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( CNN) California coffee shops may soon be forced to warn customers about a possible cancer hazard linked to their morning jolt of java.

The state maintains a list of chemicals it considers possible causes of cancer, and one of them, acrylamide, is generated when coffee beans are roasted.

A lawsuit first filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in 2010by the nonprofit Council for Education and Research on Toxics targets several companies that attain or sell coffee, including Starbucks, 7-Eleven and BP. The suit alleges that the defendants “failed to provide clear and reasonable warning” that drinking coffee could uncover people to acrylamide.

The Pebble 2+ Heart Rate has — you guessed it — a heart rate sensor.

Pebble 2 comes with a silicon band.

The bands are easily swappable.

On the right side of the Pebble 2 you have up and down buttons for navigation and a select button( middle ).

The heart rate sensor on the backside and the magnetic charging pin.

Workout charts.

Pebble 2 also tracks how long and how well you sleep.

The e-paper screen is easy to read in direct sunlight.


Image: Apple

Its nearly impossible to count all of the fitness trackers on the market; there are ones tailored for hard-core athletes, stylish designs pegged for women, even ones that alert you when you’ve been in the sunlight for too long. But theres never quite been one developed specifically for those in manual wheelchairs before.

Last month, Apple announced on stage at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference that it was adding a route for wheelchair users to monitor their activity levels, largely powered by upper body strength used to move the wheels.

The move is a part of the companys effort to turn the Apple Watch into the first wheelchair-accessible wearable. The device will track pushes, rather than steps, and encourages users to meet daily aims, burn more calories and nudges them to keep moving throughout the day. For the 2.2 million people who use manual wheelchairs, biding active each day is extremely important to reduce greater health risks such as diabetes or a stroke.

Image: Apple

Starting this fall, watchOS 3s Activity app experience will be optimized for wheelchair users. The software will still include Apple’s signature three-ring tracker that highlights how close you are to hitting daily aims. Moves from wheelchair users wearing the Apple Watch will contribute to all-day calorie goals( the red ring) and instead of a is high time to stand reminder( the blue ring ), wheelchair users will receive a time to roll notification. Apple is also adding a collect of dedicated wheelchair-specific workouts workout info will be logged via the green ring with a goal of 30 minutes each day.

Meanwhile, the Workout App will have two additional options: Wheelchair Run and Wheelchair Walk. All data is accumulated with Apples Health app, similar to what happens for Apple Watch users operating its standard mode.

When the company sought to add a wheelchair tracking mode to the Apple Watch as early as version one in 2015, it didnt realize what a massive challenge adding those features would be to the platform. Apple’s Ron Huang, director of software engineering for locating and motion technologies, told Mashable the complications stemmed from the limited sum of fitness research thats been conducted among wheelchair users in the past.

Image: Apple

As a result, the company started from the ground up to gather information and develop algorithms that could accurately measure moves and fitness metrics on the Apple Watch. To conduct the research, Apple partnered with San Diego-based Challenged Athletes Foundation to monitor more than 3,500 hours from 300 people( across 700 conferences) about how they responded to the technology.

Apple also worked alongside the Lakeshore Foundation, which closely follows the long-term physical and psychological effects of physical fitness on people with disabilities. Its facilities have also served as the official U.S. Olympic& Paralympic Training Site and is the official home of USA Wheelchair Rugby since 2003.

The squads loaded sensors, accelerometers and GPS technology onto wheelchairs to monitor distance and speed.

The squads loaded sensors, accelerometers and GPS technology onto wheelchairs during the study period which were later used to monitor distance, speed and how much the latter are employing their arms.

Apple studied three wheelchair push styles semi-circular, arc and single loop over to determine how it impacted fitness and were different as users when up or downhill. With the help of VO2 masks, the committee is also measured how much oxygen the latter are using throughout the duration.

When the features debut in the fall, it will join an abundance of new additions and an overall freshened look.WatchOS 3 will become more like the iPhone, with the ability to swipe up from the bottom of the watch for a control panel, a dock with most-used apps and severalstrategic changes. For instance, you’ll only be able to access the app bubbles cluster when you press the digital crown.

Apple is also devoting more attention to its health and fitness capabilities, which it calls the most used features on the Apple Watch, with more screen space and new features. Emphasizing its greater commitment to health in general, the company most recently announcediPhone users can register as organ, eye and tissue donorson the National Donate Life Registry, right from the Health app.

