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Think before you type. If you Google your friends, you might discover something you never wanted to know, just like these people from Ask Reddit .

1. Hesexually abused his own daughter

” I had lost my friends’ email address so I googled his name to see if I could find it right quick. He turned up on the sex offenders website as a class 2 offender. Turned out that he diddled his 8 year old daughter and her friend a couple years before I gratified him .” Turds4Tots

2. He pretended to datehis cousin

” My buddy puts pictures of himself on Facebook posing with his attractive female cousin. If you didn’t know they were related, you would think they’re dating. I’m almost positive he wants people to think he has a girlfriend. When he gets remarks like,” Who’s the chick ?” He’ll only respond with a winky face or something equivocal. I know for a fact that the girl is his cousin .” GilesCorey8 9

3. He got his sister pregnant

” Had a buddy who I let stay at my house for several weeks before he moved away to Florida to stay with his grandparents and sister. Several months ago he moved back, but I didn’t see him hardly at all because he moved to a different town. Was hanging out with a reciprocal friend who worked with him and asked how our friend was doing.

” Oh, didn’t you hear ?”

” Hear what ?”

” got arrested. Cops came up from Florida to take him back up. When he remained with his grandparents he was raping his sister and then he got her pregnant. They did DNA testing to confirm it was his when the baby was born .”

” WHAT ?!? Holy shit! That is fucked !”

I would never have suspected anything like that from the guy, patently, or I never would have let him stay at my house. Just goes to show you, “youve never” know about some people .” Phant0mX

4. He took photos of women’s feet

” One of my old friends used to go around and take pictures of women’s feet, in high school. If they were wearing sandals or flip flops, he would try and secretly snap a picture. By the end of the year, he had over 400 photos .” thelovepirate

5. He acted ingay porn

” I found out a former co-worker’s’ modeling’ was actually gay porn. My roommate at the time did a search with his porn name which was different than his given name, and, sure enough, there he was with a cock in his mouth.He still doesn’t know I know .” steez1 01

6. He curb stomped a stranger

” Not a friend, but a educator in high school. He told me and couple of friends outside of class about how he came to wear dentures: He was literally curb stomped for sleeping with another guy’s girlfriend. That’s horrible enough but the creepiest portion was the nonchalant way he objective the tale:” It hurt like hell, but I get him back pretty good with a shotgun .” He ended up get fired for picking up my friend out of his chair by the neck and choking him. Scary dude .” username_redacted

7. Hecommitteda double homicide

” Guy comes in and wants a task tooling on motorcycles, has tools and experience, we hire him, we become friends. two years later I found out he served 17 years in the pen for a doubled murder. Found his wife and lover in bed, beat them to death. First weapon of selection, pillow occurrence with soup cans in it .” itsnotbacon

8. He was kidnapped as a child

” I googled my friend’s name once and found out he was kidnapped by his nanny when he was four years old .” [ deleted ]

9. He fucked the dog

” A friend told me that he detected his GF’s younger brother in the bedroom with his puppy and a jar of peanut butter .” Freshenstein

10. He masturbated with his brother

” I found out that one of my friends and his brother watch porn together.

11. He lied about joining the army

” My friend not only lies about being in the Army, he lies about getting a purple heart for being stabbed. What kind of creepy attention harlot does that ?” Sanskrit_Typo

12. He carved his crush’s initials into his skin

” During 8th grade, my friend carven his initials and the initials of his crush into the back of his hand. I noticed it “when hes” stimulating up a secret handshake, but he had been trying to hide it for a really long time. I have no idea why he thought that was a good idea, but he was dangerously obsessed with her .” japanairkicked

13. He had a brutalrape fantasy

” I stumbled across a narrative a buddy of mine had written about a thirteen year old girl he had a crush on( “were in” 18 -2 0 at the time ). Without going to get to too much detail, it was a very disturbingly detailed and graphic rape fantasy he had about her .” Pat_the_Bunny

14. He recorded sex with strangers

” He video records every single girl he has sex with( without telling them .) He has a camera turned towards his bed for when he brings girls home.

He has just tons of videos on his computer, I keep telling him its fucking creepy .” [ deleted ]

15. He was with a girl

” I found a USB stick at our school’s lounge, so I took it and wanted to keep it — because it was 32 gb!

