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If you’ve ever been to a boot camp workout or tried a challenging HIIT circuit on your own, you know just how sweaty you can get when you challenge your body with these fast-paced workouts. But many people forget that a simple, and even slacken yoga flow can build you perspire like nobody’s damn business. As a yoga instructor, I love ensure the shocked look upon people’s faces when I tell them there are many yoga poses that attain you sweat way more than a lengthy treadmill sesh ever will.

Personally, I love transgressing a nice sweat before chilling out in savasana. But if you’re low-key pissed about purposefully drenching yourself in your own bodily fluids, perhaps you should remember that sweating during a workout is actually a good thing.

When you’re working hard and pushing your body, it can get overheated from current challenges. Sweat is just your body’s style of responding to these new challenges by maintaining your core temperature at a safe and steady level.

So, while you may be grossed out to see visible sweat stains left behind on your yoga mat after you finish your flow, simply remember that that is physical proof of how hard you’re working to strengthen and better your body.

Here are six yoga poses that are sure to build you sweat more than sprints and SoulCycle combined.

1. Downward Dog( Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Downward dog is a pose that is consistently returned to throughout a yoga practice. It may seem simple to some, but with a few tweaks, it can become one of the most challenging, sweat-infused asanas out there.

The key to violating a sweat in this bad boy is really engaging your legs, limbs, and core, and pushing into the mat with your widespread thumb tips-off while nudging your heels as close as they can get to the ground.

You can even add some movement here by flowing back and forth from a plank pose to down dog — if you’re up to the challenge, that is.

2. Boat Pose( Navasana)

Boat pose is no joke. Your legs will be shake, your abs will be burning, and your entire core will practically be praying for mercy.

And hey, you’ll even be channeling those literal boat vibes, if you think about your dripping perspiration as a body of water( too far ?).

3. Four-Limbed Staff Pose( Chaturanga Dandasana)

Make sure you keep your elbows as close to your body as is practicable in this yogi-style push-up, and try not to let your chest drop toward the floor.

For an extra sweaty faculty pose, try to raise your body back up without touching the ground, and sneak a couple more push-ups in there.

Side plank is a powerful limb and wrist strengthener. Its myriad of differences will stimulate you so sweaty, you might wonder if you accidentally signed up for hot yoga against your will.

Try out the classic, stacked-legs side timber first, and then transition to attempting to lift one leg for a serious core challenge.

5. Chair Pose( Utkatasana)

Utkatasana can sculpt your booties like no other type of squatting you’ve ever tried in their own lives. I know my students dislike me when I cue chair pose, but love me in the long run when they ensure all those #GluteGains.

As you sit deeper into your imaginary chair, and raise your chest higher, the pose will become more challenging and the sweat will be.

6. Handstand( Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Practicing inversions like handstand, for even simply a couple of minutes, will give your upper body a serious jolt of energy.

I know it’s easy to be intimidated by this asana, but remember there are many differences that use the support of a wall to help you build up the force required to nail a handstand with ease.

But with hard work comes all the sweaty vibes, so be sure to save your rain for your yoga flow.

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Have you ever supposed living your life is a full-time chore in and ofitself?

Think about it for a minute: Not merely do you work over 40 hours per week, but you also have to clean the house, do your laundry, grocery shop, take care of buying all your regular furnishes, plus then cook, clean the dishes, and try to get some sleep. No wonder more adults are running regularly on sleep deprivation.

The good news is that times have changed, and you no longer have to do it all on your own. Instead, there is a new breed of mail-order services that are quickly gaining popularity and building life easier for all users: the subscription order.

With so many options out there, how do you know which ones are going to fit your needs? The folks at have compiled a great list, including reviews, of some companies you may want to consider.

To help you narrow it down, here are 10 subscription categories you may want to look into and a few of the companies who offer subscription services for them:

Meal Subscriptions

One of the biggest consumers of personal time is preparing for and cooking snacks.

You have to plan what snacks you are going to have, shop for ingredients, set groceries away and then, pull the food out and prepare it.

Meal subscriptions help to cut the workout. Snacks are planned for you based your predilections, and you choose the number of dinners you want to have provided for you.

The various subscription services range from solelyrecipes to full meal prep, where all you have to do is cook your meal. Some of the dinner subscriptionsinclude Blue Apron, Home Chefand HelloFresh.

