the streets of Southeast Asia.

Check yourself (and which side of the road traffic flows) before you wreck yourself and break someone’s Mercedes.

5. Body Weight Workouts

Don’t you hate when you’re traveling, and you forget to pack essential things like mouthwash, your bow flex machine, portable doorway chin-up bar and 10-pound kettle bells?

Luckily, Fireball shots are a great alternative to mouthwash, and body weight exercises are a great alternative to the gym.

Sure, locals (and the French backpackers who never work out but eat baguettes for breakfast and smoke 20 rollies a day) might throw shade at you for doing burpees in the hostel.

But at least you’ll be bikini ready for Bondi Beach.

Here are a couple of workouts you can do almost anywhere, hangover and space permitting:

The Hostel Heart Rate Riser

1.10 to one rep ladder for rounds (Do 10 reps for the first round, then nine, eight and all the way down to one)

2. Jump squats

3. Tricep push-ups

4. Burpees

5. V sit-ups

Four Rounds For Around The World

1. 30 squats

2. 20 burpees

3. 10 push-ups

(Modify push-ups as needed, with lay-down push-ups as rounds go on.)

Backpacker Booty-Build

1. 50 jumping jacks

2. 20 hip bridges

3. 15 jump squats

4. Fire hydrants (15 each leg)

5. Donkey kicks (15 each leg)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the the exercises below:

1. 15 squats

2. 15 push-ups

3. 15 mountain climbers on each leg

4. 15 bicycle crunches on each leg

Make use of “equipment” at local parks as well, like benches for elevated push-ups and tricep dips, monkey bars for pull-ups and leg raises or elevated surfaces for step-ups or plyometric box jumps.

Just heed caution with these and aim to do them at the beginning of your workout, before your legs are fatigued and you fall and scar your shin like an assh*le (or like me).

If all else fails, and you’re just not feeling fitness on your trip, at least put on your activewear and go for an exploratory, happy, hour-long walk that ends at a local, happy hour bar.

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Working out can be hard.

We are physically and emotionally pushing our bodies to do things they’re not accustomed to.

Whether it’s a two-mile jog or a two-hour weightlifting conference, workout can be tough.

Plus, feeling motivated enough to actually get ourselves up and off to the gym is not always easy.

Weve heard many times that showing up is half the battle, but sometimes most days, thats actually the hardest part.

We all have our reasons for wanting to work out: to feel better, to look great naked, to lose those pesky extra pounds we put on the summer months or to get toned for an upcoming vacation, bridal or reunion.

But for every reason, most of us find just as many excuses to skip the gym.

Its raining out.

Its too cold.

All of my gym clothes are dirty.

My favorite show is on tonight.

Im too sore.

“I’m in the middle of a Netflix binge.”

“I attained plans with my friends.”

Ill start tomorrow.

I get it. Im right there with you.

Im ashamed to acknowledge how many times that bottle of red wine wins over working out.

Fortunately, for those who are too lazy to motivate themselves to exert( myself included ), there is a wave of new workouts making the fitness scene.

With New York City being the mecca of all things trending, its no astonish these workouts can be found in the Big Apple.

All of these class are effective and innovative ways to work out.

Each class offers something a little different, which means youre bound to find at least one class that will excite youand motivate you to exercise.

Check out these eight new workout classes trending in New York City, and find yourself a fun, new style to get in shape 😛 TAGEND

1. Rooftop Yoga( And Wellness) With SERENE Social

SERENE Social is a wellness community for conscious women.

Itstop attraction is rooftop yoga.

Imagine getting your namaste on from the rooftops of New York City, Los Angeles and London.

But SERENE is much more than merely yoga.

With mindfulness and wellness classes, pop-up events, dinners and members-only specials, SERENE encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

2. Water Cycling With AQUA Studio

Take spin class from land to sea.

AQUA Studio offers aqua cycling classes in a unique and peaceful environment.

Cycling motorcycles are immersed in a candlelit pool, with four inches of temperature-controlled water to warm up your body for an optimal workout.

Aqua cyclingpairs the challenges of high-intensity cardio and full-body toning with the natural, mending properties of salt water.

3. Reggae Dance Class With Banana Skirt Productions

If Zumba is the Latin influence forworking out, Banana Skirt is the reggae alternative.

Burn up to 800 calories per class while learning dance was taking steps to pop, reggae and hip-hop music.

Banana Skirt actually works with Atlantic Records, so you can expect several of its classes to be based off the artists’ videos.

Think Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and even* NYSNC.

4. HIIT Workouts With The Fhitting Room

Trainers and fitness guru have been telling us about HIIT workouts( High Intensity Interval Training) for quite some time now.

Now, you can get HITT without online printouts or streaming videos.

The Fhitting Room is a HIT( High Intensity Training) fitness studio providing these effective workouts in a small class environment.

Burn more calories, experience lean muscle growth and attain personal bests with The Fhitting Rooms trained instructors.

5. Stadium Cycling With Flywheel Sports

The Flywheel indoor cycling ride combines the fast-paced cycling workout including climbings and descents with arm workouts using weighted bars.

But beyond the techniques used in class, Flywheel is the first indoor cycling studio to house stadium-style seats.

With each pedal stroke, you are one step closer to winning a race against yourself and your fellow riders.

