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If I had to pick two top priorities in life, they would be saving money and staying healthy.

The two actually go hand-in-hand, according to a recent report that examined the relationship between exercise and medical expenses.

If you exercise every week, heres some good news: your workouts can save you up to $2,500 a year in health care expenses.

So theres something to think about next time you want to skip your run to stay in bed and watch Netflix.

I know its a little hard to believe that working out can save you money, especially if you belong to a gym that charges you a sizable monthly fee. Severely, gyms can be so expensive.

But it seems that the membership basically paying off for itself considering workout saves you thousands in health care expenses.

Researchers analyzed data from a 2012 survey with 26,000 American participants and compared the medical expenses of the individuals who constructed sweating a priority compared to those whodidnt. The study was published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

For example, people who exerted regularly and had a history of cardiovascular disease were able to save up to $2,500 on medical expenses. Even people who didnt have many risk factors saved a couple hundred dollars. And lets be real, we can all do a lot with a couple hundreddollars extra.

So , no matter what your medical history is, sweating regularly can save you cash.

But are we really surprised? Exercise is proven to reduce health risks, such as heart disease and diabetes and other expensive health-related issues.

Starting to exercise regularly now will keep your bank account happy in the future for sure.

And what exactly is regular workout?

Well, the American Heart Association recommends at least half an hour of moderate-intensity aerobic activity( basically, anything that stimulates you sweat a little) five days a week.

Obviously, if thats not feasible, you can condense that recommended amount to an intensive workout that stimulates you sweat more three days a week.

If youre not motivated to workout because youre penalty with your body, just think of exercising as maintaining your bank account in shape.

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Sticking to a gym plan is hard. Like, genuinely hard.

But if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration( or a healthy dose of dishonor) check out the histories of Edna Shepherd.

The 94 -year-old woman from Hume, Australia, who pumps iron a staggering ten hours a week. Even on her one day off, she’s still get the muscles moving with a weekly ballroom dancing class.

“I’m always on the go, I don’t like sitting around, ” Shepherd says in the above 7 News clip.

The nutrition-savvy great grandmother also claims the exercise regime helps her socialise especially when it comes to chatting up the opposite sexuality. “I like hugging “the mens”: I’m a naughty daughter, ” says the go-getter.

What are you waiting for then, young person? Those dumbbells aren’t gonna pump themselves.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome( PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance that affects about 5 million women in the United States today, especially women of child-bearing age( ahem, Gen-Yers ). If you have PCOS, cysts may develop on the ovaries, causing them to harden. The female body also creates excessive male hormones called androgens, who are capable of severely f* ck things up.

There are differing levels of seriousnes, but most women with PCOS exhibit at least one of these major symptoms. Infertility, menstrual problems, acne, hirsutism( abnormal hair growth ), obesity and weight gain are just some of the questions PCOS can bring about. Since many of these symptoms can be associated with other conditions, PCOS is difficult to diagnose. Many women remain unaware that they are even dealing with it.

As I mentioned above, obesity and weight gain are common symptoms of PCOS. Often times, many women with this condition have a hard time getting rid of the weight, even though they urgently want to.

The struggle becomes so overwhelming, many women become depressed. Some even resort to different methods of coping, such as overeating.

You are not alone. As someone who has struggled with PCOS for nearly 10 years, I can definitely pertain. So, I have compiled my top 10 tips-off for jumpstarting the weight loss process when you have PCOS 😛 TAGEND

1. Eliminate processed and refined foods from your diet.

In my humble sentiment, this is one of the bestpieces of advice I can offer. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the bodies of women with PCOS are sensitive to literally everything that goes into them. All of the added chemicals in processed foods can have unrealized consequences on your hormones, who are capable of ultimately make problems with weight.

It takes more work, but it’s important “youre starting” cook and feeing more at home, and experimenting with new and interesting ingredients. For example, instead of using things like all-purpose flour and refined sugar, it would be beneficial to become familiar with ingredients likealmond flour and coconut sugar.

There are hundreds of recipes out there. Just do a quick Pinterest search, and you can become confused for hours.

2. Have fun with fiber.

Fiber is one of the most important, yet under-appreciated nutrients out there. Girls need at the least 25 grams per day, while men need at the least 38 grams.

However, as a nation, we are eating far less than that. The median adult merely gets about 15 gramsof fiber per day in his or her regular diet.