Snack Food Subscriptions

Everyone likes a snack here and again. One of current challenges with snacks is having a good various forms of selections that is also healthy.

This is where snack subscriptions can come in handy. Snacks from providers likeNatureBox, Grazeand Taste Trunkrange from nuts and dried fruit to sweet treats and everything in between. You are sure to find something for everyone with these options.

Personal Hygiene Subscriptions

Few people enjoy goingto the store and standing in long lines to buy razors, toothbrushes or feminine hygiene products.

Thankfully, you donthave to wait to run to the store and store to been a good bargain. Now, you can use services like Dollar Shave Club, Bokaand Le Parcel.

Beauty Product Subscriptions

Forget going to the store to search forbeauty products that are going to be good for your skin and in colors that complement you.

Many big retailers, includingWalmart and brands like Allureare joining the subscription-service club to better serve their clients. Anddontforget about the smaller players like Ipsy and Birchbox, too.

Fitness Subscriptions

Keeping in shape does not have to be a challenge , nor do you have to invest a boatload of money into different fitness products to find what will work for you.

Fitness subscriptions provide you with variousfitness products weight loss supplements, vitamin and energy supplements and fitness gear. These are a must have for every passionate athlete: BuluBox, RunnerBoxandYogi Surprise.

Clothing Subscriptions

Forget trying to keep up withthe latest fashion tendencies. With dres subscriptions like Five Four Club, Trunk Club, Manpacksand Fabkids, you and your entire household is likely to be have incredible clothes, in the latest styles, that meet your savours.

Cleaning Subscriptions

Who really wants to go to the store merely to pick up more dishwasher cleanser, laundry soap or window cleaner? Companies like Honest and Amazonhave stimulated these mundane errands super easy.

The Amazon Dash Button is a new idea for subscriptions, where it wontautomatically ship, but ifyou are running low on a product you need, you hit the button and it initiates a new shipment.

Home Maintenance Subscriptions

It can be difficult to do normal home maintenance when you do not have the furnishes readily available.

No more trying to remember to pick up things like air filters and change them every 30 days. You may want to considersubscriptions likeQualityAirFilters and Subscription Lighting.

Kids Subscriptions

Why should the children be left out of the subscription fun?

There are subscription services to help keep the children occupied and happy as well. Try Little Passports, Tinker Crateand Koala Crate to build life with the children a little more fun and a whole lot easier.

Pet Subscriptions

Caring for your pets just got so much more convenient. While these subscription services may not let your dog out in the morning, services like Bark Box, KitNipBox and Surprise My Petcan add a little spice to your pets life.

Make your life a little bit easier today. Try out some of the subscription services and see how much time you free up for activities you actually enjoy.

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You know the feeling: You simply conquered a long day of run, you’re ready to sweat it out at the gym, but as you reach into your duffle bag, you realize you forgot your athletics bra. And, let’s be real, if you go home to get another one, your bed is going to look too inviting, and your trip to the gym will soon become ancient history. So, you can’t help but wonder, can you work out without a bra on?

Like, it seems as if everyone and their mother is already #FreeingTheNip anyway, so letting the girls breathe during your HIIT circuit can’t be such a big deal, right?

It may seem pretty harmless but, if you’ve ever tried doing burpees braless, you might beg to differ. In fact, I’m almost certain that that’s what dying is like — more or less, anyway.

First, let’s start off with your boob hurt so much when you try to get moving sans your strappy companion. Whether you’re braless and running to catch the metro, or you’re freeing the nip on the elliptical, your breasts are super sensitive to motion because they’re made out of a combination of fat and glandular( aka milk-producing) tissue, and they’re basically anchored to your chest wall, according to Greatist.

Plus, your breast tissue contains extremely sensitive nerves throughout that can be easily be torn during exercise.

Is anyone else in actual pain just reading/ thinking about this?

Plus, if you’re thinking about pounding the pavement with the twins on the loose, you might be in for some unwanted upper back and neck tension that will be hard to shake off afterward.

Basically, when you’re sweating it out sans sports bra, your muscles have to work a lot harder than usual to keep your shoulders from being weighed down by your breasts. As if you’re not already working hard enough in the weight room , now you have two extra bouncy dumbbells stuck to your chest to worry about.