Turns out it belonged to one of my friends … I truly was going to return it since I knew the guy, but then I found hundreds of photos of one of our friends that he saved from Facebook. Screencaps of all her status messages and saved files from all their conversations … I know for a fact that the chick told me that she’s get weirded out by how clingy and dependent our guy friend was with her. I didn’t know he was THAT obsessed.

Also, there were cinema scripts and story drafts about him and her … It was just awkward to return it to him … so i just maintained use it .” space_monkey4 20

16. He took pictures of me sleeping

” My friend took pics of me while I was sleeping. I’m a guy …” harry8 21

17. He masturbated in front of us

” A friend of my best friend in secondary school apparently used to come over to my friend’s house and just randomly masturbate … right in front of our reciprocal friend. He would get scolded then it wouldn’t happen for a couple of weeks. Unavoidably, it would happen again and he would have to get hollered at again and be told to’ put it away.’

I could never seem the dude in the face any time the three of us hung out after that .” InferiousX

18. He sold weapons to the mafia

” Friend’s uncle sold illegal weapons for the Serbian mafia.

When he was ten he found out because he almost opened a fake-wall doorway and his daddy came over and slapped him. Afterward his father told him what his uncle had behind the wall and why .” Offensive_Username2

19. Her son was a murderer

” Not a friend per se, but a teacher I became close to.Anyways, about 5-ish years ago, a highschool kid in my town viciously murdered a little son on a path in their neighborhood. He stabbed him to demise and was convicted and went through the justice system.

A couple years later, I have this awesome geometry teacher in high school. She was super cool, and I really loved her class and talked to her every now and then outside of school. One thing I noticed though, was that she would randomly not show up a lot through the school year. She never dedicated the purpose of explaining her absences.

Towards the end of that school year, I find something out. My geometry teacher is the mommy of the child that murdered that boy years before. She would not show up at school because she was going through the appeal process for her son’s instance. Entirely blew my mind and induced me look at her life in a different way .” Dolgthvari

20. He abused his girlfriend

” I considered a good friend of mine twisting his girlfriends wrist underneath the table. She’s quite a timid daughter, and I could see by her face that she was in pain. They always seemed like a normal couple, but after get a little peek into their personal life, It freaked me out .” moondrizzle

21. He raped a little girl

” The other day, I found out that a friend from high school was lately arrested for receiving oral sex from a girl who was under 10.” TheVich

22. She watched weirdestporn

” I introduced a friend to Reddit a few months back, and a situation falling into this category arose. We were utilizing her laptop when she went to type something in the search bar. Well, while it was blank it began to form a little listing of her previous search queries on different sites before she typed anything in. Some of the things that popped up included:” Fuck me hard Hentai”,” Shit Sucking Hotness”, and one that I believe will be forever impossible to unsee “Cum Guzzling Orangutan”. We just sat there in silence for a few seconds until she quickly typed something in. And then she turned to me without truly looking at me and said,” woah, what was all that? haha …” Feeling fairly awkward about it, all I said was,” I don’t know .. Sometimes some weird stuff pops up here. Ahem ..” We never spoke of it again. Except for the fact that now one of my insults to people is calling them a Cum Guzzling Orangutan. That shit’s gold .” MangerDesCravates

23. She maintained her use tampons

” I had gone over my friends home a few days and I always notice this strong smell coming from her room. I merely figured that’s how her room always smelt and simply brushed it off. One day we had strolled into the room and there was this drawer left open. To my astound …. She had been maintaining all of her old and used tampons and pads. Her answer was’ I’m never bothered to hurl them out.'” Simply_Ood

24. They conceal narcotics around the house

” I used to do some home/ pet-sitting for some friends of the family twice a year when they went on vacation. Immaculate house, is a great pleasure people.

The last day I did it( two summers ago ), while flushing the master bathroom toilet about an hour before they got back, realise the chain had come loose. I lift the lid, and notice a large Zip-Lock bag taped to the back of the lavatory. The contents: about a quarter of primo marijuana, a tube, a vibrator, anal beads, a couple of cock rings, a flash drive( did not analyse ), and a tiny amount of what I presume to be cocaine. I had uncovered their secret hoard. The catch: she is a school board trustee, he is a church deacon, what ?” itistherabbit8 4

25. All of his passwords wereabout his old crush

” I always carpooled and go to the gym to workout with my close friends. We have these electronic lockers that require four digits and my password happens to be my birth date November 21 so 1121 is the password. After finishing working out, I accidentally opened friend’s locker instead of mine. I asked him why his password my birth date. He looked various kinds of embarrassed and brushed me off. I went on Facebook and checked if anyone had the same birth date as I did. “Stephanie” my close friend’s crush in high school had the same birth date. My close friend is now twenty one years old, and I think he lost contact with her for over three years. All his four digit passwords including the ATMis the same, his crush’s birth date .” laughingman7 89

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Theres nothing like a good workout.

