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Everyone knows the impression after a kickass workout is simply unbeatable.

You feel strong AF, the endorphins are pumping, and TBH, you’re pretty much unstoppable.

But you’ve likely heard the majority of your advance isn’t aboutwhat goes on inside the weight room; it’s also about the decisions you construct post-workout.

Personal trainerGreer Rothermelsays what you do right after a workout is just as important as what you do before preparing your body for exercise.

She tells Elite Daily,

Many people hit the gym and volume it out the door after, forgetting to make sure their body is going to recover properly.

As tempting as it is to head out the door immediately after your HIIT circuit, you are able simply besabotaging all the hard work you put in.

Here are six small, but easily fixable mistakes that will build your #GymGains altogether worthwhile.

1. Cutting Out TheCool Down

So, you just finished a murderer cardio sesh.

You kind of simply want to stop the treadmill and take a nap right there on the gym floor, don’t you?

While you may have an overwhelming desire to face-plant into a pool of your own hard-earned sweat, science sayswhen you stop exerting abruptly, your heart rate can slacken a bit too abruptly.

This can cause blood to pool in your lower body, leading todizziness, and perhaps even fainting.

Take time to cool down by walking for a few minutes on the treadmill or actively stretching after a HIIT workout.

2. Slacking On Stretching

Rothermel tells Elite Daily one of the biggest mistakes people attain post-workout is forgetting to stretching:

Stretching isimportant because itallows your muscles to rebuild, grow, and get stronger to make it possible to get the full benefit from yourefforts in the gym.

Stretching after exercise also relax your muscles, helps aid in circulation, and helps your body rid itself of wasteproducts( lactic acid ), which helpsalleviatemuscle soreness.

Take a moment after your workout routine to slow it down and stretch it out. Your body will thank you, and TBH, doesn’t it justfeel good?

3. NotGetting The Right Nutrients

Proper nutrition is imperative for muscle repair.

You know when you can’t even sit on the toilet because you’re just sore from leg day?

A combo of complex carbs and protein could cut that recovery hour completely in half.

My personal fav is a peanut butter banana sandwich, but I won’t tell you how to live your life.

4. Sitting In The Sweat

Listen, I feel you. I kind of want to live in my yoga pants, too.

But maintaining your sweaty leggings on hours after hot yoga could lead to uncomfortable yeast infections and bacteria build-up.

Enough said. An itchy vagina is basically hell on Earth.

Pack an extra pair of Lulus tokeep your body clean and bacteria-free.

5. Dehydration Nation

Water is your BFF at this crucial time, and not sufficient of it can lead to some major post-workout fatigue.


It’s important to make sure you rehydrate toreplenish the fluids you lost while working out.

This refuels your muscles to prevent your body from getting dehydrated and aids inrecovery.

Drink up, baby!

6. Heading To Happy Hour

It’s been a long week, but you just managed to make it from work to your Pilates class, and now you’re in serious need of an ice-colddrink.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that spicy marg only won’t cut it if you’re looking for quality post-workout fuel.

Drinking alcohol immediately after a workout dehydrates your body, ups the health risks of blood clots, and hinders overall muscle recovery.

Save the sangria until at least an hourafter your sweat sesh.

After that, treat yo’self, girl. You deserve it.

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If you ever wondered what Cristiano Ronaldo does to perfect his six-pack, you can officially stop waiting for the magical answer.

His club, world-renowned Real Madrid, posted a video of what the form and technique of Ronaldos ab workout looks like.

Clearly, the secret is that there is no secret.

Ronaldo is just a maniac when it comes to doing crunches, and reports in the past subsistence that fact.

In 2009, a tale from the Daily Star details that Ronaldo does 3,000 sit-ups per day.

The Daily Star even quoted information sources saying,

He can spend well over an hour every day toning his abs, sometimes while watching telly.

Andif you dont want to believe tabloids, then heres another story, this time from The Telegraph.

