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It’s not easy to change your negative lifestyle habits. That’s why they’re called habits. But one female finally decided that enough was enough, and as you can see from her unbelievable before and after scenes, potential impacts has been truly remarkable.

The 4ft 10 ” 20 -year-old, who goes by the name of melephants and who once weighed 143 lbs, lost around 30 lbs by feeing properly, counting calories, and reaching the gym four to five times per week. She started by adjusting her eating habits( “I base my meals around a source of protein now( chicken, fish) and lots of veggies, ” she says. “I don’t eat carbs that much, more on lifting days”) before gradually incorporating exert into her routine. She spent the majority of members of her first month on the treadmill but she didn’t ensure much change, and so now she concentrates more on HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training ). She works her lower body two-three times per week and her upper body twice, and during those conferences she does deadlifts, squats, bench press and hip thrusts.

She’s also made smaller a modification to their own lives, such as standing instead of sitting on the train, drinking more water, and leaving snacks and junk food out of her home. “Honestly, it’s not only benefited my physical health but my mental health too, ” she said, adding that her lifestyle change has been the “best decision I’ve ever attained! ” So if you’re looking to shake things up then what are you waiting for? Take a foliage out of this woman’s book and start taking steps towards a happier, healthier life!

When this woman started to make changes to her daily habits, the results were incredible

She used to weigh 143 lbs but she’s so far lost 30 lb due to various adjustments to her lifestyle

“I base my dinners around information sources of protein now( chicken, fish) and lots of veggies, ” she says

“I don’t eat carbs that much, more on lifting days”

“For the first month or so I spent a lot of period on the treadmill but didn’t enjoy it/ find much change”

Now she focuses more on HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) while also hitting the weights

She works her lower body two/ three times per week and her upper body twice

During her upper body sessions she does deadlifts, squattings, bench press and hip thrusts

“It’s not only benefited my physical health but my mental health too. Best decision I’ve ever induced! ”

The internet was just as impressed as we are

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( CNN) More than two-thirds of marketings attendants in vitamin stores nationwide recommended use a popular sports supplement to a caller who claimed to be a teen athlete, going against expert medical opinion, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

The supplement in question was creatine, a favourite of weight lifters, typically purchased in flavored powders and mixed with liquids. Because this naturally occurring compound is involved in the body’s energy production, many athletes believe it helps them develop muscles faster.


In case you didn’t already know, coconut oil has the power to change your freaking life.

Between the benefits this stuff can have for your scalp and the nourishment it can offer your body, there’s pretty much nothing that coconut petroleum do.

So it should come as no surprise at all that coconut petroleum also happens to be an amazing resource for all your workout needs.

Coconut oil can help with both insulin secretion and immune functionand, in agreement with the, it has the potential to enhance your overall exercise performance.

It’s also an incredible source of medium chain triglycerides, which aid in the process of muscle recovery, along with development and growth.

In order to reap all these deliciously feel-good benefits, here are five post-workout snacks that will get you your coconut oil fixing and offer a tasty dose of #gains.

1. Energy Balls

Energy balls are the perfect nutrient-dense snack to eat after a solidsweat sesh, and they’re super easy to prepare.

Blair from @balancewithb adds cacao and hazelnut to hers, essentially making her own healthy spin on a Ferrero Rocher( and if you don’t consider yourself borderline addicted to those things, you are wrong ).

Add a couple of tablespoons of coconut petroleum into any Bliss Ball recipe to mend those hard-working muscles.

2. Banana Bread

If you say you don’t like banana bread, I’m sorry, but you probably sit on a throne of lies.

This recipe from @ambitiouskitchen includes a healthy serve of coconut petroleum to keep the bread moist and your body nourished after an intense SoulCycle class.

BRB, preheating the oven.

3. Pancakes

Sneak some coconut petroleum into @rachlmansfields protein-packed pancakes for a delectable post-workout treat.

And that chocolate drizzle? Ugh, I’m in heaven.

4. Eggs

If the thought of baking attains you wince , no need to worry one of the easiest ways to pack in that coconut petroleum punch is to simply fry an egg in it.

@Leefromamerica shows you how it’s done with this sweet and savory combo.

Seriously, I’d hold doing an extra set of burpees if I knew this plate was waiting for me afterward( I said deem, OK ?).

5. Hot Cocoa

Get creative with this healthy spin on a traditional hot chocolate.

