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There have been some crazy hypothesis as to just how armed robbers got into an extremely private hotel roomin Paris, wherethey stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from Kim Kardashian.

One theory even includes that it was Kris Jenners scheme all alongto overshadow Rob Kardashian and Blac Chynas baby Dream .

Since the terrifying theft, Kim Kardashian has avoided the public eye, halting her social media presence.

In fact, current realities TV star has only been seen in public three times since the crime. The only updates fans have received are from her popular app, which is being updated by her friends and family.

However, fans are starting to expect that Kim staged the robbery in order to get a butt reduction.

OK, perhaps theyre not really fans.

Pictures that were recently posted on Kims app by Robert Kardashian are being used as proof that the starring received a butt reduction and took the time away from the social eye to cover up her recovery.

I mean, perhaps its the slant?

You have to admit that certain differences is apparent.

However, you also have to admit that Kim Kardashian went through a terrifying experience, and she may have lost weight due to post traumaticstress.

And, if she did get a butt reduction, it is probably best for the mother-of-twos health.

Hawk-eyed fans have noticed an indent on her butt a number of hours, claiming that its from a botched butt job.

However, Kim says that she suffers from psoriasis, and has to get a cortisone shot to treat the skin condition.

Her dermatologist said that there would be a one in a million chance the shoot would cause an indent, and that is the reaction she had.

While it does look a lot smaller than back in the working day Kim K. could have just dropped a bit more of the baby weight from her pregnancy with her second child with Kanye West.

When You Realize You’ll Never Look Like Kylie Jenner

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Say what you want, haters.Kim Kardashian is a woman of many, many talents and successes. From reality TV indicates and MILF-filled music videos, to emoji keyboards and Vogue cover narratives, the 35 -year-old mother of two has done it all — except for one thing…

And no, it’s not a Forbes cover. She’s been there and done that.

So, what’s her latest venture? * drumroll, please *…

Well, she’s never written a cookbook before and there are talks that Kim might actually release one. With Chrissy Teigen and John Legend praising Kim Kardashian’s fried chicken, you can’t help but wonder what else Mrs. Kardashian West knows how to whip up in the kitchen.

These days, Kim’s been getting more and more comfortable with cook and it’s all thanks to Chrissy, John and Kanye’s love for her delicious dishes and her super-trendy #SoulFoodSundays meals.

According to Cosmopolitan, Kim’s been contemplating the believed to be authoring a cookbook filled with scrumptious recipes and she’s usingSnapchat to gauge her audience’s interest in her cooking skills.

A source close to the couple told the magazine,

Kim is starting to cook so much more than she has in her entire life. She’s actually deeming a cookbook, and she’s pretty serious about it. It all started with Kanye’s encouragement as he loved when she cooks him food.

Kim is also said to have been consulting with Chrissy Teigen who released her own cookbook called “Cravings.”

Hm, it seems like this Kim Kardashian cookbook thing might actually go down … And if it does , here are a few recipes we’d expect to see based on her recent, mouthwatering Snapchats.

Hearty oatmeal and fresh fruit.

Banana pudding.

Seasoned salmon and brussels sprouts.

Egg white frittata with feta cheese and veggies with turkey bacon.

Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and collard greens.

As for a release date on the rumored book? Time will certainly tell. Hopefully Kim can manage to be productive despite little North West putting her hands all over the food.

We’ll merely have to wait and see if Kim actually determined on induce her cookbook dream be submitted to life. Until then, it probably isn’t a bad idea to stick to the starlet’s intense diet and workout plan for the rest of the summer. Did you really suppose Kim stomached all of this food BY HERSELF ? Think again…

After all, Kim was able to lose seven pounds in just two days following her new fitness regimen!

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Hey guys, heres a fun fact for you: Kylie Jenner is an artist!

Yup, shes not just a reality superstar or lip kit guru; shes also Pablo Picassos reincarnation!

Want proof? You got it.

Tuesday afternoon, Kylie Jenner dedicated fans a sneak peekat a new project shes working on with photographer Sasha Samsonova.

The 19 -year-old posted an Instagram of her dres nothing but blue body paint. YUP, the girl is butt-naked dripping in acrylics. Shes got to have at least 12 layers of paint on her because that shit is thick AF.

This is basically Pablo Picassos Blue Nude artwork brought to life by Kylie Jenner. ISNT IT DEEP AF? What do you think it means?

It must be like, a route to highlight the deepest feelings shes feeling in her life or something. Its OK, Kylie, we are here for you!

Also, check out her matching lipstick. The girl is a walking Mona Lisa except Mona Lisa is fully clothed and has zero sex appeal. Well, perhaps she does, if youre into two-dimensional breasts and shit.

ANYWAY, Kylie Jenner isnt the first is part of her family to get entirely naked and cover her privates in toxic chemicals.

Kim Kardashiandid it too! Recollect when she sat alone in the middle of a desert with white paint covering her limbs and breasts? Throwbackkkk.