Back when he was with Manchester United, Ronaldo was taken to functional specialists to get to the bottom of some acute abdominal pain he was experiencing.

After Ronaldorevealed he had been doing 700 sit-ups per day, it was suggested that he, well, chill out ongoing that hard.

Its pretty clear that Ronaldo has a long historyof doing these things.

And by these things, I entail crunches. Lots and lots of them, apparently in different forms.

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Back in 2015, at the height of the notorious ‘dad bod’ craze, people started to realize that Drake was ripped. He had been training for over 3 years, but the world merely noticed when his Instagram page suddenly started heating up. Like most other things Drake has turned into a trend, his adherents flocked to gyms around the world on a quest to get ‘swoll’ like Champagne Papi.

Now, this is not to say that everyone who takes fitness seriously these days is doing it because of Drake, but it’s clear that ‘making gains’ is back in style, and people are going from skinny to shredded faster than half of us can blink. If it’s done right, constructing muscle can actually prolong your lifespan and improve cardiovascular and bone health – as well as increase your chances of people sliding in the DM. Faster isn’t always better, though. Each person inherits different strengths and weaknesses from the gene pond, so it’s important to take your time and found out what works for your unique body. To dispel that last little supposed in your head , no – steroids are never a good option, unless you want to add the increased risk of heart disease and stroke to your routine.

Here at Bored Panda , we decided to compile a listing of people who bulked up big-time, and scarcely definitely sounds like the same people in their ‘before’ photos. We’ve also included the timespan of their progression, but keep in mind that everyone constructs at a different pace! Referendum for your favourite transformations below, and upload your own at the bottom.

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As you walk into any community sweat box, you’ll seethe usual crowd: The readers and joggers that pace along the cardio deck, 19 -year-olds with their cut-off high school football tees, the in-betweeners waltzing amongst the equipment and free weights and the macho personal trainers.

With all things in their “rightful” place , nothing seems too intimidating. You and hundreds of others will go about your hour-long internal workout debacle of what to do, which is more a game of whatyou can do that you hate the least, if we’re being honest.

Many people like to employ the services of personal trainers. Their main function is to help you reach your fitness aims by providing exert regimens that will produce your desired results.

Your purpose might be to lose a few pounds, gain some, get ready for your best friend’s wedding or merely flat out be healthy. In order to achieve that a( hopefully) faster rate, you’ll hire a trainer. And that trainerwill tire you with their encyclopedia of workouts, and you’ll think it’s a damn good workout because you’re bent over and huffing.

But why was it a good workout? How is this helping you reaching your goals? Have you ever asked your personal trainer these questions?

The whys are imperative, but so are the hows. You consider, you go to trainer and explain your scenario. Itprobably looks like this 😛 TAGEND

“I’m various kinds of nervous to talk to this really fitperson. I wonder what they’re going to think of me.”You then explainyour goal, be it your sister’s wedding, beach season, what have you. Then you explain your trauma history and personal preferences, and the rest is history. You’ve basically simply spilled your spirit to thisstranger who’s going to cradle your esteem with understanding and compassion, and simultaneously transform you into a wonder-kid.

After glistening, sweating and airing your personal hopes, you feel five pounds lighter already.Until you realise( and this realizationmay take several weeks) that the stereotype about personal trainers actually holds some truth.This is where you come back into play.

Progress can be fickle, and you know this to be true. You may show up for every pulse-pounding workout and feed so clean that dieting appears natural, but despite your best efforts, youstill do not end upaccomplishing your fitness goals.

And that’s OK, under one condition: The trainer has to be able to explain to you why your goals haven’t been reached, despite your valiant efforts.

Your trainer needs to address the hows, and not in some scientific jargon that will go over your head and that they’re incorrectly stating. They need to be able to backup the decisions they built for you and your workout routine.

