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I don’t mean to quote a line from “The Bachelor, ” but I’m not here to make friends.

I am at the gym for one reason and one reason alone: to work out.

I work out because I want donuts.

Some people consider the gym to be their social event of the day.

I say, more power to them. They meander from one machine to the other, strolling casually and shooting the breeze with their fellow compadres.

I assure relationships forming and relationships blossoming, but my personal goal is simple at the gym: Get in and get off promptly, and talk to as few people as possible.

I didn’t always feel this route. In fact, some of my dearest friends are people I have met at the gym over the years.

I used to be a social butterfly as I got my fitness on. Spin class was social hour. Butts and intestines class was time for girl talk.

But my opinion have changed, and life has taught me some cold, hard lessons.

You find, I dated the trainer at my gym for the better part of two years. It was the classic “Cinderella” story of two people falling hard between all the lunges and shoulder creates. It was a true fitness fairytale.

It can be. Thatis, until you break up.

Then, you have to leave your second home: your gym. Changing your gym due to a messy breakup is a devastating instance no one should have to go through.

My hardened position thanks to that experience is this: We need to keep the mingling to the coffee shops.

January is an awful month to be at the gym. There are tons of new faces at the gym, fulfilling their resolutions.

Don’t worry. By February, they will be gone, and you won’t need to be as sharp with your people-avoiding skills.

Until then, however, here are seven tips to help 😛 TAGEND

1. Maintain your headphones in. Always.

Headphones are the ultimate accessory for avoiding human interaction. Even if you aren’t playing music, keep your headphones in.

Sure, there aren’t actual scientific studies on this. But I guess you would be able to reduce your chances of someone approaching you by a good 70 percentage if you have your headphones in.

2. Avoid eye contact at all costs.

The gym has tons of mirrors, so it’s easy to accidentally make eye linked with dozens of people.

Keep your eyes away from the mirrors and the general direction of people.

Focus on your workout. Avoid scanning the gym and daydreaming.

3. Sweat profusely.

I envy the people who are able to glisten at the gym.

I genuinely do. They seem so cute and shiny.

I am not so lucky. When I work out, I sweat profusely.

Some might think this is a negative thing, but I use it to my advantage.

I sweat to the point where others think there is something wrong with my health. This disproves the chances of someone approaching me.

I usually look like I’m drowning at the gym. Believe it or not, this is super helpful.

4. Look agitated.

Keeping an overall look of unrest on your face is a good notion if you are trying to fend off conversations.

Friendly-looking people are way more likely to get sucked into conversations with random strangers at the gym, so make sure you don’t look too friendly.

5. Master the wave.

If there is a code red — i.e ., you find someone you know and utterly have to acknowledge his or her presence or be considered a horrible person — you must use the wave.

The wave is a simple gesture you do with your hand to signal you watched him or her. You signal with your hand, devote a nice( but not over-welcoming) smile, and — as always — keep your headphones in.

This shows you have acknowledged this person, but have no plans to engage in a lengthy conversation.

6. Avoid peak times.

There is nothing worse than an overcrowded gym at 5:30 pm, when everyone is off from work.

Try to head to the gym during the slow hours. Fewer people there means fewer the opportunities of talking to someone.

7. Look highly disheveled.

Most girls seem adorable at the gym.

I always look at their cute tank tops and bright fitness shoes. Yes, I am jealous.

They look great. My overall style at the gym is a “camping, oversized pajamas and retrieving from swine flu” looking. I pretty much simply definitely sounds like a sweaty, disheveled mess.

This also helps me when it comes to being unapproachable. I think some people are scared of me.

With these people-repelling strategies, you should be able to work out in peace and avoid tons of interactions.

However, if someone approaches you and talks to you while you’re employing these techniques, perhaps you should give him or her a chance and pop out one headphone.

If this person still wants to talk to you despite your obvious commitment to being totally antisocial, he or she could be your soulmate.

At this phase, you can forget everything you thought about gym relationships and enjoy your unlikely fitness fairytale.

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Most people join a gym to shed some pounds or pack on some muscle, both of which are noble goals. But what if we told you going to the gym doesn’t have to be entirely about fitness?