This is the perfect workout if you have a competitive streak.

6. Boxing Boot Camp With AEROSPACE

AEROSPACE is a machine-free, sports-emulation, high-performance fitness centre( say that three times fast ).

Classes incorporate full-circuit boxing equipment and range from 30 to 60 minutes.

AEROSPACE blends workout techniques derived from professional athletics and focuses on building muscle strength, promoting cardiovascular health, improving body tone, bolstering endurance and enhancing confidence.

7. Indoor Surfing With SURFSET Fitness

SURFSET Fitness has procured a way to stimulate surfing something anyone can do.

SURFSET lets you engage your core with mechanized surfboards and 45 minutes of surf-inspired workouts.

Intervals of high-intensity aerobic develop on the board will build your endurance and torch body fat.

Classesdraw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle and coordination.


8. Interval Training With AKT InMotion

AKT incorporates a full spectrum of fitness parts, from yoga and dance to strength training and plyometrics.

Each class runs either 60 or 90 minutes( broken up into 10 -minute segments) and depicts on a range of demonstrated methods to strengthen your body and improve flexibility.

AKT InMotion class are designed to progress, change and evolve over the course of each week so you never walk into the same class twice.

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The sport of competitive swimming gives us a lot over the course of our careers.

We learn how to deck change like Clark Kent in a phone booth. The never-ending mileage gives us a physique the swimmers body that is the envy of the sporting world.

And we learnto balancea training and academic schedule that makes a 40 -hour work week appear virtually pedestrian in comparison.

But there are other things that the sport teaches us over the years of swimming around the black line.

Here are five life lessons the sport of competitive swimming “ve given me” 😛 TAGEND

1. Improving at something takes time.

We all fall for the illusion of instant results at some point( some of us repeatedly, as is the case of yours truly ).

Fired up, we decide on a goal, make a plan to achieve it and apply a explosion of effort.

But then what?

Things dont happen as fast as we would like. And when our unrealistic expectations line up with how progression actually happens, we get frustrated.

That moment we realize we have barely inched forward in pursuit of our goal is not a great one.

Swimming will show you that mastering something takes time. It takes patience. And it takes some humility to grasp that dues need to be paid.

2. Success comes from being able to bounce back.

You developed your butt off the whole season. You showed up to every morning workout and dry-land conference. You even cleaned up your bad eating habits.

But when it came down to the big championship meet, things didnt run the style you hoped. You added time to your PB( personal best ). Or got disqualified. Or werebeaten by someone who you should have been able to out-swim.

Its in those next few moments that really separate the fast swimmers from the remainder. For the top musicians in the sport, that bad swim serves as high-grade fuel for what comesnext.

While for others, its a reminder that success in the pond isntfor them.

3. Working hard can make up for a lot of things.

Within every group and team I swam with over the years, there were always a couple kids who were unbelievably talented. It was as though they were quite literally designed to swim.

This ease with the sport usually meant that they didnt have to work very hard. After all, speed and success in the water went so easily to them.

Nearly without fail, these swimmers would peak young and fade-out fast. Without the work ethic to back up their talent, other less gifted, but harder running swimmers would eventually start out-swimming them.

Believing their talent has failed them, our gifted young swimmers leave the sport as a classic occurrence of, Ifonly they had worked a lot harder, they coulda really been somethin.

Outside of the fact that hard work is something you can take pride in and grow confidence from, it is the very thing more than talent or genetics that will ultimately choose your success both in the pond and in life.

4. Success happens by being good often , not perfect every once in a while.

All too often, I would catch myself thinking that practise had to go perfectly in order for me to attain the kind of greatness I wanted.

In my intellect, I envisaged proving up on deck each day, doing my limb swings with perfect precision, executing flawless dolphin kicks off of every wall and unleashing the most perfect swim practise from beginning to end.

I believed I would be able to do this every single chlorinated day for the rest of the season.

Which seems hilarious in hindsight because this kind of perfection is impossible to sustain.

You probably recognize this swimmer from your own life: the athlete who shows up and bangs out a handful of astonishing swimming workouts, and then falls off the face of countries around the world for a few weeks before the cycle starts over.

With no consistency, it is impossible to build a steady foundation of training behind them to genuinely compete at a high level.

Being really good at something comes down to being pretty good the majority of members of the time, instead of being perfect every so often.

5. The biggest battle is within.

Mastering yourself, your self-talk, habits and position provided a more formidable adversary than the swimmer in the next lane ever will.

A classic scenario that happened on deck( and continues to do so across your local pools) is of a coach writing up a particularly tough swimming workout.

To groans, eye rolls and sagged shoulders, he or she writes out a series of tight intervals, long reps and to top it off, writes brackets around it.

For some swimmers, the battle is already lost. You can just see it in the body language.

But for others, it was all about starting. They would commit to doing the first couple. And then one more after that. And then another. And eventually, they had not only survived the situate, but also haddone quite well.

This ability to be able to tackle apparently impossible tasks by focusing on begin and taking it one rep at a time comes in supremely handy in every aspect of life: a huge paper that needs to be written, a month-long project at work, doing a couch-to-marathon, starting a family.

The sport of swimming teach me that limits are arbitrary. Limitscan be changed with a little prodding. They can be pushed, shattered and grudgingly nudged.

And theyalways stimulate usa little bit better.

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