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Although cigarettes have become less popular among young adults in recent years, smoking still hasn’t wholly disappeared from millennial culture. According to the CDC, about 17 percentage of young adults currently smoke.I know the reality of this statistic because I am a 25 -year-old woman who once fell into that1 7 percent, and it took me eternally to figure outhow to quit smoking cigarettes and finally break the habit for good.

Of course, I tried to quit several times in the past. I followed the advice of every health blog telling me the secret was to try yoga or exercise. But if I’m being honest, after operating on a treadmill or stretching for an hour, all I wanted to do was congratulate myself with a post-workout smoke.

My next try involved hundreds of dollars spent on nicotine lozenges, which were satisfying, but expensive. I objective up smoking again when I couldn’t afford to buy the gum, but could easily splurge on a pack of cigarettes.

Clearly, these strategies weren’t working for me.

My story isn’t unusual by any means. Study indicate, on average, people may attempt toquit smoking anywhere between six and 30 times before ultimately committing to a cigarette-free life, and ceasing often involves a mix of trial and error until one method actually sticks.

Here are a few strategies that helped me ditch cigarettes for good after I had already tried just about everything else.

Keep in mind, these methods may have worked for me, but they are not able to inevitably do the same for you. Be sure to consult with your doctor about which strategies will work best for you.

1. Satisfy Your Oral Fixation With Something Else

Chew gum, yes but merely regular gum. Many people have trouble breaking the oral fixation associated with smoking, so they turn to things like nicotine gum.

But the problem with this is thatnicotine is whatmakes cigarettes addictive in the first place. So, while chewing on nicotine seems like a practical answer for those wanting to slowly wean themselves off of cigarettes, research shows they do little to eradicate dependency.

A 2012 examine done by The Harvard School of Public Health followed 787 people who had quit smoking over the course of six years. They found that the individuals who used nicotine replacing therapy whether it be gum or the patch were just as likely to pick up smoking again as someone who didn’t use it at all. The examine also found that heavy smokers who turned to nicotine replacing therapy were twice as likely to relapse as those who simply went cold turkey.

In other words, nicotine gum isn’t always a quick-fix to keep you from smoking cigarettes. For many people, it’s often just a temporary cease methodthat allows you to enjoy nicotine in aslightly safer way.

But, it turns out, you really can reduce cigarette cravings by simply chewing regular gum. A 2010 survey from found that dependentsmokers had an easier hour managing withdrawal symptoms when they were given regular chewing gum over a 24 -hour period.

So, while there still needs be more research on the long-term effectiveness of chewing regular gum on quitting, it can still be a great way to satisfy the oral fixation to smoke without putting an addictive substance in your body. Just be sure to opt for sugar-free, but flavorful assortments, such asBig Red, because it’s possible to become hooked on sugar, too.

Another alternative is to buy a reusable water bottle and take a sip every time you get the urge to smoke. Your body will thank you, and so will the environment.

2. There’s An App For That

Ah, isn’t there always?

Apps like Smoke Free !allow you to create a custom profile based on your history of smoking, and track how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked once you define an official discontinue date. It then use this information to calculate how much fund you’ve saved each day by not smoking.

Honestly, there’s no greater feeling than watching that dollar sum slowly creep up to the hundreds, and thinking of all the good things you can be doing with that extra cash.

Also, downloading a game( whether it be Bejeweled, Quiz Up, or if you prefer to go old school with anadult coloring volume) can be a great way to distract your mind and keep your hands occupied when you get the exhort to smoke.

Remember, cravings are merely a temporary feeling, so the longer you channel your mental energy into something else, the better.

3. Spend Time With Kids

Most mothers are OK with people smoking around their children which is great for you if you’re trying to quit.

Make it a point to hang out with these people more, since they are won’t simply deter you from smoking; they’ll straight-up prohibit it.

I lately spent a weekend with friends who had just brought an newborn into the world, and my desire to nuzzle said newborn outweighed desire to sneak away and smoking on their back porch.

It turns out, after three days of not smoking, nicotine pretty much disappears from your bloodstream, which also coincides with when withdrawal symptoms are the most intense. Research says cravings lessen over time after the first few days of cease, which means the longer you stay abstinent, the easier it gets. If you can make it through the weekend with your non-smoking friends, hang in there, because the worst is pretty much over.

If there aren’t anybabies in your family or social circle, try and volunteer somewhere where there children around, or elderly folk, or spend your time at any place that generally frowns upon smoking.

