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Remember back in the working day, when we would ask all our friends if they had AIM? Stimulating our “away messages” before school was a must, and asking our middle-school crush what his or her screen name was seemed to be the struggle of a lifetime.

My first screen name was “TotallyCrazy4U, ” and it still attains me wince. “CrazyItalianGirl”came shortly after. Thank God that was all only a phase.

Those were much simpler days. Those were the working day when I didn’t have to hold my breath while I kept scrolling 62 weeks into my hot chemistry teacher’s Instagram account. Yes, I said chemistry teacher. I am better at analyse than the FBI. It’s a gift, really.

Today, everyone has an Instagram. People are even creating accounts for their adorable newborn babies and puppies( which I may or may not be guilty of ). If you scroll through Instagram as much as I do, you’re bound to come across some of those Instagram-famous people. You only can’t look away, but you have no notion how or why these people have 9,603 followers.

Regardless of what you’re into, here is a list of five famous Instagrammers who are giving me all the feels 😛 TAGEND

1. #EverythingGoals

This woman, tammyhembrow, is a flawless Australian mommy who, even when she’s seven months pregnant, is still goals AF. I’m pretty sure the only reason she has 2.4 million followersisher looks.

Look at how perfect her 1-year-old son, Wolfe, is. Oh, maybe another reason she’s so famous is her booty-building program, which everyone has appeared to be obsessed with. Whatever it is, I’m still questioning why I can’t wake up with her life and hunk of a husband.

You go, daughter. Teach me your ways.

2. Fit, Thick And Damn Proud

Fitandthicktiffis a fitness guru who’s all about motivating her 16,000 adherents to embrace their curves. Her account is full of progress photos, snack prep ideas and her own workout videos.

In a society where everyone is preoccupied with thigh gaps, this famous Instagrammer is all for thick thighs and loving her body , no matter what shape it is. If you’re looking for some daily gym motivation while you’re on your third row of Oreos, this account is honestly all you need.

3. Paging Doctor Grey

OK, I’m fully aware this account may not be for everyone. But I’m obsessed.

Mrs_angemiis a spouse, mom and human dissector. This autopsy specialist is dedicating her 828,000 adherents an in-depth look on what life looks like after demise for the human body.

Her pathology page is full of real medical photos, and it’s taken from a pathologist’s point of view. Here, she explains what happens to the human body after demise and dissection.

This account gives us a different perspective on what our bodies definitely sounds like from the inside out. If you’refascinated with all things medical, this page will keep you up for hours while you’re endlessly scrolling.

4. BRB, Sephora Trip

Yes, I’m fully aware there are a million makeup artists all over Instagram and YouTube. But this one has me doing a smokey eye when I just go out to buy toilet paper. This Los Angeles makeup artist has tallied up 820,000 adherents with her unique seems, sick lip penetrate and perfect makeup skills.

Ourfazinaliis all about big lips, big sunglasses and even bigger lashes. What more could we perhaps want?

She is currently generating her own lipstick shade which I’m low-key fangirling over since she is the only makeup artist I know who can pull off lip colorings, such as mustard and turquoise, while looks a lot like a bad bitch. Her makeup styles are so bold, they’ll have you making your fifth Sephora run this week.

5. He put a ring on it.

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this Instagram account will have you feeling both hopeless and romantic. Howheaskedis the only site that will attain you scream daily.

This page has over 1,000 wedding proposal tales. Half of this account’s 442,000 adherents swoon, while the other half wonder why their humen aren’t as romantic.

They also have a website, so all you #engagedand #blessedfolk can submit your own stories. This account has the best #ringspiration, too.

These accounts will add a little bit of glam, motivating, romance and even gore to your Insta feed. Each one is worthy of a follow.

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Its fall and if you dont know what that entails, you live under a rock a big boulder where you dont have an Instagram and you dont follow every basic daughter who has ever lived on it.

Fall means drinking pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks just to take an Instagram, putting on your most festive flannel simply to take an selfie, hiking up to a pumpkin patch merely to post the scenery (# blessed to be here ), engraving a pumpkin just so you can show your Insta followers how funny and creative you are and raking a huge piling of leaves to jump in just to take an action shot.

I could go on forever. Seriously. Do we consider a trend here?

Fall is the time to be festive and filter the shit out of your life. It is the only day of the year that the colour scheme matches well with just about every Instagram filter including Valencia.

In all honestly, fall is just a naturally pretty season; we thank you Mother Nature.

How could you not enjoy insuring a timeline flooded with beautiful photos of bright orange and yellow leaves falling to the ground? And lets talking here pumpkins; they are seriously so fascinating and they photograph so well.

Not merely in my defense, but in the defense of every other basic girl whos ever posted a basic Instagram and had to hear shit about it from everyone including their own mother, its OKto post your very basic, very festive Instagram.

First of all, can we talk about the price of a pumpkin spice latte? Us basic girls drop a lot of money on cinnamon water with a splashing of milk just to post an Instagram. The median cost of a PSL at Starbucks is currently $5.25 for only a grande. Thats not even a large!