Eating enough fiber is super important because it helps to control your blood sugar, governs your bathroomschedule( which boosts colon health) and helps you feel less hungry throughout the day. It absorbs water and swells in your digestive tract, building “youre feeling” full for a longer period of time.

My favorite style to make sure all my fiber needs are being met is with a big bowl of fiber cereal in the morning. I eat Kelloggs All Bran Buds ,but there is a large variety of selections out there.

As bearing as it audios, its actually fairly versatile. Ive used it to build pancakes, cooked goods and other foods that savor fairly delicious. Who knew fiber could be so much fun?

3. Schedule regular visits with your gynecologist or endocrinologist.

Visiting your doctor and having blood work done is extremely beneficial. There are many things going on physiologically that we are not always aware of. For example, women with PCOS are more prone to insulin resistance, which is a pre-diabetic condition that can make it very difficult to lose weight.

While I dont think medication is always the answer, your OB/ GYN or endocrinologist can work with you to develop a medication regimen that could assist your advance. A typical PCOS regimen includes birth control to help balance your hormones, metforminto aid in blood sugar control or aldactone, a diuretic that helps to prevent the absorption of salt and maintain your potassium levels stable.

However, these narcotics may not be right for your body. This is why it’s important to visit these specialistsevery six months to monitor your progress.Note: These arenot weight loss narcotics, and should not be taken as such. Only begin use of these medications after you’ve been prescribed by a doctor.

4. Restriction your carb intake.

I know this tip-off sounds sacrilegious. All good things are made from carbs, right?

While that may be true, carbs can be detrimental to a woman with PCOS due to the insulin resistance factor. While you do want to limit your carbohydrate uptake, it is definitely important to remember to not eliminatecarbs wholly. They offer vital energy for our muscles and brain.

It is also important to remember to replace refined carbs with whole grain carbs for added fiber, vitamins and minerals. Although delicious, refined carbs offer little to no nutritional value, and can contribute to a rapid increase of your blood sugar levels.

5. Drink hot lemon water in the morning.

This is one of my favorite things to do. Hot lemon wateris so soothing, and it has a number of health benefits as well. For starters, lemon juiceacts as a laxative and diuretic in the system, which helps to release water weight and bloating.

It also hasantioxidants which boost the immune system, and it provides the body with a nice dosage of vitamin C. This helps aid in the absorption of iron( heads up for all you iron-deficient peeps out there ).

6. Add healthy fats.

Studies have shown that adding omega-3 healthy fats into the diet can help reduce the number ofmale hormones( testosterone including with regard to) that are floating around in our systems. This helps regulate the menstrual cycle, lessening symptoms of PMS and building periods more bearable.

Another studyfound a correlation between increased omega-3intake and insulin levels. The results of the study showed that women with PCOS who were treated with oral omega-3 supplements experienced a major decline in their serum insulin levels after six months.

So, incorporating fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, anchovies or trout into your diet two to three times per week is the way to run. If you don’t have access to these fish, are vegetarian or vegan, or are turned off by feeing fish for other personal reasons, you can take a fish oil or omega-3 supplement.

7. Develop an enjoyable exercising routine.

Im a big fan of yoga, but genuinely, adding any form of physical activity is important. Exercise not only burns calories, it can also improve insulin sensitivity and lessen your waist circumference( which can alleviate the symptoms of PCOS ).

Finding any activity that doesn’t seem like a burden to you is the best style to develop training exercises routine. This style, you will definitely stick with it. For example, if you detest operating, it’s probably best to not decide to develop for a half marathon.

Getting involved with an intramural athletics team or taking a Zumba or yogaclass are all options that might be more fun than runningon a treadmill for an hour. Weight-lifting and resistance train are also super important for allwomen , not just those with PCOS.

It’s important, though, that you get to know your body and do what you can before you jump into a very high-intensity workout. Start small and work up to your full potential.

8. Find time to relax and de-stress.

Increased stress levels trigger the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, a steroid hormone who has responsibility for the fight or flight reaction. Elevated cortisol levels may cause weight gain bycreating visceral fat( the fatunderneath the muscle in the abdomen ). It can also prompt the body to produce more sugarin the blood stream and offer the energy to get you the f* ck out of dodgy situations.