4. Treat Yourself ToNice Clothes, And Wear Them Often

One surefire way to motivate yourself to quit smoking is to realize how bad you stink, because let’s face it, wants to be the guy or gal in different groups that smells bad.

Smokers are notoriousfor the being nose-blind to how awful they reek to everyone else. And the thing about cigarette smoking is it persists like an ex who only can’t let go. It can take months, even years for a odor to leave the inside of your car, or to fully disappear from apparel and furniture.

So treat yourself to some new clothes a nice blazer, a sexy dress, or even new lingerie. No matter what it is, make a promise not to smoke when you wear it.

After a few weeks of not smoking, you’ll start to notice the odor of your old clothes. Stimulate a point to aroma them, and then breathe in the glorious odor of your new, clean clothes. When you notice certain differences, you’ll seriously be amazed.

Throw away( or better yet, donate, because yay sustainability !) your old clothes that you associate with smoking. If you have a smoking coat you wore for your morning drag after coffee, let that bad boy go.

It’s important tofeel comfortable purging yourselfof the things that remind you of your old habits, much like howit feelings right to throw away old pictures of someone who broke your heart.

Leave that sh* t in the past where it belongs.

5. Guess About Why You Started In The First Place

Most people have a vague notion of why they want to quit smoking, and the reason is usually something like to be healthier. But even that end goal is too general, because it doesn’t truly get to the root of the problem.

Oftentimes, cookie-cutter guidelines for quitting don’t always work because everyone is addicted for a different reason. For example, some people smoke heavily when they drink alcohol, so reducing( or removing) a drinking habit is the first step.

On the other hand, for some people( like myself ), smoking is a way to alleviate social nervousnes. For me, it was the crutch that maintained me from both tackling and fixing my personal issues.

When I decided to quit, I wrote down all the things that stressed me out, and tried to come up with strategies for how I would handlethem. By seeing new ways to be dealt with my stressors, I started to realize smoking was not the remedy. Once you can manage to do this, you’ll notice the cravings will hit you less often, and less intensely.

Remember, you are not alone in this struggle but also know your journey is yours, and yours alone.

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Whether you’re crunched for period as you sprint from the office to SoulCycle, or you simply want to look as glamorous as Gigi Hadid in your workout selfies, you’ve likely received yourself debuting a full face of makeup at the gym.

While you’re sweating it out and stimulating those #gains, that little pang of remorse pops up as you think of the inevitable zit that’s going to surface on your chin afterwards that night.

You’ve likely heard it a million times before: Cardio and concealer simply do not mix.

Butis there any style you can get away with going straight from work to the weight room without a rinse?

Elite Daily spoke withdermatologistGervaise Gerstner, MD, to get her professional opinion on this sweaty subject.

She explained,

In words of exercising, excess sweating mixed with clogging pores[ due to] oily makeup residue can exacerbate acne on skin.

Excess sebum production plus makeup can cause comedones, too( a fancy term for blackheads ).

Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glandsand exists on all skin surfaces( with the exception of the palms and the soles of the feet ).

The area on your face most likely to battle these oily issues is the infamous T-zone, which is why your post-Pilates pimple most often appears on your forehead , nose, or chin.

So, unless you’re applying your foundation on your feet( I have a lot of follow-up questions for you if you do ), consider your days of combining burpees and blush extinct from this phase on.

If you must mergethe worlds of commandos and cosmetics, Dr. Gerstner tells oil-free makeup is always preferred.

She recommends a light beauty balm to avoid pesky clogged pores while stillgetting a little bit of coverage 😛 TAGEND

My office has several options: Gervaise Gerstner, MD, beauty salve, soleil mineral tint, and skinceuticals sunscreen tint.

Seriously though, don’t forget about your SPF if you’re taking your sweat sesh outdoors. That tinted sunscreen is key so you don’t feel a kind of burn, if you catch my drift.

But if you can manage to leave the foundation at home, your skin will definitely thank you.

Personal trainerPaola Marqueztells Elite Daily her secret to a clear complexion is that shenever, ever wears any makeup while working out 😛 TAGEND

When we’re working out, our body temperature increases, “were starting” sweating, and our pores open.

Our skin needs to breathe, especially when exerting, so I recommend removing all[ your] makeup and applying thermal water before breaking a sweat.

Sounds simple enough.

