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I told everyone I could about the first time I got punched in the face. I was excited because I was tired of people telling me I wasnt a real boxer until I took a hit.

I can thank the double-end pouch for helping me made the milestone. This tiny little devil is a melon-sized container full of air and shame. One of my favorite pastimes is watching the new cocky brodudes try to hit it and see their egos crash harder than a fratboy after his 10 th jager bomb.

The bag is both the best style to improve hand eye coordination, as well as the best way to disorient oneself so much that one objective up accidentally punching herself in the face. Which is precisely what I had done.

But no one needed to know that I was the one who punched me in the face. I was working hard to cultivate an air of toughness about myself, which is hard enough to do when youre typically the only girl in a warehouse full of shirtless ripped dudes.

It was easy to forget that there was a period just a few months ago when I was plenty tough just for simply depicting up, considering I was so nervous that first day that I nearly shat myself on the bus ride there.

That first day get off at the right bus stop no comfort, because Google Maps was resulting me to a seemingly abandoned warehouse with a sign on it that read Beauty Supply Wholesale Cash& Carry.

Finally recognizing also that the gym was inside beauty furnish warehouse, I walked in to discover an industrial fan, a ring, 8 punch bag, a very graphic advertisement for a lotion that reduces ingrown hairs, five shirtless guys doing push ups, and one 50 -something-year-old white haired man with a torso built like a brick wall who grunted at me when I said hello.

Despite being scared both of boxing as well as not knowing where to put my eyes when all around me were shirtless sweaty dudes,( I have a newfound empathy for hetero guys in yoga class ), I knew I had to stay, and had to keep depicting up. My physician had recently diagnosed me with homicidal fury, a new chapter in the ever-fun journey that is living with PTSD, and told me I had to find an outlet for my anger before it ate me.

And beating the shit out of the pouch was, indeed, an incredibly effective strategy for managing my homicidal fury. It was so strange and beautiful to be in a space where my rage was no longer a liability. I wasnt expected to be fairly, friendly, or candidly, even cordial to anyone, I was there to liberate myself through physical exhaustion just like everyone else. It is important for me to note my privilege as a white female in being able to own my indignation, as I have the privilege of not having to navigate the really shitty racialized stereotypes of the angry black female or the fiery latina.

I is well aware more polite, especially as a wealthy east coast liberal elitist jewess, to say that zen came for me with the accomplishment befriending the trainer, a not easy human to befriend( which I did, love you Dave !), or with the accomplishment of being able to go four minutes in the ring without feeling like I was going to puking( which I could ).

But truly, I can tell you exactly when I discovered my peace, and theres nothing polite about it. It was a moment six months in the making.

When I initially came in for my first workout ever there was one other person who happened to be starting that day as well, Alan. Alan had been brought there by a fellow bro who had been boxing for a few months. As I nervously did arm stretches I remembered from secondary school PE class waiting for instructions received from the trainer, I overheard these two nincompoops say to each other, How is she planning on box with those boobs? And then they giggled. Like a bunch of buttheads. And I never said anything to anyone about it.

About six month afterwards, Alan presented up at the same workout as me and I watched him for a few rounds. I realized I could beat the shit out of him. I imagined is available on the ring with him, and it became immediately clear how quickly I would dominate him and give him a real whopping.

And I didnt have to say anything, or do anything. I wanted to hurt no one, including Alan. But in recognizing also that I could beat this kids ass, I had find power. And in my power, I eventually observed my peace.

Im never going to fight Alan, hell at this phase it wouldnt even has become a fair matchup, but knowing I dont have to always operate and hide, that I have the capacity to slug someone, even if it is accidentally myself, is like liberty to me.

Story soundtrack

For a year, I have listened to this song every day as I enter the boxing warehouse

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It seems like everywhere you look there’s some aspect of culture there to tell you that you are not beautiful. Your scalp is blemished, your hair needs to be straighter, your wardrobe better and your teeth whiter. Your body could be a bit tighter and you could stand to lose a few pounds. But you’re beautiful as you are , not because you’re everyone’s type or because you definitely sounds like the girl in the way ads. You’re beautiful because you’re you, because nobody else can be you. You can’t be replaced.