That was so hot!( And Im not talking about the climate, haha get onto? Cause like, desert ?)

This is what I look like at the end of summer when my body is bronzed but under my bikini is white AF.

Yes, I am trying to say Kim Kardashian and I have the same body. Were twins.

There was also that time she lied in a puddle of silver paint and it attained her head look disconnected from her metallic robot bod.

Good times.

Well ladies, thank you for the nice art history class.

I hope this didnt offend any art students out there. I analyse Fine Arts for four years and think Kylie and Kims naked bods would be a great addition to the curriculum.

Im kidding, sort of.

When You Realise You’ll Never Look Like Kylie Jenner

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Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, and numerous other reality superstars are hawking a dangerous and useless technique for losing weight.”>

More than half a million people liked Khlo Kardashians Instagram photo of herself wearing a waist trainer underneath her workout clothes when she posted it a few weeks ago. And more than 46 million people follow her. But if anyone were to imitate this particular painting , not only would they fail to become magically slimmer, they could severely hurt themselves.

If you wear[ a waist trainer] during exercise, it would probably compromise your ability to exercise at a high intensity, Dr. Caroline Apovian, director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center, told The Daily Beast. In extreme situations, you may injury your ribs.

Waist trainers are basically modern-day corsets that use latex to cinch the abdomen rather than bones and laces. In the last two years, they have become a fixture on social media, especially Instagram, where starrings falsely suggest that they can help women subtract inches from their measurements.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Farrah Abraham, and Lindsay Lohan have all hawked them on the image-sharing service, showing off dramatic hourglass figures and directing their adherents to online storefronts like, which promises that women who wear their shaping garment several hours a day can achieve permanent waist-reduction.

Its the 16 th century all over again, apparently. In fact, there is not much difference at all between latex waist trainers and old-fashioned corsets.

They work along the same lines, said Dr. Apovian. Both pose health risks in terms of constricting organs and bones too tightly. Neither will help to achieve weight loss.

And much like traditionalcorsetry, modern-day waist develop can damage your body, as the very best doctor advises. There are internal organs, after all, that take up space and cant be willed out of existence.

Waist trainers come with health risks if worn too tightly or too often, said Dr. Apovian. They can push the stomach beyond the diaphragm, causing reflux. They can also interfere with breathing.

Physicians are alsoconcerned about the negative effects of prolonged waist training on the spine, colon, liver, belly, and small intestines. A slim waist might look sexy but organ injury is definitely unattractive.

Even if you believe that beauty is pain, and that a Kardashians body would be worth an adverse health outcome or two, waist training will not permanently reshape your figure. Promises of permanent slimming are simply not grounded in fact.

Wearing a waist-trainer will construct the wearer seem thinner temporarily, Dr. Apovian noted, but there is no reason to believe that it would help to achieve permanent weight loss.

Medical experts have repeatedlywarned that waist training is neither safe nor effective, but the trend continues unabated. And while waist shapers dont work, the advertising for them certainly does. AsTeen Vogue reported, there are hundreds of thousands of photos tagged with #WaistTraining on Instagram.

Lost two inches in 2 week, social media personality Salice Rose recentlyclaimed, sporting a leopard-print shaper.

If you want to lose four inches off your trash, get you one, reality star Cardi B. wrote in the caption to herwaist train video, posted this Wednesday. I wear mine six hours daily, its not uncomfortable.

Its either you exert or you waist develop, bitch, Cardi B. advises at the end of her video.

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If youve been keeping up with Kim Kardashian lately, you know that shes been committed to an intensive fitness regimen following the births of her two children North and Saint West.

Her plan, which includes a 6am workout session, pilates and a strict Atkins diet, enabled the 35 -year-old star to lose seven pounds in merely TWO days.

Looking good, Kim!

In addition to her fitness schedule, she also makes a habit out of weighing herself every single day to keep on top of her figure.

Since committing to her new boot camp-worthy lifestyle, Kim has been able to shed over 70 pounds since her last pregnancy with 8-month-old Saint.

With all of this hard work to keep fit, you just have to wonder does Kim EVER get a cheat day in( and is she even human )?!

It seems like shes constantly talking herself off of a hypothetical ridge that leads to a cavity of glutenous glory.

After all, “shes been” triggering rumors about a possible cookbook thanks to the oh-so-inspirational Chrissy Teigen.

Shed have to have well-seasoned taste bud to accomplish that!

It turns out Kim Kardashian actually does have a mouthwatering cheat day meal to lean on whenever shes tired of her brutal Atkins diet.

This weekend, Kim captured her cheat day meal on Snapchat as she inhaled a juicy In-N-Out cheeseburger, cheese fries and a vanilla shake.

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It looks like Kim Kardashian is taking this whole waist-training thing pretty seriously.

The 35 -year-old star was spotted outside on a hot summertime day in Los Angeles sporting an unusual attire that takes her waist-training dedication to a whole new level.