Plus, when you think about it, if your workout is challenging your body in the right way, you’d probably just sweat all the makeup off anyway, right?

And I think everyone can agree that mascara streaks running down your face isnot a good look on anyone.

Live long and perspire, girl.

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Going off tocollege is an amazing experience.

However, every student knows living on campus can totally wreakhavoc on your healthy habits.

Between buffet-style dining halls, late night snacking sessions and bingedrinking on the reg, there are all sorts of things that will make you pack on the pounds and gain the dreaded Freshman 15 if youre not careful.

We all did certain things during our glorious years as college student to ensure that we were following a somewhat healthy routine.

Whether it was getting your daily dose of cardio by going out in heels, toning your arms with a couple of kegs stand workouts on the weekends or cutting your calorie intake by opting for healthier drinkings like Natty Light, we made all sorts of efforts to keep ourselves in top-notch physical condition.

But literally none of those things were actually healthy. They were the lesser of two evils.

But hey, we all seemed to make it through college without destroying our bodies, so I guess we must have been doing something right.

Here are some of the healthy things we all are applied to do during our college days that definitely were NOT healthy 😛 TAGEND

You believed walking to the bar in heels counted as cardio.

You only ate healthy fast food, like burrito bowls from Chipotle.

You built healthy drinking options by opting for light brew at frat parties

or skipped out on the calorie-packed beer and only bingedon hard liquor.

You supposed keg stands sufficed as a muscle-toning arm workout.

You guessed drinking sugar-free Red Bull was better for you than guzzling down endless cups of coffee.

You thought chasing your vodka with orange juice counted as adding an extra serve of fruit to your diet.

You gotyour daily dose of vitamins by downing bottles of Vitamin Water on the reg.

You supposed the olives on your supreme pizza wholly counted as feeing your vegetables.

You starved yourself during the day so you could drink more alcohol at night.

And you took breaches from partying by remaining home from the bar one night out of the month( because one night was patently enough time to mend your liver ).

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( DailyBurn) Running is bearing. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s lonely. And it doesn’t give you immediate outcomes. Right?

While we don’t believe any of these are inevitably good excuses( or wholly true !), we do understand it’s not always love at first run for anyone who ever decides to lace up and hit the pavement.

“The first time I tried going for a running, after expending my whole life as a dancer and avoiding the mile in gym class, I had fun — for the first four steps, ” says blogger Alison Feller of Ali on the Run. “But you know what is fun? The second running, the third operate, the fourth operate, the fifth run…”

Learning to run

Running 1,000 miles to fight trafficking

Running 1,000 miles in 33 days for kids


Winter is gross.

Day after day, you’re yanking on your shapeless puffy coat, moisturizing relentlessly( without genuinely get results) and keeping your fingers crossed at all days you don’t slip on ice and fall on your face.

I’m the first to acknowledge I’m not my prettiest in the winter, and I’m going to bet most people feeling the same way.

While I can’t stimulate the cold weather go away( sorry, working on that one ), I can offer up some expert tips from TULA probiotic skincare founder and New York City-based doctorRoshini Rajapaksa on how to look awesome all wintertime long.

Or simply appear awesome for that winter wedding you have coming up. Whatever floats your boat.

Start exfoliating ASAP.

During the dry, freezing cold months of winter, it’s important to pay extra special attention to your skin. This entails taking hydration and exfoliation to the next level.

Rajapaksa tells Elite Daily,

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Dead scalp cells and debris tend to dull the skin. Give yourself a gentle exfoliating face mask or scrub the day before your big event to disclose a more polished and glowing look.

And keep a hydrating fog spraying in your purse to sporadically freshen your face to maintain your glow.

On top of that, bide hydrated. If the whole “drinking eight glasses of water a day” thing isn’t for you, try herbal tea.

Whatever you do, don’t stop exercising.

Trust me, I know how seducing it is to spend your winter days curled up on your lounge with Netflix and a bottle of wine.

While a bikini body may not be your focus just yet, workout is key for biding happy when the weather’s getting you down.

Studies present workout busts nervousnes and stress, improves confidence and stimulates you more creative and productive. And those are just the mental benefits.

Rajapaksa explains,

Exercise stimulates the digestive system and the bowels, causing food and drink move through your system faster, get rid of any bloat-causing gas in the process. A vigorous workout that activates the sweat glands also helps release any fluid you might be retaining.

Convinced yet? If not, just think about how happy you’ll be when bikini season does roll around.