Somehow wanting to look good is even more serious business when you’re a gay male who simply wants to be loved. For the longest period I’ve fought with the style I look. I know I’m funny. I know I’m smart. And I know I can work a looking. But I’ve spent so much time in my boy-crazy, sexually active life wondering if guys find me attractive. I see their profiles explaining in precise detail that they only want other masculine guys( I don’t give a shit about masculinity) or that they don’t like campy guys( I love being a total fag ), so it’s always been hard for me to see where I fit into the box.

Eventually I just stopped caring. I stopped caring about what other people think about me and my body and my performance of gender. I learned that beauty isn’t about whether you look like the guys in the porn or if you get hit on every second of everyday. Beauty is not about unblemished scalp or pearly white teeth or about getting 55 messages on Grindr all at once. Beauty is what you do to make yourself feel good, for. Beauty is when you are confident and stop caring about what other people think and when you stop trying to fit into narrow, pre-defined boxes of what beauty entails.

Even the most beautiful people — folks you look at and think, wow, they must have it easy because they are so good-looking — have their own body image issues. I once went on a date with a guy from Eastern Europe who was so good-looking my heart was racing the whole hour we talked. He was tall and smelled so nice and when he talk I insured his mouth move but actually I was just staring at his beautiful face.

He later told me he felt ugly and I was so shocked.

“What?!” I said.” YOU? But you are extremely good-looking .” He wasn’t hearing it.

There are some days when you’re just not going to feel all that great. We all have them. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day, or maybe it’s grey out and you’re just generally feeling sort of’ meh’ about everything. Beauty won’t come out of a box or off of a garment rack. Beauty is not a diet, a body type or a workout routine. Beauty is what you do to feel good for you.

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1. Stop ingesting caffeine

Although people think they perform better on caffeine, the truth is, they actually dont. Actually, weve become so dependent on caffeine that we use it to simply get back to our status-quo. When were off it, we underperform and become incapable.

Isnt this absurd?

With healthy eating, sleep, and workout, your body will naturally render far more and better energy than caffeine could ever offer. Give it up and see what happens. You will probably get withdrawal headaches. But after a few days, youll feeling amazing.

2. Pray or meditate morning, mid-day, and night

In a recent interview at the Genius Network mastermind event, Joe Polish asked Tony Robbins what he does to get focused. Do you meditate? What do you do? Joe asked.

I dont know that I meditate. I dont know that I want to meditate and think about nothing, Tony answered, My goal is clarity.

Instead of full-on meditation, Tony has a morning routine that includes several breathing exerts and visualization techniques that get him to a country of clarity and focus. For me, I use prayer and mull( my version of meditation) as the same vehicle.

Whatever your approach, the goal should be clarity and focus. What do you want to be about today?

What few things matter most during the next 24 hours?

Ive gotten the best outcomes as my morning prayer and meditation are motivational; my afternoon prayer and meditation are strategic; and my evening prayer and meditation are evaluative and educational.

3. Read 1 volume per week

Ordinary people attempt amusement. Extraordinary people seek education and learning. It is common for the worlds most successful people to read at least one book per week. They are constantly learning.

I can easily get through one audiobook per week by just listening during my commute to school and while walking on campus. Taking even 15 -3 0 minutes every morning to read uplifting and instructive information changes you. It sets you in the zone to perform at your highest.

Over a long enough period of time, you will have read hundreds of volumes. Youll be knowledgeable on several topics. Youll gues and watch the world differently. Youll be allowed to make more connections between different topics.

Reference # 19 on this list if you feel youre too busy to read one book per week. There are methods to make this task exceedingly easy.

