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So you’ve heard about yoga and Pilates. You’ve heard these class supposedly change people’s bodies, lower their stress levels and make them happier.

You vaguely know both focus on stretching and strength. But what’s the gap between the two?

As PumpUp points out in the video above, yoga is a lot older than Pilates. It started in Southeast Asia 5,000 years ago, and Pilates wasn’t around until the early 1900 s.

And while yoga has a reputation for being all about stretching, it is — but it’s also about strengthening your entire body, especially your arms and back.

Pilates has a focus, though: your core. It’s a great pre-bikini season workout, if you ask us.

As for busting stress and increasing happiness, both workouts focus on the mind-body connection, but yoga also incorporates spirituality.

Long story short: Both workouts are awesome, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Our recommendation? Give both a try.

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On the journey toward toned abs, crunches tend to be a workout staple. However, the side plank is a real powerhouse exercising, targeting deep abdominal muscle that other moves don’t reach. The standard version of the side plank is effective, but fitness teacher Amy Dixon says there’s one way you can take your workout to a completely new level.

“By adding motion and rotation to your side timber, you’ll use the same ab muscles as you would if you stayed in one posture, but you’ll build the muscle fiber stretching and contract, ” Dixon explains. “[ This] means you’ll get more definition and tone in less time.”

Better outcomes in a shorter time period? Yes, please.

Dixon demonstrates three fluctuations of the side plank, each designed to give you an even more effective ab workout.

Add movement :

Side Plank Hip Drops

Have your shoulders, hips and ankles all aligned on top of each other, then drop your hips to the ground and lift back up.

Add rotation :


Get into the side plank position and lift your top arm in the air. Then, reach that arm under your torso and behind you, twisting your torso as you do it.

Add difficulty :

Side Plank with Leg Fans

For a really big challenge, get into a side plank and extend your top leg out in front of you. Hold for a beat, then in a half-circle motion, bring it up and over your bottom leg and extend it out behind you.


When you think of the treadmill( infamously known asthe dreadmill ), I’ll bet you automatically associate it with running.

I know running is good for you and all, but TBH, I often only find myself constantly checking the clock to see when my torture I mean jog will finally be over.

If you’re like me, the good news is there are plenty of ways to work out on a treadmill without having to do any running whatsoever.

Here are six creative treadmill workouts to spice up your cardio routine and insure you’ll never have to run again.

1. Walking Lunges

The other day, I was doing walking lunges across my gym, and it was honestly a pretty pathetic sight.

Picture a profusely sweaty girl weaving through the cross-fitters and sharply swerving to avoid bumping into that oblivious dude who’s always glued to his phone.

Anyway, taking your lunges to the treadmill clears out all of those obstacles and allows you to focus on simply mastering your sort and impression the booty.

2. Side Shuffles

Side-shuffling is great for working the inner and outer thighs, glutes, and increasing strength, as well as flexibility.

You might get some weird appears from the girl on the machine next to you, but frankly, anything to avoid that routine operate amirite?

3. Reverse Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers arebasically the push-up of the treadmill world, and they’re about as difficult as they sound.

You’ll probably miss operating when you’re done with these bad boys or not, I don’t know your life.

4. Walking Plank

This plank variation will severely engage your core and shoulders like no other workout you’ve ever tried.

If you thought the traditional plank was hard, you might want to reevaluate after a few minutes of these babies.

But hey, your shoulders will be sculpted AF. You can thank me later.

5. Incline Push-ups

There’s nothing worse than when your HIIT circuit calls for incline push-ups, and all the free benches are entirely occupied by a bunch of sweaty, gross dudes.

Thankfully, you can take this workout straight-out to the treadmill and still work on your triceps.

Plus, you can glance at the runners on either side of you and mutely thank your lucky stars you’re not sweating it out with them.

6. UphillWalking

Boost the incline on your treadmill and go for a brisk, upward stroll if you can’t stand running.

Exercising on an inclinebuilds muscles in the ankles, calves, upper and lower thighs, and glutes.

The incline of the treadmill also stretches out your calves, constructing lots of tilt, mean muscle, so you can say peace out to your shin splints once and for all.