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B& O Beoplay H9
Image: B& O

Bang& Olufsen’s headphone selection was a little absence so far: The company’s flagship over-ear wireless headphones, the Beoplay H7, don’t have active noise cancellation. The Beoplay H8 have the feature, but they’re a smaller, on-ear model.

Now, the company has filled the gap with Beoplay H9, a situated of stylish, over-ear wireless headphones with active noise cancellation.

The Beoplay H9 are a dead ringer for the H7, down to the aluminum touch controls. The specs are also quite similar 40 mm drivers, 20 to 22,000 Hz frequency range, Bluetooth aptX supporting so it’s carnival to assume that they’re basically the same model with the addition of active noise cancellation.

There is one major difference: While the Beoplay H7 claims to have 20 hours of battery life while operating only bluetooth, the H9 only has 16 hours( 14 hours with active noise cancellation turned on ). The battery is replaceable, which is a nice touch , not often insured on wireless headphones.

B& O Beoplay H9

Image: B& O

The Beoplay H9 comes in two colours: Black and Argilla Grey, and are made of premium materials, including lambskin, cowhide leather and polished aluminum.

The price, regrettably, has gone up as well. Beoplay H9 costs $499, a hundred bucks more than the H7. You can purchase them on B& O’s site.

BONUS: Love them or detest them, wireless headphones will transform your workout game

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The ever-hilarious James Corden has taken aim at Kanye West’s raunchy Fade video forhis latest Late Late Show segment .

Now, if you haven’t considered the video( which built its debut at the MTV Music Awards ), it ensure actress and singer Teyana Taylor “working out”( a lot of thrusting and gyrating) at a gym.

In his actuallypretty spot-on parody, Corden usesthe footage from the video toplay on the fact that Teyana is supposedly in a public gym, and that the other patrons might not be thrilled about her instead exuberant workout…

You can check it out here 😛 TAGEND

If you’re confused about the sheep, then please be comforted given the fact that we are as well.

Next up, check out our charade of Harry Potter …

Image Credits: The Late Late Show

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Image: Andrew Lipovsky

Happy hour or a 60 -minute spin class which do you choose on a busy day?

A new dating app Sweatt, might just have the solution.

Simply put, if you combined Tinder and Class Pass, youd have Sweatt. The apps algorithm matches people based on how often and when they work up, what their favorite classes or activities are, and any kind of diet predilection, from raw to paleo. Users also have the option to write a short profile.

Image: Sweatt


Most dating apps match users based on things in common, whether its friends, ethnicity or music. Similarly, for many people, fitness isnt merely a pastime; its a lifestyle, which can be a building block toward deep emotional connection.

You don’t have to love the same kinds of fitness; someone into yoga could match well with a marathon runner simply because they understand each others priorities.

While you’d think it would be easy to satisfy other people at the gym, you are able run into some familiar problems: people work up employing headphones or while watching their phones( not very inviting ), or you just see the same people every day.

Sweatt connects people you don’t consider every day but who share one of your top interests.


While Sweatt presents opportunities to create real relationships, the app is ripe with gym selfies, so beware. In fact, Sweatt sets major emphasis on the importance of profile paintings with the option to post five full-size profile photos.

While the creator of the app Dan Ilani insists Sweatt isnt a hookup app, judging by the photos of the user base, some might be mistaken. This could potentially be frustrating for some people.


However, the app could help shake up the first date. Sweatt users might forgo dinner and beverages for a physical activity instead, such as hiking or taking a class together, a playful opportunity to to know person.

And even if the date doesnt go well, at the least users won’t miss their workout.

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So you see a tonne of articles about remarkable transformations all the time but, as a general rule, they’re usually about people get thinner. Here’s something a little different .

Back in the day, Martyn Ford was a fairly lanky guy. At 6’8 ”, it was obvious that he was going to stand out but, he wasn’t happy with being the super-tall, skinny guy.

So he decided to work out a bit … well, we say a bit.

You know in Beauty and the Beast when the sentient candles and things get referred back into humen? This is what it would look like if you turned a tank into a man.

He nowweighs a monstrous 323 lbs( 23.4 st or 147 kg) and he’s get himself a little bit of media attention.