4. Write in your periodical 5 minutes per day

This habit will change your life. Your publication will 😛 TAGEND Clear your feelings serving as your personal therapist Detail your personal history Enhance your imagination Ingrain and improve your learning Help you get lucidity on the future you want to create Accelerate your ability to manifest your goals Increase your gratitude Improve your writing abilities Lots more Improve digestive efficiency Increase mental clarity Increase physical and mental vigor Remove toxins Improve vision Give a general impression of well being Being a better planner Being holistically healthier as individuals Getting better sleep More optimistic, satisfied, and conscientious Increased memory Longer life Lessened inflammation Increased creativity Increased attention and focus Lessened fat and increased muscle mass with workout Lower stress Lessened dependence on stimulants like caffeine Lessened hazard of getting into accidents Lessened hazard of depression Eat at least 40% of your breakfast calories as protein Do it with two or three whole eggs( each egg has about 6g protein) If you dont like eggs, utilize something like turkey bacon, organic pork bacon or sausage, or cottage cheese Or, you could always do a protein shake with water It boosts HDL( good) cholesterol and simultaneously blocks LDL( bad) cholesterol buildup It has special fats that help you burn more fat, have more energy, and maintain healthy weight It fights aging and maintains you appearing and feeling young It reduces fever and acts as an anti-inflammatory It is antibacterial and thus wards off possible sickness It improves memory and cognitive functioning( even for people with Alzheimer’s) It can boost testosterone for both men and balance healthy hormones level for both men and women Help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory cancers Guard against oxidative cellular injury from everyday cellular upkeep and exposure to chemicals and pollution. Faith is the starting point of all accumulation of riches! Faith is the basis of all miracles and mysteries that cannot be analyzed by the rules of science! Faith is the element that transforms the ordinary vibration of believe, created by the finite mind of man, into the spiritual equivalent. Faith is the only agency through which the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used. Faith is the element, the chemical which, when mixed with prayer, dedicates one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. $11.85 trillion in debt An increase of 1.4% from last year $918.5 billion in charge card debt $8.09 trillion in mortgages $1.19 trillion in student loans An increase of 5.9% from last year In a free-market economy, everyone can make as much money as they want. Your background, highest level of education, or IQ is irrelevant when it comes to earning money. The bigger their own problems you solve, the more fund you attain. Expect to make lots of fund. Guess BIG: $100,000, $500,000, or why not$ 1 million? What you focus on expands. If you believe in scarcity, youll have little. If you believe there is limitless abundance, youll attract abundance. When you create incredible value for others, you have the right to make as much money as you want. Youre not going to be discovered, saved, or made rich by someone else. If you want to be successful, you have to build it yourself. 71 percentage of bed makers consider themselves happy While 62 percent of non-bed-makers are unhappy Bed makers are also more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exert regularly, and feel well rested Whereas non-bed-makers dislike their jobs, rent apartments, avoid the gym, and wake up tired.


I woke up and showered and wrote a doctor who practises not far from my apartment. Over the last ten years, I’ve been a transplant, I told her. I’ve lived in five cities, never coping well, never braced with any enthusiasm to stay.

My real life, I’ve always imagined, will begin once I graduate and, when I wasn’t in school, it was after my boxes were unpacked, once the cardboard was broken down, the books shelved, the paintings matted and hung on freshly coated walls. It was a matter of when the vitamins would kick in, when I’d start juicing, begin running, sleep sooner, wake earlier.

It was always a matter of time and some doing and one day.

This isn’t how life will actually be , not after I graduate and move to a new city and move in and make friends and develop roots and workout and begin cooking and start getting paid what I’m worth and have enough money and then when I’m doing all the various things that’ll make me feel like I’m a real, respectable adult.

Once I begin doing all the various things that’ll induce me acceptable. Worthy. Valued.

This is exactly how I reasoned away my twenties, by telling myself that life would then be beautiful and my accomplishments then courageous and my lifestyle then applaudable, once I start living, which will be happening soon, very soon.

I knew that, too. Or, I felt like I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my body, that I was resisting the very best path. And I considered so much to, watched that nothing was happening, that I was not challenging myself as I needed to.

