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Winter is gross.

Day after day, you’re yanking on your shapeless puffy coat, moisturizing relentlessly( without genuinely get results) and keeping your fingers crossed at all days you don’t slip on ice and fall on your face.

I’m the first to acknowledge I’m not my prettiest in the winter, and I’m going to bet most people feeling the same way.

While I can’t stimulate the cold weather go away( sorry, working on that one ), I can offer up some expert tips from TULA probiotic skincare founder and New York City-based doctorRoshini Rajapaksa on how to look awesome all wintertime long.

Or simply appear awesome for that winter wedding you have coming up. Whatever floats your boat.

Start exfoliating ASAP.

During the dry, freezing cold months of winter, it’s important to pay extra special attention to your skin. This entails taking hydration and exfoliation to the next level.

Rajapaksa tells Elite Daily,

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Dead scalp cells and debris tend to dull the skin. Give yourself a gentle exfoliating face mask or scrub the day before your big event to disclose a more polished and glowing look.

And keep a hydrating fog spraying in your purse to sporadically freshen your face to maintain your glow.

On top of that, bide hydrated. If the whole “drinking eight glasses of water a day” thing isn’t for you, try herbal tea.

Whatever you do, don’t stop exercising.

Trust me, I know how seducing it is to spend your winter days curled up on your lounge with Netflix and a bottle of wine.

While a bikini body may not be your focus just yet, workout is key for biding happy when the weather’s getting you down.

Studies present workout busts nervousnes and stress, improves confidence and stimulates you more creative and productive. And those are just the mental benefits.

Rajapaksa explains,

Exercise stimulates the digestive system and the bowels, causing food and drink move through your system faster, get rid of any bloat-causing gas in the process. A vigorous workout that activates the sweat glands also helps release any fluid you might be retaining.

Convinced yet? If not, just think about how happy you’ll be when bikini season does roll around.

Eat the good stuff.

If your outfit of choice in the winter includes a puffy coat and huge sweater, I don’t blame you for loading up on carbs whenever you get the chance.

But as they say, “you are what you eat” — so don’t let your loose, comfy clothes be an excuse to eat an entire sleeve of Oreos when you get home from run every day.

In order to look and feel your best, load up on foods that they are able to maintain you healthy and happy, like dark, leafy, green veggies and avocado( hello, healthy fats !) as well as yogurt and kimchi, which promote gut health and digestion.

And if you have a big winter event coming up, make sure you’re not eating foods that they are able to make you more bloated.

Rajapaksa notes,

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables can build you feel bloated thanks to raffinose, a sugar that is hard for the body to break down.

In trying to do so, your body makes gas as a byproduct, which will stimulate you bloat. Slash sodium to reduce water retention. This entails carefully checking labels and, if possible, avoiding canned or processed foods.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Don’t neglect your hair.

Let’s be real: In the winter, you’re not showing much of your body.

Your hair, on the other hand, is still out in the open. So take steps to keep it shiny and healthy throughout the winter.

Believe it or not, what you eat is important for hair health as well.

Rajapaksa tells ED,

Keeping your locks shiny and strong is tough in the winter but you can protect your hair from breakage by limiting your utilize of ponytails or buns.

My favorite beauty foods for healthy and glowing hair are dark, leafy greens and radishes. Rich in silicon and sulfur, they are an exceptional hair-strengthening food that help build healthy hair. Also great are soy beans and lentils, which contain iron and zinc, and eggs, which provide biotin.

Hate to say it, but it’s probably time to get off the couch, exfoliate your scalp and take a trip to the grocery store. You can do it!

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Theres nothing quite like feeling the rhythm of the ocean.

You close your eyes and soak up the warm lights beating down on your sun-kissed skin and the salty breeze freeing your hair.

As the waves crash onto the shore, one by one, you detect the sensual, endless rhythm of the sea on your board.

There is something so mesmerizing and invigorating about it.

Everything else seems to fade away except you, the beach and its waves. And you wouldnt have it any other way.