The steeper you set the incline, the more you’ll benefit so don’t hold back!

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( CNN) California coffee shops may soon be forced to warn customers about a possible cancer hazard linked to their morning jolt of java.

The state maintains a list of chemicals it considers possible causes of cancer, and one of them, acrylamide, is generated when coffee beans are roasted.

A lawsuit first filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in 2010by the nonprofit Council for Education and Research on Toxics targets several companies that attain or sell coffee, including Starbucks, 7-Eleven and BP. The suit alleges that the defendants “failed to provide clear and reasonable warning” that drinking coffee could uncover people to acrylamide.

The Pebble 2+ Heart Rate has — you guessed it — a heart rate sensor.

Pebble 2 comes with a silicon band.

The bands are easily swappable.

On the right side of the Pebble 2 you have up and down buttons for navigation and a select button( middle ).

The heart rate sensor on the backside and the magnetic charging pin.

Workout charts.

Pebble 2 also tracks how long and how well you sleep.

The e-paper screen is easy to read in direct sunlight.


Exercising isnt always the best part of my day. Sure, there are some days where I cant just waiting hop on my bike and get going, but there are some days where Im really simply not feeling it.

Maybe I had a crappy day at work, maybe its that time of the month or maybe its merely not my day and the last thing I want to do is to continue efforts to hit a new PR at Flywheel. As much as spinning sometimes isnt my number one priority, I love it. But most importantly, Ive learned a lot from it.

Yes, Ive properly learned how to tap back without violating my back, and how to reach 105 RPM without looks a lot like a lunatic, but Ive also learned a lot about myself.

And thats not from sitting on motorcycle for 45 minutes, its from listening to my instructors.

Ive been blessed with some of the best fitness teachers not only in Boston, but also in the country. And after a year of spinning my little tush off, this is what Ive learned from them 😛 TAGEND

1. Love yourself.

This probably seems counterintuitive or super clich, but its true. The reason I started spinning is because I couldnt appears to love my body for what it was. And as much as the workouts have changed it, my teachers changed it even more.

Their crazy confidenceand love for everything they do is so ridiculously inspirational. Every time I walk to class, I just feel myself strutting down the street because thats what theyve taught me to do.

Signing up for class each week, walking through a rainstorm and many other things dont make going to class easy, but were doing it. So love it, and love yourself because youre beating some serious odds.

2. Youre not always going to hit a PR.

Im crazy, crazy competitive. Even as a little kid, I always wanted to be first in line or the fastest at finishing my meal( plainly because PE was my worst subject ).

And yes, Flywheel maintains my competitive spirit alive, which Im totally grateful for. But Im not going to be at the top of the Torq Board every day, and thats wholly OK.

Were all going to have bad days days where we just cant appears to made checks and balances between our torq and RPM but those are also the days we are still, against all odds, sitting on that damn bike and kicking butt.

We night not always be kicking the best butt, but regardless of your rating, you are still KICKING BUTT.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Running Out[ LABS]

3. EAT.

This might also seem like the most ridiculous tip in the world, but if you dont eat and if you dont eat healthy, for that are important you wont be able to work out.

I cant even tell you how many times I didnt snack or lunch before my workout, and I came severely close to fainting.

Your body requires nutrients so you can work even harder. If you dont eat, you wont have energy. And your body wont have anything to burn.

And then what happens? Youll have serious potbelly aches, and youll accident. Not good.

4. Be patient.

I am one of the least patient people in the world, so this one is a true life lesson. Your body wont change a week into your workout, and you wont be the best in class after a couple of spins.

It takes time to change, and so what? Youre still aiming for change and aiming for a better you every time you walk into that studio. Be proud!

I perfectly hated exercising before I discoveredspinning. I always, always dreaded it, and now its something I( largely) look forward to.

Yes, I feel great after my workouts, but the lessons Ive learned from it and my instructors are worth a hell of a lot more than any calorie Ive burned.

Give it a try. Who knows, perhaps youll love it as much as I do.