Kim’s blacked-out look featured a long t-shirt, leggings, heels, a messy bun, a pair of oversized sunglasses and … a black waist-training corset.

A bit odd, isn’t it? Perhaps. But Kim seems to be making a statement. She’s extremely dedicated to her new fitness regimen.

Here’s the look.

After appearing in Fergie’s music video earlier this month, rumors swirled that Kim’s part in the footage had been Photoshopped beyond belief.

Once she came across the news, Kim took to her subscription app and website to reveal that there was no Photoshopping involvedin the flawlessness of her waist.Instead, Kim was accompanied by a glam squad who employed a corset trainer similar to the one inher latest look.

The proof…

It looks like Kim’s on pace to have the fittest waist in the game. But maybe keeping the corset UNDERNEATH her clothes is a better choicenext time?

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Between them, three taste-makers have created the most-copied attires of the year. So who are they?

Once upon a day, the red carpet was where we looked for celebrity style it was all about princess gowns, diamonds and the kind of hair that takes several hairdressers several hours to create. Unattainable, basically. But who wants to try to replicate that any more? These days, its all about the airport, the street, the gym, the selfie. So spare a thought for those working behind-the-scenes teams. Celebrities now have to look good they have to have A Look wherever, whenever. Off days are not an option. A focus on off-duty style demands a professional.

Enter a new breed of stylist who constructs sure the Gucci and the Thierry Mugler is laid down by for any photogenic stroll, green juice in hand, all to ensure their clients look is faithfully replicated. Theres the woman who helps Gigi Hadid, tell, appear the business whether at an award ceremony or flying out of the airport the day after. Or the one who helped turn Beyoncs dance studio workout conducted an investigation into Ivy Park. Or, indeed, the one who devoted Justin Bieber the wardrobe makeover to match the edgier voice of his Purpose album. Monica Rose, Karla Welch and Karen Langley are three names that “youre supposed to” have never heard of. But they have more influence on the way people dress than you realise. Heres how.

Karen Langley hotshot sportswear

Langley is creative director for Knowles Ivy Park label.

Langley styled Beyonc for the encompas of Dazed& Confounded in 2011 wearing Givenchy, with an ice-cream in her hand, a look of pure trashy Americana pop culture. Knowles has moved through several looks since then from sexy bombshell to borrowed-from-the-boyfriend football shirt – and some of them have come from Langleys very style-conscious brain, including the tough, spiky plaid shirt and denim hotpants in the Flawless video, which has become a uniform of young women everywhere. While the styling credits for Lemonade are Marni Senofontes, Langley is now doing good work as creative director for Knowless Ivy Park. The sportswear line very stretchy, very dance routine rehearsal-wear launched in April at Topshop and JD Sports, and immediately made everyone want to go to the gym. With Ivy Park, athleisure ultimately ran mass marketplace. It is thanks to them you are now actually wearing your leggings all day and have a name for it. LC

Monica Rose the high/ low ratio

Having attained her name styling Kim Kardashian, Rose now works with Gigi Hadid. Photograph: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images

There was a point in the mid-noughties when Kim Kardashian became less famous for what she wore and more famous for how she wore it. That moment came in 2007, after she was shot for a Complex magazine cover-up and garmented by jobbing stylist Monica Rose. The shoot was a cinch( underwear) but it constructed names of both Rose and Kardashian, who then started working together. The LA stylist has been working since 2003 but is now known for dressing people by body kind, as opposed to look she has worked with Jennifer Lopez, and more recently the Hadid sisters and the Kardashians. Rose follows a specific ratio of high/ low( three components Balmain to two parts American Apparel) but her overall seem is more accessible than that( winking and its the sort of thing you can see in-store at Topshop this season ). Its hardly subtle the focus is on bodycon, thigh flesh and gold, real eyes-on-stalk stuff with added Roseisms: chokers, always a waist, giant coat. But, in a roundabout way, its body-positive. MF

Karla Welch luxe-grunge

Welchs luxe grunge look for Justin Bieber. Photograph: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

The Justin Bieber model from 2014 was all slick edges, tailored leather and crisp white tees. Preened and preppy, Bieber looked very much like David Beckhams style heir apparent. Two year later, the look for his Purpose tour was a volte-face. Stylist Karla Welch choice 60 pieces for Biebers new luxe-grunge seem, which referenced the catwalk as much as River Phoenix and VHS-era skater videos. It started a menswear trend that can now be seen on the high street from Zara to H& M. It comprises flannelled and oversized garments alongside pieces from Jerry Lorenzos Fear of God label and vintage Saint Laurent, topped off by a spinning wheel of ever-changing hair styles( from ill-advised dreads to a bleached crop in the style of Lolly from Orange is the New Black ). Biebers move from stylists puppet to a more personalised, grown-up seem was very much Welchs plan. As she told way site Into The Gloss: I think you are your own business card. PE

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