There’s way more to working out than a number on the scale. Here are a few reasons to hit the gym that have nothing to do with your body 😛 TAGEND

1. You’ll find your sweat squad.

Let’s face it: Inducing new friends is one of the hardest parts of being an adult. The gym is the perfect place to satisfy people( you already have something in common !) and it’s easy to strike up a dialogue. “Need a spotter? ” is the perfect ice breaker.

Not to mention, having a workout buddy can hold you accountable for your fitness aspirations. Research shows having friends with similar goals may increase your chances of success. It’s a win-win.

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

2. The gym gives your brain a boost.

Exercise might be most celebrated for its effects on the body, but it also benefits the intellect. Studies suggest that workout boosts cognitive function and improves memory. Running out after a study session can also help with fact retention, Scientific American reported.

Tom Merton via Getty Images

3. You’ll have better sex.

If new friends and a healthier brain don’t have you persuaded, maybe more fun in the sack will.

Not merely does exercise give you more self-confidence, physical activity can also directly impact your sex health. A 2015 analyse determined men who exerted more were proven to have improved overall sex function.


4. Running out will trigger some inspiration.

“Fitspo” photos have a tendency to provoke a self-esteem-crushing thought cycle. Running to the gym, however, is a healthy and realistic way to derive fitness inspiration from others on a similar journey.

Going to the gym can also inspire you in other areas of life. Research shows that regular exercise can have a positive impact on imagination. If you want to bring more imagination to your job, your pastimes or their own lives in general, lace up those sneakers.

Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

5. Running to the gym will jumpstart your morning.

Waking up early, especially in the dead of wintertime, isn’t usually someone’s notion of a pleasant start. However, it is possible to become a morning person — and one style to do it is to work up a sweat.

Hitting the gym gives you an energy boost and improves your mood, according to the Mayo Clinic. Inducing exercise a part of your morning routine will give you the jumpstart you need to make it a productive day.

Artur Debat via Getty Images

6. You’ll sleep better.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy life — and early morning exert can assist you attain just that. Study show mellow morning workouts, such as a brisk walking or a bike ride, may improve sleep quality in women.

Better sleep, in turn, can improve your relationships, your work life and your overall mental health. Sounds like a pretty great reason to get moving.

PhotoAlto/ Antoine Arraou via Getty Images

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If you’re planning to stock up on candy and eat your heart out thisValentine’s Day, you’re not alone.

According to research fromNielsen, it turns out Americans purchase approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate in the weeks leading up to this lovely holiday.

Yeah, that’s a whole lot of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

If you’re someone who happens to have a serious sweet tooth, you might want to look away.

I’m about to tell you something scarier than waking up on Valentine’s Day and realise you’re still dateless.

Studiesshow “it merely takes five fun-sized candy bars and no other dietary adjustments for someone to gain 1 pound of weight per week.”

Now, that doesn’t even sound like an outrageous quantity of candy, so you can only imagine what demolishing an entire box of Godiva will do to yourwaistline.

Yep, those lovely confections may seem harmless, but all of the sugar and calories hiding inside those deceptivecandies cansneak up on you faster than one of Cupid’s arrows.

To put these sweets into perspective, we figured out how much exercise it takes to burn off some ofyour favorite Valentine’s sweets. After looking at some of these calorie counts, you might want to think twice about polishing off that box of dialogue hearts.

( Note: calories burned are based on a 125 lb female .)

Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts

Conversation Hearts

Godiva Chocolates

Hershey’s Kisses

Red Velvet Cupcake

Valentine M& M’s

Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart

Russell Stover Chocolates

Peeps Marshmallow Hearts

Nestle Crunch Valentine’s Heart

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Exercising during your lunch break can be a great style to give yourself a mental breaking and even improve your productivity and energy when you get back to the office. But sometimes it can feel like the bulk of that hour away from your desk is expended sprinting to and from the locker room.

Smart planning and a few little tweaks can help you stimulate the most of your lunchtime sweat session, says celebrity trainer and certified strength and conditioning expert Holly Perkins. Shave minutes off of your midday routine with these helpful hacks.

Plan your outfit accordingly


With “Workout Fails: New Year, Same Me” Fail Army demonstrates us that “Sport ist Mord”( “sports kill you”) as we say in Germany. This compiling of lots of hurtful failings near, under or at weights went viral instantly with over two million views.