The owner of Better Bodz gym recently got casting in the new The Undisputed 4 , starring alongside English martial art performer, Scott Adkins. Ford is known as Koshmar in it, entailing Nightmare.

Here he is next to some fairly muscle-y guys…

It’s like in The Incredibles when Bob falls over and makes a dent in his vehicle by holding onto it … that’s exactly what it’s like!

Here’s to hoping that was consensual and not taken at some really awkward time.

But really, he’s simply a big softy…

A really really truly properly massively big softy.

So if you want to transform yourself, there’s the proof that it’s possible…

We chatted to a London-based personal trainer Octavio Diasabout becoming a superhulk, and he gave us five handy tips in case you want to bulk up 😛 TAGEND

1. Nutrition

Eat a well-balanced diet. Make sure you have between 2 to 3 grams of protein per each bodyweight kg. and an equal quantity of carbs.

2. Workout

It may seem obvious- but hit the gym! Train one muscular group a day. Do 10 -1 2 repetitions between 3 -4 decides with periods of remainder no longer then one minute, and make sure you’re keeping up with the cardio too.

3. Recovery

For a fast recovery employ whey protein which will promote a quicker recuperation after your workout. Make use of essential vitamins and supplements- like vitamin C and omega 3- that aid the well functioning of your body and healthy joints. A healthy body is key to achieving the best results.

4. Hydration

Never forget the constitution of your body. One of the main elements is water, so it’s super important to drink at least three litres of water a day.

5. Sleep and Rest

Sleep and rest is vital! Our body was designed to sleep around eight hours per night. If we achieve this, the body goes through a process of recovery and an integral balance of our hormonal system- meaning you’re well rested to work out the next day!

Obviously there’s a middle ground that’s likely worth receiving but you know … whatever floats your barge .

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Oakley Radar Pace smart sun glasses
Image: lance ulanoff/ mashable

Wearing Google Glass was probably never cool, but that doesnt mean eyewear cant still be both intelligent and hip. At least thats what sunglass manufacturer Oakley is counting on.

Nine months after Intel Oakleys partner gave us a brief glimpse of the future of intelligent eyewear, Oakley is finally ready to ship the sharp-looking Oakley Radar Pace.

The Oakley Radar Pace smart sunglasses are a pretty smooth mixture of traditional Oakley’s and a lot of sensor and audio technology.

Image: lance ulanoff/ mashable

Like Google Glass before it, these $449 sunglasses feature a ton of technology thats built immediately into the frame. Unlike Glass, these frames feel lightweight and, at a glance, still look like normal eyewear.

Where Google Glass sought to invent a new platform for delivering real-time information, Oakley Pace Radars goals are somewhat narrower real-time athletic and fitness develop feedback and guidance and, as a result, the technology may be more accessible.

Inside your eyewear

Built into each pair is a collection of sensors that include an accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer, and sensors for humidity and proximity. There are also a pair of removable earphones that fold down from the Oakley Radar Paces temples( the stems that extend from the hinges to over your ears) and a trio of microphones to assist the sunglasses hear you even in challenging audio situations.

These earpods actually detach.


Those microphones are backed by Intels Real Audio technology, a natural language processing system that can respond to commands and questions, and follow context.

In the demo I find, an Oakley runner started by asking the organizations of the system which workout he was doing today. It told him he was supposed to run 4.5 miles and climbing 150 feet, basically a mound operated. Once he was on the treadmill, he requested information about his current heart rate. The Oakley Radar Pace system responded with the beats per minute measuring. Picking up his pace, the athlete then asked How about now? and Intels Real Audio knew he was still talking about his heart rate. At launching, the organizations of the system will understand English, Italian, German, Spanish and French.

Sometimes, when the athlete wanted to talk to the Radar Pace sunglasses, he touched the earphones and said, OK, Radar. Perhaps not coincidentally, the organizations of the system can also be used to communicate with other digital deputies, including Apples Siri and Google Assistant.

A few screens from the Oakley Radar Pace app.


The hardware is paired with an app. Like most workout apps, you start by entering your key metrics: gender, age, height, weight and then some details about your workout objectives. The app is designed to learn from each workout and make adjustments to your regimen accordingly.