But, even then, that wasn’t enough to arouse me into action or energize me toward my goals. It’s difficult to explain genuinely. Maybe it’s just that the more you wait to become some route, the more you lose your capacity to believe you can become any other way at all.

It happens over day. That spark in your belly, that dream within reach, it begins to dissolve, eaten away by a hatred we never had before, a hatred toward ourselves, a hatred that we’ve come into in a sobering moment of insight.

The sobering insight is all of this, that day isn’t what we’re up against, what we’re up against is our disinterest in being more useful.

Somehow, in our twenties usually, we slip beyond logic and self-control and started to dream , not in an inspired style, but in a way that is impossible, in a way that begins with if or when. The if-when thinking that I participated in has always involved the narrative of readying myself, requiring day or in due time, rather than taking life on from where I was.

I didn’t see it then, that where we are is actually our only chance. And , what happened is that in having my blinders up, I became devoured with future thinking and, awash in a tsunami of self-doubt, put off tackling what living in the now means for me, what that asks of me also.

I guess I’ve been a slowly turning page, a narration of not yet enough. I’ve been hopeful and yearn, longing for a greater-than-myself-dreaminess, an immediacy down in my feet, an empowering optimism that I once could call upon at whim.

While emotionally stable, I’m reaching out to you as a precautionary incentive. This is what I wrote the doctor. I’m reaching out to you because I’m afraid of my own unhappiness. Because my friends and family are telling me the same thing, that I shouldn’t wait until I need you.

So I’m reaching out to you for the above reasons, because I want to start doing what I’ve never done. I want to not await. At twenty-seven, I know by now that I can’t afford to go on awaiting, especially not when it’s a matter of livelihood.

And while stable is good and fine, it really isn’t a word that has much life to it. And that’s all I’ve ever been after, anyway, my own liveliness. That’s still my goal. To not wait for soon, for when I will be ready and I will be better and life will be real and applaudable and brilliant.

Because this happening to me right now is my real life. This is it. We can’t wait for our life to begin because our life never simply begins but rather is always there waiting for us to begin to join it.

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He feigned like he was going to do push-ups, but watch what he does instead …

This multi-tasking father takes his at-home workout routine pretty seriously. While he’s get buff, he also stimulates sure to show his newborn girl some lovin’ in between each rep with a precious little smooch on the lips. As she giggles and smiles at her adoring daddy, he even switches it up with a few ticklish tummy kisses.

Prepare yourself, because you’re about to watch 25 of the most Ahhh-DORABLE push-ups that this world has ever seen !!

Source: Push-Ups With My Baby Girl by ViralHog on Rumble

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1. ” Okay, it’s only 1am, I can still get six hours of sleep if I go to sleep right now .”

2. ” Were they faking that orgasm ?”

3. ” What are my student loan pays going to be ?”* Does computations .*” I have no idea what I’m doing .”* Keeps thinking about it anyway .*

4. * Remembers the time that Imade a joke during a date Iwere looking forward to and it fell flat .* “Ugh.”* Continues thinking about that for twenty minutes .*

5. ” I haven’t called my mother in weeks. She’s probably very disappointed in me. She likely supposes I take her for awarded and don’t care about her. I am a terrible person .”

6. * Considers calling mother at 1 in the morning .*” Perhaps this qualifies as an emergency .”

7. * Realizes you’d merely scare her. Build a mental note to bellow her tomorrow .*

8. * Immediately forgets this mental note .*

9. ” Is 28 too late to get married? Am I weird because all my friends are wedded at 25 ?”

10. ” How many newborns do married couples have now ?”

11. ” How do couples know what a normal amount of babies is ?”

12. * Realize that thesheets need changing .*” If I change my sheets will I be able to get to sleep faster? Is it worth it to get up and change my sheets right now ?”* Considers the cost/ reward ratio of changing the sheets for longer than it would take to just change them .*

13. ” I wonder if my boob are firm enough .”* Wonders how a perfect firmness could be described. Decides there is no perfect firmness but still wonders if herboobs are the correct firmness. Repeats for 15 minutes .*

If you are a man then replace boobs with penis or pecs.