Not only should the trainer be well versed in the nuances of program design( aka periodization) and have an understanding of nutrition, but they also need to defend their argument for when things run awry.Again, this is where you come into play. Most clients settle for median or even not accomplishing theirresults, andtherein lies the problem.

It’s not about you accepting mediocrity. It’s about perpetuating the unprofessionalism of the personal develop field.

The reason why people think personal develop is not a prestigious, high-end job is becauseno one is holding them accountable.In no other field could such ignorance and ineptitude be tolerated. And it’s not your defect these trainers haven’t been held accountable. Why would you thinkthat they were anythingbut prepared? This is their career, after all.

But let’s reframe thisin other examples that do make sense 😛 TAGEND

What would you say if you went to your doctor and askedwhat your blood pressure was three years ago, and they didn’t have those records? What would you say to your accountant if they didn’t have your 2014 tax returns on record? And what you you say if yourchild’steacher didn’t have a progress report or lesson plan you could refer to? How would you react if their responses to these questions were a deer in headlights look?

It would never be tolerated. Doctor’s licenses would be suspended, a teacher’s tenure ceased. And you’d be aghast at the idiocy of such behavior.You’d watch egos and muscles melt like ice cream sitting on the top of a automobile in the middle of July.

In all seriousness, you should ask your trainer what the exact workout was in your third session, even if there have been 27 workouts since then. They should be able to pull up the record and giveyou a second-by-second replay ofwhat happened. Whether you felt tired that day, what your weight was, the number of sets and reps accomplished, how long you rested for between each situate and every other intricacy that can be measured should all be tracked and logged by your trainer. How else would you measure your progress?

If they can’t offer all of the information collected, then you’re not the one failingin this situation. But if you don’thold them accountable for keeping track of your progress, you’re allowing them to fail other people and allowing an industry to rob people of their health, fund and self-esteem.

Failing to achieve a schemed result is not what you deserve. It’s what you’ve been accepting, and what you think you’re supposed to tolerate.Certifications or graduate degree aside, a scheme needs to have a rationale and it needs to be accounted for.

Many personal trainers with degrees of their own develop you the route they like to exert, which isnot inevitably conducive to your success. That’s called not get your money’s worth.

What you should be looking for in a trainer is someonewho has reputable certification. The big three certifications areNASM, ACSMandNSCA. Adegree in a related fieldof exert science, athletic training and even biology or chemistry are also completely acceptable.

Secondly, you want a trainer who issuccessful in whatever region your goal categorizes into. Whether that’s fat loss, rehab or sports develop, you want to know what the medical field would refer to as their specialty. If you’re not making progress, you’ll want to understand why bynot only asking questions, but also demanding that they present why through their records of your educate. Then you know your money and esteem are in good, professional hands and you can begin constructing more progress.

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You know when you wake up, realise you slept weirdly, and literally feel like you need to purchase a neck brace for the day? Or perhaps you’re a victim of “text-neck”( yes, it’s a real thing ), or you’re just plain stressed out and tense AF. As nice as a professional deep-tissue massage would be, your neck needs some TLC asap. So, some simple stretches for a stiff neck are going to have to suffice.

Neck tension is real, especially when you’re sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer the working day, or even if you’re just constantly staring at that article about Jon Snow’s ass in the finale on your iPhone( yeah, I see you ).

But a stiff neck was in fact develop sans technology, as well. When you’re stressed or anxious, your body’s muscles stiffen in an attempt to protect you from harm( also known as the fight or flight response ). Specifically, you’ll probably feel the muscles stiffens in the back of your neck, which is why, if you have a lot on your plate and it’s stressing you out, you might find yourself complaining about a super stiff neck.

So, besides find relaxing ways to de-stress, like deep breathing or meditation, try these five liberating neck stretches to release all that tension you’re holding up there.

And then on the weekend, treat yo’self to a massage. You deserve it, girl.

1. Seated Neck Release

Target the sides of your neck with this super gentle stretch.