“What are you going to do differently in 2017? ”

via: likecool

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Image: Pixabay

Though staying in shape is a year-round activity, theres just something about summertime that inspires us to focus on personal fitness. Or, maybe its just something about this summertime including with regard to that constructs us truly want to go for the gold.

While youre looking for hotels this month, why not opt for a destination that will help you go for your personal best? Each one of these spots across the U.S. features incredible athletic amenities, from in-room workout options to sprawling gyms that are down right epic. Heres where to stay fit on the go.

Image: The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel – Minneapolis, MN

If youve ever dreamed of butterflying your route to national glory, live out your fiction here at the Grand Hotels indoor six-lane lap pool. Theres also some 58,000 square feet of space to explore in the hotels Life Time Athletic Club. Or, if swimming isn’t your thing, play a little squash or racquetball, run on the track, or break a sweat with some cardio in the weight room. Not much of a gym rat? The 140 -room boutique hotel also offers yoga mats for some downward dog and complimentary motorcycles for exploring one of the Twin Cities.

Starting rate: $199


EVEN Hotel – Rockville, Maryland

Healthy living is the name of the game at EVEN Hotels. Wellness-minded travelers can rest assured that being on the road doesnt mean tossing fitness out the window at this destination. Each of EVEN’s hotels offers a diverse range of options for taking care of yourself, from nutritional, organic meals to multiple workout options. In the Athletic Studio, follow a virtual trainer on the Tv or attend a staff-led class. Peruse the Wellness Wall, where staff post information about things to do nearby, workout guides, and tips for remaining fit. A mounted fitness wall and yoga mats, exercise balls and foam rollers in every accommodation means you can create your very own athlete village in the consolation of your own room.

Starting rate: $138

Image: The Hotel at the Los Angeles Athletic Club

The Hotel at the Los Angeles Athletic Club – Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Athletic Club is a dream sojourn for those who never miss a workout. A refined and elegant 72 -room boutique hotel sits above this sprawling gym, which boasts a multitude of options for transgressing a sweat. A basketball court, indoor way, squash, and competitive-size indoor pond are all at your disposal. Fitness buffs and armchair athletes alike can take part in a range of classes too, like yoga, cardio hip-hop, muay thai and spinning in this 88,000 -square-foot, multi-level space.

Starting rate: $229

Image: Radisson Blu Aqua

Radisson Blu Aqua – Chicago, IL

Even if it’s below zero in the Windy City, you can still get your swimming on at Chicagos Radisson Blu Aqua. With both indoor and outdoor alternatives, youll have no trouble perfecting your backstroke during your remain. Before you get all pruney in the hotels 25 -yard lap pool, get into some cross training with the 80,000 -square-foot lifestyle garden, complete with yoga space and a running track. When youve had your fill, throw in the towel and head over to the spa for a post-workout massage. Youve earned it.

Starting rate: $139

Image: Hyatt at the Bellevue

Hyatt at the Bellevue – Philadelphia, PA

When you stay at this 172 -room hotel located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, youll gain access to the 93,000 -square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness centre located only next door. Take the plunge into the 4-lane, 25 -meter pool, work on your jump shot on the full-length basketball court, or run wind sprints on the indoor way. Accessible via sky bridge from the hotel, the Sporting Club also offers plenty of relaxation space for your recovery regimen, so take some deep breaths in the yoga and meditation room or soothe those aching muscles with a dip in the whirlpool.

Starting rate: $218

Image: cheyenne mountain resort

Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs, CO

Need to work on your serve? Take it to the net on one of the resorts 17 tennis courts. Theres also a 9,000 -square-foot fitness center and a 50 -meter outdoor pool at this sprawling resort, nestled among the natural beauty of Colorado Springs.( When your lips start turning blue, head to the smaller lap pool indoors .) Active travelers staying at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort flock to the 35 -acre lake, where theres canoeing, stand up paddle boarding and two sandy courts for beach volleyball. If all that develop has your clothes smelling like a locker room, the hotel also offers a next-day laundry service.