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I work remotely as a fitness writer and yoga instructor and TBH, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t squeeze in a workout on my lunch violate on some days. Candidly, sitting hunched over my computer for hours about fitness really stimulates me crave a literal amazing, endorphin-filled sweat sesh and sometimes I only can’t delayed until my transformation is over to throw in a burpee or two. If you work a 9-to-5desk chore, “youre supposed to” feel my midday dead-lift daydreams on a spiritual level( or not, and in that case, you think I’m casually nuts ).

Science says that squeezing in that lunch break workout totally has its benefits, though. A analyze published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal stated that afast, high-intensity workout( as short as seven minutes) can produce many of the same benefits as a longer run or extensive weight lifting sesh.

So, if you find yourself constantly thinking about get your bod moving half way through the day, here are six quick, but challenging workouts that will get your heart rate pumping( and still leave hour for those post-workout noms, ’cause duh ).

Simple Yoga Flow

I might be a biased but a nice, juicy yoga flowing is the only the most perfect route to breakup the work day.

The benefits of yoga include relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, sharpening attention and concentration, and calmingthe nervous system basically, everything you’ve been needing to chill out from thataggressive listing of emails you’ve been avoiding.

Deep breaths first, emails after.

Quick Cardio Sweat Sesh

Studies show that aquick sweat sesh will actually boost your work performance. Well, this 15 -minute cardio routine will have you sweating up a storm.

God bless dry shampoo, amirite?

Total BodyHIIT Burner

Honestly, after doing this 10 -minute HIIT circuit, you’re going to to sit at your desk for the rest of the working day. #HurtsSoGood

Oh, and a study published inNeuroscience Letters said that incorporatingHIIT into your routine outcomes inimprovements in cognitive functioning.

This sh* t is no joke effective AF for your intellect body.

Badass Upper Body Sculpter

Sometimes it feels like I’m low-key doing an upper body workout by typing all day, but I’ve been known to be dramatic

This quick upper body sculpter works your triceps while increasing your staman to keep you going for the rest of the working day.

Peace out, extra shot of espresso.

Break Room Booty Blaster

Dead butt is wholly a thing, especially when you’re sitting at a desk all day and yes, it’s as sad as it sounds.

Bring your butt back to life with some major glute gains a quick butt workoutcould even boost your imagination, according to science.

Challenging Core Circuit

Last but not least, run your core with this seemingly simple 8-minutecircuit( seems basic but trust me, your abs will be on ). And perhaps throw in a leisurely walking to go get your post-workout lunch afterwards surveys say a nicewalkcould boost your creativity at work.

Sounds like a win win to me. Happy sweating!

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If you’ve ever been to a boot camp workout or tried a challenging HIIT circuit on your own, you know just how sweaty you can get when you challenge your body with these fast-paced workouts. But many people forget that a simple, and even slacken yoga flow can build you perspire like nobody’s damn business. As a yoga instructor, I love ensure the shocked look upon people’s faces when I tell them there are many yoga poses that attain you sweat way more than a lengthy treadmill sesh ever will.

Personally, I love transgressing a nice sweat before chilling out in savasana. But if you’re low-key pissed about purposefully drenching yourself in your own bodily fluids, perhaps you should remember that sweating during a workout is actually a good thing.

When you’re working hard and pushing your body, it can get overheated from current challenges. Sweat is just your body’s style of responding to these new challenges by maintaining your core temperature at a safe and steady level.

So, while you may be grossed out to see visible sweat stains left behind on your yoga mat after you finish your flow, simply remember that that is physical proof of how hard you’re working to strengthen and better your body.

Here are six yoga poses that are sure to build you sweat more than sprints and SoulCycle combined.

1. Downward Dog( Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward dog is a pose that is consistently returned to throughout a yoga practice. It may seem simple to some, but with a few tweaks, it can become one of the most challenging, sweat-infused asanas out there.

The key to violating a sweat in this bad boy is really engaging your legs, limbs, and core, and pushing into the mat with your widespread thumb tips-off while nudging your heels as close as they can get to the ground.

You can even add some movement here by flowing back and forth from a plank pose to down dog — if you’re up to the challenge, that is.