Hold each side of your head tilted for about 30 seconds, and breathe deeply while you feel the sensations this stretch brings.

Less is more when it comes to this effective neck stretching, so start with super subtle pressure, and slowly increase a bit if you want to go deeper.

2. Behind The Back Stretch

Targeting the shoulders works in direct correlation with neck tension, this is something that standing stretching is of great lifesaver.

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, and clasp your hands behind you, adjusting the high levels of your arms to go deeper.

This can be done anywhere — even on a break from emails at work. Stand up and stretch that bad boy out. Your coworkers will probably join you, TBH.

3. Grounded Tipover Tuck

Start in child’s pose, then bring the top of your head to the ground( or a mat ). Slowly begin to gently roll the top of your head around on the floor, and pay close attention to your body as you feel different regions providing different forms of release to your neck.

This stretch will relax any funky business going on in your neck, and it’ll has become a kickass head massage.

4. Bridge Stretch

You’ve likely done bridge pose before and didn’t even know how awesome it is for your neck.

This simple stretch allows you to control how much you release the back of your neck, depending on how high you lift your hips.

Go slowly, listen to your body, and was of the view that stress merely melt away.

5. Neck Rolling Stretch

TBH, rolling your neck slowly in a circular motion might seem absurdly simple, but it really is the perfect release for neck tension.

Do this every hour or so if you’re sitting at a desk over a computer or whenever you feel tightness building in your neck.

It’ll is just like giving your stressed out muscles a well-deserved vacation.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to fit in a workout during the course of its weekend, holding how much other stuff you to do — like go to that Halloween-themed double feature — and how much you kind of to do — like your laundry and groups together an IKEA shelf. The weekend simply doesn’t always leave a lot of hour for that spinning class or a long hike. But fret not, because you might be doing more workout than you’re giving yourself credit for, since everything from typical chores to late night dancing countings as a workout.

First of all, remember that exercise simply means your body is moving. This can entail all sorts of different things. The Department of Health and Human Services gives some suggestive guidelines for a baseline of weekly exercising. Guess about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity( like long walks or pilates ), or 75 minutes of more intensive aerobic activity( like going for a run or playing tennis .) Others recommend a more steady stream of 30 minutes of exercising a day.

I say, deem whatever works best for you, and try to make a habit out of it. And remember, with your undoubtedly full and busy life, you might be getting more daily motion in there than you think.

1. Operating Errands

Ah, the working day filled with non-stop errands. You look at your to-do listing and ensure, first, you have to go to the hardware store, then the laundromat, then the pharmacy, and oh yeah, you need to return those volumes to the library, and perhaps it’s a good day to bring that old winter coat to the tailor now that summer’s over.

In and out, up and down, and before you know it, you’ve moved consistently throughout the whole day, merely by spending your time doing errands. The benefits of strolling are the least of it, amirite? Because you also simply managed to make one of the few days off you have productive AF.

So put your feet up and relax when you get back from that long haul at the grocery store. You deserve it.

2. Helping Your Friend Move

Maybe it’s the last thing you want to do on your day off, but think about it. Moving somebody’s dresser up the stairs is not only a style to strengthen those muscles, it also gets the heart rate up.

And, let’s be honest, you often get a free meal out of it. And karma, of course. Always recollect the power of karma.

3. Running To A Museum

I call this one “museum feet.”

I know for me, by the end of a day at The Native American Museum, or after taking a walk around Storm King, I’m usually exhausted. Strolling around the working day and remaining on your feet is sure to keep your blood pumping consistently, while enriching your intellect and, hopefully, actually enjoying yourself at the same time.

4. Gardening

Digging up roots, pruning, planting, get those knees dirty — that stuff is no joke.

If you’ve ever spent the working day gardening, you know it’s a really great style to keep your body moving constantly throughout the day. Not to mention, gardening is really great for you in other ways as well. Purported benefits range from stress relief to improved mental health.

