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My boyfriend has asked me to marry him more than once, butIve never said yes.

The question is nevermade in a grand proposal type of route like in the movies or viral YouTube videos, but my heart still melts every time he asks because I know, find and feel how sincerely and seriously he wants a future for us.

Ive lost counting of how many times hesasked me. But I recollect the first time he popped the issues to, I answered with merely a simple nods and a blank face.

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He knows why I wasnt ready to answer the first time, but he still continues to ask even though all Ive dedicated him in response is silence.

I love him, so technically theres no reason we cant move forward to the next step. But I dont think theres a difference in getting married today or getting married a few years from now.

But then again, wheresthe sense in awaiting if you know youloveeach other?

We havent known each other for long, but when it comes to relationships, quality is much more valuable than quantity.

The relationship isnt defined by the amount of time youve been together, its defined by the quality of time spent together and the memories created in that time.

During the short time Ive been with my boyfriend, I feelas if Ive known him for years. And since the working day I realized my impressions for him, all Ive wanted is to be with him. Not just today, but for good.

My silence and blank face where reference is proposes to me dont mean I dont want a future with him. I want to scream YES ! each and every time he asks me.

It pains me that Im not able to do it, but Im sorry, I merely couldnt find it in me tosay yes.

Marriage isnt just about the two of us. Its about me, and its about him. Each of us areseparate beings outside of the relationship.

I still have dreamings to seek and fulfill, and he does too.

Before marrying him, I wanted to achieve my dreamingsand be the best in my chosen career.

I wanted my boyfriend to be proud of me. I wanted him to be proud hes with an accomplished daughter. I wanted him to wed an accomplished woman.

Bygiving all my best in my chosen route and achieving my aim, hell be able to do that.

Ive always thought we were still young. We still have a good life ahead of us an exciting, young adult life. We can still do whatever we want and be young and happy together , without wedding. But now, my mind is starting to change.

My friends ask me which will I choose: My career or my boyfriend?

The answer now is very clear in both my head and my heart. I dont hesitate to say Ill select him over my career, and Ill prefer my family over my work.

So the next time my boyfriend asks me to marry him, my answer is likely to be yes.

You have all the time in the world to get a job and build a career, but findingsomeone who will love you unconditionally is a once-in-a-lifetime find.

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Weddings are magical days to celebrate love, feed loadings of food and get drunk.

( Theyre also greatdays to get drunk and celebrate your singlehood when youre the only single guest at the bridal .)

All around the world, weddings are hostedwithdifferent foods, receptionsand traditions.

If you want to attain your wedding unforgettable, you can incorporate some fun traditions from around the world into your own rite andreception.

Here areseven marriage traditions that could spice up your own rite 😛 TAGEND

1. Incorporate a croquembouche .

Instead of serving a bridal cake at the reception, couples in France serve croquembouche.

Its basically a mountain of pastries, and who doesnt love that notion?

Its a great, unique replacing for the traditional bridal cake that will have your guests wishing they were in Paris.

3. Use aunity bowl .

Australian couples use unity bowl as a romantic way of celebrating the day.

Guests are given different types of stones when they arrive, and they hold them during the ceremony as they watch the couple marriage. After the ceremony ends, the guests place their stones in a large bowl to give to the bride and groom.

The unity bowl epitomizes the supporting and love the newlyweds have from their familymembers and friends.

4. Guest arent always personally invited .

Those who plan on getting married in Thailand can incorporate a traditionthats been practised in the country for hundreds of years.

Thai weddings are often very large, ranging from 100 to 300 guests. And thats probably because the wedding reception includes an evening feast where guests are welcome to brought on by their family members and friends who may not have been invited.

5. The festivity can last for days .

Couples looking to have a destination marriage should consider getting married in India. There, bridals last for several days.

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Before the wedding begins, a ceremony is held at the brides familys home, where her arms, legs and other body parts are decorated with henna.

The weddings consist of several different rites and ceremonies, which include the bride and groom exchanging rings as they wed. Flower garlands are also set around one another necks during the ceremony.

6. Stomp on glass .

Jewish grooms stomp on glass wrap in a piece of cloth during the ceremony, which represents how the Holy Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem.

The glass-breaking also symbols the combination of joy and sadness that occurs in life.

Finally, the couple marry each other under a chuppah, believed to offer protection from evil spirits.

7. Eat chocolate .

Couples in France prepare for their wedding night by feeing chocolate and leftover food out of a lavatory bowl once the reception is over.

The treats are ingested to give each person extra strength for their intimate time together in accordance with the reception.

And of course, champagne accompaniesthe food to celebrate the matrimony and ease their nerves after saying I do.

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