@Balancewithb maintains it real simple with cacao, cinnamon, and almond milk.

Transform the comforting concoction into a post-pilates drink by adding a scoop of protein powder and a tablespoon of the very best stuff aka coconut oil.

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( CNN) You’ve succeeded in losing weight. Now, what can you do to keep the pounds off?

Most people seem to struggle with long-term weight loss. By some calculates, only about 20% of overweight individuals are successful in keeping off at least 10% of their initial body weight for a year or longer.

A new survey, however, suggests that using specific strategies — such as weighing yourself regularly and planning for situations in which you might backslide — could modestly slow the rate of weight regain in obese adults who have lost weight.

Maintain high levels of physical activity, in which the recommended goal is 250 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity, such as brisk walking. Monitor your weight by weighing yourself frequently. Monitor and keep track of your diet and activity. Take immediate action in the face of small weight regains.

Exercising during your lunch break can be a great style to give yourself a mental breaking and even improve your productivity and energy when you get back to the office. But sometimes it can feel like the bulk of that hour away from your desk is expended sprinting to and from the locker room.

Smart planning and a few little tweaks can help you stimulate the most of your lunchtime sweat session, says celebrity trainer and certified strength and conditioning expert Holly Perkins. Shave minutes off of your midday routine with these helpful hacks.

Plan your outfit accordingly


Pretty much every day on your period is a new adventure, but the second day of your flowing is definitely the worst of them all.The second day of menstruationusually promises the heaviest flowing, which means cramping can be monstrous, and no one should be surprised if they catch you inhaling a block of dark chocolate. While these symptoms definitely suck, the most important thing to do on the worst day of your period is to listen to your body and act accordingly.

The beginning of your period is typically the worst because it’s the time when you’re most likely toexperience some degree of menstrual ache, so it’s in your best interestto plan for the worst here.

The sad truth is, gorging on chocolate and taking coffee through an IV to wake you up when period fatigue hittings will do you no favors. Here are some methods to ease menstrual pain when your period is actually the worst.

1. Use A Heating Pad

I’d like to take this moment to personally thank my heating pad for getting me through the past 14 years of my period.

Some cycles necessitate me to stay sedentaryin bed with the warming material cradled simply above the pelvis, but for any day you have to go into the office, there are stick-on heating pads that work just as well.

2. Sleep

If you’re a sleeping beauty during your period week, snuggle into bed and don’t be ashamed to press snooze.

Your period literally wreaks havoc on your entire body, so by the time your hormones drop, it’s no amaze thatyou’re feeling fatigued AF.

Try to get at least seven hours of sleep per night, but be sure to offset fatigue with a natural energy boost to wake the body gently, like yoga or moderate cardio.

3. Eat Your Veggies

I know I probably sound like your mom right now, but seriously, a low-fat, vegetarian diet can have a positive effect on menstrual cramps.

Try to resist your junk food cravings and swap the sweets for a salad. It may not be as enticing as double-spooning peanut butter and Nutella simultaneously( don’t feign you haven’t been there ), but your body will notice and appreciate the difference.

4. Avoid Caffeine At All Costs

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but caffeine often induces period cramps worse bystirring up the body.

I knowyour period stimulates “youre feeling” depleted, and it can seem borderline impossible for you to function without at the least one Starbucks trip every day, but it’s in your best interest to switch to decaf for the week.

That morning yoga flow is looking like a good idea right about now, isn’t it?

5. Exercise

I know, you’re likely believing, I’m not allowed to have coffee, and now I have to exercise ?!

But trust me, this one’s key.

Exercising on your period canincrease your blood circulation and ease cramping. Perhaps start with a slow jog, and run your style up to a faster pace whatever it takes to emerge from under the covers for even a solid half hour.

Of course, you really have to listen to your body here. If your belly cramps and tirednes are unbearable and you’re on the verge of keeling over from exhaustion, take a rest day. If you can fight through it, well, you know what they say about endorphins.

6. Ease the Pain With Essential Oils

There are a ton of rollerball applicators for topical utilize, and the best oilsfor period symptoms are cypress for circulation, clary sage for cramps, ylang ylang and lavender to reduce stress, and peppermint for pelvic pain.

You can thank me later.

7. Acupuncture

If you find it almost impossible to relax on your period and you’re cool with needles, acupuncture is an option.

Of course, while it may not be for everyone, acupuncture can alleviate period cramps by relaxing the nervous system, which builds it easier for blood to flow through your internal organs.