5. That Not-So-Lazy Beach Day

Sure, you think beach, you think laying in the sunshine( fully covered with SPF, of course ), and picnic lunch.

But running over to the water and splashing around like a jubilant merperson is sure to get the ol’ blood pumping and increase your heart rate. Not to mention, surveys show simply walking on sand uses a lot more energy than when strolling on a flat surface.

6. Your Best Friend’s Dance Party

The most fun cardio experience of all time, I’d say. When you’re at a club or a house party actually feeling yourself and the music, what you’re actually doing is engaging in a joyful aerobic exercising, at least technically speaking.

So stay out that extra hour, and put your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

7. Spring Cleaning

Moving furniture, reaching the books on the top shelf, mopping the floor, vacuuming, taking out the trash, getting all that month-old yogurt out from the back of the fridge.

Just think about how many hours you’ve spent in motion doing all of that. Not to mention, your place now looks like a palace. Pretty great, right?

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You know when you’re headed to your Friday post-work sweat sesh, and you abruptly get a bellow from your friends saying you to get to happy hour immediately?

Yeah, it’s happened to the best of us. Sometimes a good sangria is the only thing standing between you and workout.

But TBH, when you’re in a good workout groove, you really don’t wishes to sacrifice the gains for a glass( or five ).

So, you wonder, is it truly that bad to workout when you’re drunk ?

Like, come near, I’m not even drunk casually tipsy at best!

Sorry to explode your Blue-Moon-infusedbubble, but according to theAmerican College of Sport Medicine, you should refrain from alcohol consumption before any kind of workout.

Alcohol has a whole slew of adverse effects on performance because of its metabolic and cardiovascular effects.

Elite Daily spoke with Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, founder of The Fit Father Project, to get his view on alcohol’s effect on overall fitness.

He says,

As enjoyable as drinking can be, our bodies view alcohol as a metabolic toxin’ that sets stress on every major vital organ that maintains us alive.

Heavy drinking will absolutely affect your ability to workout along with causing[ many] other harmful side effects.

Ugh. Guess I’m ditchinghappy hour.

Here are six reasons you’re definitely going to want to skip the Cabernet before cardio 😛 TAGEND

1. Alcohol Is A Depressant

Any kind of alcohol consumption is going to affect your nervous system it basically acts as an anesthetic and tranquilizer.


This will negatively impact your reaction time in general, but especially if you’re stimulating the journey to the gym. You’ll be slower and have significantly less hand-eye coordination and balance.

Balduzzi tells Elite Daily,

Exercise necessitates quick and efficient CNS communication( to maintain balance and contract muscles needed for exercise ). Running out under the influence’ attains exercising much less effective( and potentially quite dangerous ).

I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to face-plant mid jump-lunge. It’s probably best to save the beer for after burpees.

2. Alcohol Prolongs MuscleRecovery Time

Alcohol intake has been shown to impair the rates of muscle glycogen synthesis andreduce muscle protein synthesis, overall prolonging muscle recovery time.

It canalso lessened the key sex hormones( testosterone and estrogen) that are critical to muscle building, fat burning, and physical fitness, Balduzzi explains.

This will also construct the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness way more prominent. So, like, soreness to the max.

No thank you.

3. Alcohol Makes Navigating Gym Equipment Dangerous AF

This one kind of goes without saying, but the Smith machine is not going to be your friend after one too many sips.

And I think we can all concur a free weight to the face does not sound appealing in any way.

4. Alcohol Is A Diuretic

A diuretic is a substance that promotes the production of urine.

You’re already profusely sweating from your jumping squats, and on top of that, the margs you merely had are going to tell your kidneys to excrete more liquid, leading to #DehydrationNation.

Hello heat stroke, goodbye gains.

5. Alcohol Takes A Little While To Reach Full Effect

The effects of alcohol take about 40 to 90 minutes to reach full effect.