However, if the body is consistently making sugar, thelevels in your blood is able to elevated. This is another factor that can contribute to obesity.

Meditate, read a book for pleasure, turn off the Tv, go for a walking, coloring or do something else that helps you relax. Just recollect to take some time for yourself at the end of every day.

9. Get enough sleep.

Obesity can affect sleep, and sleep can affect obesity. This makes one giant, vicious cycle.

Obesity causes problems such as sleep apnea, which can affect your energy levels during the day. If you’re tired during the day, you are less likely to exercising, eat well or set any effort into living a healthy lifestyle because it merely won’t seem like apriority.

Getting enough sleep ensures that your body is able to fully rest and repair itself at night, which will provide you with enough energy to get up in the morning and start your day in a healthy style. According to, a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night is enough for an adult to feeling fully rested and ready to go in the morning.

10. Believe in yourself.

It audios cliched, but if you dont have faith you will succeed on this path, “youre supposed to” wont. You are your biggest cheerleader.

No matter what happens, you need to decide to do this for yourself and no one else. All of these tips-off take time to incorporate, so remember to have patience with yourself. Treat yourself with kindness as you begin your journey toward good health.

I believe balance really is the key. Having a healthy approach to diet and lifestyle is the most important tip-off I can offer to help you attain your weight loss goals. Extreme regulation or extreme indulgences set major stress on the body, and stimulate the process that much harder.

So, if youre out at a party and want that piece of cake, I tell go for it. Just recollect to get back on track the next day with your regular healthy routine, and dont allow that indulgence to turn into a major downward spiral.

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A few months ago, I hurt my leg running.

After eventually dragging myself to Physical Therapy and learning I had a hamstring strain, I was kind of bummed out. Consider, I’m someone who loves working out — and when I can’t do it, it sets me in a f* cking horrible mood.

When I discovered that my co-worker Tracey was dealing with a similar problem( she violated her foot a few weeks ago ), we decided to set our heads together. How could we still work up while retrieving from our respective injuries?

So we consulted Karen Nuccio, a New York City-based fitness teacher who focuses on constructing leaning, toned muscles in the arms, legs and core while stimulating sure every single one of her students has perfect form.

It came as no surprise to me that when I asked Nuccio about working out while injured, she assured me there were a million ways to workout without affecting a hurt limb.

So we had her come in and work up with us, and we learned quite a bit. In suit you missed it on Elite Daily Snapchat (@ EliteDailySnap ), here are some creative ways to work around your injuries.

Meet the instructor.

Don’t use your trauma as an excuse to stop working out.

If running is painful, stop doing it!

Let’s only get this out of the style: Letting your neck to participate in your workout is a recipe for disaster.

Your neck should look more like this. And make sure to activate your core!

Let’s get down to business.

No arms involved here.

And if your hamstrings hurt? Bend those knees.

Strengthen the muscles around your knees.

On to lower body injuries…

Plank time.

Oh, and side plank.

Keep resistance in those arms.

It makes all the difference!

Just look at those triceps.

Feeling stronger already? Good. Here’s hoping your trauma mends very soon. For more fitness tips-off, keep following along on the Elite Daily Snapchat.

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The internetcant agree on what a good deed actually looks like these days.

ChelcieCookson, a personal trainer from Sydney, Australia, posted a controversial video on Facebook last week telling her fans she wasgiving a 46 -year-old homeless man named Steven a gym membershipeven if he didnt want it.

Cookson volunteers to help the homeless frequently, so this wasnt exactly a random act of kindness on her component. But after to know Steven, she thoughtthis wasthe best style to assist him.

Some people think this is a generous move.A chance to get some endorphin-producing exerciseand feel a bit of comfortis somethingthat would benefit most homeless people. Endorphins, after all, help make you happy.

Other people, however, are slamming her for not trying to help out by providingsomething more immediate, like a place to sleep, a joborfood.

Heres the first video explainingthis controversial passion project:

This story is not about me, but about Steven. Steven is homeless, and today, the day I had been hoping for, we had a BREAKTHROUGH. I declare Monday to be the first day of Stevens new life deity willing I’m stimulating it happen.

Posted by Chelcie Vera Cookson on Friday, September 30, 2016

In the video, which has been viewed over 58,000 days, Cooksonsays Steven refused to go with her to the gym five times until she told him he didnt have a choice.