Those sweaty, meet, endorphins can leave you feeling good for, even if youre left struggling to make it up your five-floor walk-up after the fact.

Even though you know how good youll feeling after busting your butt on the elliptical, sometimes you still need a little extra pushing to get motivated.

A workout buddy can immediately make going to the gym seem style less like a chore, and more like another means of hanging out with a friend. And theyll definitely come in clutch on those days when the last thing you want to do is work out.

But, much like your ominous freshman year roommate decision, you must choose wisely.

Here are six must-have qualities to look out for in a true swolemate.

1. Motivation Nation

Like I said, some days, you only dont feel like building the trip-up to the gym, and those are the times that youll need some serious motivation.

When you call your buddy up and “re saying you” just want to lay in bed with a loaf of bread, you dont want someone who says theyll come join you and skip out on leg day( OK penalty, perhaps you want that occasionally ).

Choose a friend who will pump you up, and save the bread for after the booty work.

2. Reliability

Youve got your Lulu leggings on, youve “ve had your” pre-workout snack, and youve maybe even foam rolled a little bit to warm up.

You text your gym partner about how excited you are to try out this new HIIT routine together and then nothing.

Your supposed partner-in-crime is simply nowhere find work, and theyre ghosting you harder than that f* ckboy you were too hung up on back in college.

Make sure you choose a buddy whos actually dependable, so youre not left psyching up for every burpee set.

3. Right Place, Right Time

You have to find a friend with a similar schedule to you.

As much as you may love working out with your friend who works the night shift at a radio station, the two of you are only able to make your schedules work together once a week, that.

No matter how much you love them, its simply not meant to be.

4. #Goals

An ideal workout buddy will share similar fitness goals with you, and theyll be just as invested in existing cooperation as you are.

Its like wedding, minus the bridal cake, plus the protein shakes. Your gym spouseshould feel devoted toyour success and cheer you on as you get closer to your goals.

Oh, and they shouldntbe afraid to call you out when youre slacking.

5. Healthy Competition

Guys, theres actual science behind this one.

The Khler Effectis a phenomenon discoveredby German psychologistOtto Khler, who found that weaker peoplepersisted longer within a group in contrast to working out alone.

A person whos not afraid to go the extra mile( literally) will induce you work harder towards your goals. Choose someone who will move you to be your best, and a little more.

6. Attitude Is Everything

At the end of the day, it all come to attitude.

Whos going to cheer you on when you simply get through that final ab circuit, or tell you youre stronger than you think when you choose the lighter define of weights? Thats what your swolemate is there for.

Finding your perfect match can feel a bit like a a series of left swipes on Tinder, but once youve saw your person, you wont be able to defy saying I do.

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If you were ever in a sorority, you know that the sisterhood bond is timeless. Ultimately, you accepted a group of amazing women in your life that will be there for you through thick and thin. The big and little bond is a special one, though. That’s your legit partner in crime right there.

Being a big or a little leaves a special memory in your heart. It can be a bit hard to describe the friendship that transpires from the duo, but it’s strong and resilient as hell. At the end of the day, your ability to be a loyal friend is tested, and you reap the benefits of that effort being reciprocated. Whether you’re a big, a little, or both, these photos describe your sorority friendship oh-so perfectly.

1. The EverlastingFriendship Deserves To Be Written On The Walls

Who doesn’t like something inspiring AF plastered on their wall? We all require a little encouragement now and then. A heartfelt quote about you and your little or big is the perfect touch to help you leave your home with some confidence.

2. Seriously, You Can Depict Off Your Love Just About Anywhere

You can never get enough bangles that signify a dope friendship. And while it may seem indescribable at times, you conjure up the right words that describe your devotion to each other. I’m not weeping; you’re crying.