Meet avid surfer, Brian Liess.

He’s been surfing for about 15 years and knows how much of a peaceful escape the ocean can be.

As a largely self-taught surfer, Brian would remain in the water the entire day until he mastered the captivating sport.

He has surfed the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Bali, Lombok and Portugal.

When Brian was younger, he was involved in many competitors. Now, surfing is simply one of his passions.

As I get older I detected it to be a lot more enjoyable to not have to worry about performing at a certain level and merely having fun with it.

Brian tells us six ways surfing is the key to a healthy mind, body and soul.

1. It feeds your wanderlust.

There is nothing like living your dream and actually doing the items listed on your pail list with friends right there with you.

The most valued experience I get out of surfing is traveling around the world with friends and being able to experience different cultures while surfing amazing waves. Those journeys give you memories for a lifetime.

2. It gives your body an extreme workout and exhilarating workout ritual.

Surfing serves as an incredible full-body workout — enhancing your balance, flexible and strength. Say “hello” to a toned core and leg!

I think the best exercising for surfing is surfing itself, merely spending a lot of time in the water even if its just paddling around. You can be in amazing shape and train all you want, but if you havent surfed in a while you’re definitely going to feel it your first time back.

3. Its not only a athletic, its a lifestyle.

Once you get hooked, surfing is addicting … but a great various kinds of addiction.

For me, I consider surfing to be a way of life. Im not saying that it isnt a sport, but for me its had such an impact on my life that its much more than that. I have worked at a surf store, taught surfing and traveled around the world with friends and family to places that I never would have gone if it werent for surfing.

4. It helps you discover your inner peace.

Surfing can be an outlet to escape day-to-day stress and nervousnes. The water has a soothing impact — its you, the ocean and the horizon. This sport genuinely speaks to your soul.

No matter how hectic life get, surfing is something I can always do to get my intellect off everything. There are not many places you can go where youre not surrounded by the busyness of life, but the ocean is definitely one of those places.

5. It gives your mind a workout.

Not merely is surfing awesome exercise, it has also been proven to stimulate the intellect.

Its great for your health, both physically and mentally. The entire period youre surfing, youre getting a great workout while doing something you love. It’s much better than the strict routine of going to the gym every day, in my opinion. And at the same day, it allows you to set the everyday things in life on hold for a few hours and enjoy spending time in the water with your friends.

6. It induces you live in the moment.

When youre in the water, everything else in your life simply washes away. You become mindful of whats happening right here and right now because nothing else matters.

Surfing good waves with a few of your friends does nothing but good things for you in every route possible. It truly allows you to live in the moment and not worry about anything else.

Surfing truly benefits your mind, body and soul straight-out from a surfers perspective!

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Exercising isnt always the best part of my day. Sure, there are some days where I cant just waiting hop on my bike and get going, but there are some days where Im really simply not feeling it.

Maybe I had a crappy day at work, maybe its that time of the month or maybe its merely not my day and the last thing I want to do is to continue efforts to hit a new PR at Flywheel. As much as spinning sometimes isnt my number one priority, I love it. But most importantly, Ive learned a lot from it.

Yes, Ive properly learned how to tap back without violating my back, and how to reach 105 RPM without looks a lot like a lunatic, but Ive also learned a lot about myself.

And thats not from sitting on motorcycle for 45 minutes, its from listening to my instructors.

Ive been blessed with some of the best fitness teachers not only in Boston, but also in the country. And after a year of spinning my little tush off, this is what Ive learned from them 😛 TAGEND

1. Love yourself.

This probably seems counterintuitive or super clich, but its true. The reason I started spinning is because I couldnt appears to love my body for what it was. And as much as the workouts have changed it, my teachers changed it even more.

Their crazy confidenceand love for everything they do is so ridiculously inspirational. Every time I walk to class, I just feel myself strutting down the street because thats what theyve taught me to do.

Signing up for class each week, walking through a rainstorm and many other things dont make going to class easy, but were doing it. So love it, and love yourself because youre beating some serious odds.