Some found that too aggressive. Why make person do something they say they dont want to? But sometimes people just need the right kind of motivation. Maybe this is was what Steven required?

They made tentative plans to work out together the following Monday.

As a personal trainer, Cooksonis fully aware that thebenefits of exercise go deeper than physical appearance.She wanted to help improve his life, and also promised to get him a haircut andsome new clothes.

While most of the fans on her page were supportive, she did receive some backlash.

Cookson replied to some of the backlash on herInstagram:

Incase there is any one else with a lack of or limited understand. Hope this answers the question.

Posted by Chelcie Vera Cookson onFriday, September 30, 2016

People also commented that she just did this for attention.

Cooksonactually did end up working out with Steven and another homeless human, who is Stevens friend.

She brought them both to the gym, signed them up and got them three personal training sessions as well as some protein supplements to get started.

According to thisvideo, the twomenwere psyched to be at the gym.

Posted by Chelcie Vera Cookson on Monday, October 3, 2016

Personally, I think this isinspiring.

Even though some people might think Cooksonsact of generosity is unnecessary, at the end of the day, she improved the lives of these two men by fostering a personal, human connection with them.

That, along with being treated like normal human beings, can have a huge impact on a person who isnt assured human compassion every day. What do you think?

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Non-Profit Provides Care For Homeless People’s Pets[ Insights]

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Why hit the treadmill again when you are able to burn calories the fun way-by taking a trampoline or trapeze class? If youre receiving yourself constantly dreading the trip-up to the gym, it might not be that youre lazy but only that youre bored of your particular routine. So in the spirit of maintaining life interesting, weve teamed up with Perrier-the perfect, refreshing compliment to any workout-to “ve brought you” some of the most fun fitness trends in existence.


Next to skydiving, trapeze is about the closest you can get to flying. In the past few years, its gained popularity in cities across the U.S ., meaning its more likely than ever theres a class in your area.

2. Trampoline

Remember how fun jumping on the bed was as a kid? Now there are actual classes you are able to attend to jump around on trampolines, and theyre purported to burn around 500 calories per session. To those luck few who have one in their own backyards, dont let it go to waste!

3. High Intensity Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance has always been one of the most fun ways to break a sweat. Now its one of the most intense, too. Xtreme Hip Hop with Philone of the leaders of the hip-hop-as-hardcore-workout trend-is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but tours all over the country. Check the dates to see if its going near you.

4. Aerial Ribbon

Often taught by former gymnasts and circus professionals, aerial ribbons or textiles is a beautiful blend of workout and art. Hanging upside down, in inverted divides, or other difficult postures, youll tone your muscles while feeling like a real performer. Places such as Body& Pole in New York offer classes for a variety of skill levels.

5. Surfing on land

Surf training classes give you the leaning, well-defined build of a pro surfer while sparing you the fear of sharks and salt in your eyes. Surfset Fitness offers classes all over the world. Find the closest one to you here .

6. Capoeira

Capoeria is a very old form of Brazilian martial art, blending dance, acrobatics, music, and competitor. Its incredibly fast-paced and fun to watch. If you take a class, expect quick, complex movements, stretching, and maybe even some singing.

7. Slacklining

Similar to tightrope stroll, slacklining involves balancing on a special type of rope thats anchored between two points. Because you are able to situated it up anywhere( picture a beautiful clearing in a park or forest ), its one of the most versatile workouts there is. Just be sure to pack a picnica bottle of refreshing Perrier sparkling water will maintain you hydrated and happy.

8. AcroYoga

AcroYoga mixes the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. If you find yourself loving one of the classes, try the AcroYoga Festival in Oregon( October 9-11 ). Its three full days of intense practise and exploration.

9. Dodgeball

Any activity that reminds you of recess probably spells good time, but if you were never a big team athletics person, or got a little rusty in the decade or so since you last played, dodgeball is by far the easiest to pick up again. Go all out and organize a team, don knee-high socks, sweatbands, and neon short shorts. Or volunteer at local schools and gain some karma while youre at it.

10. Swaying Dancing

Of all the amazing, recreational dances out there, swaying might be the most fun one for beginners. Stick at it for a bit, and youll either be swaying person through the air or getting sway around. Who knew that was a workout?

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I am, hands down, the laziest person youll ever meet.

