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Winter is gross.

Day after day, you’re yanking on your shapeless puffy coat, moisturizing relentlessly( without genuinely get results) and keeping your fingers crossed at all days you don’t slip on ice and fall on your face.

I’m the first to acknowledge I’m not my prettiest in the winter, and I’m going to bet most people feeling the same way.

While I can’t stimulate the cold weather go away( sorry, working on that one ), I can offer up some expert tips from TULA probiotic skincare founder and New York City-based doctorRoshini Rajapaksa on how to look awesome all wintertime long.

Or simply appear awesome for that winter wedding you have coming up. Whatever floats your boat.

Start exfoliating ASAP.

During the dry, freezing cold months of winter, it’s important to pay extra special attention to your skin. This entails taking hydration and exfoliation to the next level.

Rajapaksa tells Elite Daily,

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Dead scalp cells and debris tend to dull the skin. Give yourself a gentle exfoliating face mask or scrub the day before your big event to disclose a more polished and glowing look.

And keep a hydrating fog spraying in your purse to sporadically freshen your face to maintain your glow.

On top of that, bide hydrated. If the whole “drinking eight glasses of water a day” thing isn’t for you, try herbal tea.

Whatever you do, don’t stop exercising.

Trust me, I know how seducing it is to spend your winter days curled up on your lounge with Netflix and a bottle of wine.

While a bikini body may not be your focus just yet, workout is key for biding happy when the weather’s getting you down.

Studies present workout busts nervousnes and stress, improves confidence and stimulates you more creative and productive. And those are just the mental benefits.

Rajapaksa explains,

Exercise stimulates the digestive system and the bowels, causing food and drink move through your system faster, get rid of any bloat-causing gas in the process. A vigorous workout that activates the sweat glands also helps release any fluid you might be retaining.

Convinced yet? If not, just think about how happy you’ll be when bikini season does roll around.

Eat the good stuff.

If your outfit of choice in the winter includes a puffy coat and huge sweater, I don’t blame you for loading up on carbs whenever you get the chance.

But as they say, “you are what you eat” — so don’t let your loose, comfy clothes be an excuse to eat an entire sleeve of Oreos when you get home from run every day.

In order to look and feel your best, load up on foods that they are able to maintain you healthy and happy, like dark, leafy, green veggies and avocado( hello, healthy fats !) as well as yogurt and kimchi, which promote gut health and digestion.

And if you have a big winter event coming up, make sure you’re not eating foods that they are able to make you more bloated.

Rajapaksa notes,

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables can build you feel bloated thanks to raffinose, a sugar that is hard for the body to break down.

In trying to do so, your body makes gas as a byproduct, which will stimulate you bloat. Slash sodium to reduce water retention. This entails carefully checking labels and, if possible, avoiding canned or processed foods.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Don’t neglect your hair.

Let’s be real: In the winter, you’re not showing much of your body.

Your hair, on the other hand, is still out in the open. So take steps to keep it shiny and healthy throughout the winter.

Believe it or not, what you eat is important for hair health as well.

Rajapaksa tells ED,

Keeping your locks shiny and strong is tough in the winter but you can protect your hair from breakage by limiting your utilize of ponytails or buns.

My favorite beauty foods for healthy and glowing hair are dark, leafy greens and radishes. Rich in silicon and sulfur, they are an exceptional hair-strengthening food that help build healthy hair. Also great are soy beans and lentils, which contain iron and zinc, and eggs, which provide biotin.

Hate to say it, but it’s probably time to get off the couch, exfoliate your scalp and take a trip to the grocery store. You can do it!

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It’s officially winter. This entails layers, long sweaters and multiple pairs of long johns are entirely acceptable( and even kind of trendy ).

I’m a fan of the cooler months. They conceal a lot of imperfections.

But as an advocate of body positivity, Im not about to make this article about your body looking good in the winter.

Every body is different, and if I read one more piece about how to get a thigh gap, I will explode.

What I will do, though, is explain why its important to exert your lower body-year round. These reasons have nothing to do with how you appear, and they even offer some workout suggestions.

Exercising your lower body will reduce the health risks of trauma, improve your balance, allow you to move more quickly( and for longer periods of period ), improve your metabolism, alleviate lower back ache and increase your range of motion.

Your legs are basically half your body. You rely on them to do basically everything.

Making dinner? Youre most likely standing.

Running to the bathroom? Still using your legs.

Tapping your foot during a long flight out of boredom? Watch?

I havent even mentioned exercising.

Leg day doesnt exactly have an exciting reputation on social media. Everyone calls leg day the day they love to hate.

There is a lot of pain post your lower body workout, sometimes attaining it difficult to even sit down.

But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Actually, you can learn to love leg day, especially if it means awesome results.

Thisis why I’m presenting you with three 10 -minute videos( and who doesn’t have 10 minutes ?) to help you get super strong legs.

1. Ballet Beautiful: Lean Hips& Outer Thighs

The moves in Ballet Beautiful: Lean Hips& Outer Thighs are easy and can be done anywhere. If theres room for you to lie down on the floor, you can do this video.

I do, however, recommend doing this routine on a mat. You may not be able to walk quiteas easily the next day, but youll feel empowered and strong.

Plus, the video is quite elegant. It takes some of that leg day fear away.

I would recommend stretching and warming up your hips before pressing “play” for ultimate security. Spectators are not required to have any previous ballet experience to make this one a favorite.

