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( CNN) On Friday, President Donald Trump gathered more than a dozen of his top advisers at Camp David to discuss the future of the American military strategy in Afghanistan.

Here it is — and it’s a doozy 😀 TAG 2 TT

Let’s break down the lookings — and messages sent via those appears — for each white man of the 13 white men and 1 girl in the photo. Side note: I have to believe the attendees were told not to smile due to the seriousness of the topic discussed. Otherwise, the sheer spontaneous seriousness is genuinely beyond belief.( Huge thanks to CNN’s Jim Acosta for helping ID everyone .)


Washington( CNN) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg appeared out at the first year law class she was about to address at Georgetown Law on Wednesday and smiled broadly after being told the majority of the class were women.

The moderator of Wednesday’s event — law dean William Treanor — asked Ginsburg how she selected her early career path.

She rephrased his question.


( CNN) Let’s be real — Washington isn’t precisely a destination for celebrity sightings. But the shared pastime of the District’s most high-profile women, Michelle Obama and Ivanka Trump, has local indoor cycling studios abuzz.

Washington’s boutique indoor cyclers fall into two distinct camps, with minimal overlap: SoulCycle and Flywheel.

SoulCycle is a candlelit spin workout with dance moves aboard the bike and an emphasis on mantra. Flywheel features stadium seating with a technology component that tracks metrics and allows cyclers to compete for phases based on speed and resistance.( Full revealing: this writer is an limitless monthly member at Flywheel .)


( CNN) President Donald Trump has a number of unorthodox hypothesis about politics. But his theory of why exert is bad for you is the strangest I’ve heard yet.

That’s far from the first time we’ve heard that Trump and exercise aren’t friends. This, from a February 6 piece in Axios: “The only workout Trump gets is an occasional round of golf. Even then, he largely travels by cart. On the campaign trail he viewed his rallies as his form of exercise.”

In their revelatory book “Trump Revealed, ” the Washington Post’s Mike Kranisch and Marc Fisher wrote more extensively about Trump’s “battery” theory of energy 😀 TAG 3 TT


Stop No. 6: El Paso, Texas

You could spend an entire two-week road trip-up in Texas alone. I split the more than 600 -mile drive from Dallas to El Paso into two days( nine hours in the car on a weekday when I also have to write C/ L was just not going to happen) and drove through miles of oil fields, and through Eastland, where gas station bathrooms had no water and turned guests away( the city was put under simmer advisory for three days because of a leak in a water supply line ). In Midland, I was confused about how steep hotel costs were until I saw their packed parking lots filled with new trucks and found out workers come in from around the region to work in oil fields there( weekend rates are much cheaper ). Marfa was an pre-filtered Instagram dream come true( and I hated going to the Marfa Prada without Kate ).

But the biggest astonish was El Paso. During the journey, whenever I tell people where I’d be stopping, they’d sometimes wonder what I’d be doing there or have a negative reaction. But, guys, I really really like El Paso. When we think about The Great International Cities of America, we tend to think of New York or Los Angeles or the other big costal city, but El Paso is just about as international as they come. Mexico is literally right there. Everywhere you go, you insure the mixing of English and Spanish, of American culture and Mexican culture. It also has all the signs of an emerging hipster hotspot, with shipping container coffee shops and rooftop pools.

What El Paso is Talking About 😀 TAG 4 TTCollapsed cyclone drains caused three sinkholes to appear in West El Paso, which are being repaired. This weekend, a sinkhole swallowed a whole car.


Before I begin, let me just say that these are all generalizations.

Im am evangelical Christian whosupported Bernie and then Hillary, and I am fully aware there were many Christians who also supported Bernie and the Hillary( or simply Hillary) from the start.

I know its unfair to generalize, but I hope every Christian who reads this will agree with me on having assured some of these things firsthand or own up to having shall include participation in some of these acts.

I know some Christians will bash me and call me lukewarm, and thats penalty. But these are issues we need to think about in our community.

In four years, we will elect again and hopefully we wont fall into these same lamentable behaviors Ive seen my fellow Christians perpetrate such elections season 😛 TAGEND

1. Love thy neighbor wentout the window in heated political debates.

As Christians, were taught to love each other and to believe fervently that loving one another is the greatest commandment of all.