So please, next time you consider a PSL Instagram post understand that photo cost a lot to create.

Secondly, carving pumpkins is not that easy. Behind those artsy photos of a pumpkin with Kim Kardashiansface carved into it are a lot of bruised fingers and bloody hands.

Those special little craving knifes are not user friendly , nor are those stencils that are basically suppose to induce the image almost impossible to screw up.

So please understand, I employed my hands carving that pumpkin for more period than you will ever use your hands for “the worlds largest” good in your life. Yes, carving a pumpkin to post a photo to bless your timeline is for “the worlds largest” good.

Thirdly, do we really think a basic daughter knows how to do any yard run? The answer is no. Clearly , no. Even raking, which seems oh-so-simple is not a task for a basic gal to complete.

However, the foliages need to be arranged into a nice pile for a perfect photo so now I have to use a giant rake.

Lastly, in all of our defenses, do you understand how hard it is to take a decent photo at a pumpkin patch? Its almost as impossible as employing the pumpkin carving stencil the right way.

The illuminating has to be simply right, there cant be too many clouds in the sky and the sad appearing pumpkins that are bruised and covered in grime have to be completely moved out of the frame of the photo.

Oh, and all the parents running around after their screaming infants can ruin just about every photo. Appear how sick this image seems, oh wait that woman in the corner simply ruined it.

Weve all been there, and by there I mean the person who ruins a sick Instagram picture.

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Nobody knows discipline like Victoria’s Secret Angels, the models entrusted with wearing the lingerie brand’s famously flashy costumes down the runway once a year. From Alessandra Ambrosio to Jourdan Dunn, these dames boast an average of eight distinct abs per person. So, it merely attains sense for them to branch into workout content.

Vogue reports two of Victoria Secret’s newest angels, Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver, have launched an Instagram to document their grueling partner workouts both in and out of the gym. The pair lunge, timber and stone climb their style to the enviable bodies we love to drool over.

Because JoJa( yeah, that’s actually what they’re going with as a moniker) post lengthy descriptions of their training sessions, Instagram adherents are welcome to try their workouts at home.

The pair also encourages fans to mix up their cardio sessions, taking their buddy time to mountain hikes and scenic riverside spots. It’s no fun being in stuck in a darknes, sweaty cave of a gym on a summer’s day.

Skiver told Vogue,

One day, we started trying to do yoga poses together as a duo, then we started appearing online and were shocked and amazed at how many unique poses there were! We also thought it would be fun to create some on our own.

That’s when we built our funny, celebrity coupleesque name and made the account!

Ever stimulated excuses about why you don’t have a body that’s as fit as an Angel’s? Well, you’d require a personal stylist, cook and really good genetics.

But working out like these ladies could be a good start. It’s nice to see them putting an emphasis on fitness, as opposed to exactly how much chicken breast countings as a serve and when to discontinue eating solids before a runway show.

More of this, ladies.

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#artofboobs | by @jocalife

A photo posted by Tag A Buddy (@ art_of_boobs) on Jul 23, 2016 at 4:30 pm PDT


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Model Tagged on @boob. network

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Haley Smith’s Instagram is a masterclass in motivation.

She spent the year leading up to her wedding working on get healthy, and she ultimately lost over 100 pounds before her big day. She did so by eating healthy, exerting and detecting some A+ motive techniques.

“My journey truly started after my husband proposed to me back in July of 2015. I had always been trying to lose weight, but when I find the photos of the proposal, I freaked out, ” Smith wrote to Mashable .

“I didn’t recognize myself at all, and it really made me worry that I would feel that style about my wedding day, too. So I vowed to make a change so that I could be not only a happy bride, but happy with myself.

Smith, who is from Amarillo, Texas, documented the whole process on Instagram.

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Aug 16, 2016 at 9:05 am PDT

“When Matt proposed last year, I find my images and didn’t even recognize myself. My whole adult life, I have struggled with my weight, but this was my highest. I had let myself go and didn’t even realize how far I had gotten, ” Smith wrote on Instagram.

“On that day, I made up my mind to make a change. I was tired of hiding in images, get winded strolling across a parking lot, skipping out on activities, feeling lazy and most of all being embarrassed of myself.”

On her Instagram, Smith emphasizes that there isn’t only one weight loss technique that worked for her.

“No ONE thing made me how I am today, ” she wrote. “It was a combination of about every health and fitness option I could find. So don’t think there’s some magical pill, wrap, gym membership, dinner, vitamin, app, surgery, diet, workout, waist trainer, volume, hypnosis, shake, powder or anything else that will only do it for you.”

“It’s procuring your own style and using appropriate tools that work for you, ” Smith continued. “It’s attaining the right healthy options for your body. In the past year, I’ve made some big life options and huge lifestyle changes, and I couldn’t be more happy with myself. I still have a long way to go on this journey, and I’m not giving up.”

Smith told Mashable more about the techniques she found successful.