Above all, always listen to your body, and treat it with care both on and off your period. Devote yourself the care and attention that you deserve.

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Mushrooms have a reputation for being various kinds of magical, since they’ve long been used for nutritional, medicinal, and yes, of course, psychedelic intents.

But the Grateful Dead-style magic mushrooms aren’t the ones I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about the many different species of mushrooms believed to have endless health benefits.

Unlike many purported superfoods out there, there’s plenty of growing research to back up a lot of the claims behindthe effectiveness of ingredients found in many species of mushrooms.

Not to overwhelm you, but there are actually14, 000 identified mushroom forms; and there are believed to be upwards of 150,000 species in all.

For now, let’s simply focus on what these babies can do for your body.

1. They Boost Your Immune System

This is one of the most well-known and well-documented benefits of mushrooms.

The research proves this superfood has antiviral propertiesthat helpstrengthen your immune systemover time.

2. They Can Help Fight Off Cancer And Tumors

It is believed that mushroomshave antineoplastic aka cancer-cell-killing properties that slow the growth of tumors, govern tumor genes, and boost the efficiency of chemotherapy.

Given those properties, mushrooms have sometimes been used as a sort of alternative cancer treatment, and there’s enough research came to see you now that it’s becoming more commonly integrated.

3. Mushrooms Can Help You Fight Fatigue

Research has shown specifically in patients with breast cancer that a supplement of spore powder from reishi mushrooms decreased fatigue related to cancer treatment.

Pretty neat, huh?

4. They Oxygenate Your Blood

This is basically a fancier route of saying mushrooms send more oxygen to your blood, whichhelps just about everything in your body.

More oxygen in the blood helps yourorgans function better, it gives you energy, focus, and vitality.

Mushrooms such as the cordyceps fungus are even recommended as a supplement if you need a little boost before a workout.

5. They Can Fight Sleeplessness

While reishi mushrooms were depicted to fight tirednes, high levels of vitamin D, selenium, and potassium in other types of mushrooms can help you catch some much-needed Z’s.

Plus, since some mushrooms are known to boost energy, that can also help you to expend some of it through exercise, and therefore actually get your body nice and tired before bed.

6. They Reduce Inflammation

The common crimini mushroom is thought to block production ofpro-inflammatory molecules in the body.

And trust me, rednes is not something your body wants to deal with, asit can be a partial cause of diabetes, certain types of cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

7. Mushrooms Stimulate You Happy

Mushrooms like shiitakes are high in B vitamins and ergosterol, which is converted in the sun to vitamin D both of which are known to boost your happiness.

So, depending on your desire for a particular reported benefit, be sure to do some research on which particular mushroom might be right for you( for example, shiitakes have differing benefits than, say, reishi ).

But for now, perhaps simply stick to easily accessible supplements and cooking the ones you can get in the grocery store.

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Youre at work and 12:30 p.m. rolls around. Its lunchtime, but your late breakfast has left your tummy full and your body itching to get up and move.

A SoulCycle class is seductively whispering your name, but you youre just going to return to your desk smelling like a day-old burrito.

Stewing in your own sweaty filth at your desk is probably the most wonderful style to lose your invitation to the offices annual holiday party.

Maybe you could just change your clothes, throw on a little extra deodorant, and spray yourself with an entire bottle of vanilla perfume until your stench is even remotely tolerable?

You know youvethought about it. But, frankly, how bad is possible to perhaps beto skip a shower after a sweaty workout?

According to, in terms of protecting yourself from illness, you really dont “re going to have to” hop in the tub nearly as often as you think even after a gym session.

In fact, sweat itself is actually sterile. If youve ever wondered why your armpits smell so bad when youre sweating, while your legs are entirely fine, its because of good old bromhidrosis( the fancy medical term for B.O .).

Bromhidrosisis caused by secretion from your apocrine glands, which are located near your underarms and your groin.

But the sweat that comes from those glands doesnt immediately come out of you all smelly.

Its actually the bacteria on your skin, which mixes with the sweat, that creates those unpleasant odors. And the amount of bacteria on someones scalp varies from person to person.

So, basically, if you happen to not have as much bacteria chilling on your skin, youre #blessed, and you can wait longer than the rest of us to take your post-workout shower.

If youre still feeling a little grossed out by the whole idea, Eva Glasrud, a psychologist and life coach at The Happy Talent, told SheKnows,

When you rain, basically nothing happens.