2. Youre not always going to hit a PR.

Im crazy, crazy competitive. Even as a little kid, I always wanted to be first in line or the fastest at finishing my meal( plainly because PE was my worst subject ).

And yes, Flywheel maintains my competitive spirit alive, which Im totally grateful for. But Im not going to be at the top of the Torq Board every day, and thats wholly OK.

Were all going to have bad days days where we just cant appears to made checks and balances between our torq and RPM but those are also the days we are still, against all odds, sitting on that damn bike and kicking butt.

We night not always be kicking the best butt, but regardless of your rating, you are still KICKING BUTT.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Running Out[ LABS]

3. EAT.

This might also seem like the most ridiculous tip in the world, but if you dont eat and if you dont eat healthy, for that are important you wont be able to work out.

I cant even tell you how many times I didnt snack or lunch before my workout, and I came severely close to fainting.

Your body requires nutrients so you can work even harder. If you dont eat, you wont have energy. And your body wont have anything to burn.

And then what happens? Youll have serious potbelly aches, and youll accident. Not good.

4. Be patient.

I am one of the least patient people in the world, so this one is a true life lesson. Your body wont change a week into your workout, and you wont be the best in class after a couple of spins.

It takes time to change, and so what? Youre still aiming for change and aiming for a better you every time you walk into that studio. Be proud!

I perfectly hated exercising before I discoveredspinning. I always, always dreaded it, and now its something I( largely) look forward to.

Yes, I feel great after my workouts, but the lessons Ive learned from it and my instructors are worth a hell of a lot more than any calorie Ive burned.

Give it a try. Who knows, perhaps youll love it as much as I do.

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You know the saying, If you are able to make it here, youll make it anywhere. Here, of course, is New York City. Having left the Big Apple last November, I can tell you this saying may not be as true as you think.

I embraced the New York lifestyle for a period, holding down two jobs in my running. First, I was an extras casting director for big budget movies and Tv displays, and then I was a publication copy editor.

An introvert by nature, it wasnt long before pounding the pavement started to get at me. But when I moved to Atlanta, I was confident that my experiences cutting my teeth( hell, jaw) in New York City would construct me a shoo-in for whatever I wanted in the south.

My friends, I couldnt have been more wrong.

I promptly realise no one was impressed with my they are able to navigate a huge subway system( everyone drives here ), my Ivy League education( I wasnt a lawyer inducing tons of money, so what was the point ?) or interested in hearing narratives about my escapades in the big city.

I learned I needed to be taken down a few notches.What people were interested in were things like me RSVPing onFacebookto a chili cook off three months from now, and when I planned to do yard run( having been a renter my entire life, this idea was foreign to me ).

My neighbours circled me every time I left the house, curious about what I was doing and how I managed to have a chore working from home. I never knew any of my neighbors in Bushwick; I immediately felt displaced. I should have been espousing the love from the sweet southerners, but I felt icy and nervous instead.

Leaving NYC is not for the swooning of heart.( I reckon its harder than even moving there in the first place .)

So, I put together a listing of what to expect for you brave spirits who are venturing into the rest of America 😛 TAGEND

Your friends will think youre dead and/ or dying.

You missed an impromptu Nirvana reunion at Saint Vitus, and no one believes you of all people were not there.

Fun fact: I actually was in NYC for said reunion, and I skipped it on principle. I dont like anyone filling in for Kurt Cobain but me.

They will ask, What do you do in your new city? What do you even feed? Did you learn to cook yet? Who do you hang out with isnt everyone wedded?

At first, you might feel its your responsibility to kvetch about something to relate to your friends who are lost in that insatiable sea of angst where the only privacy human beings are afforded is when they stare at their shoes on the sidewalks. But merely smile to yourself.

And please let your friends know that yes, single people, LGBT, liberal-leaning, intelligent and successful people do actually live and thrive outside the five boroughs.

You will feel an odd sense of calm you are not able to have felt in a long time.