And if you think you’re in the clear because your tatas are on the smaller side, suppose again.

According to, even the smallest cup sizing can experience irreversible damage to connective tissue in the long run without the proper support provided by a bra.

But sometimes, even wearing a bra while you work out won’t exactly do the trick. A 2013 survey published in the showed that more than half of women with larger breasts — along with 25 percent of women who wore an A beaker or smaller — reported experiencing uncomfortable chest aches while working out.

This is because a lot of women don’t pick the right bra style for their breast sizing, and suffer some pretty painful repercussions as a result.

So, since it’s pretty imperative to brace your breasticles for movement, make sure you’re investing in the proper support.

If your bra simply ain’t right in the midst of your sweat sesh, according to, an A beaker will move about an inch and a half in each direction, and a D cup will change as much as two to three inches. All I can say to that, is.

So, if you’re a B beaker or below, you’re going to want to invest in a quality compression athletics bra. Those are the ones that give you that whole “uniboob” look, in case you were wondering.

As for dames with bigger boob, you’re going to want to opt for an encapsulation style, which have individual beakers to supporting you and restriction unwanted movement.

Bottom line: The right over-the-shoulder boulder-holder is probably more important than you realise if you want to avoid both posture both problems and a seriously unpleasant sweat sesh.

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I couldve employed a lot of assist when I turned 18 and went off to college.Ive made a lot of mistakes and memories since then, and I often think back to who I was four years ago and wonder how I attained it through everything.

There were good times, there were bad times, days that constructed me feel alive, periods that constructed me topic everything and hours that ultimately forced me to grow up.

Im thankful for these periods because theyve taught me valuable lessons, but there are days I wish I knew these lessons beforehand so I wouldnt have had to go through the ache of learning them.

Im 22 years old now and Im living a life I never couldve imagined for myself.If I could go back in time, Id tell myself these seven things 😛 TAGEND

1. Freshman year of college is going to be a nightmare.

And thats putting it mildly.

Youre going to stimulate lots of new friends and youre going to lose some. Youre going to think that taking 10 shoots of vodka to get drunk for the first time is a good idea, and youll be wrong.

Youll also be wrong about who you sleep with. As much as you want them to be right for you, nine hours out of 10, they wont be. But please, dont let them destroy you for too long because its not your fault.

Apart from that, youll dye your hair red and go running through the sprinklers at 2 am just because and itll be the most fun you ever had.

2. Some friendships wont last forever, but thats OK.

I know itll seem sad when the best friends you had in high school arent your friends anymore. If Im being honest, the loss of those friendships will still sting occasionally, but eventually youll accept the fact that things will never be the same.

Youre going to do so much growing up in the coming years, youll grow apart from people you thought would be there for you forever and you will change. Not everyone will like or want to be a part of that change, and thats OK.

The people who really matter will stay by you through thick and thin, and those are the lasting friendships you want.

3. Examining abroad will be the best period of your life.

Enjoy the baguettes and Nutella while you can, because that semester will fly by a little faster than you want it to.

Youll spend your nights in tavern after drinking inexpensive bottles of wine, and youll kiss random strangers whose speeches you wont quite understand.

Youll fall in love with the cities of Italy, spend a week with your family in Switzerland and reunite with your freshman-year roommate in Scotland.

Some of the best nights will be with your best friend, eating pasta and watching every rom-com imaginable. Youll come home after five months realizing that everything is the same as how you left it and because of this, youre going to dislike America for a while. Dont worry, it does get better.

4. Unrequited love is its own kind of hell.

Unfortunately, youre going to become quite the pro at liking men who dont end up liking you back. There are going to be many, many men that come and go over the next four years, so dont take anything too personally when those relationships aim. Youll eventually learn that you were seeking the wrong guys at the incorrect time.

After you graduate, youre going to meet someone on New Years Eve and hell be different than all the remainder. Hell make you believe in the sorcery of beginnings again. One very important piece of advice: Dont fall in love with him.

When you fall in love for the first time, it should be with someone whos going to fall in love with you too. You wont get what you want from him, so do your best to leave the memories of him in the past and be grateful he taught you how to open upagain.

Why Falling In Love Is Never Like It Seems In The Movies

5. After you graduate, your world will fall apart for a little bit.

Youre going to feel lost for a while, because no matter how many times you tell people you accommodate well to change, deep down you know its a lie.