Leisure activates for me include sitting, reclining and scowling at the outside world from my bedroom window.

However, tired of looking like a melting Play-Doh figurine who pants and sweats at the slightest incline, I have decided to get in shape.

This is by no means a new objective for myself.

I have tried to get in shape countless hours, going on runs and attempting to get a slender physique like the celebrities we consider cavorting in bikinis in magazines.

It never runs, though, because like many women, having a tanned and toned body isnt motivation enough for me.

This is the problem we need to address when it comes to fitness and females: Were encouraging exercise for the wrong reasons.

Slowly but surely, women the world over are increasingly defiant to fit unrealistic beauty standards.

Instead of striving to be the sizing 6 seen in publications or on the runway, were aiming to be fit and healthy instead.

Were realizing that exclusively looking to celebrities for body goals is unhealthy, especially as the focus is on the aesthetic value they hold, rather than their internal health.

That is , no one wants to look like Megan Fox because he or she jealousy her perfect health, but because he or she wants her bangin bod. The darknes secret is, to quote Cher in “Clueless, ” many of these people are Monets: From far away it’s okay, but up close its a big old mess!

While thigh gaps might seem good in images, the reality is, its most likely achieved through poor diet and over-exercising. This is obviously not something we should aspire to.

Thankfully, in the age of Instagram and Pinterest, the diversity and realism lacking in publications and cinema can now be found in abundance elsewhere.

If you scroll through any workout or #fitspo tags on Instagram, you will see bodies of all different shapes and colours — bodies similar to your own.

Not only are their figures more representative of reality, but so are their stories and pictures.

Its freshening to find women who are actively engaged in good nutrition with insane abs and bulging biceps, red and puffy and gleaming with sweat.

They are not wearing makeup or expensive gym gear, but old baggy t-shirts and faded leggings. This indicates a movement away from the aesthetic value of exercise, where being healthy is more important than seeming flawless.

Instagram and Pinterest also make it easy for us to engage, documenting our own fitness life and inspiring others in turn. We can curate goals that fit our individual savours, and set up more realistic and attainable fitness challenges — ones that can be supported by like-minded followers.

Were espousing the shape we have and exerting not because we hate our bodies, but because we love them.

Were realise its more important to focus on what we put into our bodies instead of what we can deprive it, and that imposing strict rules and guilt will not shrink our frames, just our confidence.

Basically, we’re learn positivity is a far more effective motivation than negativity. Out with thinspo, in with fitspo!

Best of all , not only are we dismantling existing beauty criteria, but for once were not just replacing it with another unrealistic aesthetic.

Strength is a far more motivational objective than skinny, as it offers women, in particular, a means to protect and support themselves, rather than just an external improvement.

Typically, women have been discouraged from overdoing their workouts. Muscle is often considered too butch and unladylike, making yet another unrealistic ideal for women to live up to.

But as Rashida Jones once set it, You cant invest in your appears as your only thing because its a depreciating asset. Its like putting fund into a stock thats going down.”

By abandoning the aesthetic focus, women can learn to be confident and happy, without consideration of their external physique. They won’t feel they need to keep up with constantly changing and shallow ideals.

While there is little value in a hot body, there is an endless amount in being active and healthy.

Imagine the difference it would attain to promote exercise , notas a means for women to look good, but as a means for women to look after themselves.

Whether its moving furniture into her new apartment by herself, opening stiff jars or worst case scenario: protecting herself against attackers.

If a young lady is attacked, strength permits her to pull away, push them off, run away or take off her running shoes and use them to beat her attacker mercilessly.

That is more than enough motivation to work out as far as Im concerned.

Skinny, however, can do little to protect you. Women should not only rely on a man to provide things we are capable of providing for ourselves.

Find your inner Furiosa, and be the kind of tough broad who doesnt require rescuing or relies on others.

And if your newfound strength intimidates a man and your abs repulse him, you should scoop him up in your burly Hilary Swank arms, and rock him to sleep like the newborn he is.

Ive recently committed myself to another try at getting in shape, and this time I feel more motivated than before.

Im giving up on the exercise to be skinny approach, and am opting for the exercise to be strong technique instead.

Confidence doesnt come from seeming hot in a bikini.

Confidence comes from feeling strong and independent.

I want to have people take one look at me guess, that girl can take care of herself.

Get strong , not skinny.

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