Check it out 😛 TAGEND

2. 30 -Day Fat Burn: Legs And Butt Shaper

Interested in a bit more cardio, but not too much? 30 Day Fat Burn: Legs And Butt Shaper is exactly that.

Its great to pair this video with any other routine, as it involves many squatting pulses, light cardio explosions and even some floor work.

All you need for this 12 -minute routine is a mat, or at least something to put under your knees when the floor run begins. If I miss this routine on leg day, I feel like somethings missing.

Its a must-try, low-impact aerobics routine for everyone.

Check it out 😛 TAGEND

3. BeFit Bikini Body Pilates: Lean Legs

Though BeFit takes the exercises in this video from traditional Pilates class, they differ from novice to intermediate.

Anyone can do them.

You dont have to be a Pilates expert to be good at this. You can implement the moves into your regular workout routine.

Check it out 😛 TAGEND

Exercise doesnt have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Simple motions can work, get you the strength you want and may very well be free.

No gym membership is necessitated this winter.

But Ill still keep the long johns.( Theyre so comfy .)

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We’re going to guess you worked out truly hard this week.

Yep, it’s a new year, and you have definitely stuck with your New Year’s resolution to get fit in so far. Good for you, 25 percent of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first week.

And now, the valuable information you’ve “re waiting for”: How much are you able eat based on all those lunges you simply did?

Probably not as much as you want to. But if you ask us, it always feels good to chow down on a guilt-free cheeseburger or doughnut.

Thanks to our superb math abilities( and by superb, we mean average at best ), we figured out how much of your favorite foods you can eat withoutcanceling out the calorie-torching workout you just finished.

Happy eating, and good luck keeping up those resolutions.

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On January 1, you were sure once your hangover wore off you’d be able to accomplish every fitness goal you set for yourself the night before.

You’d work out six days a week, and this will definitely be the year you get six pack abs.

Oh, and about that marathon you signed for — piece of cake!

But once your alarm actually went off at 6 am on January 2 and you had to drag yourself out of bed for your morning run in 20 degree climate, that marathon you were so excited about probably didn’t seem quite as attainable.

And just like that, you gave up.

Considering 25 percent of Americansgive up on their New Year’s resolvings one week into the year, it’s safe to say most of us have been there.

Our advice? Start small. And on the eve of 2017, you may find you’re a whole lot fitter.

Here are eight simple ways to have a fitter year.

Run twice a week.

If running isn’t your thing, we don’t blame you. Operating is tough.

But hear us out: Operating three miles merely twice a week is enough to reap tons of benefits like lower danger of heart disease, cancer and stroke , not to mention it helps you preserve a healthy weight

So if you run a 10 -minute mile, that’s merely 30 minutes of running twice a week.

Just do it.

Work out during commercial breaks.

There’s no disgrace in watching Tv, especially during the cold wintertime months when spending time outside isn’t exactly ideal.

And luckily, watching Tv can be a great opportunity to get some exercise.

Whether it’s your favorite weekly prove or a Netflix marathon, employ commercials or violates between episodes to flex your muscles.

See how many pushups you can do, hold a plank or ten-strike a few yoga poses.

The alternatives are endless!

Strategically place exercise equipment around your house.

Dumb bells on your coffee table? Check. Free weights next the your fridge? Check.

If you strategically scatter workout equipment throughout your apartment or home, you’re more likely to absentmindedly pick it up and use it.

A few bicep curls here and there might not seem like much, but sometimes slow and steady progression is the way to go.

If you take us up on this one, make sure to pick a good color scheme.

After all, your workout equipment will be part of your home decor.

Hold a plank for one minute.

Forget crunches — plank pose is one of the best ways to strengthen and tone your core.

There’s a reason planking is so effective, though: It’s genuinely freaking hard.

But you can doanythingfor one minute if you ask us, so try holding a plank( either on your palms or forearms) for merely one minute, four days a week.

Your core will thank you.

Download a fitness app.

Tackling fitness on your own can be challenging, and it’s not always easy to coordinate workout schedules with friends. So why not download an app that they are able to do a lot of the work for you?

The Nike Training Club app, FitStar Personal Trainer and Australian trainer Kayla Itsines’ brand new app, Sweat With Kayla, are great places to start.

Find a workout you’re preoccupied with.

Maybe the reason you have such a difficult time working out is that you haven’t found the right workout just yet.

If you dread barre class or can’t stand pilates, opportunities are it’s not exercise you dislike — it’s those specific workouts.

Instead of dragging yourself to the same grueling workout each week, invest in a programme designed like ClassPassthat lets you sample different fitness class at a low price point.

Even if your workout of choice turns out to be 30 minutes of strolling every day, that’s a lot better than nothing.

Choose a different parking spot.

Whether it’s a quick stop at CVS or a day-long trip-up to the mall, it is feasible to seducing to park as close to the store entryway as possible.

Stop doing that.

Not merely will parking be less of a headache, but you’ll get a little extra exercise every time you do it.

Do yoga for 10 minutes before bed.

While going to a yoga class three to four times a week is ideal, it’s rare that anyone actually has the time or energy — not to mention fund — for that.

But going just once a week will leave you calmer, boost your mood, aid your immune system, prevent illness and stimulate you stronger and more flexible.

In even better news, you can get some of those benefits by practicing at home.

Research has shown that doing yoga at home for merely 10 minutes every day is enough to improve your practise, help you sleep better, strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Best of luck on your 2016 fitness endeavors. Cheers!

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