Youll be scared of what happened next, and youll have a grand idea for how you want their own lives to turn out. Please dont hold onto that notion too tightly because almost nothing will happen the route you expect it to.Having too many ideas and no actual style of turning them into a realitywill be overwhelming, and youll only disillusion yourself in the long run.

Do your best to not let your expectations for life get the better of you because youre going to make it the working day. Youll get to do the things that you want, so dont fret too much about the style things play out. Theyend up alright in the end.

6. A bad day in New York City is still better than a good day anywhere else.

Do you want the harsh truth? Moving to New York is going to be the hardest thing youll ever do, even though its also the very best decision youll ever make for yourself.

Youll question why you came, youll doubt how qualified or ready you are to be here and youll hold going back home to Texas because that would be the easy and painless option.

Staying and procuring an apartment and job will be incredibly stressful and tiresome, but I promise you youll laugh about it in six months.

Whenever youre feeling defeated, itll help to look up at the Empire State Building. One glance of that building on your commute to run every morning sets everything back into perspective, I promise.

7. Prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Youre going to do so many crazy, reckless, beautiful, impulsive, careless, stupid and messy things on your route to growing up.

Youll expend some nights exclaiming yourself to sleep, and some nights youll be too drunk to make it out of your bedroom door. The best nights, though, will be spend sitting up on the roof watching shooting stars or going out for a night on the town with your friends and being perfectly and incandescently happy.

Its not always going to be easy, but whatever happens is going to be worth it.

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Did you know that get a thigh gap, a defined ab cracking, or the goddess-like back dimples will build you more beautiful, valuable, and happy?

If you scroll through social media, or popular health and fitness resources, and soak in the plethora of motivational memes and images displaying these features, you may be inclined to think so. Theres no deficit of these hot, new, must have, this-is-what-a-real-woman-looks-like traits being featured along side, of course, the accompanying diet tricks, gimmicks, and exerts to get them.

But, and Ill try to put this delicately: claiming features like thigh gaps, ab crackings, and back dimples as must have features is absolute bullshit.( So much for being delicate, but its true .)

No physical feature or body shape constructs you more or less valuable.

Apparently our bodies are strolling resumes, and these hot new physical features displayed by celebrities, fitness professionals, social media icons, and photo-shopped models are just items were supposed to add to it with the expectation that well be more beautiful and valuable. So what if your anthropometry and genetic make-up constructs certain it features physically impossible to obtain? Doesnt matter; these are the standards, and youd better try to fit the mold if you want to be beautiful.

Enough with the body-shaming bullshit.

And I mean all of it. Any group claiming X is the new Y or spitting mantras that begin with Real girls needs to end. Every body is unique. “Were not receiving” single feature that defines beauty or self-worth or fitness. Seem at it this way: no one else( except an identical twin) has your genetic makeup; youre truly one of a kind. So why do we think its acceptable to declare single features or shapes as must have or ideal? Why do some think its motivational to attempt to shove all the women into a single mold?

Some women are tall, some are short. Some have long extremities, some have short extremities. Some have physical restrictions, some dont appear to have any. Some are thick and some are thin. Some achieve results more quickly and others have to work harder to make any discernible progression. Women come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so this declaration of must have features is abhorrently ridiculous. And stupid. And degrading.

A woman I once worked with had what would be described as a short and stalky physique; she despised it. I simply wish I was taller so I could have long and lean muscles, she said during our first session. The marketing messages and images of long and lean muscles being something females should desire were seared into her mind. This was a battle she could never win because she cant change her anthropometry.

We had a conversation about changing her perspective and the need to stop wasting energy and berating herself for things she cant control. She loved the idea of being able to love and embrace her body, but knew it wasnt a quick transition. It would be a process.

The plan of action we created: set her energy and focus on what her body could do with strength training. She would begin by learning basic exercises with the goal of improving her performance each time a workout was repeated. Outside of the gym she was instructed to pause and reflect when she start having the I dislike my short body guess. When those guess began to bubble to the surface, she had to stop the conversation. Once she successfully paused, she would then redirect her focus to be grateful for something her body could do. For example, instead of saying, I wish I had a long and lean appearance she would stop the conversation from progressing like it normally would and instead say something like, Im grateful that I have ample energy play games with my children, or I dominated todays workout.