Together with the sunglasses, the organizations of the system acts as a real-time trainer, answering your questions about your current stats and also encouraging you to adjust when it thinks youre not achieving your workout objectives. During my demo, the Oakley runner was reaching a stride rate of about 82 steps per minute. The app encouraged him to pick up his pace to 88.

The runner didnt have to touch the earphones or sunglasses to engage with the Radar Pace. He simply spoke. Oakley execs told me this is preferable to glancing down at a wrist-worn device, which can throw off an athletes technique.

Whats behind the Intel Real Audio remains a bit of a mystery. When I asked what Intel chip was inside, the Intel representative was able to say that its an embedded system with natural language processing.

This is not Oakleys first foray into audio-enabled sunglasses. Back in 2010, it introduced its Thump MP3 sunglasses. Like those, the Oakley Radar Pace can play music from your Bluetooth-connected phone. It even includes touch sensitive controls, which you can use to access music and talk to Intel Real Audio.

For all the built-in technology and sensors, the Radar Pace absence a heart rate monitor, which means that, if you want to track that key workout metric, youll need to wear and connect to a third party device. Oakley execs told me the Radar Pace will work with most Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitors, which should cover a lot of popular wrist-worn devices. However, the Apple Watch is, for now , not one of them. Its also not clear at the moment how the sunglasses will integrate, if at all, with third-party workout apps.

Battery life is currently rated at 4 hours with music playing and 6 hours without.

Based on what I find in my demo, the Oakley Radar Pace looks promising. Its stylish, light, comfortable( as long as you dont wear glasses, since it wont work with them ), and offers swappable lenses( you can buy different Oakley Prism lenses for filtering out and enhancing different colors, depending on your athletic ). Plus, its unlikely anyone will call you a “Radar Pace-hole” when you wear them.

They arrive in stores on Oct. 1. Stay tuned for Mashables full review.

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So you’re going out for the night with your mates. You’re trying to pulling so, during pre-drinks, you’re sorting out your hair and clothes to make sure you appear unquestionably fit. You think you’ve done it. Your hair’s on phase, you’ve had a fresh shave, your clothes are all ironed and stuff … apple VKs all around .

But then, just as you’re getting drunks enough to leave, person pops the Tv on and you ensure a disgustingly good-looking human in an advert or something and think “f* ck it. What’s the phase? ”.

Zac Efron is one of those men.

He’s got his role on the new Baywatch film alongside the Rock and, whilst he was never a slouch, he’s gotten offensively rent for this role. You’d have to if you were going to hold a candle to Dwayne Johnson. In fact, he took the Rock on in a series of beach workouts…

But how did he get so bulky? He told Men’s Fitness how and, sadly, there’s no short cuts…

“ The more you learn, the more your workouts evolve and change . A couple of years ago I was trained by a military guy. I developed strictly to put on sizing with some Navy Seal and heavy powerlifting moves and I started to notice I was becoming ever more injuries . I’ve slowly changed my workouts to include a lot more plyometrics and isometrics. I stretch nearly as much as I workout these days . Cardio is good too. I do a lot of cardio . “

It also comes down to his strict diet too…

“ Lately, the most important thing I’ve learned in terms of diet is to stay away from processed foods and stick to organic as much as you are able to .

I am a firm disciple in not feeing chemicals and actually try to isolate where your food is coming from. Try to keep it healthy, organic and unprocessed . ”

To make sure he got up to shape, his trainer enforced an all-organic diet for more than 12 weeks.

Efron was to drink a minimum of three litres of water every day and supplement it with unflavoured whey protein. Yum.

Here’s what his shopping list looked like…

He even ran carb free for nine days to get rid of anysub-cutaneous water … whatever that means.

I don’t actually know what to say. It ran and I’m depressed. Well done, Efron … well bloody done.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments !

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If you’re looking for some Monday motivation to get by your arse and head to the gym the coming week, Justine McCabe’s awesome Instagram account will probably do it for you .

After she suffered a debilitating back injury and her husband tragically took his own life, Justine turned to food for convenience, reaching 22 -stone at her heaviest. On her tumblr- hairstargetsfit– she describes how, through her sorrow, she made the “choice to live” and decided to reached the gym … hard.

She’s now a whopping 124 lbs lighter, and says her weight loss is down to determination, exercising and diet change.