You know when you’re drinking with your girlfriends and you’re not even that drunk, but then you stand up to go to the bathroom a few minutes later and you’re like oh sh* t. I that drunk.

Alcohol stays in your bloodstreamuntil your liver is able to process it, so the delayed drunk impression is sure to come out to play, but on the treadmill instead of the toilet.

6. Alcohol Negatively Impacts Sleep

Your beauty rest is route more important than you’d suppose when it comes to your #BootyGains.

Dr. Balduzzi highlights the importance of a good night’s rest 😛 TAGEND

Sleep is our body’s prime time to repair injury muscles and attain the beneficial adaptations after our workouts.

Alcohol lessens the special type of sleep called rapid eye movement sleep( REM ), in which our bodies ordinarily secrete growth hormone to repair our muscles, organs, and tissues.

Apparently, lower REM sleep after drinking equates to poorer recovery from exercise those pesky fitness plateaus that everyone hates.

Bottom line: Alcohol and exercising do not mix, guys. The vodka sodas can wait until long your workout.

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It’s officially summer. The days are longer, the sunlight is out and bikinis are on. This is theseason when you want to look and feel your best.

So, Katrina and I have a few tried-and-true tips-off to maintain you seeming absolutely amazing the entire season, without spending all your free time at the gym.

Each tip is a small change to your everyday schedule that will provide massive improvements in the way you feel and seem 😛 TAGEND

1. Long walkings on the beach.

You can take strolls on the lake, the sidewalk or even simply on your way to work. The point is, get outside and go for a saunter. Strolling burns a lot more calories than sitting at your desk or driving your car.

We love to take our conference calls while on a walk or pacing around in the office. If you have the option, stroll to run or school. Being outside will also give you that extra boost of Vitamin D and a golden glow.

2. Quickies are underrated.

A fast and sweaty workout sesh is a possibility just what you need. A plenty of us get into that slump where if we don’t have at least a full hour to workout, we figure it’s not even worth the effort. That’s so not true. In some occurrences, a 20 -minute HIIT workout can be just as effective, if not more so, than an hour run.

With HIIT( high intensity interval educate ), you can literally torch calories and tone muscles in a matter of minutes. Try ourBurn It Up HIITfor a 13 -minute total body sweat sesh. Dial up the intensity even more with the HIIT routines fromBeach Babe 4. All of it can be done from the ultra consolation and convenience of your own bedroom. It’s a win-win workout.

3. Squat while waiting for anything.

Waiting in line at the grocery store? Squat. Long line at the smoothie place? Squat. Why stand when you can squat?( Unless you’re wearing a dress, then “youre supposed to” shouldn’t squat .)

At the #TIUHQ, we squat whenever there’s a line for the bathroom. It may only be a few minutes, but at least you’re toning your tush in the process.

4. ONOs for all.

A high-protein breakfast is the way to go if you’re scheming on maintaining the snacking to a minimum throughout the day. Use a quality, organic , non-GMO source for your protein. It’s something you feed every day, so you want to make sure you’re taking in what will stimulate your body happy.

We induce ONOs( overnight oats ). They savour great and are full of muscle building and satiating protein, and you can make a batch of them in a few minutes the night before. We’re obsessed with our Lemon Honey Overnight Oats.

5. BYOB.

As in, bring your own bubbly. Sparkling water is a lot more fun than regular tap, and if you’re not a fan of the H2O, then it stimulates it a whole lot easier to sip on, too. We all know we should be drinking more of the stuff, but here’s a little reminder for why you should have it on you at all times 😛 TAGEND

It hydrates your scalp, causing it to appear and feel less dry.
Water helps avoid headaches and migraines that can put a major damper on your summer day.
Food cravings lessen when you’re hydrated, maintaining you from reaching for that extra handful of chips.
So, grab a liter of sparkling water and keep it by your desk the working day long. We like to squeeze a little lemon or lime in to add some extra flavor.