So while people argued on social media, one would expect Christians to set an example and not join in on the criticism, irony, mockery, negativity and bruising hurt, but unfortunately, far too many joined.

Many werent able to live up to the standard Christ set of loving people regardless of whether or not you like their opinions or agree withtheir actions.

The things Ive read have been completely contrary to Christian faith. People belittling one another and worse, judging each other by saying voting Democrat could lead you to losing your redemption? That is not a shining example of Christian goodness.

The dirty claws of judgment unsheathed rapidly during this election.

And those who took it upon themselves to be the voice of God during quarrels on social media went as far as to quote biblically, and usually out of context, the reasons why be voting in favour of a Democrat would be the downfall of America.

Our Generation Is Fed up With This Election

2. Single-issue voting was prevalent.

Many Christians believe a womans right to choose is unfair because an unborn infant should have the same constitutional rights as any other person.

Countless Christians focused on this issue and this issue alone when deciding who to vote for.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of undocumented families are now petrifiedtheyll be deported and not seen as the decent human being they are, robbing them and their children of the opportunity of having a better life.

You are allowed to be pro-life. That is your right as an American.

But it is unfair to argue youre pro-life when it comes to reproductive rights and then turn around and assert the lives of other human being dont matter only because theyre undocumented.

Illegal or not, we are all human beings.

3. Misogyny among Christians was( and is) alive and well.

Women have always had a more passive role in modern organized religion. Why do I tell modern? Thats easy: Girls in biblical times were actually very powerful.

Figures like Queen Esther, who peacefully fought for the rights of her people and went before the king to plead they not be killed, prove that women in Judeo-Christian narrative actually had authority.

If you think back to how many female clergymen, bishops and clergymen there are today, chances are not very many can be tallied.

More than once, I read posts claiming no woman could ever hold a position as head authority in the United States because its against biblical principle.

Im not sure where people are get this from, but Id truly love to see where in The Bible it says women should or cannot be involved in politics.

4. Trump winning was treated like a favorite squad winning the Super Bowl.

The candidate many Christians voted for won, and instead of quietly basking in their victory, “were in” regaled with obnoxious posts basically nana nana boo boo-ing at the individuals who voted for Hillary.

It was more like witnessing the aftermath of a heated Super Bowl win that it was witnessing a presidential election.

Our election was important, and surely deserved to be treated as anything but a game.

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Agreen and gray striped mens sweater. I got it because it was soft, and I liked the colors.In Arizona where I lived, it neversnowed, butwhen I was home from college thatwinter transgres, it was cold enough to wear my new sweater and jeans.

Thats what I was wearing when it happened because I know you will wonder if I dont tell you.

I was 18, and I had just tried alcohol for the first time because I was fighting with my high school boyfriend. A guy in my group of male friends had a condo that his family leased to tourists.

This winter break, hetold us, it was going to be empty.

Feeling very grown-up, we borrowed our mothers autoes and responsibly packed overnight bags to go have a leisurely adult bribe, with a cold morning brunch to follow, at the condo.

And I got a little bit drunk.

We Will Never Stop Fighting

I wasnt comfortable outside my mind, soI told my friends I would pick a bedroom and go to sleep for the night. I was coherent, and I wasnt vomiting, but I definitely wasnt steady. I wanted to be asleep and alone.

So, I shut the bedroom doorway, curled on top of the comforter in my sweater and jeans and fell asleep, missing my boyfriend.

I didnt hear my attackercome in the room he didnt ask, and I didnt let him in. But when I woke up, his hands were under my bra. He was kissing my face and neck.

As he continued, I only curled tighter and pretended to sleep. I shut my eyes and exclaimed steadily , not telling a word and refusing to face him.

The next morning, I showered and buffed the skin off my body as best I could. I felt as if Id betrayed my boyfriend by experiencing what I did. With soap in my face and hair, I hoped against hope that he would call and absolve me.

I curled into a ball, burning and shivering on the floor of the shower.

I dont know if my attacker ever took to the proverbial locker room to brag about how hed grabbed me. But if he had, it likely would have sounded a lot like President-Elect Donald J. Trump 😛 TAGEND

I only start kissing them. I dont even wait.

You can do anything!

Grab em by the pussy. You can do anything.

Thats exactly what he did.

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