2. Boat Pose( Navasana)

Boat pose is no joke. Your legs will be shake, your abs will be burning, and your entire core will practically be praying for mercy.

And hey, you’ll even be channeling those literal boat vibes, if you think about your dripping perspiration as a body of water( too far ?).

3. Four-Limbed Staff Pose( Chaturanga Dandasana)

Make sure you keep your elbows as close to your body as is practicable in this yogi-style push-up, and try not to let your chest drop toward the floor.

For an extra sweaty faculty pose, try to raise your body back up without touching the ground, and sneak a couple more push-ups in there.

Side plank is a powerful limb and wrist strengthener. Its myriad of differences will stimulate you so sweaty, you might wonder if you accidentally signed up for hot yoga against your will.

Try out the classic, stacked-legs side timber first, and then transition to attempting to lift one leg for a serious core challenge.

5. Chair Pose( Utkatasana)

Utkatasana can sculpt your booties like no other type of squatting you’ve ever tried in their own lives. I know my students dislike me when I cue chair pose, but love me in the long run when they ensure all those #GluteGains.

As you sit deeper into your imaginary chair, and raise your chest higher, the pose will become more challenging and the sweat will be.

6. Handstand( Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Practicing inversions like handstand, for even simply a couple of minutes, will give your upper body a serious jolt of energy.

I know it’s easy to be intimidated by this asana, but remember there are many differences that use the support of a wall to help you build up the force required to nail a handstand with ease.

But with hard work comes all the sweaty vibes, so be sure to save your rain for your yoga flow.

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The smart fitness watch is Fitbits first with a colouring screen and claims a five-day battery life, guided workouts and some of the same features as Apple Watch

Still trying to decide if you want a smartwatch or a Fitbit? Now you might not have to build the distinction.

Fitbit announced the Fitbit Blaze at CES, a smartwatch that builds on the capabilities traditionally found in your average Fitbit, while adding a coloring showing, customizable watch faces, and even a handful of different watch bands to choose from the device slots into a range of different straps.

At first glance, the Blaze looks a bit like an Apple Watch. The device has a hexagonal face, and an LCD touchscreen which displays the time and other details about your motion for the day.

Where the device stands out, however, is in how it plans to help you workout. New with Blaze is its integration with FitStar, a company Fitbit acquired last year. With the consolidation, the smartwatch is capable of offering guided workouts. It also offers traditional smartwatch features such as notifications for calls, texts and calendar items, although you wont be able to run other apps.

As you might expect, Blaze also tracks some of the same things previous Fitbit devices were capable of: steps, sleep and calories burned. On the tracking side of the things, the smartwatch is capable of monitoring exerts like elliptical workouts, running and tennis.

Unlike some other smartwatches that do the same, the Blaze will track those activities, and your heart rate, automatically, with no need to start or stop a workout in order to get credit for completing it. Your heart rate is tracked every five seconds throughout your day, and then every second while youre working out, a combination that should yield accurate results without draining the battery.

Speaking of the battery, Fitbit promises five days of battery life on a single change. If it delivers, that will set it ahead of the competitor when it comes to smartwatches; however, right on-par with some of the other activity trackers out there.

The Blaze starts at $ 199.95, and is available for pre-order today from Fitbits online store with the first devices set to ship in March 2016. Additional watch bands will be sold separately, and will be priced between $30 for an elastic band and $130 for one made out of stainless steel.

Unlike other smartwatches out there, when you want to change watch bands youll actually pop that face out of the current one rather than remove the bands.

Taking a page from Apple, with its try-on appointments for the Apple Watch, Best Buy places will have the Blaze available for you to try out starting 20 February. The device will ultimately be available there as well as other retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Brookstone.

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You know the feeling: You simply conquered a long day of run, you’re ready to sweat it out at the gym, but as you reach into your duffle bag, you realize you forgot your athletics bra. And, let’s be real, if you go home to get another one, your bed is going to look too inviting, and your trip to the gym will soon become ancient history. So, you can’t help but wonder, can you work out without a bra on?