Eat the good stuff.

If your outfit of choice in the winter includes a puffy coat and huge sweater, I don’t blame you for loading up on carbs whenever you get the chance.

But as they say, “you are what you eat” — so don’t let your loose, comfy clothes be an excuse to eat an entire sleeve of Oreos when you get home from run every day.

In order to look and feel your best, load up on foods that they are able to maintain you healthy and happy, like dark, leafy, green veggies and avocado( hello, healthy fats !) as well as yogurt and kimchi, which promote gut health and digestion.

And if you have a big winter event coming up, make sure you’re not eating foods that they are able to make you more bloated.

Rajapaksa notes,

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables can build you feel bloated thanks to raffinose, a sugar that is hard for the body to break down.

In trying to do so, your body makes gas as a byproduct, which will stimulate you bloat. Slash sodium to reduce water retention. This entails carefully checking labels and, if possible, avoiding canned or processed foods.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Don’t neglect your hair.

Let’s be real: In the winter, you’re not showing much of your body.

Your hair, on the other hand, is still out in the open. So take steps to keep it shiny and healthy throughout the winter.

Believe it or not, what you eat is important for hair health as well.

Rajapaksa tells ED,

Keeping your locks shiny and strong is tough in the winter but you can protect your hair from breakage by limiting your utilize of ponytails or buns.

My favorite beauty foods for healthy and glowing hair are dark, leafy greens and radishes. Rich in silicon and sulfur, they are an exceptional hair-strengthening food that help build healthy hair. Also great are soy beans and lentils, which contain iron and zinc, and eggs, which provide biotin.

Hate to say it, but it’s probably time to get off the couch, exfoliate your scalp and take a trip to the grocery store. You can do it!

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In todays society, it seems like almost every woman is on a journey to health and happiness. At what point, though, does the effort to become healthy turn unhealthy ?

I can date my tireless goals of being fit back to high school. My family was into working out and exert, but I got carried away with it. The second I had my drivers license I was waking up at 4 am to go to the gym before school.

I also had two to three hour competitive cheerleading practises after school, but I didnt let myself believe that was enough of a workout. My senior year, I expended my dual-enrollment hour on a treadmill in the gym instead of working on my college course.

When college started I didnt share the same excitement as my friends. I chose to stay local community college so I was running, living at home and managing a heavy course load. My parents were on the brink of divorce , none of my siblings got along and I was under an incredible amount of stress.

The only thing I could control was what I put in my mouth and what I did with my body, so I began to constantly beat myself up. I was constantly comparing myself to other girls my stomach wasnt as flat, my thighs werent as toned and my butt wasnt as round.

It seemed like I had to work 10 times harder than anyone else I knew to maintain my shape while girls who didnt even try somehow seemed amazing. I resentedgirls I didnt even know; in the back of my mind I knew it was wrong, but I couldnt stop myself.

Looking back, I realize all those impressions camefrom a place of self-hate , not self-love. They say comparison is the burglar of elation, and its true. I was unable to focus on anything but losing weight.

Because of this unhealthy desire to be thin and attractive, I developed an nasty relationship with food. Eating was no longer enjoyable to me and food became my adversary instead of something that nourished my body.

I started to dread social situations. I wanted to spend time with my friends, but the thought of ordering pizza or drinking wine gave me anxiety. I wanted to go to dinner with my boyfriend, but I would ruin it by complaining of remorse for the next 24 hours.

I wentthrough up and down cycles of binge eating. Id first fill myself up with unhealthy food and assert that it was pointless for me to even try and lose weight. Then, I would detest myself, go on a crash diet and repeat the unhealthy cycle of self-loathing.

I couldnt stop thinking about my next snack, my next workout or my next endeavor at finally gaining the thinness I had been working so hard for. It ran my life and I disliked it.

My first two years of college are full of memories of grueling CrossFitworkouts I wasnt even sure I liked, Hydoxycut gummies and green tea tea pills that messed with my digestion. Oh, and I cant forget the daily combats with the scale that would leave me tearfully miserable and ruin my entire week.

I didnt is understood that my destructive thoughts and nasty mindset were sabotaging every aspect of my life because I was so blinded by self-corruption that thinness would make me happy.

I felt so alone and like no one would ever know what I was going through. There was hardly a positive gues in my mind, and when I looked in the mirror I was never complementary or kind to my body, just harsh and savagely critical.