14. ” I have a undertaking but is my degree actually worthless? Am I inducing the most money I’ll ever make right now ?”

15. * Mentally repeats all the things professors have said about your degree not being worthless .*

16. ” Did my profs just tell me my degree isn’t worthless because it was also their degree ?”

17. * Decides they wouldn’t lie but then reconsiders that theymight lie .*

18. * Feels dooooomed .*

19. ” Oh God, I can count the number of times I’ve gotten real exert over the last three months on one hand .”

20. * Adds up the entire amount of money spent on the gym .*

21. ” Do the people who work at the gym keep track of when I run? Am I on some listing they’ve made of people who pay to go the gym but never run? Am I on an’ moron slacker list ‘?”

22. ” How much money am I wasting by not going to the gym ?”* Does computations .*” I’m spending 35 bucks per workout. That’s insane. I should resolve to run more !”

23. * Begrudgingly accepts that thegym membership will merely lapse. RIP gym membership .*

24. ” Okay, it’s just 2am, I can still get five hours of sleep if I go to sleep right now .”

25. ” Is my oven on? The last time I cooked was three days ago. Has my oven been on for three days ?”

26. ” Did I miss anything on my to-do list? Do I have too many things on my to-do list? I’m going to be depleted tomorrow, I should go easy on myself tomorrow and put some things off. Is that lazy? I better not take anything off .”

* Remembers that the to-do listing underwent similar revisions last night .*

27. ” Do my coworkers like me or do they just put up with me? They didn’t tell me about going to the bar last Thursday. Am I a pariah? Am I the person that people feel obligated to invite because they’re so pathetic ?”

28. * Remembers that one time in high school when thingsfelt the same way .*

29. * Decides that life is just like high school, forever .*

30. ” What was that noise? Was that glass? Someone outside? Is this how break-ins start? Am I going to die? … Oh, it’s the cat, okay. There’s a lot of places people could hide in this apartment. How do I know someone isn’t already here ?”

31. ” God, I can’t believe I get so drunk two weeks ago. I only would shut up. I must have been hollering at everyone there without knowing. I’m sure I was annoying everyone. No wonder( insert person’s name here) wouldn’t talk to me. I’m a ogre. Is this how alcoholism starts ?”

32. * Remembers every embarrassing bar moment ever .*” This is why I am single. I am unlovable .”

33. ” If I get drunk right now would I go to sleep faster? Do I have time to get drunk ?”

34. * Remembers that Mom and Dad already had a kid at your age .*” They didn’t get any sleep at my age so I’m normal, right ?”

35. ” Alright, 3am , no one’s ever died from too little sleep have they? Didn’t they do Army experiments on this or something? Wasn’t it proven that you can live on four hours of sleep ?”

36. ” I should reset my alarm for a half hour later and I’ll just really be extra fast in the morning to make up for it .”* Resets alarm .*” If I’m honest, I truly might not hasten .”* Sets the alarm back to where it was .*

37. * Stares at the ceiling. Sighs. Flips the pillow and rolls over .*” God, my sheets are filthy. Is this who I am? Am I just going to go on sleeping in dirty sheets for the rest of my life? Is my whole life this filthy ?”

38. ” Do I really require a Netflix account? Perhaps I would be able to sleep if I minimise everything in my life? Perhaps Netflix is stressing me out? Maybe I should do more yoga. I love the proportion at the end where everyone sort of goes to sleep on the mats like in kindergarten .”

39. ” I wonder what happened to all the people Iwent to Kindergarten with. I could seem them up on Facebook right now but what would I tell? I’m so boring, they’d just think I was creepy and possibly a serial killer .”

