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The ground has fallen beneath me. I am in air. I cant move. I cant exhale. You took your things. The shirts I slept in. But the latter are mine too. You were mine too .

Cordial at first. We will work on ourselves. How can we love each other without loving ourselves? I believe you will come back. I truly do.

Your friends are here. They tell you to stop. Let run. Dont call him. He doesnt care that you want to construct things work. He doesnt care you had a life growing inside of you. He doesnt care .

I call you too much. You take too long to respond to my texts. Im not used to you treating me this route. Why are you treating me this way?

I was only trying to love you.

Its been a few months, I call less. I exclaim more. I try to think about my summertime trip. I try to think of my family. I try to think of grad school. Trying doesnt run. I think of you.

July. I see you. We talk. I weep. You walk away. My last image of you is you walking away .

Im on my trip-up, so I merely exclaimed once. I meet person. He isnt you.

Type out a text, want to press send, erase it, throw my phone across the room, screaming into my pillow .

I start school. Things “re a bit” exciting. So exciting I want to share it with you. I forgot I cant call you. I nearly do.

I meet someone new. He isnt you.

I feel great. Alive. Read my favorite volume again. Go to the gym. Be with my family. Life is beautiful.

Dial your number, let it ring once, hang up, hope you call back, you dont.

I feel more energetic than ever, I workout consistently, get a 4.0, spend time with the person or persons I care most about. I feel amazing.

Its 3AM. You call. I dont answer. You text. I stare at that text for what felt like years. I dont know what to respond. So I dont .

I cry again. Why did he call? What did he want? Does he think he can have me just like that? Perhaps he can. No. He cant. He never will.

I maintain crying. I set myself back together though. Its been almost a year. I should be fine by now. I put my pieces back together.

Something is still missing. A piece. You.

Please make up your mind. Think. Do you still think of me? Is your heart still with me? Time is an enemy. Time is no good. Do not take your time. Im almost gone.

Gone .

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My boyfriend has asked me to marry him more than once, butIve never said yes.

The question is nevermade in a grand proposal type of route like in the movies or viral YouTube videos, but my heart still melts every time he asks because I know, find and feel how sincerely and seriously he wants a future for us.

Ive lost counting of how many times hesasked me. But I recollect the first time he popped the issues to, I answered with merely a simple nods and a blank face.

5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through When Her Friend Get Engaged[ 5TAGES]

He knows why I wasnt ready to answer the first time, but he still continues to ask even though all Ive dedicated him in response is silence.

I love him, so technically theres no reason we cant move forward to the next step. But I dont think theres a difference in getting married today or getting married a few years from now.

But then again, wheresthe sense in awaiting if you know youloveeach other?

We havent known each other for long, but when it comes to relationships, quality is much more valuable than quantity.

The relationship isnt defined by the amount of time youve been together, its defined by the quality of time spent together and the memories created in that time.

During the short time Ive been with my boyfriend, I feelas if Ive known him for years. And since the working day I realized my impressions for him, all Ive wanted is to be with him. Not just today, but for good.

My silence and blank face where reference is proposes to me dont mean I dont want a future with him. I want to scream YES ! each and every time he asks me.

It pains me that Im not able to do it, but Im sorry, I merely couldnt find it in me tosay yes.

Marriage isnt just about the two of us. Its about me, and its about him. Each of us areseparate beings outside of the relationship.

I still have dreamings to seek and fulfill, and he does too.

Before marrying him, I wanted to achieve my dreamingsand be the best in my chosen career.

I wanted my boyfriend to be proud of me. I wanted him to be proud hes with an accomplished daughter. I wanted him to wed an accomplished woman.

Bygiving all my best in my chosen route and achieving my aim, hell be able to do that.

Ive always thought we were still young. We still have a good life ahead of us an exciting, young adult life. We can still do whatever we want and be young and happy together , without wedding. But now, my mind is starting to change.

My friends ask me which will I choose: My career or my boyfriend?

The answer now is very clear in both my head and my heart. I dont hesitate to say Ill select him over my career, and Ill prefer my family over my work.

So the next time my boyfriend asks me to marry him, my answer is likely to be yes.

You have all the time in the world to get a job and build a career, but findingsomeone who will love you unconditionally is a once-in-a-lifetime find.

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1. When he smiles and you merely cant help smiling automatically in response, even though youre not thathappy at the time, because he has that affect you.