The energy that previously went into disliking her body shape was redirected toward strength training and other elements she could control. The premise was simple, yet powerful: her aim was to discover what her body could do, and then do more. With strength develop she began with a novice program and improved her performance each time she recurred a workout. Squats, including with regard to, came naturally to her and she progressed speedily. She began with goblet squats to learn proper technique and then switched to barbell back squats to take advantage of the greater loading potential. Her strength increased, and more plates were slapped onto the barbell.

A beautiful transformation passed: as she progressed with strength educate, for the first time she could remember, she was actually proud of her body. She was flabbergasted at her bodys abilities and previously unrealized strength. I didnt know I could be this strong! she exclaimed at the end of a workout.

These gym moments proved valuable when old guess crept into her intellect. Over period, the previous, I wish my body thinks became less frequent, and were quickly replaced with empowering statements such as her ability to squat more than she thought possible: “Thats what” my body can do. Im going to induce most of it, and then do even more, because I can.

Embracing what her body could do led to an increase in self-confidence and happiness. She was no longer focused on things she couldnt control( her extremity length) and highlighted her abilities( with strength training ). She began to care less about what other people proclaimed girls should look like and opt her own values.

So I say is again: fuck thigh gaps, ab crackings, and back dimples . Embrace your body; discover what it can do; find your natural strengths and highlight them; do things that make you feel good; become the best damn version of yourself. And encourage every other woman to do the same.

You can, and should, embrace your body and all its features, and you should encourage every other woman to do the same.

Thats one of the many overlooked benefits of strength training: it allows you to discover what your body can do and increases confidence. Strength training doesnt discriminate; it doesnt care what your age is, any limitations you possess, or what body shape you have. Strength training is for everyone.

Look, Im not indicating any of this it body features and standards proclaimed to be ideal will ever die off; there will always be traits and features held desirable and others proclaimed must-repair flaws and tips-off, tricks, and products to help us get or remove them.

But heres the great news: we can exit these conversations.

We have the choice to reject this nonsense.

We can say, Some girls have thigh gaps, and thats cool. Some females dont, and thats cool too. Now, excuse me while I go appreciate my body for the awesome things it can do instead of preoccupying over physical features some source is trying to convince me is important and valuable.

Every woman should appreciate her body, and take the necessary steps to get there if shes not already. No physical feature, size, or shape equates to value, worth, and beauty.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to fit in a workout during the course of its weekend, holding how much other stuff you to do — like go to that Halloween-themed double feature — and how much you kind of to do — like your laundry and groups together an IKEA shelf. The weekend simply doesn’t always leave a lot of hour for that spinning class or a long hike. But fret not, because you might be doing more workout than you’re giving yourself credit for, since everything from typical chores to late night dancing countings as a workout.

First of all, remember that exercise simply means your body is moving. This can entail all sorts of different things. The Department of Health and Human Services gives some suggestive guidelines for a baseline of weekly exercising. Guess about 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity( like long walks or pilates ), or 75 minutes of more intensive aerobic activity( like going for a run or playing tennis .) Others recommend a more steady stream of 30 minutes of exercising a day.

I say, deem whatever works best for you, and try to make a habit out of it. And remember, with your undoubtedly full and busy life, you might be getting more daily motion in there than you think.

1. Operating Errands

Ah, the working day filled with non-stop errands. You look at your to-do listing and ensure, first, you have to go to the hardware store, then the laundromat, then the pharmacy, and oh yeah, you need to return those volumes to the library, and perhaps it’s a good day to bring that old winter coat to the tailor now that summer’s over.

In and out, up and down, and before you know it, you’ve moved consistently throughout the whole day, merely by spending your time doing errands. The benefits of strolling are the least of it, amirite? Because you also simply managed to make one of the few days off you have productive AF.

So put your feet up and relax when you get back from that long haul at the grocery store. You deserve it.

2. Helping Your Friend Move

Maybe it’s the last thing you want to do on your day off, but think about it. Moving somebody’s dresser up the stairs is not only a style to strengthen those muscles, it also gets the heart rate up.

And, let’s be honest, you often get a free meal out of it. And karma, of course. Always recollect the power of karma.

3. Running To A Museum

I call this one “museum feet.”