You wash away sweat and dirt, but the bacteria count on your skin doesnt actually change. Hence, “youre feeling” clean, but, biologically, youre the same.

Still not altogether sold?

Well, your hair could use a violate from the shower, too. Lynne Goldberg, a dermatologist and director of Boston Medical Centers hair clinic, told Business Insider that washing your hair too much can strip your luscious locks of petroleum and dry out your scalp.

So, what it really come to is being mindful of the key, stinky regions on your body: the pits and the groin.

Other than that, feel free to bask in your natural, day-old burrito odor for a day, or maybe even two. It wont hurt, I promise.

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Did you know that get a thigh gap, a defined ab cracking, or the goddess-like back dimples will build you more beautiful, valuable, and happy?

If you scroll through social media, or popular health and fitness resources, and soak in the plethora of motivational memes and images displaying these features, you may be inclined to think so. Theres no deficit of these hot, new, must have, this-is-what-a-real-woman-looks-like traits being featured along side, of course, the accompanying diet tricks, gimmicks, and exerts to get them.

But, and Ill try to put this delicately: claiming features like thigh gaps, ab crackings, and back dimples as must have features is absolute bullshit.( So much for being delicate, but its true .)

No physical feature or body shape constructs you more or less valuable.

Apparently our bodies are strolling resumes, and these hot new physical features displayed by celebrities, fitness professionals, social media icons, and photo-shopped models are just items were supposed to add to it with the expectation that well be more beautiful and valuable. So what if your anthropometry and genetic make-up constructs certain it features physically impossible to obtain? Doesnt matter; these are the standards, and youd better try to fit the mold if you want to be beautiful.

Enough with the body-shaming bullshit.

And I mean all of it. Any group claiming X is the new Y or spitting mantras that begin with Real girls needs to end. Every body is unique. “Were not receiving” single feature that defines beauty or self-worth or fitness. Seem at it this way: no one else( except an identical twin) has your genetic makeup; youre truly one of a kind. So why do we think its acceptable to declare single features or shapes as must have or ideal? Why do some think its motivational to attempt to shove all the women into a single mold?

Some women are tall, some are short. Some have long extremities, some have short extremities. Some have physical restrictions, some dont appear to have any. Some are thick and some are thin. Some achieve results more quickly and others have to work harder to make any discernible progression. Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so this declaration of must have features is abhorrently ridiculous. And stupid. And degrading.

A woman I once worked with had what would be described as a short and stalky physique; she despised it. I simply wish I was taller so I could have long and lean muscles, she said during our first session. The marketing messages and images of long and lean muscles being something females should desire were seared into her mind. This was a battle she could never win because she cant change her anthropometry.

We had a conversation about changing her perspective and the need to stop wasting energy and berating herself for things she cant control. She loved the idea of being able to love and embrace her body, but knew it wasnt a quick transition. It would be a process.

The plan of action we created: set her energy and focus on what her body could do with strength training. She would begin by learning basic exercises with the goal of improving her performance each time a workout was repeated. Outside of the gym she was instructed to pause and reflect when she start having the I dislike my short body guess. When those guess began to bubble to the surface, she had to stop the conversation. Once she successfully paused, she would then redirect her focus to be grateful for something her body could do. For example, instead of saying, I wish I had a long and lean appearance she would stop the conversation from progressing like it normally would and instead say something like, Im grateful that I have ample energy play games with my children, or I dominated todays workout.

The energy that previously went into disliking her body shape was redirected toward strength training and other elements she could control. The premise was simple, yet powerful: her aim was to discover what her body could do, and then do more. With strength develop she began with a novice program and improved her performance each time she recurred a workout. Squats, including with regard to, came naturally to her and she progressed speedily. She began with goblet squats to learn proper technique and then switched to barbell back squats to take advantage of the greater loading potential. Her strength increased, and more plates were slapped onto the barbell.

A beautiful transformation passed: as she progressed with strength educate, for the first time she could remember, she was actually proud of her body. She was flabbergasted at her bodys abilities and previously unrealized strength. I didnt know I could be this strong! she exclaimed at the end of a workout.

These gym moments proved valuable when old guess crept into her intellect. Over period, the previous, I wish my body thinks became less frequent, and were quickly replaced with empowering statements such as her ability to squat more than she thought possible: “Thats what” my body can do. Im going to induce most of it, and then do even more, because I can.