2. When the sound of his voice overthe phone or the sight of an incoming text fromhim magically soothesyour aching spirit after an arduous day.

3. When he winks at you from across a room and your heart melts a little.

4. When a coworker or a friend wished to know how everything is and you cant assist thinking of him and his irresistible grin.

5. When he accidentally wakes you up inthe morning and you reallyneed sleepbut you can’t be madbecause you’re just so happy to be there with him.

6. When you hug him and hes super ripe because he hasnt showered yet but youre unmistakably attracted to hisspecific stench.

7. When he squeezes your hand as you walk down the street or sit on the couch watching a movie and you can feel your loins catch fire in a an unfamiliar but definitely welcome way.

8. When your eyes fulfill at a party and you both realize youd rather be at home having sex or only cuddling than socializing.

9. When he insists on a good-bye kiss beforeyou walkout the door and you comply, even if that extra 30 seconds meansyou’re going tobe late and maybe even missyourtrain, because you can’t resist.

10. When he stretches his leg out beneath the table for a little footsie play and the sensation of his toesagainst your leg gives you the shivers.

11. When he says something borderline idiotic, but you find it charming rather thanoff-putting.

12. When he accidentally drools and youre like whatever, hes handsome AF still.

13. When he excavates into a plate of chicken wings and his thumbs get all sticky and you kind of wishes to lick them.

14. When his joke falls wholly flat but you laugh your face off anyway because you dont need him to be a comedian.

15. When hes dripping wet with sweat after an intensive workout and he stinks like dirty gym socks but you can’t waitto smother your body all over his anyway.

16. When he cooks for you and it doesnt matter what anything savors like because youre smitten by the effort he put into the mission more than the end result.

17. When the very mention of his name gives you an adrenaline hurry and you recognize that sensation as pure, unadulterated love.

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1. Leaving the house appearing especially hot right after a fight merely to underscore how much her significant other has to lose if he doesnt clean up his act and apologize stat.

2. Holding a strangers gaze for longer than usual, hoping to distract him with believes of her naked body until he trips or fallsotherwise known as eye fucking.

3. Wearing her flirtiest skirt or dress to impressa guy sheknows shes going torun intoatsome phase during the school day or at work.

4. Dressing super sexy on a altogether random morning specifically because she feels like being elevator-eyed and/ or catcalled.

5. Smiling coquettishly when she catches a dude checking her out, as if to say maybe.

6. Winking and/ or smirking suggestively at amanwho catches her checking out, even if she has no intentionof approaching him or taking thingsanyfurther.

7. Claiming shes totally okay with her boyfriend going to strip clubs while conversingwith another manjust to seem chiller than she actually is.( Meanwhile, shes get her boyfriendon such a tight leash back home, he knows ifhe’scaught’ motorboating’ a stripper shell leave his ass in a heartbeat .)

8. Promoting a manto vent about his wife or girlfriend and validating every single one of his grievances along the way, subtly encouraginghim to wonderwhy hes not with her instead.

9. Letting a guy she interacts with ever so briefly on the bus or in an elevator believe that hes got a shot for a fewprecioussecondsbefore get the hell out of there with her day.

10. Devoting her contact information out to a random guy who hits on her, even if she never intends on textinghim back, only to see if hell reach out.

11. Bending over at merely the right moment, fully aware that some dudes hoping to get a glimpse of her ass.

12. Leaning forward at merely the right moment, fully aware that some dudes thirstingto grope her breasts and that the glimpseof alittle boob flesh willget him rock hard.

13. Pretending to be dumb to the fact that her teats are hard AF and pointing right through her top.

14. Telling a male colleague or classmate about a particularly sexy dreaming she had the night before just to remind him that shes a naughty little forest nymph deep down.

15. Prancing rather than walking.

16. Taking style longer thanusualto set her hair up into a ponytail because she knows she has an audience. She can feelsome guyundressing her with his eyes as she maneuversand she likes it.

17. Get in touch with an ex simply to say hi or hey there because she could use the ego boost that comes with impression wanted by more than one mansimultaneously.

18. Telling a male friend an especially dirty joke, realizing that the punchlinemight just give him an erection.

19. Making a not-so-innocent remark about balls or nuts that’s distinctlydesignedtoprovoke aguywho’snot her boyfriend.

20. Running out of her route to compliment a guy she knows or encounters regularly on his new haircut or new shirt simply to prove shes paying attention.