3. The Friendship Is Such A Gift, It Deserves A Beautiful Bow

Matching is just what you do with someone who has delivered a seemingly perfect friendship to you. Also, what’s wrong with sharing the same wardrobe as your bestie? It indicates unity, which you two have.

4. Your Bond Is So Dope, You Need The Greats To Spell It Out

It’s time to get creative. Oftentimes, you need a little bit of inspiration. And in the end, everyone should get the idea of what you’re trying to say. RIP Biggie.

5. It’s Severely A Head-To-Toe Experience

Cozy socks and reppin’ my big or little? I guess dreams truly do come true. But seriously, the list of ways to show some love for your unbreakable relationship is endless.

6. There Are A Million Ways To Wear Your Proud Title

Can someone say bling? You don’t even need anything too flashy, because your big or little is already a gem. The necklace is only an added bonus.

7. There’s Always Plenty To Cheers To

If you both are 21 and up, any beverage between the two of you is one for celebrating. No need to ever crave for a champagne partner ever again. Besides, ladies with class use a flask anyways, right?

8. Gratitude Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It

No matter what turbulence each of your lives have, you will always have each other. What more could you ask for? Nothing, because she always has you covered.

9. You Two Are A Seemingly Perfect Match

Your big or little is your perfect match. No matter how different the two of you may be, the love for your friendship will always be a great big commonality. Partners in crime, remember?

All in all, friendship is the reinforcing taken into account in sisterhood. Having a big and little bond is eternally. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Are there some days where you would give anything to breakout of the 9-to-5 grind? To bid adieu to traffic and stale office coffee?

Yeah, Im right there with you. Theres one thing, though, that tends to help us muddle through workweek monotony: a paycheck. Of course, marriage all like to see a few more zeros on it, but its something.

Complaining about the aggravations of your job isadmittedly a littleself-indulgent, but its important to realise youre lucky to even have a chore to complain about.

If youve never experienced being out of work, it can be difficult to know how to help someone who is going through that, but there are still plenty of ways to be there for her.

1. Ask how shes doing and really listen.

This is much more than a breakup or a ghosting Tinder date. Your friend is probably distraught and genuinely worried about herfuture. Showing you really care about how shes feeling is going to go a long way for her.

Let her shout or yell about how unfair it all is without judgment. She needs to let it out. You dont even need to have an answer beyond a hug and aglass( or maybe a bottle) of red. But beware, she may not be ready to talk about it. Thats when you move on to number two.

2. Respect hernot wanting to talk about it.

Perhaps your friend is the type that doesnt find solace in exclaiming it out. Maybe its too soon and all the unanswered questions are a little too scary for her right now. You dont have the answers and shes not looking for themthats fine.

Talk about something else, but simply make sure she knows that when shes ready to move on from Kardashian and Blac Chyna drama to start talking about her feelings, youre ready and waiting.

3. Constantlytelling herto stay positive isnt actually what shewants to hear.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook is nice, but it can be grating when youre only feeling awful. Instead ofsporting a creepy perma-grin around her, try another tactic.

Have her join you for a sweat conference preferably outdoors if the weather permits. This way, she can workout some aggressivenes and get some natural feel-good endorphins. As Elle Woods put it, Endorphins construct you happy, and happy people just dont kill their husbands!

4. Take herout to have fun and pick up the tab( or at least most of it ).

An all-out rager isnt mandatory, but it is totally acceptable. Stimulate sure to tailor the night to herpreferences. If shes not a big drinker, perhaps bowling and cheesy fries are the answer. Does she have some serious sports loyalties? Snag some seats for her favorite teams next home game! A spa day could also hit the spot.

And when it comes to picking up the tab, you dont have to get too extravagant. Take a look at your budget and insure what you can swing.

Its all about cheering her up, and I can guarantee that shell be touched that you even took the time to plan something for her.

5. Send some cool chore postings herway, but dont be overbearing.

Unless youre in a position to hire them directly, youll most likely only be getting on their nerves. Chances are, most of their day is consumed with job searching. Casually forwarding every post you see as though its so easy to find them will not be greatly appreciated.

But if you do come across something that seems like a perfect fit for her, be sure to let herknow in a way that attains herexcited about the possibility. Job-searching is the total pits, so be sure to send along the most recent Carpool Karaoke clip, too.