My biggest “technique” would be starting small and slow. I have tried all sorts of hard and fast diets, fads and workouts, but I always would get burnt out after a few weeks or so. This time, I decided I needed to construct manageable, realistic goals. I started with two habits – not eating after 8p m and merely eating out twice a week – and once I got those down, I started with two more. I began tracking every dinner in MyFitnessPal and logging my water uptake. I did the same on my exercising. I started with Couch-to-5k, running about 30 second intervals for a half hour, three times a week. Then I started to add some strength exerts, like push-up or crunch challenges. Eventually, I was alternating operated days with actually making the gym.

Some more of Smith’s lifestyle changes and motive tips-off include 😛 TAGEND

Eating healthy

Investing in a fitness watch

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Sep 12, 2016 at 7:42 am PDT

Rewarding herself for each weight loss goal

Setting monthly goals

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Oct 15, 2016 at 12:53 am PDT

Making an inspiration board

Laying out workout clothes

Sharing her journey on Instagram

To Smith, documenting her process on Instagram was the most motivating thing she did, she told Mashable .

Motivation has been tough, but my biggest assistance has been switching my Instagram over to a strictly fitness account. Once I had a few dozen( to eventually a few hundred) followers that were supporting and encouraging me, I felt like I couldn’t let them down either. Having that accountability along with thinking about different posts each day really made fitness and health stay at the forefront of my intellect. When that didn’t do it though, I’d decorate my scale or hang up motivational quotes around the house. Any little thing that could keep that fire burning was worth a try.

Smith and her husband Matt had their wedding this month.

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Oct 11, 2016 at 9:34 am PDT

Even though her weight loss journey is over, Smith is already keeping up her new healthy lifestyle even on their New Zealand honeymoon.

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1. Use good-quality moisturizer on your face every morning, every night, or, if you live in a dry, cold climate, both.

2. Unfollow all of the Instagram accounts and Facebook friends that make you feel like shit. Unsubscribe to all of the random-ass e-newsletters that show up in your inbox even though you dont remember signing up for them.

3. Color. Adult coloring volumes are becoming increasingly popular because theyre amazing.( Yes, thats subjective, but youd be amazed by how relaxed you can feel coloring in a beautiful and intricate page with colored pencils .)

4. Set aside time to only sit by yourself and remain silent. Schedule yourself into your day. Use the time alone to meditate, read, breathe, take a bath, or, if youre actually exhausted, to take a nap.

5. Write down what youre going to accomplish at the beginning of every work day( or the night before, if it will help you sleep better ).

6. Be aware of what youre putting into your body. You dont need to only ingest health foods, but make a conscious effort to drink a lot of water, and balance out your meals.

7. Save more money. You dont have to aggressively save every month, but make a conscious effort to give yourself a savings objective, and then try to meet it. At the end of each month, evaluate whether you actually followed through.

8. Dress appropriately for the weather. You dont need to look like a knockout in a hat, gloves, scarf and windbreaker. You only need to stay warm.

9. Stop to smell the flowers when someone is selling them at your local market.

10. Reading one article per day that you really enjoy.

11. When you talk to your mom, father, siblings or friends on the phone, actually take the time to tell them what happened during your day. Ask about their day. Dont spend the entire dialogue looking at your work emails.

12. When there are important software updates for your phone or computer, download them when youre supposed to. Youll waste less time wanting to throw your phone against the wall because its loading so slowly.

13. When someone offers you a bite of their food, say yes.

14. Assess your flaws on a regular basis. Realize what youre doing wrong. Keep your own behavior in check.

15. But dont be too hard on yourself. When youre unbelievably harsh on someone, realize that you couldve approached the situation in a kinder way. When you put in a really hard day of run and not everything goes according to plan, dont beat yourself up over it.

16. Stimulate popcorn on the stave top.

17. Look nice on days when you have nothing special going on. You dont always have to dress up for a date, or an important meeting. You dont need to dress up just for the compliments. Pick a day, and dress up because you wanted to look good.

18. Buy quality ingredients at the grocery store so that youre excited about the food youre cook for dinner. Nothing brightens up a dinner like pesto, good bread, or a fresh vegetable.

19. Get a lot of sleep when youre not feeling well. Stop running yourself into the ground when your body feelings weak, you have a bad headache, or you feel a cold coming on. Listen to your body and get into bed. Stimulate yourself some tea. Have some Vitamin C.

20. Listen to comedy in the car, or on the Subway. LOL while no one is watching.

21. Take a workout class “youre feeling” completely ridiculous signing up for. Try hip hop, zumba, or kickboxing. If you cant get a friend to do it with you, only be brave and go alone.

22. Stop showering every day( unless you have really thin hair ). Its better for your skin and your hair if you rain less frequently. You dont need to grow dreadeds( though feel free to ), but you should try cleaning your hair every second day.

23. Re: hair care, use the over-ripened avocados in your fridge as shampoo every so often. Your hair actually will turn out shiny AF.

24. Smile at little kids. Smile at adults. Stop pursing your lips at strangers who are walking on the wrong side of the street. All your doing is giving yourself premature wrinkles.

25. Sit up straight.

26. When youre listening to someone talk, actually listen. You will get so much more out of your experiences with people if youre fully engaged, instead of only half-listening while you think about what youre going to say next.

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