21. Stretching post workout immediately in a male onlooker’sline of sight, as if shes a former dancer whos very dedicated to her flexible or something.

22. Taking her shirt off mid workout instead of starting off in simply a athletics bra so she can put one over a little strip show at the gym for anyonewatching.

23. Booty shorts.

24. Chuckling her face off at something thats not at all funny because persuading amanthat he’shilariousis the most effective route to flirt, obviously.

25. Worse yet,.

26. Making physical contact with another guywhen it’s totally unnecessarythat surprisingly tenderpush or jostle specifically designed to amplify feigned exasperation or overstated amusement.

27. Offering to rub another mans shoulders or his back instinctively when he complains about being a little sore.

28. Announcing that she has a boyfriend and then flirting like crazy anyway, as if advertising what a carefree, do-what-she-wants kind of dame she is but also that she’s hot enough to be taken already so thenew dude will have to work for it.

29. Addressing a human by his name unexpectedly( e.g.” Hey, Doug” instead of just “Hey” ), which breeds a strangely powerful sense of intimacy.

30. Addressing a manby his full name instead of the moniker he goes by( e.g.” Hello, Douglas “), which is secretly one of the most subtle but impactful ways to flirt.

31. Licking her lips more sensually than necessary when feeing something sticky because she knows she’s being watched by a random guy.

32. Devouring a popsicle in publicin such a waythat any man who notices will automatically imagine her dedicating thema blowjob.

33. Asking another man what he thinks about porn or some racy movie under the guise of actually caring about his opinion when all she wants is to arouse him a little justfor kicks.

34. Sending textsto a guy the hell is laced with moreemojis than she typically employs when communicating with her besties.

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1. You rarely ever openly admit you’ like’ someone.

When your best friend wished to know how you feel about him, you’ll say you’re on the fence. The moment you admit you like him, is the moment you think everything will fall apart. Don’t be afraid to like someone just because you’re scared it will end the style your last relationship did.

2. When you do really like someone, you look for something to be wrong with them.

If you can’t see any red flags, don’t go looking for them because chances are they’re a figment of your imagination. You will know when something is off, and if you recognize it then it’s fine to run in the other direction, but if you’re only attempting what is wrong because you’re scared he could be right for you, you’re avoiding the style you really feel.

3. You tell people youre not looking for a relationship.

Especially the people you’re dating. Before they even begin to think about having a relationship with you, you make it a point to tell them that is NOT what you want. You might think you don’t a relationship, but when you fulfill someone that stimulates you wonder if you do, you might need to adjust your usual mindset. A relationship is half dependent on the other person, and if the impressions are clearly there, then why conceal them? When you worry about how the relationship will end it avoids you from ever letting it begin.

4. You casually hook up with people you have no real interest in.

No interest means no attachment. Your casual hook up insures an easily said goodbye. When you begin to have impressions a goodbye begins to feel more like an absence than a simple parting. You’d rather have unattached sexuality with person you’re not into, than be left by someone you care about, but what you need to realize is not everyone will leave you.

5. You like to keep your options open.

You keeping your options open is another way of saying you’re too scared to settle on one person. It’s not because you think you’re too good for them, it’s because you’re scared you’ll eventually become unhappy without them.

6. When things don’t workout you feign that you didn’t like them anyway.

Don’t kid yourself, you were enjoying your time when you were with them, and merely because things didn’t workout doesn’t mean you have to act like you were never interested. What good are you doing yourself or any one else by refusing to acknowledge your true impressions?

7. You’re basically allergic to their impressions and emotions.

If someone you’re dating ever tells you the scope of its feelings or how much they enjoy being with you, you practically break out in hives. Don’t fear communication, there are plenty of people who would kill for their significant other to acknowledge their feelings aloud. They’re putting themselves out there when they tell you how they feel, and they trust that you’ll listen. You’re not allergic to feelings, you’re allergic to hearingthem.

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Looking for love is exhausting. And perhaps fruitless.

How many times have we heard that well only find love when were least looking for it? Too many, in my opinion. And it’s because of this that we experience that never-ending internal battle of whether we should actually stop seeming and simply live on, hoping well accidentally happen upon him in the street( la Carrie Bradshaw) — or keep looking anyway.

Well folks, Im starting to think that life isnt a Nicholas Sparks novel, and you most likely arent going to bump heads with your future husband on a crowded city sidewalk. So it’s best to always keep your eyes and ears open — especially in male-heavy environments.

