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Whether you’re crunched for period as you sprint from the office to SoulCycle, or you simply want to look as glamorous as Gigi Hadid in your workout selfies, you’ve likely received yourself debuting a full face of makeup at the gym.

While you’re sweating it out and stimulating those #gains, that little pang of remorse pops up as you think of the inevitable zit that’s going to surface on your chin afterwards that night.

You’ve likely heard it a million times before: Cardio and concealer simply do not mix.

Butis there any style you can get away with going straight from work to the weight room without a rinse?

Elite Daily spoke withdermatologistGervaise Gerstner, MD, to get her professional opinion on this sweaty subject.

She explained,

In words of exercising, excess sweating mixed with clogging pores[ due to] oily makeup residue can exacerbate acne on skin.

Excess sebum production plus makeup can cause comedones, too( a fancy term for blackheads ).

Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glandsand exists on all skin surfaces( with the exception of the palms and the soles of the feet ).

The area on your face most likely to battle these oily issues is the infamous T-zone, which is why your post-Pilates pimple most often appears on your forehead , nose, or chin.

So, unless you’re applying your foundation on your feet( I have a lot of follow-up questions for you if you do ), consider your days of combining burpees and blush extinct from this phase on.

If you must mergethe worlds of commandos and cosmetics, Dr. Gerstner tells oil-free makeup is always preferred.

She recommends a light beauty balm to avoid pesky clogged pores while stillgetting a little bit of coverage 😛 TAGEND

My office has several options: Gervaise Gerstner, MD, beauty salve, soleil mineral tint, and skinceuticals sunscreen tint.

Seriously though, don’t forget about your SPF if you’re taking your sweat sesh outdoors. That tinted sunscreen is key so you don’t feel a kind of burn, if you catch my drift.

But if you can manage to leave the foundation at home, your skin will definitely thank you.

Personal trainerPaola Marqueztells Elite Daily her secret to a clear complexion is that shenever, ever wears any makeup while working out 😛 TAGEND

When we’re working out, our body temperature increases, “were starting” sweating, and our pores open.

Our skin needs to breathe, especially when exerting, so I recommend removing all[ your] makeup and applying thermal water before breaking a sweat.

Sounds simple enough.

Plus, when you think about it, if your workout is challenging your body in the right way, you’d probably just sweat all the makeup off anyway, right?

And I think everyone can agree that mascara streaks running down your face isnot a good look on anyone.

Live long and perspire, girl.

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I was mid-plank when it reached me: I brought this all on myself. Me, and my debilitating weakness for beautifully packaged cosmetics.

It was a Monday morning. I was face down, ass up on a mat in the middle of a grueling workout from celeb trainer Nicole Winhoffer. The aim was to try and sweat so hard my makeup would run off, the exact opposite of what I usually aim for during exercise classes.

This makeup, however, was a little different.

A mineral foundation, translucent powder and bronzer from Sweat Cosmeticwere my products of the day.

The line is the brainchild of five women, most of whom come to the staff directly from professional and Olympic athletic careers. Impressive, right?

Bonded by their commitment to working out while looking good, protecting their faces from sunburn( SPF 30, all the way) and determining a healthy style to wear cosmetics( one that wouldn’t asphyxiate their pores ), the Sweat ladies launched a line designed for the gym.

I can already hear you shrieking, WHAT ? We’re supposed to wear makeup to the gym now?

I know, it’s a controversial topic. Perhaps it’s better to think of Sweat Cosmetic as a glorified skincare line, instead.

Its products contain Vitamin E and antioxidants, actually helping improve the health of your skin while they’re on your lovely, calorie-burning face.

Sweat Cosmetics were astonishingly easy to color-match to my face.

The website depicts photos of real women who wear each of the foundation’s five shades, asking if you’re more olive or fair”. The company sent along loose powder and bronzer for me to try, as well.

Each product runs a little something like this: You carefully unscrew the eyelid from a small pot full of powder( I immediately spilled it all over my office sink ), and screw the open receptacle into the thick base of a brush.

Twisting the brush up, you simply shake it down to distribute product into the brush’s bristles. There’s even a handy cap, in case you don’t want foundation all over the interior of your expensive work tote.

Although I like to think of myself as a high-maintenance gal, it took me a grand total of five minutes to apply Sweat to my face before racing out the elevator in a vain attempt to be early for my workout.

Shake, shake, shaking the brushes got a bit tiresome, but the mineral foundation and powder provided illuminate, even coverage for my full face.

The bronzer, which I used as a light contour on my forehead and cheekbones, looked like I’d sat in the sunshine for a happy few minutes.

Ah, but this isn’t just about Sweat’s makeup consistency. It had to last, too, besides seeming lovely in my pouch and never spilling.

So, I headed to church.

Nicole Winhoffer’s church, that is, also known as the NW Method.

The absurdly popular trainer, who stimulated her name build Madonna’s muscles, teaches a dance-inspired, full-body workout that pushes you through grueling, minute-long movements.

I was in for it. This was my second period sweating with Nicole, only this time she’d been informed my name and location in the class. In her friendly, big sister route, it was clear no slacking would be tolerated from the writer who got to exercising in the second row.

As my body heated up, my triceps burning and scalp tingling with intensity and blood circulation, sweat percolated down from my hairline like a few very itchy bugs disrupting my planks and squats.

The perspiration made the towel, succumbing it a dark brown every place a drop reach. Would the makeup even make it past the warmup?

Sweat’s foundation may be guaranteed waterproof, but I was sweating more than I usually do in hot yoga classes. Between the dancing and the crouch, Nicole had me worried.

After a grueling 55 minutes and a little upbeat choreography, we were done. It was up to the mirror and the after photos to see what had become of my makeup.

In truth, I was impressed.

I’m an oily-faced lady, and the fact that my face wasn’t too shiny or absurdly red was remarkable. Plus, it didn’t feel as if I had a layer of itchy, hot makeup on my face.

It was clear I’d gotten blood rushing, but my face was still socially acceptable.

So, would I buy? Absolutely, especially the $42 translucentpowder and brush defined.The compact packaging took up far less space in my handbag than the usual powder.

Truthfully, it hasn’t left my suitcase since the shoot.

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