You used to lose sleep wondering if your rent check would bounce, how you were going to eat, which parties you were going to make and the ones you werent because you simply couldnt bring yourself to go all the way uptown after 9 oclock. You merely have $20 to your name, but you want to take a taxi to work so badly, youre running a little late and its three days until payday.

After a few months, the reduced to these issues even start to scare you. On my most brokedays in NYC( read: day before payday, rent check cashed ), I would lurk around for a movie defined. Id print out a fake lanyard with the name of said production, and then Id park my butt by the craft service table and start carb-loading so I wouldnt need to pay for dinner later.

When I got to Atlanta, I started fucking crazy shopping. I had gotten so used to living off McDonalds Happy Meals and inexpensive wine, I had to have filet mignon and a Grafea leather bag when I moved. Make sure you chill on that lifestyle REAL FAST because it can and WILL catch up to you.

Not everyone will be impressed you lived in NYC.

Your new friends will ask: You paid WHATto live WHERE? Is Williamsburg a version of insert-up-and-coming-New-York-City-neighborhood-here?

Statements to anticipate: I would never pay that to live anywhere. Well, were world class, too. We hear the pizza at insert-local-pizzeria-name-hereis just as good as New York pizza.

How to deal: That whole thing about flies and honeywell, its true. Be polite, and try not to talk too much about yourself.

Most people will never understand your insatiable desires to skulk the streets of Manhattan on a rainy fall day by your lonesome and pay$ 2k per month in rent to have that right, but its your life , not theirs.

You will some( if not a lot of) resentment and regret while examining your friends social media.

Most likely, when you were in NYC, you had lots of fascinating pix snapped in fascinating places.

The Tim Burton Retrospective? Damn right you were there. The night you partied with Megan Fox? You hugged like besties in a photo.

Now youre in a city that boasts there is a lot to do, but most likely, youre going to compare it to the city you came from that has everything to do. At times like this, try and recollect the reasons you wanted to leave. If it had just been about the good times, you would have stayed.

Pictures arent everything. Remember when you were partying with Meg and you had your apartment broken into the night before? Comparison is the thief of joy.

Take pride in the new life you stimulated for yourself, and depict it off, too. Yes, you are going to want to snap on Facebook and advise everyone in your new hometown that New Yorkers are more afraid of L train delays and Seamless outages than they are of bombs, but resist.

It might be harder to stay in shape.

Lets face it: In New York, your body is your vehicle. You need it to workeven on your worst days. Unless youre a superstar hiker, you will probably never log as many miles in your new home as you did pounding the pavement.

So when you have that pumpkin ale with dinner, realize youre going to have to make up for it twice as hard. Most people who are fit and dont live in NYC are accustomed to getting in a vehicle and getting to the gym. But if you just arent that motivated, check out one of the million workouts available for free on YouTube that you can do in your home.( I recommend kettle bell swings ).

And hey , now that you arent in NYC, I bet you have way more space to work out in the privacy rights of your own home.

Movies and tendencies come out route later.

Unless you moved to LA, most niche indie films or fashion trends arent marketed toward your new home.

Youll most likely have to wait to stream on Amazon and check fashion blogs remained on phase( if that stuff the questions to you ).

Dating In New York vs LA[ Gen Why]

Youll learn life does exist outside of New York City.

I was really surprised a few weeks ago when I read an interview with a guy in a Brooklyn band who said, We have Saint Vitus Bar a metal venue that nowhere else in the US has. I live in an area called East Atlanta Village, and there are three metal bars alone within a five-minute walk of my house.

There is a ton of cool stuff all over the United States, so dont presume it only exists in NYC. When you get to your new destination, I recommend volunteering or hanging at local music venues. Youll find your people soon enough, and theyll point you in the right direction of where to hang out.

All things considered, you should still always give yourself a round of applause for daring to live in New York. It takes a certain combo of nerve and sinew, and no one can ever take that away from you.

But do try your best to keep it to yourself.

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