I know for me, by the end of a day at The Native American Museum, or after taking a walk around Storm King, I’m usually exhausted. Strolling around the working day and remaining on your feet is sure to keep your blood pumping consistently, while enriching your intellect and, hopefully, actually enjoying yourself at the same time.

4. Gardening

Digging up roots, pruning, planting, get those knees dirty — that stuff is no joke.

If you’ve ever spent the working day gardening, you know it’s a really great style to keep your body moving constantly throughout the day. Not to mention, gardening is really great for you in other ways as well. Purported benefits range from stress relief to improved mental health.

5. That Not-So-Lazy Beach Day

Sure, you think beach, you think laying in the sunshine( fully covered with SPF, of course ), and picnic lunch.

But running over to the water and splashing around like a jubilant merperson is sure to get the ol’ blood pumping and increase your heart rate. Not to mention, surveys show simply walking on sand uses a lot more energy than when strolling on a flat surface.

6. Your Best Friend’s Dance Party

The most fun cardio experience of all time, I’d say. When you’re at a club or a house party actually feeling yourself and the music, what you’re actually doing is engaging in a joyful aerobic exercising, at least technically speaking.

So stay out that extra hour, and put your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

7. Spring Cleaning

Moving furniture, reaching the books on the top shelf, mopping the floor, vacuuming, taking out the trash, getting all that month-old yogurt out from the back of the fridge.

Just think about how many hours you’ve spent in motion doing all of that. Not to mention, your place now looks like a palace. Pretty great, right?

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OK, let’s get real with each other for a hot second. How many times have you been at the gym, absolutely murdering the cardio game on the elliptical, and you low-key hoped that some sexy dude on the Smith machine would come over and talk to you post-workout? Is it actually just me? Come on, I’m sure plenty of other people dream about fulfilling their own future spouse at the gym. Those endorphins do some wild things to the brain, you know? But, at the same day, going so far as to have something like, say, a Planet Fitness wedding? Honestly, I’m not even sure I would take my romantic fantasies far.

But one couple actually did. Newlyweds Joseph Keith III and Stephanie Hughes got married on Sunday, Sept. 3, and took the word #SwoleMates to the next level by having their wedding ceremony at a Planet Fitness gym.

Now, before you go ahead and rail these two for the execution of their special day, you should probably know that this Planet Fitness wasn’t just another ordinary gym for these two lovebirds.

In fact, according to, this Planet Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio was the location where the couple’s relationship first began.

And, when you think about it that way, it’s kind of sweet, isn’t it?

Plus, generally speaking, when you look at the facts, it’s not all that uncommon for people to fall in love at the gym. According to a recent study, two in three people end up hooking up with a person they approached at the gym, 60 percent of people surveyed have gone on a full-fledged date after the initial flirtation, and one in four instances of hitting on someone mid-sweat-sesh actually blossoms into a real long-term relationship.

Of course, Joe and Stephanie were sort of in the romantic minority here( objectives, amirite ?). And TBH, such studies should probably be updated to include some sort of statistic about legitimately transforming a gym into a bridal venue — because that’s a thing now, guys.

If you want to know how the two gather( so, you know, you too can find bae next to the barbells ), Joe asked Stephanie if she was done using a piece of equipment, and it was simply love at first lift.

After that, according to the couple’s marriage website, many of their dates were actually held in the gym — which is candidly cute AF. But Joe and Stephanie weren’t going to stop at mediocre dumbbell dates. The dead-lifting duo even said “I love you” for the first time to each other in the Planet Fitness parking lot. Ugh, the fitness feelings are real right now.

In July 2016, Joe proposed to Stephanie by putting their newborn daughter in a bib that read, ”Will you marriage Daddy? ”( I’M WEAK, YOU GUYS .)

And, well, the rest is history. Planet Fitness agreed to host their ceremony, and the whole thing was sort of extra, but in the most adorable route imaginable.

The couple and their wedding party posed on cardio machines wearing wedding sneakers, the bride’s posy colour scheme matched that of the machines themselves, and a Planet Fitness employee even officiated the ceremony.

TBH, the next time I think of my #GymGoals, Joe and Stephanie are wholly going to be the first people that come to mind. Congrats to the happy couple!

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People, pollution and the inescapable smell of pee: Its all part of living in the city.