Embracing what her body could do led to an increase in self-confidence and happiness. She was no longer focused on things she couldnt control( her extremity length) and highlighted her abilities( with strength training ). She began to care less about what other people proclaimed girls should look like and opt her own values.

So I say is again: fuck thigh gaps, ab crackings, and back dimples . Embrace your body; discover what it can do; find your natural strengths and highlight them; do things that make you feel good; become the best damn version of yourself. And encourage every other woman to do the same.

You can, and should, embrace your body and all its features, and you should encourage every other woman to do the same.

Thats one of the many overlooked benefits of strength training: it allows you to discover what your body can do and increases confidence. Strength training doesnt discriminate; it doesnt care what your age is, any limitations you possess, or what body shape you have. Strength training is for everyone.

Look, Im not indicating any of this it body features and standards proclaimed to be ideal will ever die off; there will always be traits and features held desirable and others proclaimed must-repair flaws and tips-off, tricks, and products to help us get or remove them.

But heres the great news: we can exit these conversations.

We have the choice to reject this nonsense.

We can say, Some girls have thigh gaps, and thats cool. Some females dont, and thats cool too. Now, excuse me while I go appreciate my body for the awesome things it can do instead of preoccupying over physical features some source is trying to convince me is important and valuable.

Every woman should appreciate her body, and take the necessary steps to get there if shes not already. No physical feature, size, or shape equates to value, worth, and beauty.

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So, you’ve decided to revamp your life. From now on, you are reclaiming your time( shoutout to my main girlMaxine) and attaining sure self-care is your number one priority. But, after a week of biding on top of your game, you seeyour resilience and commitment start to dwindle. Then by the end of the month, you realise you expended more mornings making catnap than you did actually accomplishing what you wanted to. You feel guilty, and you can’t assistance but wonder how long it takes for a routine to actually become a habit.

I mean seriously, is it so hard to stay committed to a new routine, when it’s supposed to be good for you? Why do we have an aversion to something we know will benefit us?

Elite Daily spoke with Dr. Marika Lindholm, sociologist and founder of, to get to the bottom of the issue.

She explains,

Good habits necessitate sacrifice. Good habits require discipline, and good habits can sometimes stimulate you feel like you’re not living life to the fullest.

Life is really hard we all feel like we deserve a reward. Running day in and day out, trying to build new habits, is physically and mentally exhausting in the short run.

According to the, habits are deeply ingrained from associated behaviors, which means they don’t involve much suppose, whereas your attempt to construct a new, healthier lifestyle likely requires a of think willpower.

That’s why it’s so easy to slip back into your old habits they’re basically part of an endless loop-the-loop, one you’ve been very well known( likely) for years now. It’s like you have to deconstruct loop-the-loop and completely start anew.

Dr. Lindholm has a few key tips-off to help you keep at it with a new routine when the going gets tough.

1. Above All, Forgive Yourself

Accept the fact that, as a human being, you will build mistakes, and you won’t always meet your own expectations every day. Don’t beat yourself up inhale, let it go, and try again tomorrow.

2. Chart Your Progress

Whether you do this in a written periodical, or you simply take notes on your phone, keeping track of your good habits will assist you monitor your progress. Plus, it’ll assistance stimulate your results seem all the more tangible and real.

3. Shout Your Progress From The Rooftops

Well, you don’t have to shout it. But severely, tell other people about your new routine! According to Dr. Lindholm, this helps keep you accountable and responsible for your actions no matter what.

4. Dedicate Good Habits To A Special Someone

This one runs like a charm. Dedicate your new habit in honor of someone you really love and care about. This route, it’s not just you that you have to please it’s the people you love the most in your life.

As you continue to dedicate yourself to your new routine, keep in mind that a lot of your habits may have been formed when you were a child, and most likely, the latter are taught to you by someone else. You didn’t to think about them.

Now, as a fully functional adult( sort of ), you have more awareness and you are, basically, re-learning life. It’s going to take of time a lot of starting and slipping, a lot of re-dedication.

Remember how many times your mom had to drill into you that you need to clean your hands after you use the bathroom? I bet you forgot that at a point in time, that message had to be repeated to you. Well, the same goes for this lifestyle, but it’s up to you to govern yourself.

Unfortunately, as much as you may loathe to hear this, time, patience, and repeating are your key ingredients here. Always remember that, and soon, your newly built practises will eventually become part of a habitual loop.

Until then, keep at it.

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