There are the places that come to mind immediately, like that seedy sports bar you’ve been going to forever and your local hip bookstore. But then there are those places one wouldn’t think to look — one place, including with regard to, that’s prime for the picking of potential romantic partners.

Its a place where were so wrapped up in what were doing that we dont take a moment to look around and appreciate the, er, scenery — and even if we do, we usually dont act on impulse.

Ladies, Im talking about the gym.

Yep, that place you go to after work to de-stress and nothing more. Im here to tell you the gym is more than a place to do froggy crunches — it is a shining beacon of hope. It is an untapped resource, a hidden treasure of men possessing that possible perfect husband package we all aspire for.

Think about it: gym-goers are concerned about their health, physical appearance and arent lazy, simply to name some qualities you’d want in a hubby.

Not to mention, the gym hollers sex: You’re surrounded by sweaty, grunting humen, and beautiful females doing hip thrusters, and that machine on which they open and close their thighs( its sole aim is truly just to stimulate them look like they’re DTF ).

Basically, everyone taps into his or her most primal self at the gym.

A couple of days ago, I went to the gym with the intention of hitting on some hot hotties, and my experiment turned out style better than I expected it would. So, Ive put together a little how-to for picking up humen at the gym. Its a no-fail route to nail the man of your dreams.

Step 1: Assemble a cute workout outfit.

This step is very important because its all about striking that perfect balance. You dont want to look like youre trying too hard, but you also want to accentuate your best assets.

So if you have a great butt, wear neon or black spandex , not jogger gasps. If you have a great rack or sexy collarbones, wear a well-fitted athletics bra with a breezy tank.

My go-to “fat day” outfit for the gym is a sporty-but-low-cut New York Giants tee with black leggings. On days when Im feeling lighter, I don a fun, playful tank with colorful leggings so I can show off my limbs, the part of my body I’m proudest of. If you must wear makeup, opt for the minimal, natural look.

Again, this isn’t a runway, so you’re not expected to look perfect. Just don’t look like you DGAF by wearing that frumpy DARE shirt you got in the fifth grade.

Step 2: Approach a barbell with heavy weights on it.

When I walked into the gym that evening, my eye immediately gravitated to a six-foot, fit, blond-haired, blue-eyed looker in a muscle tank( what can I tell? I’m a sucker for blondes ).

You know that whole damsel-in-distress act, when the guy comes to the girls rescue because the girl is helpless and doesnt know what shes doing? Well, that’s only effective in specific situations. In others, its the exact opposite of what you want to be doing( I’ll explain further later on ).

Anyway, women are biologically the physically weaker sexuality, building the unfortunate truth that sometimes, we need a little help from a man — especially when it comes to the physical strength department.

So I walked right up to a 40 -pound barbell that had an extra 50 pounds on it — sure because I wanted to challenge myself, but also because the cute blond just happened to be standing there.

When I tapped him on the shoulder, he took his earbuds out of his ears.

“Sorry to bother you, but could you take these weights off for me? ” I asked.

“Sure, ” he said, smiling and sweaty.

He innocently poked fun at me for being unable to lift the barbell. I admitted my 110 -pound, merely somewhat-seasoned frame would have a difficult time managing that much. After a few minutes of body banter, I thanked him for the help and threw my headphones back on.

Im not going to lie: After successfully hitting on the most wonderful guy in the room, I was feeling pretty good about myself. With my newfound confidence in tow, I schlepped to the mats for the next part of my routine: lunges with free weights.

Step 3: Practice good form.

Now, here is where you dont want to play the damsel-in-distress.

Theres nothing sexier than watching a woman move her body to all of its limits. She seems determined, confident, strong and like she’d has become a f* cking animal between the sheets.

When you lift your free weights, try to get a spot in front of the mirror, where the rest of men are positioned. This style, you cannot only ensure you’re maintaining good form, you can also casually induce eye contact through the mirror with the men who are doing the same.

Step 4: Devote your best bedroom eyes( and voice ).

I have a sexy voice that I merely whip out for special occasions: in the bedroom, at the bar and when Im hitting on a dude. Portion of owning your femininity is use what God gave you to your advantage, and the gym is the place to do just that. So, girl, channel yo’ inner Megan Fox.

Eye-f* cking is crucial, too. Most people expend their hour exercising listening to music, in the zone and unwilling to talk to anyone else. This is totally understandable — unless you’re looking to score.