I thought my life would be fulfilling when I was at my ideal weight; I thoughtI would finally be able to live and enjoy my life. Little did I know how wrong this was.

Before my last year of college started I moved in with my fianc. He stuck by my side at my lowest phases even though it frustrated him to assure me so upset over my body.

The bliss of moving in with my favorite person was constantly bombarded by my preoccupation with food and fitness. I knew something had to change when we began to argue and it started to affect our relationship. I didnt want to go out, I didnt wishes to cook anything held heavy, and I was letting my workouts ruin our plans.

I no longer wanted to be a slave to health and fitness, I wanted to enjoy my life with him and my friends. I began to realize that dieting just wasnt a sustainable lifestyle. I wanted Friday night beers, Sunday game snacks and the luxury of sleeping in in the morning without having the weight of a workout hanging over my head.

Its been a slow process, but Ive made one small change at a time to break free from the chains of being skinny. For the past year, Ive been on a journey of self-love to accept my body and to stop the negative thoughts and self-hate.

Hereare the five things I did to have a thinspo detox that saved my life 😛 TAGEND

1. I stopped following thinspo accounts on social media.

Although theres nothing incorrect with people who love to show their super-trimmed physique, filling my head with unrealistic pictures wasnt helping me.

To get to that level, Id have to nearly starve myself and do nothing but workout all day. Instead, I started following strong, empowering women who are advocates for self-love and body acceptance. I also followed campaigns that stand up against the medias beauty criteria likeIskra Lawrence, Healthy is the New Skinnyand Gina from Nourish and Eat.

2. I started reading the right books.

I knew my journey to self-love wouldnt come without a commitment to actually developing as a person.

I came across the book The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells and its truly transformed my stance towards food and the style I respect my body.

3. I began to listen to podcasts by women whove been where I was.

I came across Maddy Moon, an inspiring daughter who has a series of free podcasts called Mind Body Musings.

There are over 100 episodes of her interviewing different people who have a TON of great experiences and thinks to share; all of her guests are empowering.

I started to listen to the episodes while folding laundry, cleaning my room or before falling asleep. Hearing other people tales and listening to their advice was an immense assist. It gave me hope that there was away out of the darkness of self-loathing.

Body acceptance does exist you merely need to find it.

Why The Perfect Body Doesn’t Exist[ Gen Why]

I also subscribed to online summits from You Aint Your Weight, where founder and anti-dieter Jenna Free speaks with 21 females about determining food and body freedom.

I would get an email every morningwith the newest interview and it started off my day on a positive vibe.

4. I started to be kind to myself.

When I look in the mirror as Im changing, I dont say wow, you need to lose about 10 pounds of belly fat. I think your legs are appearing strong or youre glowing from all the sunshine youve been getting.

Being mean to yourself will do absolutely nothing for your recovery. Nobody is flawless and a womans body is an incredible thing.

5. I discovered a workout program I actually enjoyed.

I now know that working out should be a gala of what your body can do , not a punishment for what it cant.Workouts shouldnt be something you force yourself through because you eat an extra cupcake.

I eventually discovered Beachbody programs and I began to workout at home, do yoga and lower impact workouts and look to online chat groups for supporting. I regained the elation of exercising and it felt so freeing to work out because I wanted to.

I still have negative supposes more often than Id like, but the difference now is my mindset. I have the resources and influences to help me set negative thinks to the side.

Being body positive doesnt entail every day becomes easier, it simply means that now Im running every single day towards being a happier and healthier me. Most importantly, Im ultimately living again.

If theres one thing you do for yourself, detox your life from negative thoughts and self-hate. It wont always be easy, but it will be worth it.

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( CNN) Cosmetic procedures are still increasingly popular in the United States, and a new report shows that most Americans are running under the knife to either change their faces or get rid of fat.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released its annual plastic surgery statistics report Wednesday, disclosing the more popular procedures performed nationwide last year.

Though the new numbers mirror previous data, certain trends are emerging.

Breast augmentation, which is intended to enlarge or change the form of the breasts: 290,467 procedures. Liposuction, which is intended to remove excess body fat: 235,237 procedures. Nose reshaping, intended to alter the shape of the nose: 223,018 procedures. Eyelid surgeries, are aiming to lift sagging eyelids: 209,020 procedures. Facelifts, which are intended to enhance the appearance of drooping, drooping and wrinkled skin on the face and neck: 131,106 procedures.