40. * Overcomes defying get your phone out. Scrolls Facebook, is of the view that no one else is posting and is probably asleep. Feels alone in the world .*

41. * Opens Instagram .*” These people’s lives are better than mine. These people never have trouble sleeping. They sleep like kale infused babies .”

42. * Opens Twitter. Closes Twitter .*

43. ” Should I tell people on Snapchat that I can’t sleep? Will they feel sorry for me? Will that induce me go to sleep? Will anyone answer? Is thiswhat it feels like to be the last person on Earth .”

44. ” I should turn off my phone. I swear, I’m always on my phone. Is it the blue lighting? Is this why I can’t sleep? Am I doing this to myself ?”

45. ” Did she subtweet me ?”

46. ” Am I saving enough money? Going to the bar and not saving fund is okay, right? I’m young, I’m supposed to be having fun! Should I be getting ahead of video games? Am I making the same mistakes everyone else is without knowing it ?”

47. * Ruminates endlessly about fund and retirement. Feels the rat race descend like a swarm of locusts( or rats ). Audibly says “no” to anempty bedroom to stop the oncoming panic attack .*

48. * Flips the pillow again and rolls over .*” Okay, it’s 4am … should I only get up ?”

49. ” I should call into work. No, I’d probably just sleep too late and not be able to sleep tomorrow. I has responsibility. I’m an adult. I have a job. I have responsibilities .”* Falls asleep thinking about what being an adult entails .*

50. * Sleeps through thealarm clock at 7am. Gets up and rushings to work. Arrives 10 minutes late. Blames traffic .*

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1. Not everything is meant to be, but if you want something enough, theres nothing stopping you from trying to chase it down.

2. Hearing no is not ever as bad as you think its going to be. Yes, in the moment it hurts, it stings, its painful. And then, a few weeks later, it isnt as painful. And a few days after that, it hurts even less. The lesson? You recover.

3. Even though asking for a second chance is scaring, its better to ask than to regret the fact that “youve never” asked.

4. In terms of love, life is nothing like Sex and the City. The characters you want to show back up in their own lives sometimes wont. The characters you wish would stay away have a knack for showing up. You cant change the style other people act, but you can change your perspective on it, and choose not to be bothered by an exs antics.

5. When person pushes you away, you need to let them have their distance, because prodding them wont help the situation. This is as true in the working world as it is in the dating world. You dont wishes to text someone too many times , nor do you want to follow up too soon.

6. Inducing a comeback doesnt have to be an elaborated, planned out scheme. Sometimes its as simple as demonstrating person, softly and politely, that you deserve another chance.

7. Nothing is more important than having a support system of people who will be there for you at rock bottom. Chasing friends who dont am worried about you enough is not nearly as worth your time as investing time into friendships that are built to last.

8. Your family can be very disappointed in you occasionally, but it will rarely be because of failure. As long as youre trying your best , not meeting your goal isnt something theyre holding against you, even if you come from a strict family.

9. If someones mind is made up before you approach them, that is not your fault. If someone is on the fence, or open minded, then you should take the opportunity to nation your occurrence. If person already dislikes you, the best you can do is pretend that hostility doesnt exist, and not feel bad about yourself if things dont run your way.

10. Many great connects have been formed by someone sending an email they thought was a complete shot in the dark.

11. Getting hurt whether emotionally, or get physically injured is not something you can move passed without tackling. If you hurt yourself playing lacrosse, you cant always be back on the field the next day. You need to give yourself time to heal, retrieve, and rehabilitate before you get back out there.

12. The same is true emotionally. As much as you want to rushed the mending of a broken heart or wounded pride, it often doesnt work like that.

13. Hard work pays off, but its easy to lose sight of that when youre overworked, or working a mile-a-minute. The fact is, your work may not pay off when you expect it to, and that can be hard to stomach. Its too easy to get impatient. But you need to have faith in your work, and believe that it is taking you somewhere.