As I moved on to work my triceps, I procured a spot next to a mid-2 0s, brown-haired bro. Utilizing every ounce of energy I had left, I lifted the sh* t out of my dumbbells. When I was finished, I turned toward the bro.

Im dead, I said breathlessly, falling my weights to the floor. My bangs fell into my face and, with the help of some trusty ol sweat, stuck onto my forehead, which only amped up my sex appeal.

“Oh, I’m dead too, ” he chuckled, “but that’s a good sign. I guess I’ve considered you here before, actually.”

I closely analyzed his the characteristics and realized he was right. He went on to ask if I lived in the neighborhood, and I signed off by telling him I’d ensure him around soon.

He gave me the bro nod of approval. I nodded back and strolled over to the ladies’ locker room.

Step 5: Revel in your glory.

What are the conclusions I describe from my experiment? Well, while the majority of members of “the mens” I talked to were airheads — Im assuming all their blood has no problem reaching their muscles, but couldn’t make its way up to their brains — I got them to talk to me, which was the ultimate goal.

I could have carried on the conversations and scheduled a date or two, but TBH, from what I assembled, I didn’t actually click on an intellectual level with any of them.

To sum up, its best to take a page from Demi Lovatos book( Whats wrong with being confident ?) and act like the baddest bitch in the whole damn place. Work out hard. Look approachable. Let your body lead the way. Let your eyes speak your intentions, and the rest will follow.

Oh, and don’t forget to dig into your dresser drawer and throw on THAT pair of leggings — yknow, the one that induces your ass look like Nicki Minajs.

Then, hit up the gym and construct #GAINZ, both in life and in love.

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He strolled right pastme as if I wasnt even there. I was a ghost and he saw right through me.

I stood there with my head down, my hand latched around my limb so no one could see me shaking with nerves. He didnt even appear that good. I seemed good: my hair was straight-out, my lipstick was on and my skirt was tight enough to show off my great ass.

I was still entirely invisible to him.

My heart started to somewhat drop and when I ultimately appeared back to see that he was gone, it collapsed. It was over.

When youve “ve had your” heart broken, life seems dark. Its going to be hard to get up some mornings and its going to seem like everything is passing you by while youre stuck, frozen in a feeling of emptiness, unable to participate in your usual day-to-day activities.

The person you thought would be in their own lives for a long time leaves and your plans for the relationship become desolate.
Its natural to be upset for a week, a month, for however long it was necessary to mourn the loss of the future you planned with this person.

Eventually, you do have to get over them.

You have to move on and thatsthe hardest part of the split.

The beginning is easy, because you know how to react you cry, you feed a big bowl of ice cream, you listen to the ballad he deemed as your song on recur for a couple weeks. You realize what you had is over and you getto be sad.

5 Stages Every Girl Goes Through After A Breakup[ 5TAGES]

Its when you eventually have to picking yourself up from these feelings that requires the most strength. Its the moment in between grieving and moving on, where you have to make the decision to finally let go, that everything seems 10 times harder.

You have to build up that strength not to turn around and run back into their limbs if you were to see them again. You have to stop seeming through their social media accounts, stop allowing yourself to daydream about them and stop hoping theyll start praying you for forgiveness or sweep you off your feet once again.

No matter how much it may seem like you want all of this to happen, the goal is to finally accept reality as it is.

The reality is this: The relationship didnt run. You two either werent compatible, the timing was off or that person simply didnt are now able to love you the style you deserve to be loved.

Its a matter of declaring that theres a reason its over and so is your time to mourns about it. Its also a matter of preferring not to cry over them anymore; they arent worth the tears.

What needs to be recognized is that a person who leaves your life, doesnt deserve to be in it anyway. A person who chooses to hurt you and leave you in the dust to grieve on your own doesnt is in favour of thought about any longer than necessary.

You can exclaim, drink a few extra brews on the nights you go out, fuck someone new and indulge in every sappy love song on your playlist, but realise when its time to move on and focus your energy on better things.

Remember the lesson youve learned from that relationship, why it didnt work out, why they werent right for you and then start doing you.When you move on, its altogether for yourself.

Even though your heart is telling you how much you want them back, or how much youd like to continue screaming over them, ultimately letting run of that person is going to lead you further than holding on ever will.