Starting rate: $199

Image: The Westin

The Westin – San Jose, CA

Talk about a hotel that goes the extra mile. At the Westin, challenge yourself to a workout any time of day. Thats right: The Fitness Studio is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Looking to reach the pavement? Lace up and head out on one of the local working routes determined by RunWESTIN, a concierge service dedicated to those who need to get their mileage in. Not merely can you volume a room with your own fitness DVDs, stability balls, and treadmill, the hotel will also give you running clothes and sneakers for the duration of your remain. Leave your excuses at home, because there’s truly no reason for missing a workout at this place.

Starting rate: $159

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Looking for love is exhausting. And perhaps fruitless.

How many times have we heard that well only find love when were least looking for it? Too many, in my opinion. And it’s because of this that we experience that never-ending internal battle of whether we should actually stop seeming and simply live on, hoping well accidentally happen upon him in the street( la Carrie Bradshaw) — or keep looking anyway.

Well folks, Im starting to think that life isnt a Nicholas Sparks novel, and you most likely arent going to bump heads with your future husband on a crowded city sidewalk. So it’s best to always keep your eyes and ears open — especially in male-heavy environments.

There are the places that come to mind immediately, like that seedy sports bar you’ve been going to forever and your local hip bookstore. But then there are those places one wouldn’t think to look — one place, including with regard to, that’s prime for the picking of potential romantic partners.

Its a place where were so wrapped up in what were doing that we dont take a moment to look around and appreciate the, er, scenery — and even if we do, we usually dont act on impulse.

Ladies, Im talking about the gym.

Yep, that place you go to after work to de-stress and nothing more. Im here to tell you the gym is more than a place to do froggy crunches — it is a shining beacon of hope. It is an untapped resource, a hidden treasure of men possessing that possible perfect husband package we all aspire for.

Think about it: gym-goers are concerned about their health, physical appearance and arent lazy, simply to name some qualities you’d want in a hubby.

Not to mention, the gym hollers sex: You’re surrounded by sweaty, grunting humen, and beautiful females doing hip thrusters, and that machine on which they open and close their thighs( its sole aim is truly just to stimulate them look like they’re DTF ).

Basically, everyone taps into his or her most primal self at the gym.

A couple of days ago, I went to the gym with the intention of hitting on some hot hotties, and my experiment turned out style better than I expected it would. So, Ive put together a little how-to for picking up humen at the gym. Its a no-fail route to nail the man of your dreams.

Step 1: Assemble a cute workout outfit.

This step is very important because its all about striking that perfect balance. You dont want to look like youre trying too hard, but you also want to accentuate your best assets.

So if you have a great butt, wear neon or black spandex , not jogger gasps. If you have a great rack or sexy collarbones, wear a well-fitted athletics bra with a breezy tank.

My go-to “fat day” outfit for the gym is a sporty-but-low-cut New York Giants tee with black leggings. On days when Im feeling lighter, I don a fun, playful tank with colorful leggings so I can show off my limbs, the part of my body I’m proudest of. If you must wear makeup, opt for the minimal, natural look.

Again, this isn’t a runway, so you’re not expected to look perfect. Just don’t look like you DGAF by wearing that frumpy DARE shirt you got in the fifth grade.

Step 2: Approach a barbell with heavy weights on it.

When I walked into the gym that evening, my eye immediately gravitated to a six-foot, fit, blond-haired, blue-eyed looker in a muscle tank( what can I tell? I’m a sucker for blondes ).

You know that whole damsel-in-distress act, when the guy comes to the girls rescue because the girl is helpless and doesnt know what shes doing? Well, that’s only effective in specific situations. In others, its the exact opposite of what you want to be doing( I’ll explain further later on ).

Anyway, women are biologically the physically weaker sexuality, building the unfortunate truth that sometimes, we need a little help from a man — especially when it comes to the physical strength department.

So I walked right up to a 40 -pound barbell that had an extra 50 pounds on it — sure because I wanted to challenge myself, but also because the cute blond just happened to be standing there.

When I tapped him on the shoulder, he took his earbuds out of his ears.

“Sorry to bother you, but could you take these weights off for me? ” I asked.

“Sure, ” he said, smiling and sweaty.

He innocently poked fun at me for being unable to lift the barbell. I admitted my 110 -pound, merely somewhat-seasoned frame would have a difficult time managing that much. After a few minutes of body banter, I thanked him for the help and threw my headphones back on.