Like, it seems as if everyone and their mother is already #FreeingTheNip anyway, so letting the girls breathe during your HIIT circuit can’t be such a big deal, right?

It may seem pretty harmless but, if you’ve ever tried doing burpees braless, you might beg to differ. In fact, I’m almost certain that that’s what dying is like — more or less, anyway.

First, let’s start off with your boob hurt so much when you try to get moving sans your strappy companion. Whether you’re braless and running to catch the metro, or you’re freeing the nip on the elliptical, your breasts are super sensitive to motion because they’re made out of a combination of fat and glandular( aka milk-producing) tissue, and they’re basically anchored to your chest wall, according to Greatist.

Plus, your breast tissue contains extremely sensitive nerves throughout that can be easily be torn during exercise.

Is anyone else in actual pain just reading/ thinking about this?

Plus, if you’re thinking about pounding the pavement with the twins on the loose, you might be in for some unwanted upper back and neck tension that will be hard to shake off afterward.

Basically, when you’re sweating it out sans sports bra, your muscles have to work a lot harder than usual to keep your shoulders from being weighed down by your breasts. As if you’re not already working hard enough in the weight room , now you have two extra bouncy dumbbells stuck to your chest to worry about.

And if you think you’re in the clear because your tatas are on the smaller side, suppose again.

According to, even the smallest cup sizing can experience irreversible damage to connective tissue in the long run without the proper support provided by a bra.

But sometimes, even wearing a bra while you work out won’t exactly do the trick. A 2013 survey published in the showed that more than half of women with larger breasts — along with 25 percent of women who wore an A beaker or smaller — reported experiencing uncomfortable chest aches while working out.

This is because a lot of women don’t pick the right bra style for their breast sizing, and suffer some pretty painful repercussions as a result.

So, since it’s pretty imperative to brace your breasticles for movement, make sure you’re investing in the proper support.

If your bra simply ain’t right in the midst of your sweat sesh, according to, an A beaker will move about an inch and a half in each direction, and a D cup will change as much as two to three inches. All I can say to that, is.

So, if you’re a B beaker or below, you’re going to want to invest in a quality compression athletics bra. Those are the ones that give you that whole “uniboob” look, in case you were wondering.

As for dames with bigger boob, you’re going to want to opt for an encapsulation style, which have individual beakers to supporting you and restriction unwanted movement.

Bottom line: The right over-the-shoulder boulder-holder is probably more important than you realise if you want to avoid both posture both problems and a seriously unpleasant sweat sesh.

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Take note of the 10 fittest cities in America, the rest of you beer-bellied, nacho cheese dust-covered, ZogSports is my one workout a week cities out there.

Some cities just seem like they’re healthier than other cities. I don’t know what it is, but I always just assumed things, like people from Denver, Colorado were in better shape than people from Kansas City, Missouri. Are these hypothesis based on my knowledge of the typographical or geographic landscapes of each place? Maybe.

More likely though, I think this is one of those things where you make a snap decision and then let it inform your judgement for the rest of your life.

I frankly likely built that decision on Kansas City being less healthy than Denver because Kansas City is known for barbecue, which is crazy because Denver also has barbecue.

But, we all can now stop guessing which cities are the healthiest thanks to a recent analyse put out by the American Fitness Index ranking the top fittest cities in the US.

Before we all get caught up in rankings and trophies — YES, I WILL PERSONALLY BE SENDING OUT A TROPHY TO EACH CITY LATER TODAY — just know as a country the US hasgotten healthier! GO TEAM! USA! USA! USA!

Compared to last year, the study shows the smoking population dropped by 4.7 percent, and the number of diabetes-related demises dropped by 7.4 percent.

OK, enough back patting. WHO WON THIS BATTLE ?!?! Which American cities are the most bangable ??!?!

10. San Diego, California

9. Hartford, Connecticut

8. Salt Lake City, Utah

7. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Seattle, Washington

5. San Francisco, California

4. Portland, Oregon

3. Denver, Colorado( Whoa! I WAS RIGHT !)

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

1. Washington, DC

This is actually the third time in a row DC ranked as the fittest city. Thanks, Obama.

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