There are also good proportions, of course. Theres always something new and arousing pas, and you can have almost anything delivered to you at any time of the day( seriously ).

But sometimes, it can be too much. Feeling overwhelmed by city life is natural. Most city-dwellers crave a change of pace every now and again. Thats what maintains us motivated and thriving.

Since moving to a city from a rural area four years ago, Ive felt overwhelmed by city life far more than I care to admit.I dont want to leave the city just yet, but I have needed to be dealt with my occasional feelings of overwhelm.

Its easier said than done, but these seven things have helped me vastly over the past four years.

1. Buy yourself a plant.

Cities can be overwhelming, especially with the lack of green space. A home plant will be needed to purify and remove toxins from the air, leading to improved air quality. Seeing as air pollution is a problem in cities, this might be just what you need.

There are plenty of plants that are low-maintenance and require minimal care. If plants actually arent for you, trying maintaining fresh blooms around. Surrounding yourself with living things will help you feel rejuvenated and alive.

2. Get out of the city.

This is the most obvious suggestion for what to do when youre overwhelmed by city life. Just leave! For most cities, there are easy weekend road trips or train rides you can take that will get you out of the hustle and bustle temporarily.

If you cant leave the city once a month, make it a priority to change your surroundings every two to three months or so. A weekend away can be just what you need to reignite your passion for city life.

3. Try a new workoutclass.

In metropolitan areas, there is no shortfall of new and up-and-coming workout classes. From a running club to aerial yoga andRedcord, there is something new to try on every corner.

Endorphins are great for you, but so is novelty. If youre feeling overwhelmed, your routine might be to blame.Opening yourself up to new and positive experiences can help you relax and recenter.

4. Hibernate for a weekend and clean your apartment.

Our external spaces can affect our minds more than we think. Youve heard a cluttered surrounding is a cluttered mind, and its true. Clutter negatively affects our ability to focus and process information.

Take a weekend and clean your apartment from top to bottom. Throw on a playlist or Gilmore Girls on Netflix and get to it. Clean your kitchen counters, floors and cabinets. Do the same in your bathroom along with the shower and toilet.

Vacuum your floors, shake out your carpets, rinse your sheets and pillows and flip over your mattress. Make sure towash your windows and mirrors, too.

While youre at it, you mightas well clean out under your bed and in your closets for itemsyou no longer need todonate to a local charity or sell on Craigslist.

5. Volunteer.

Volunteering gives you a chance to use your abilities or time and give back to your local community. Itcan also help you put your situationinto perspective as well as introduce you to new people.

Youll also be able to gain new abilities from your time as a volunteer. Youll encounter new opportunities and might even detects a passion for something you didnt even know you had.

6. Scheme a vacation.

Planning a vacation( even if its six months or a year away from now) will give you something to look forward to.

Half the fun of going on vacation is planning it. Picking a destination, figuring out what you want to do there and then sorting out all of the logistics can become a weekend project for you to work on over the next few months.

Youll be looking at things to do outside of your city, which will help you feel less overwhelmed. Youll also be able to reap the rewards of your hard work when it comes time to actually go on vacation.

7. Promote a friend to visit you.

Having someone visit you and depicting them around your city willlet you see it from a tourists point of view.

With everything you do with your friend, youll get to watch them experience it for the first time, which will bring back your impressions of experiencing it all for the first time.

The fond impressions of nostalgia will reignite your passion for your environment and help you fall back in love with city life.

As magical as it can be, living in a city can also be overwhelming. Sometimes all this is necessary is a change of pace andclean environment to get you out of your funk.

If it doesnt work out, you can always leave.

Why You Should Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone with YesJulz[ HOTSPOT]

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Lots of people don’t feel comfy in their own skin.

It’s true that people can be healthy at different sizes, but when Seana Forbes looked in the mirror, she knew she was not healthy. She’d expended her four years in college eating junk food and not exercising, and she wasn’t happy with the route her body answered. Forbes decided to cut out carbs, processed food, and alcohol, and she took on a high-intensity workout routine.

Amazingly, she filmed much of her transformation, including the hard parts. At first her workouts look painful, but after three short months, she reached her goal.

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This is more inspiring than the “Rocky” montage, that’s for sure! Keep it up, Seana!

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What is it about the wine drunk?