14. Establishing a routine for when youre having a difficult day will help knock you out of a funk. For example, if you get home, are feeling down about whatever happened in your day, and cant figure out what to do to cheer yourself up, you can end up building yourself feel worse. However, if you have a go-to activity( a favourite meal you like to cook, a place you like to order food from, taking a bath, doing a workout, etc .), youll be allowed to snap yourself out of a mood quicker than you otherwise would.

15. As Coldplay often reminds us, get what you want and get what you need are two very different things, and sometimes its hard to distinguish between the two until after the fact.

16. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of strength and humility.

17. Similarly, when people make you feel like an moron for asking a very fair topic, its not worth paying too much attention to their attitude. It wont help you to lament over person being abrupt or rude to you. You cant do anything to change their behavior. Just let mean people be entailed, and know that their shittiness cant affect your mood unless you let it.

18. Whether you like it or not, timing plays a role in pretty much everything, and its hard to work against shitty timing. The easiest style to navigate around bad timing is to anticipate it and be prepared, though this is admittedly easier said than done.

19. At some points in life, it will feel like everyone else is getting what they want getting ahead at work, buying a home, getting married, gaining influence except you. This is in your head, and even if youre not having your best year yet, the luck youre having isnt permanent.

20. Depicting people kindness will always get you farther than demonstrating people your unhappiness, discontent, and displeasure. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt politely voice fears if you have them. You need to stick up for yourself.

21. Even when you dont feel like you need to cover your ass, encompass your ass. After you fail or get hurt enough times, you learn the importance of protecting yourself.

22. You. Need. To. Stay. Humble.

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Why hit the treadmill again when you are able to burn calories the fun way-by taking a trampoline or trapeze class? If youre receiving yourself constantly dreading the trip-up to the gym, it might not be that youre lazy but only that youre bored of your particular routine. So in the spirit of maintaining life interesting, weve teamed up with Perrier-the perfect, refreshing compliment to any workout-to “ve brought you” some of the most fun fitness trends in existence.


Next to skydiving, trapeze is about the closest you can get to flying. In the past few years, its gained popularity in cities across the U.S ., meaning its more likely than ever theres a class in your area.

2. Trampoline

Remember how fun jumping on the bed was as a kid? Now there are actual classes you are able to attend to jump around on trampolines, and theyre purported to burn around 500 calories per session. To those luck few who have one in their own backyards, dont let it go to waste!

3. High Intensity Hip Hop

Hip-hop dance has always been one of the most fun ways to break a sweat. Now its one of the most intense, too. Xtreme Hip Hop with Philone of the leaders of the hip-hop-as-hardcore-workout trend-is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but tours all over the country. Check the dates to see if its going near you.

4. Aerial Ribbon

Often taught by former gymnasts and circus professionals, aerial ribbons or textiles is a beautiful blend of workout and art. Hanging upside down, in inverted divides, or other difficult postures, youll tone your muscles while feeling like a real performer. Places such as Body& Pole in New York offer classes for a variety of skill levels.

5. Surfing on land

Surf training classes give you the leaning, well-defined build of a pro surfer while sparing you the fear of sharks and salt in your eyes. Surfset Fitness offers classes all over the world. Find the closest one to you here .

6. Capoeira

Capoeria is a very old form of Brazilian martial art, blending dance, acrobatics, music, and competitor. Its incredibly fast-paced and fun to watch. If you take a class, expect quick, complex movements, stretching, and maybe even some singing.

7. Slacklining

Similar to tightrope stroll, slacklining involves balancing on a special type of rope thats anchored between two points. Because you are able to situated it up anywhere( picture a beautiful clearing in a park or forest ), its one of the most versatile workouts there is. Just be sure to pack a picnica bottle of refreshing Perrier sparkling water will maintain you hydrated and happy.

8. AcroYoga

AcroYoga mixes the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. If you find yourself loving one of the classes, try the AcroYoga Festival in Oregon( October 9-11 ). Its three full days of intense practise and exploration.

