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Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas won the womens 400 m final with a diving finish, preventing American Allyson Felix from capturing a fifth Olympic gold medal

With the finish line approaching and an Olympic gold so close she could almost touch it, Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas dived. She sprawled across the hard, blue Olympic Stadium track without genuinely knowing why she had said and done. Her intellect was blank. Her body was cut, with skin torn away merely below her right ribcage, her right elbow and three places on her legs. But she didnt feel them. Her body was numb. She couldnt move.

All she knew was that she had run the race of their own lives, the 400 m at a shine, beautiful pace and now she was staring at the stadium illuminates unsure what to think, only wanting lie of the cool wet way because she had no energy left. Then she heard her mom screaming from the stands. Get up! Get up! And this was how Shaunae Miller learned she had won Olympic gold. Later, there would be time for the details.

She would learn she had beaten American track legend Allyson Felix by the length of her lunging limb, or 0.07 seconds. But at that moment she couldnt digest her success, her dream achieved. I was believing, Oh my gosh, I am lying on the ground right now, she said. And yet neither her moms pleas nor a gold medal would pull her to her feet. She had plunged onto the stadium floor to win an Olympic race and it was there she wanted to stay.

An hour after her victory she still seemed perplexed as to why she hurled herself across the finish line in the first Olympic medal race of her life. It was instinct, a reaction, a response to seeing Felix in her peripheral vision. But, hey, I got a medal out of it, she said.

When she finally stood up, several minutes after the race, she found her body had cooled. This is when she took account of the injuries from her diving, the bloody spots on her torso, elbows and knees. She felt them all. Oh gosh did I cut myself up? she asked. Somehow she didnt intellect.

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The American is the only person to have won an individual swimming gold past the age of 31. Perseverance, fund and freakish talent have helped

Age 31 isnt over the hill in most endeavors. Baseball players routinely play into their 40 s, Phillip Dutton just won an equestrian medal at age 52, and writers often peak in their 50 s or 60 s( we hope ).

But what Michael Phelps has done in the pond is unusual. The list of individual medalists( excluding relays) in swimming whove passed their 30 th birthday is a short one counts 15( add relays, and the list expands to 23 ). Of that group, only Dara Torres was older than Phelps today when shewon multiple individual medals in one Olympics, taking three bronzes in 2000.

Individual gold medalists age 31 and up? None. Not until Phelps did it Tuesday night in the 200 m butterfly. That was his 12 th gold medal in an individual event, sending historians back to Greek antique for a comparable antecedent.

How is Phelps able to do what swimmers of the past have not?

Sheer persistence helps. Mark Spitz won two medals as a teen phenom in 1968 and seven golds in his standard-setting streak in 1972. Then he retired, apart from a short-lived comeback endeavor years later.

One reason Phelps has chosen a different career path is simple: the life of an Olympic star is no longer one of monastic poverty, thanks to a series of changes internationally and domestically through the 1970 s. Were no longer talking about Jim Thorpe being stripped of his 1912 medals because he accepted a pittance for playing a totally different sport. Today, Thorpe would win cash only qualifying for the US team.

And swimmers such as Phelps get paid, with prize money at the World Aquatic Championships now up over$ 5m and a steady creek of sponsorship money available. Even swimmers who arent anywhere close to Phelps level can earn a healthy $3,000 monthly stipend.

Financial comfort is important because swimming is such a demanding sport. Not that most Olympic events are for weekend warriors, but swimming including with regard to requires a lot of pool period and the occasional dry workout. At 35 hours a week, its not the kind of thing you can do with a full-time task. And the money helps swimmers take in staggering amounts of food to refuel. No wonder the U.S. Olympic swim squad is skewing older these days. Male swimmers average in 1988 was 20.9. In 2012, 25.8.

Yet those changes have also revved up the level of competition in the Games. The Olympics are no longer just for college student, the independently wealthy and state-funded machines. Phelps has stuck around, but so have Ryan Lochte, Laszlo Cseh and many other legitimate challengers.

And Phelps is still outdistancing not just the previous generations of Olympic athletes but his peers as well. This summer, 2012 Olympic champion and multiple world medalist Tyler Clary retired after failing to stimulate the US team in multiple events. Hes merely 27.

The ageless Dara Torres notwithstanding, females have had a more difficult time sticking around in the athletic. Natalie Coughlin has 12 medals from the last three Olympics, but at age 33, she was unable to attain the US team for Rio. Kate Ziegler was the Katie Ledecky of the mid-2 000 s, winning world titles and setting records in distance races in her teens, but she didnt make an Olympic final in 2012 and didnt make the team at age 28 this time around. Katie Hoff swept the individual medley world titles in 2005 and 2007, took a couple of individual medals in 2008 while still in her teens, then faded and eventually retired due to persisting issues such as blood clots.

Other swimmers eventually break down. Lochte has dealt with traumata, including a freak run-in with a fan that wrecked his knee. Most of those injuries took place outside the pool, but even in calm, cool water, overuse injuries can pile up over time.