Writing on her Instagram, she told: “Doing whatever it takes to fight for the life I want! Stand tall, be fearless and hustle! ”Now that’s fitspo, if I’ve ever heard it. She’s documented the whole journey on Instagram, culminating in the time-lapse below, that proves just how hard she’s worked.

Authenticity necessitates vulnerability, transparency and integrity If you asked me what the hardest part of my journey has been…I’d quickly tell you it was getting to -1 22 lb weight loss and trying to move past that. No wraps, surgery or pills. I am a recovering binge/ emotional eater. Running to the gym is the easy proportion. My passion for living an active lifestyle is greater than ever before. In the last few months, I’ve assured my muscle tone change drastically. Although, getting over all leaner has been slow to boot. I have been giving in too easily to emotional eating these days. Well…except for yesterday…I blame St Patrick’s day I’ve been quite motivated and renewed lately. I have brought more intensity to every workout the coming week than I had in quite some time. I couldn’t be more thankful for my workout and snack plan being laid down by for me. It makes what I’m doing so much easier. No matter how many times I stumble…I am always going to bouncing right back…because I want this next goal more than anything. So without any special lighting or angles…here I am. Jiggly thighs, loose scalp, stretching marks and bloated…and even with all that, I am extremely proud of how far I have come. It would be easy to preserve. Easy to stop and feel complacent. I never guessed I’d say this….and I never imagined that my body would be able to go further…but I am going to continue to work my ass off. Because I want to be a body builder. I am going to push this body to the limits. I am going to get onto stage ready! Accountability. Commitment. Results. #ichoosetolive #cantstopwontstop #goalgetter #limitless #keepgoing #teamjonnystraws #IAMMOTIV8 #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitspiration #girlswholift #fitspo #fitfam #eatclean #selflove #instafit #fitnessaddict #trainandtransform #girlswithmuscle #neverfail #fitmom #fattofit #bodybuilding #beastmode #flexfriday #kratos #jonnystraws A video posted by Justine -1 24 lbs #ichoosetolive (@ hairstargetsfit) on Mar 18, 2016 at 10:21 pm PDT

Many have asked what my weight loss secret is…and the answer is pretty simple. I do whatever it takes Consistency; my greatest ally…Discipline to do what is hard…Drive to grind when I want to rest…Determination to put in the run when no one is watching…Commitment to never stop no matter what. There was no surgeries, diet pills, wraps or replacement shakes. Aside from feeing clean and working out …. One of the best decisions I made during my weight loss journey: enlisting in the help of my online trainer, the transformation expert; @jonnystraws. Having developing/ snack/ supplement plans laid out for me and adjusted to my own personal body type and aims, has not only led to unbelievable changes in my physique and overall health…but the fitness and well being knowledge I have gained…will ensure that this will become a true and lasting lifestyle change. The best is yet to come, so do whatever it takes. Because YOU are worth it! #teamjonnystraws #neverfail #IAMMOTIV8 #motiv8performance #jonnystraws #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitspiration #girlswholift #fitspo #fitfam #selflove #instafit #fitnessaddict #trainandtransform #girlswithmuscle #fitmom #fattofit #bodybuilding #beastmode #teamwork #goalgetter #limitless #ichoosetolive #keepgoing #transformation #beforeandafter

A photo posted by Justine -1 24 lbs #ichoosetolive (@ hairstargetsfit) on May 19, 2016 at 10:31 pm PDT

Check out her incredible Flipagram here :

The person you watch reflecting in the mirror…will provide you with the biggest challenges in life. The human spirit is powerful. Do the run. Suffer the setbacks, move past the ache and excuses. True motivation is not an outside source. It’s staring directly back at you. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Live with no sadness and don’t ever give up. “Its what” drives me. My motivation. #transformationtuesday #teamjonnystraws #neverfail #IAMMOTIV8 #motiv8performance #jonnystraws #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #fitspiration #girlswholift #fitspo #fitfam #selflove #motivation #confidence #weightloss #trainandtransform #girlswithmuscle #fitmom #fattofit #bodybuilding #beastmode #teamgetyokd #spartanrevolution #limitless #ichoosetolive #keepgoing #musclevizion #athlete A video posted by Justine -1 24 lbs #ichoosetolive (@ hairstargetsfit) on May 17, 2016 at 9:14 am PDT

Well done Justine, what an incredible transformation .

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