Believe me: It feels so much better to remind yourself that youre better off without them, than to constantly wonder if theyll come back to you. Its more rewarding to continue building your life than to be stuck waiting for them to come back into it.

Buy yourself something nice, engross yourself in school work, induce some fund, start a new workout routine, scheme a trip with your girls or even go on a date. Do things that will empower you and construct you forget what you were even sad about in the first place.

Eventually, theyll be nothing but a part of your past that you have long forgotten. Stay strong because you will get over him.

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No, thankyou.

Yeah, Isaidit, andIllexplain.

Iamuninterestedincasual sexwith you . No, thankyou. There isno appeal to the fingernail biting waitforatextmessage( since we all know a phone call isoff the table) after you sleep with me. Thereisnothingdeliciousabout hoping that you give a shit orhaving to playit cool because I give a shit . Iwanttogoondates.Yes, dates not “hang outs.” That distinction isimportant because a hang outcouldmeanthatweregoing to go walkaround a mall like we did at 14 when our moms wereouronlymeansoftransportation. Ahang out impliesthat were bros. I have enough friends, sir.No, thankyou.

When you sayyou want to take me on a date, I know youre taking it seriouslyandthatImnot going out with some 19 -year-old kid.( Which wasnt appealing even when I was1 9.) Iwantyoutoaskme out a few daysbefore and scheme something. I want you to put someeffortintodatingme. I dont need flowersbut, goddamnit, some sign that you carewould be nice.

After that date, call.Itsnotthathard.Itsrefreshing . The two daywaiting period should be a myth.Unfortunatelyitsnot, butthinkabout how sillyit is. Oh mygod, that female wasamazing and I definitelywanttoseeher again but instead of merely attaining it happen Im going to attain her sit aroundandwonderifIlike herornot.Following through shouldnt be a rarity.

Iwantyoutobehonest.Woah, scary. I know. Heresthe thing, we are both adults. I dont need youtotellmewhatyouthinkI want to hear.

No, thankyou. I can call mymom and have her tell meImprettyifIreallyneed to hearit. The notion that you feel like you need to tell me you somethingyoudont believe, just soyou can get in mypants, isridiculous. If I want to sleep with you, I will. Itstotallythatsimple.

Idont need to hearsome long jogging speech about how unbelievable you thinkIamwhen, inreality, youre just trying to bust a nut . I would rather know up front what youreinterestedin.Ifwe go out and you dont want to see me again( brace yourself cuzthisis hardtounderstand ): donttell me thatyou do. Believe it ornot, girls dont want to be lied to. Imnotgoingtotellyousome fairytale storyabout how wonderful you are if I dont thinkit. PleasedontfreakoutifI want to talkto you. I like you. Stop panicking .( If you dont like me back: seeabove .) Itsokayif we talk. Itsokayif you want to talkto me or want to see me again. Dontwaituntilitstoolate to decide you want me.

I wasseeing thisguyfor a while a couple yearsbackandwedidthe whole playing it cooland casual sex thing off and on for almost a year .( Well, hedid .) Ihad no issue being like HI I LIKEYOU I HOPE THATS OKAY. I knew he likedmeback.Honestly, “were in” a good match but he waited until he moved 3,000 milesaway toadmittohavingfeelingsforme.

Whatseven more alarming isthat even though weve had thediscussionaboutwhere we both stand, hesstill timid. Hesstill weird about being anything otherthanbro-yaboutit.The last time I find himwe went on thissweet date and the next day hewassouncomfortablewith me. Why? Who givesa shit? Can person please explain what issoscaryorshamefulabout having feelingsand being willing to expressthem?

I dont need to have4 5minutedailydiscussion about the fuzzywuzzies, but I shouldnt be afraid to terrifyyou if I haveanemotionotherthan horniness.

I wont tell anyone if itssomething youre embarrassed about, butyouarecapable of having feelingsarent you?

Ingeneral, itseemslikethere isan unwillingnessformen to be humen. Im not talking about when youguystakeusoutand open doors. Thatssweet and all, but thatsnot it.

Im talking about the unwillingnesstoconnect, to be vulnerable, to step up. I amflabbergasted byhow few humen will takeresponsibilityfortheiremotional choicesand forthe damage theyleave behind post relationship.

Pleasedontget me wrong, girls arent innocent of dating crimes . There are womenwhowillbail, ghost, utilize, cheat, manipulate, lie people tend to suckin general but obviouslyitsnoteveryone. Imaware that there are men in the great broad somewhere who dont act like imbeciles. Otherwise, the human race wouldve objective centuries ago.