6. Get up and stand up.

Stand up for your tush. Almost anything you do sitting, you can do standing. Standing burns about 50 calories an hour. That may not sound like a lot, but take a second to add up all the hours you’re sitting.

If you’re operate or in school and sitting for six to eight hours a day, that’s a potential of 300 to 400 additional calories burned if you stand. Plus, you have so much energy and better posture as a result.

Moral of the story: Hop on out of your chair, and do a little standing. Maybe even throw in a few squattings while you’re at it!

7. Don’t forget about your’ do.

The easiest way to give your hair that extra summery glow in seconds is to spraying on some sea salt spray. A few spritzes a day plus some mild tousling of your hair will leave you with a sexy, just-out-of-the ocean’ do.

You don’t have to run 10 miles a day, eat only kale or go bankrupt from green juices in order to be healthy the summer months. Just remember to add these seven tips, and you’re ready.

We’ll be seeing you crouch in the coffee shop line!

If you want even more guidance on how to looking and feel your absolute best the summer months, check out our Nutrition Plan. It’s packed with ridiculously tasty recipes that will make you question whether or not they actually are healthy for you.( Don’t fret, they are !)

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OK, let’s get real with each other for a hot second. How many times have you been at the gym, absolutely murdering the cardio game on the elliptical, and you low-key hoped that some sexy dude on the Smith machine would come over and talk to you post-workout? Is it actually just me? Come on, I’m sure plenty of other people dream about fulfilling their own future spouse at the gym. Those endorphins do some wild things to the brain, you know? But, at the same day, going so far as to have something like, say, a Planet Fitness wedding? Honestly, I’m not even sure I would take my romantic fantasies far.

But one couple actually did. Newlyweds Joseph Keith III and Stephanie Hughes got married on Sunday, Sept. 3, and took the word #SwoleMates to the next level by having their wedding ceremony at a Planet Fitness gym.

Now, before you go ahead and rail these two for the execution of their special day, you should probably know that this Planet Fitness wasn’t just another ordinary gym for these two lovebirds.

In fact, according to, this Planet Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio was the location where the couple’s relationship first began.

And, when you think about it that way, it’s kind of sweet, isn’t it?

Plus, generally speaking, when you look at the facts, it’s not all that uncommon for people to fall in love at the gym. According to a recent study, two in three people end up hooking up with a person they approached at the gym, 60 percent of people surveyed have gone on a full-fledged date after the initial flirtation, and one in four instances of hitting on someone mid-sweat-sesh actually blossoms into a real long-term relationship.

Of course, Joe and Stephanie were sort of in the romantic minority here( objectives, amirite ?). And TBH, such studies should probably be updated to include some sort of statistic about legitimately transforming a gym into a bridal venue — because that’s a thing now, guys.

If you want to know how the two gather( so, you know, you too can find bae next to the barbells ), Joe asked Stephanie if she was done using a piece of equipment, and it was simply love at first lift.

After that, according to the couple’s marriage website, many of their dates were actually held in the gym — which is candidly cute AF. But Joe and Stephanie weren’t going to stop at mediocre dumbbell dates. The dead-lifting duo even said “I love you” for the first time to each other in the Planet Fitness parking lot. Ugh, the fitness feelings are real right now.

In July 2016, Joe proposed to Stephanie by putting their newborn daughter in a bib that read, ”Will you marriage Daddy? ”( I’M WEAK, YOU GUYS .)

And, well, the rest is history. Planet Fitness agreed to host their ceremony, and the whole thing was sort of extra, but in the most adorable route imaginable.

The couple and their wedding party posed on cardio machines wearing wedding sneakers, the bride’s posy colour scheme matched that of the machines themselves, and a Planet Fitness employee even officiated the ceremony.

TBH, the next time I think of my #GymGoals, Joe and Stephanie are wholly going to be the first people that come to mind. Congrats to the happy couple!

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