It seems to give you a pleasant euphoric buzz, yet isnt a lightweight champagne like high. It remains a solid and strong help feeling that you can always seem to count on to give you that combination of the two lift and relaxation.

Plus it doesnt overwhelm you, doesnt bloat you, and simply satisfies with vibrant taste. These are all qualities which make it a womans favorite go-to drinking. Popping open a bottle of vino is the ultimate start to your evening of gala, relaxation and washing away the troubles of the day.

Heres why wine is the ultimate type of drunk to go for 😛 TAGEND

1. It builds “youre feeling” classy
Your hair could be pinned up, your yoga gasps on, and your t-shirt is hanging off your shoulder, but with a glass of wine in your hand, you are instantly classy!

2. Its technically fruit
The ultimate rationalization! Got to get those nine serves in!

3. Even if your teeth are purple, you still feel sexy
By the time your teeth turn purple from that strong red, the effects is likely to be kicking and you wont even care!

4. And even if youre sh* tfaced, you still feel classy
No matter, a classy wine drinker remains the same after one glass, or one bottle!

5. You dont feel bloated the route you do after beer
No bloat is hugely important as it can be a total buzzkill. Wine keeps the bloat away and is a far cry from that dreaded heaviness you feel after even just a few beers.

6. The bartender can never f* ck up your drinking order
Theres no messing up with one, only if he underpours!

7. Because talking about it builds you sound smart and pretentious at the same time
Just picking a few cases different wine brands and flavors, and your rap has been elevated to pure snootiness!

8. It serves as a great excuse to eat cheese
Have to stay away from that cheese, right? Well, the one exception is when your are drinking wine. Its a total acceptable out that you are able to rationalize and no one around your will judge, as long as you dangle that glass of vino, in your other hand.

9. No one will judge you for drinking it at 9 am on a plane
Not merely can you get away with a lunchtime glass, but early morning on a plane is fair game as well. A shoot of Jack? Eyebrows will raise. A glass of white? I entirely get it.

10. You can drink it in front of your parents without them thinking youre an alcoholic
Wine has so many outs and this might be the best. A few glasses of wine trumps the alcoholic image with the sophistication image!

11. Drinking an entire bottle isnt frowned upon

After all, its only a few cases( big) glasses right? Downing a bottle is not a big deal and if youre sharing you opening a second is not uncommon!

12. Because one glass of red wine can be the equivalent of one hour at the gym
Boy, isnt it a great time to be a wino? With actual scientific studies which have come out stating all the health benefits behind red wine, including the infamous gym examine, theres simply no dishonor in a winos game anymore!

13. Because it now comes in the form of ice cream
What? Yes, apparently there is now ice cream wine! Perfectly incredible.

14. It serves as the perfect excuse to stay in on a cold night
Theres no disgrace in telling your friend, Im just going to stay in and open a bottle of wine. Rather than brandish you for being boring, your friend begins to consider skipping the cold weather club scene, and staying in herself.

15. There is no better bait to convince a friend to stay in with you than with a bottle of wine
And if your girlfriend requires some prodding, offer her to on come over- a bottle for you and a bottle for her!

16. It doesnt matter if it expenses$ 4 or $40 it all does the same thing
Despite all the snootiness surrounding wine, theres no discrimination when it comes to effect. That four dollar red is going to do the same damn thing as that 40 buck red. Granted, you are perhaps going to have an extra bite to your 4 bucker, but youre going to save some dough and still feel relaxed and agreeably wasted.

17. The conversations you have while wine drunk are incomparable to any other form of liquor
Theres a reason many of the great writers were also winos. They could form their guess much better on wine and communicate them more clearly. If vodka was their primary vice, you would have assured a whole lot of experimental gibberish show up on their typewriters. This translates over to dialogues which become much more interesting on wine, than the inevitable non-sense that a whisky conversation would bring on.

18. Slapping the purse counts as exercising right ?
Good arm workout, right?

19. Its much more comforting than a food binge
You could eat an entire cake and a quart of ice cream, or you could have a few glasses of red. Opt the first option and it youll be bloated and feeling like crap!

20. Because you can have a glass or two on your lunch infringe and nobody would know the difference
As mentioned, its an acceptable lunch day liquor!

21. Its the best sleep assistance you can get without a prescription
It will not only help knock you out, but it will be a deep sleep as well!

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