Im not going to lie: After successfully hitting on the most wonderful guy in the room, I was feeling pretty good about myself. With my newfound confidence in tow, I schlepped to the mats for the next part of my routine: lunges with free weights.

Step 3: Practice good form.

Now, here is where you dont want to play the damsel-in-distress.

Theres nothing sexier than watching a woman move her body to all of its limits. She seems determined, confident, strong and like she’d has become a f* cking animal between the sheets.

When you lift your free weights, try to get a spot in front of the mirror, where the rest of men are positioned. This style, you cannot only ensure you’re maintaining good form, you can also casually induce eye contact through the mirror with the men who are doing the same.

Step 4: Devote your best bedroom eyes( and voice ).

I have a sexy voice that I merely whip out for special occasions: in the bedroom, at the bar and when Im hitting on a dude. Portion of owning your femininity is use what God gave you to your advantage, and the gym is the place to do just that. So, girl, channel yo’ inner Megan Fox.

Eye-f* cking is crucial, too. Most people expend their hour exercising listening to music, in the zone and unwilling to talk to anyone else. This is totally understandable — unless you’re looking to score.

As I moved on to work my triceps, I procured a spot next to a mid-2 0s, brown-haired bro. Utilizing every ounce of energy I had left, I lifted the sh* t out of my dumbbells. When I was finished, I turned toward the bro.

Im dead, I said breathlessly, falling my weights to the floor. My bangs fell into my face and, with the help of some trusty ol sweat, stuck onto my forehead, which only amped up my sex appeal.

“Oh, I’m dead too, ” he chuckled, “but that’s a good sign. I guess I’ve considered you here before, actually.”

I closely analyzed his the characteristics and realized he was right. He went on to ask if I lived in the neighborhood, and I signed off by telling him I’d ensure him around soon.

He gave me the bro nod of approval. I nodded back and strolled over to the ladies’ locker room.

Step 5: Revel in your glory.

What are the conclusions I describe from my experiment? Well, while the majority of members of “the mens” I talked to were airheads — Im assuming all their blood has no problem reaching their muscles, but couldn’t make its way up to their brains — I got them to talk to me, which was the ultimate goal.

I could have carried on the conversations and scheduled a date or two, but TBH, from what I assembled, I didn’t actually click on an intellectual level with any of them.

To sum up, its best to take a page from Demi Lovatos book( Whats wrong with being confident ?) and act like the baddest bitch in the whole damn place. Work out hard. Look approachable. Let your body lead the way. Let your eyes speak your intentions, and the rest will follow.

Oh, and don’t forget to dig into your dresser drawer and throw on THAT pair of leggings — yknow, the one that induces your ass look like Nicki Minajs.

Then, hit up the gym and construct #GAINZ, both in life and in love.

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Whenever I go for a workout at my gym, I always make a habit of using the hand sanitizer dispensers after each of my exercises.

And after I wrap up a good sweat sesh on the elliptical, I make sure to wipe that sucker down before Igo get a drink from the water fountain.

Little did I know, in my attempt to stay clean at the gym, the machines and the mats should actually be the least of my worries.

Instead, I likely should have been more concerned about the toxic waste dump that is meant to serve as the source of my hydration.

It turns out the most germ-ridden place in most gyms is not, in fact, the mens locker room, or even thefree weights( though the weights are pretty nasty more on that subsequently ).

Nope, the germiest place in the gym is literally right under your snout: Its the water fountains.

Yep, Im as disgusted as you are.

According to theNational Sanitation Foundation, theres way more bacteria found in water fountains than nearly anywhere else, including bathrooms.

In their research, 2.7 million bacterial cells per square inch were found in a classroom water fountain spigot.

And here I was thinking that Im going to the gym to my health.

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, there are tons of hazardous pathogens in water fountains, such as E. coli, Legionella, and coliform bacteria. All of these can potentially cause belly both problems and symptoms of pneumonia, which include headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea.

So much for a healthypost-workout glow.

But how does bacteria manage to spread so quicklyat the gym in the first place?

Free weights can have over 300 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, according The hard surface is very inviting for bacteria, and theyre hardly ever cleaned as much as they should be.