Phelps has likely performed over 10 m arm strokes and 7m dolphin kicks in his career, wrote swimming expert Gary Mullen. This volume increases his danger of shoulder impingement and low back disc degeneration, two of the more common traumata in the sport.

Phelps has been able to stay healthy, and his physique surely doesnt hurt. Even in a pond full of perfectly tapered torsos, Phelps has always stood out with his long limbs and big feet.

The last part of the perfect blizzard that built Phelps the perfect swimmer is coaching. Phelps satisfied Bob Bowman at age 11, and the coach has stuck with him through a successful yet often tempestuous relationship.

Phelps has slackened a little. He scratched from the 100 m and 200 m freestyle at the Olympic trials this summer , no longer willing or able to attempt the daunting eight-event program he swept in Beijing eight years ago. But his times in individual events are comparable to his times in the past 12 years, excluding the two-year techsuit era that led to faster days for everyone in 2008 and 2009. Compare the 200 m butterfly, Phelps first individual gold medal of these Games. He won the 2011 world championship in that event in 1:53.34. His time in Rio? 1:53.36.

Phelps, Bowman and his entourage have a few other tactics that may also have come into play. Maybe the cupping therapy that leaves big hickeys all over his torso is improving his endurance in ways yet to be explained. Perhaps Phelpss retirement after the 2012 Games stimulated him come back rejuvenated and hungry.

But much of Phelps success is readily apparent. Hes a physically gifted swimmer who learned picture-perfect strokes, his body has not failed him in any major route, and his support system has helped him preserve those gifts longer than most.

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Simone Biles posted the highest rating for the floor exercise, the vault and the beam and she is the red hot favourite to clinch the all-around Olympic title

Simone Biles rose to her feet after “re going through” her stretchings on the green carpet, took one last pulling from a bottle of water and dedicated her long-time coach Aimee Boorman a high five before stepping on to the competitor podium on Sunday afternoon for the maiden performance of her Olympic career.

What happened over the next 88 minutes was simultaneously expected and extraordinary as Biles, who for months has borne the weight of impossible expectations on her spritely 4ft 8in, 105 lb frame, depicted the impeccable kind that could send her home from Rio with as many as five gold medals.

The 19 -year-old posted the highest rating on the floor exercise( 15.733) and vault( 16.050) and was also the top qualifier on the beam routine, performing with brio and sticking her dismount perfectly to close the teams final rotation. She even posted a 15.000 on the uneven bars, the lone apparatus where she has shown flickers of mortality.

Her all-around rating of 62.366 was more than three points better than any non-American gymnast who had vied. Aly Raisman finished second( 60.607) and will join Biles in the individual all-around final while Gabby Douglas despite a third-place finish( 60.131) was denied a chance to defend the all-around gold she won in London due to a rule restriction the event finals to two challengers per country.

The 1-2-3 finish lifted the United States to the highest qualifying rating( 185.238) by virtually 10 phases. China, Russia, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands also qualified to round out the field of eight for Tuesday afternoons team final.

I wanted to qualify into the event finals if I did my very best and today I did that. Im a little less nervous because its done and I qualified, Biles said afterwards to the small army of reporters that mobbed her in the mixed zone. Now its just about consistency.

From a squad standpoint Sundays qualifying at Rio Olympic Arena was largely a formality for the United States, who following the fall of the Iron Curtain have emerged at the head of gymnastics new world order.

Yet it was a chance for the crowd to have a first look at the prodigy from suburban Houston who has been widely hailed as the greatest the sport has ever seen despite having never vied in an Olympics until now.

Born three months short of the age cut-off for London 2012, Biles has come to overshadow the sport itself in winning the all-around at 12 consecutive international competitions dating back to her rookie senior season in 2013. She has captured 14 medals at world championships, including 10 golds, and last year became the first woman to earn a third straight world all-around title. Raisman will join Biles in the floor final. Laurie Hernandez qualified for the beam final with a rating of 15. 366 after a flawless defined, while Douglas and Madison Kocian will attempt to win medals in the bars.

I am pleased because they depicted the consistency that I was expecting, said Martha Karolyi, the legendary national squad coordinator who is retiring after Rio. For the last three weeks being in a training camp in Houston and then after that here, we did modeling. Which means in a educate conference you try to come as close as possible to competitor situations.

I has pointed out that if you hit every routine in a workout gym, why would you be nervous when you come out in the arena? You simply have to think: I simply have to do one more of those routines that I already did. I think its proven that this is the right technique to have the girls to be confident and consistent.

After dismounting from the beam routine Biles excitedly hastened off the podium and wrap Hernandez in a bear hug before greeting her other team-mates, having completed the teams 16 th routine of the afternoon without a mistake. They will return on Tuesday to finish what they started in the team competition.

I dont think you feel pressure whenever your team-mates go up and hit, Biles said. You nearly feel confident that youre the next one that you can do it because once the first person runs, they kind of define a rhythm.

Boorman added: The daughters were so prepared , not only physically prepared but mentally prepared. Its a nice place to be because do you dont have to snap anybody out of a bad place.

When you come out you have such a great day like today it simply constructs your confidence that you can do it again and again and again. I dont think theres any doubt in their minds that they can continue on this path.

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