9. Dodgeball

Any activity that reminds you of recess probably spells good time, but if you were never a big team athletics person, or got a little rusty in the decade or so since you last played, dodgeball is by far the easiest to pick up again. Go all out and organize a team, don knee-high socks, sweatbands, and neon short shorts. Or volunteer at local schools and gain some karma while youre at it.

10. Swaying Dancing

Of all the amazing, recreational dances out there, swaying might be the most fun one for beginners. Stick at it for a bit, and youll either be swaying person through the air or getting sway around. Who knew that was a workout?

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1. Use good-quality moisturizer on your face every morning, every night, or, if you live in a dry, cold climate, both.

2. Unfollow all of the Instagram accounts and Facebook friends that make you feel like shit. Unsubscribe to all of the random-ass e-newsletters that show up in your inbox even though you dont remember signing up for them.

3. Color. Adult coloring volumes are becoming increasingly popular because theyre amazing.( Yes, thats subjective, but youd be amazed by how relaxed you can feel coloring in a beautiful and intricate page with colored pencils .)

4. Set aside time to only sit by yourself and remain silent. Schedule yourself into your day. Use the time alone to meditate, read, breathe, take a bath, or, if youre actually exhausted, to take a nap.

5. Write down what youre going to accomplish at the beginning of every work day( or the night before, if it will help you sleep better ).

6. Be aware of what youre putting into your body. You dont need to only ingest health foods, but make a conscious effort to drink a lot of water, and balance out your meals.

7. Save more money. You dont have to aggressively save every month, but make a conscious effort to give yourself a savings objective, and then try to meet it. At the end of each month, evaluate whether you actually followed through.

8. Dress appropriately for the weather. You dont need to look like a knockout in a hat, gloves, scarf and windbreaker. You only need to stay warm.

9. Stop to smell the flowers when someone is selling them at your local market.

10. Reading one article per day that you really enjoy.

11. When you talk to your mom, father, siblings or friends on the phone, actually take the time to tell them what happened during your day. Ask about their day. Dont spend the entire dialogue looking at your work emails.

12. When there are important software updates for your phone or computer, download them when youre supposed to. Youll waste less time wanting to throw your phone against the wall because its loading so slowly.

13. When someone offers you a bite of their food, say yes.

14. Assess your flaws on a regular basis. Realize what youre doing wrong. Keep your own behavior in check.

15. But dont be too hard on yourself. When youre unbelievably harsh on someone, realize that you couldve approached the situation in a kinder way. When you put in a really hard day of run and not everything goes according to plan, dont beat yourself up over it.

16. Stimulate popcorn on the stave top.

17. Look nice on days when you have nothing special going on. You dont always have to dress up for a date, or an important meeting. You dont need to dress up just for the compliments. Pick a day, and dress up because you wanted to look good.

18. Buy quality ingredients at the grocery store so that youre excited about the food youre cook for dinner. Nothing brightens up a dinner like pesto, good bread, or a fresh vegetable.

19. Get a lot of sleep when youre not feeling well. Stop running yourself into the ground when your body feelings weak, you have a bad headache, or you feel a cold coming on. Listen to your body and get into bed. Stimulate yourself some tea. Have some Vitamin C.

20. Listen to comedy in the car, or on the Subway. LOL while no one is watching.

21. Take a workout class “youre feeling” completely ridiculous signing up for. Try hip hop, zumba, or kickboxing. If you cant get a friend to do it with you, only be brave and go alone.

22. Stop showering every day( unless you have really thin hair ). Its better for your skin and your hair if you rain less frequently. You dont need to grow dreadeds( though feel free to ), but you should try cleaning your hair every second day.

23. Re: hair care, use the over-ripened avocados in your fridge as shampoo every so often. Your hair actually will turn out shiny AF.

24. Smile at little kids. Smile at adults. Stop pursing your lips at strangers who are walking on the wrong side of the street. All your doing is giving yourself premature wrinkles.

25. Sit up straight.

26. When youre listening to someone talk, actually listen. You will get so much more out of your experiences with people if youre fully engaged, instead of only half-listening while you think about what youre going to say next.

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