6. Realize that shell have to cut back on spending, and scheme some budget-friendly nights.

Pinterest will be your best friend in this endeavor. Try out some new recipes at home instead of shelling out for a $14 edamame cocktail. Try out some DIY to make her apartment the resentment of any Restoration Hardware catalog. Get creative and have fun.

Plus, youll be saving money too possibly enough to subsequently spend on a celebratory girls trip once shes hired again.

7. Just be there as a friend as sherides out this tough time.

This one needs no explaining. But youre a ride or die, so I know youve get this one on lock.

This is a tough time, and its going to take awhile to get through it. Now that youre armed with a few tips, youll be ready to help your buddy and maybe even strengthen your friendship along the way!

Are in favour of Elite Dailys official newsletter , The Edge , for more tales you dont want to miss .

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In addition to household, friendsshould bethe extremely important, beautiful gems in your life.

When you reach your 20s, youve gone through years of gaining and losing friends. People come in and out of their own lives for different reasons, but a select few shall be kept in your heart forever.

If you take a moment to be considered all of your good friends, you probably fulfilled them in very different ways.

Theyre each uniqueand have something special to offer your friendship. Youd do anything for them, and they entail the whole world to you.

In honor of all of the spectacular friends out there, here are five forms youll have in your 20 s and the ones youll keep forever.

1. Childhood Friends

Youve been close to these chicks since before you really knew who you were. Theyre the friends you met in middle schooland stayed inseparable with all the way through high school.

The Type You Have In Your 20 s : There may be a toxic friend you were never too close with, but youve beenputting up with her because she was in your high school squad. Youll stay close with her in your 20 sbecause you dont want to disrupt the group. The Ones Youll Keep : The childhood friends who stay in your life for the long haul are the ones who are special and impact your life in a positive way. Youve already stood the test of period and distance throughout college, and know theyre worth keeping in touch with no matter where youre at in life.

2. College Pals

Baim Hanif/ Unsplash

Your college friends are the ones you metat a crucial time in your life. Yes, this was a time for crazy parties and late-night cramming for quizs, but this was also the awkward stage when you were told you needed to know who you want to be for the rest of your life.

You had no clue and they helped you figure it out.

The Type You Have In Your 20 s : You get lonely incollege, so youll latch onto people who maybe wouldnt have been your first choice. This could bea roommate who wasnt your cup of tea, but you went along with it to keep the peace. The Ones Youll Keep : Youll keep the college friends who were there for you during yourhardest moments. College can be a difficult transition, and the people who make it easier have your best interests at hand.

3. Work Wives

Itcan be hard to find great friends in a competitive environment.

Sometimes, you simply view them as colleagues, but there is always that one person in the office who becomes your one partner in crime, aka your work wife.

The Type You Have In Your 20 s : You may be friends with someone in the office because they are the only person you are able to relate to. It could be slim pickings, and you are able to never actually hang out with this person outside of run. But, you take your lunch breach togetherand cracking gags in your cubicle. The Ones Youll Keep : If youve transgressed the barrier and hung out somewhere outside of work, youve already passed a phase where this friendship is special. Sure, shesyour work spouse, but you also want to introduce her to the rest of your friends and your world outside of the office.

4. Hobby Buddies

Curtis Mac Newton/ Unsplash

Whether theyregym buddiesor people you met in an improv class, these are the friends you construct from bonding over a passion outside of work.

The Type You Have In Your 20 s : When you get older, it becomes harder to build new friends, so find a tribe of people who love the same thing as you is special. But, this may be your connection. The Ones Youll Keep : Your pastime buddies you keep forever are the ones who connect with you on a deeper level. You can hang out and not just talk about the gym or improv; you actually talk about your family or the terrible date you went on last night.

5. A Friend Of A Friend

Ben White/ Unsplash

Lets face it, most of our friends we meet through another friend. Thats whats so great about friends they come with an entire group of friends who can also become yours.

The Type You Have In Your 20 s : Youll be friends with some of your friends friends who you would never in a million years stimulate schemes withwithout your mutual friend there to mediate. The Ones Youll Keep : The gems who stick around forever are the ones who you no longer view as your friends friends. Theyre genuinely friends now.

Your 20 s can be a difficult time. The best tool to have handy is a great group of friends.

You dont have to have a million of thembecauseonly a few special ones stick around forever.

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