So, heresmyrequest: surprise me. Surprise the girl youre dating. Be real. Feign like there aretvcameraswaitingwith bated breath foryouremotional integrity. Share like theresa million dollarcommercialdealwaiting at the end of the season. It might workout for you.

Sincerely, ABitchWhoSeriouslyAint Got No Time ForThat

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1. Not everything is meant to be, but if you want something enough, theres nothing stopping you from trying to chase it down.

2. Hearing no is not ever as bad as you think its going to be. Yes, in the moment it hurts, it stings, its painful. And then, a few weeks later, it isnt as painful. And a few days after that, it hurts even less. The lesson? You recover.

3. Even though asking for a second chance is scaring, its better to ask than to regret the fact that “youve never” asked.

4. In terms of love, life is nothing like Sex and the City. The characters you want to show back up in their own lives sometimes wont. The characters you wish would stay away have a knack for showing up. You cant change the style other people act, but you can change your perspective on it, and choose not to be bothered by an exs antics.

5. When person pushes you away, you need to let them have their distance, because prodding them wont help the situation. This is as true in the working world as it is in the dating world. You dont wishes to text someone too many times , nor do you want to follow up too soon.

6. Inducing a comeback doesnt have to be an elaborated, planned out scheme. Sometimes its as simple as demonstrating person, softly and politely, that you deserve another chance.

7. Nothing is more important than having a support system of people who will be there for you at rock bottom. Chasing friends who dont am worried about you enough is not nearly as worth your time as investing time into friendships that are built to last.

8. Your family can be very disappointed in you occasionally, but it will rarely be because of failure. As long as youre trying your best , not meeting your goal isnt something theyre holding against you, even if you come from a strict family.

9. If someones mind is made up before you approach them, that is not your fault. If someone is on the fence, or open minded, then you should take the opportunity to nation your occurrence. If person already dislikes you, the best you can do is pretend that hostility doesnt exist, and not feel bad about yourself if things dont run your way.

10. Many great connects have been formed by someone sending an email they thought was a complete shot in the dark.

11. Getting hurt whether emotionally, or get physically injured is not something you can move passed without tackling. If you hurt yourself playing lacrosse, you cant always be back on the field the next day. You need to give yourself time to heal, retrieve, and rehabilitate before you get back out there.

12. The same is true emotionally. As much as you want to rushed the mending of a broken heart or wounded pride, it often doesnt work like that.

13. Hard work pays off, but its easy to lose sight of that when youre overworked, or working a mile-a-minute. The fact is, your work may not pay off when you expect it to, and that can be hard to stomach. Its too easy to get impatient. But you need to have faith in your work, and believe that it is taking you somewhere.

14. Establishing a routine for when youre having a difficult day will help knock you out of a funk. For example, if you get home, are feeling down about whatever happened in your day, and cant figure out what to do to cheer yourself up, you can end up building yourself feel worse. However, if you have a go-to activity( a favourite meal you like to cook, a place you like to order food from, taking a bath, doing a workout, etc .), youll be allowed to snap yourself out of a mood quicker than you otherwise would.

15. As Coldplay often reminds us, get what you want and get what you need are two very different things, and sometimes its hard to distinguish between the two until after the fact.

16. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of strength and humility.

17. Similarly, when people make you feel like an moron for asking a very fair topic, its not worth paying too much attention to their attitude. It wont help you to lament over person being abrupt or rude to you. You cant do anything to change their behavior. Just let mean people be entailed, and know that their shittiness cant affect your mood unless you let it.

18. Whether you like it or not, timing plays a role in pretty much everything, and its hard to work against shitty timing. The easiest style to navigate around bad timing is to anticipate it and be prepared, though this is admittedly easier said than done.

19. At some points in life, it will feel like everyone else is getting what they want getting ahead at work, buying a home, getting married, gaining influence except you. This is in your head, and even if youre not having your best year yet, the luck youre having isnt permanent.

20. Depicting people kindness will always get you farther than demonstrating people your unhappiness, discontent, and displeasure. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt politely voice fears if you have them. You need to stick up for yourself.

21. Even when you dont feel like you need to cover your ass, encompass your ass. After you fail or get hurt enough times, you learn the importance of protecting yourself.

22. You. Need. To. Stay. Humble.

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