So, combine the filthy free weights with every person whos hitting the water fountain and unknowingly spreading the love, and weve got a germ-filled disaster.

If your intellect hasnt been blown enough yet, get this: A puppies bowl is actually safer to drink out of than a water fountain, according to The Toronto Star.

Their investigationshowed that a water fountain had 4,529 bacteria, while a puppy bowl had just 172 bacteria.

Dont fret, though. This doesnt have to be the end of your fitness lifestyle( although, Im not going to lie, I definitely considered it ).

Of course, you still need to stay hydrated during your workout, so instead of gulping from the germ-infested community water fountain, it was possible to time to stimulate the transition to a nice, clean, personal water bottle.

But, just recollect, if you must drinking from the forbid fountain, let the water run for a few seconds before taking a drink. This reduces the potential risk of devouring toxic levels of metals or elevated bacterial levels.

And perhaps devote a little heads up to the person behind you in line.

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Going to the gym and lifting weights is generally a positive experience. You look great, you feel great and you are healthy.

For those who dont lift weights at all, or for those who are new to the game, it can be difficult to find any disadvantages.

However, for those with a little more experience in the weight room, you will know exactly what I’m talking about when I tell gym hands, wont you?

The act of picking up heavy weights on a daily basis can have a massive impact on your hands: both how they look and how they feel.

Unless you are a gym rat who has nothing better to do other than spend your entire life in the weight room, the side effects of lifting weights can leave you feeling highly embarrassed by the dry, callus-filled hands that were once soft and smooth.

Some call them battle scars.

In a style, “they il be”. But when they affect their own lives outside of the gym, its time to start paying attention.

So, what are gym hands ?

If you have ever lifted weights for any period of time, you will know exactly how dry and callus-ridden your hands can become after only a few sessions.

The rubber materials that cover a lot of the gym equipment you are exposed to on a daily basis can potentially lead to the development of eczema, and the constant friction between your hands and the weights can cause hard, stubborn calluses to form on the pads of your fingers.

Not merely can these conditions is utterly painful, they can also be embarrassing, especially if you work in a job where you need to shake other people’s hands all the time.

Here are the best ways to prevent gym hands .

If — like the majority of men — the presence of dry skin and painful calluses was not what you were looking for when you signed up for the gym, fear not.

I have come up with four simple ways to prevent these gym hands from developing in the first place.

None of these will impact your schedule, and they will in no way affect your results.

So, if you want to eradicate the shame of having hands like a caveman, keep on reading.

1. Wear gym gloves.

The first one is fairly obvious: Wear gym gloves.

If you are new to the gym and your hands are free from the scars of battle, the investment in a quality pair of gym gloves will be the best way for you to prevent them from developing.

Gym gloves can be picked up for just a few bucks, and they dont look as embarrassing as they sound.

A lot of men wear gloves in the gym, so this is nothing to be embarrassed by.

Dont let the egotistical, body-building creed get to you. Its better to be safe than sorry, right?

2. Moisturize daily.

Thats right. Its not just for women anymore.

One of the best ways to protect your hands from dryness is to moisturize them at least twice per day: once in the morning and once at night.

It merely takes a couple of seconds, but it will have a massive impact on the health of your hands.

No matter how hard you go in the gym, you will always be confident while shaking hands.

3. Soak your hands daily.

While this method of softening hands after a workout is more for those who have already developed gym hands, it can also be a great way to keep the hands soft.

The premise is simple.

Soak your hands in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes per day. For better outcomes, you can add Epsom salts to the water.

Next, take a pumice stone and slowly scratch away at the rough parts of your hands.

This will get rid of any hard, excess skin that has developed from the friction of lifting the weights.

Doing this daily will keep your hands soft and free from calluses , no matter how hard you train.

4. Never pick calluses.

While it might be incredibly tempting to pick off the hard clumps of skin that can develop on the pads of your hands, doing so will only make things worse.

Picking dry or dead scalp will only get rid of the problem temporarily. The skin will start to grow back thicker and thicker, to stimulate the scalp tougher.

There is nothing worse than a hand full of calluses. They are hard, uncomfortable and not very nice to look at.

If the temptation becomes too much, simply refer to the above soaking method.

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