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Weddings are magical days to celebrate love, feed loadings of food and get drunk.

( Theyre also greatdays to get drunk and celebrate your singlehood when youre the only single guest at the bridal .)

All around the world, weddings are hostedwithdifferent foods, receptionsand traditions.

If you want to attain your wedding unforgettable, you can incorporate some fun traditions from around the world into your own rite andreception.

Here areseven marriage traditions that could spice up your own rite 😛 TAGEND

1. Incorporate a croquembouche .

Instead of serving a bridal cake at the reception, couples in France serve croquembouche.

Its basically a mountain of pastries, and who doesnt love that notion?

Its a great, unique replacing for the traditional bridal cake that will have your guests wishing they were in Paris.

3. Use aunity bowl .

Australian couples use unity bowl as a romantic way of celebrating the day.

Guests are given different types of stones when they arrive, and they hold them during the ceremony as they watch the couple marriage. After the ceremony ends, the guests place their stones in a large bowl to give to the bride and groom.

The unity bowl epitomizes the supporting and love the newlyweds have from their familymembers and friends.

4. Guest arent always personally invited .

Those who plan on getting married in Thailand can incorporate a traditionthats been practised in the country for hundreds of years.

Thai weddings are often very large, ranging from 100 to 300 guests. And thats probably because the wedding reception includes an evening feast where guests are welcome to brought on by their family members and friends who may not have been invited.

5. The festivity can last for days .

Couples looking to have a destination marriage should consider getting married in India. There, bridals last for several days.

5 Stages of Getting Invited to a Destination Wedding[ 5TAGES]

Before the wedding begins, a ceremony is held at the brides familys home, where her arms, legs and other body parts are decorated with henna.

The weddings consist of several different rites and ceremonies, which include the bride and groom exchanging rings as they wed. Flower garlands are also set around one another necks during the ceremony.

6. Stomp on glass .

Jewish grooms stomp on glass wrap in a piece of cloth during the ceremony, which represents how the Holy Temple was destroyed in Jerusalem.

The glass-breaking also symbols the combination of joy and sadness that occurs in life.

Finally, the couple marry each other under a chuppah, believed to offer protection from evil spirits.

7. Eat chocolate .

Couples in France prepare for their wedding night by feeing chocolate and leftover food out of a lavatory bowl once the reception is over.

The treats are ingested to give each person extra strength for their intimate time together in accordance with the reception.

And of course, champagne accompaniesthe food to celebrate the matrimony and ease their nerves after saying I do.

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OK, let’s get real with each other for a hot second. How many times have you been at the gym, absolutely murdering the cardio game on the elliptical, and you low-key hoped that some sexy dude on the Smith machine would come over and talk to you post-workout? Is it actually just me? Come on, I’m sure plenty of other people dream about fulfilling their own future spouse at the gym. Those endorphins do some wild things to the brain, you know? But, at the same day, going so far as to have something like, say, a Planet Fitness wedding? Honestly, I’m not even sure I would take my romantic fantasies far.

But one couple actually did. Newlyweds Joseph Keith III and Stephanie Hughes got married on Sunday, Sept. 3, and took the word #SwoleMates to the next level by having their wedding ceremony at a Planet Fitness gym.

Now, before you go ahead and rail these two for the execution of their special day, you should probably know that this Planet Fitness wasn’t just another ordinary gym for these two lovebirds.

In fact, according to, this Planet Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio was the location where the couple’s relationship first began.

And, when you think about it that way, it’s kind of sweet, isn’t it?

Plus, generally speaking, when you look at the facts, it’s not all that uncommon for people to fall in love at the gym. According to a recent study, two in three people end up hooking up with a person they approached at the gym, 60 percent of people surveyed have gone on a full-fledged date after the initial flirtation, and one in four instances of hitting on someone mid-sweat-sesh actually blossoms into a real long-term relationship.

Of course, Joe and Stephanie were sort of in the romantic minority here( objectives, amirite ?). And TBH, such studies should probably be updated to include some sort of statistic about legitimately transforming a gym into a bridal venue — because that’s a thing now, guys.

If you want to know how the two gather( so, you know, you too can find bae next to the barbells ), Joe asked Stephanie if she was done using a piece of equipment, and it was simply love at first lift.

After that, according to the couple’s marriage website, many of their dates were actually held in the gym — which is candidly cute AF. But Joe and Stephanie weren’t going to stop at mediocre dumbbell dates. The dead-lifting duo even said “I love you” for the first time to each other in the Planet Fitness parking lot. Ugh, the fitness feelings are real right now.

In July 2016, Joe proposed to Stephanie by putting their newborn daughter in a bib that read, ”Will you marriage Daddy? ”( I’M WEAK, YOU GUYS .)

And, well, the rest is history. Planet Fitness agreed to host their ceremony, and the whole thing was sort of extra, but in the most adorable route imaginable.

The couple and their wedding party posed on cardio machines wearing wedding sneakers, the bride’s posy colour scheme matched that of the machines themselves, and a Planet Fitness employee even officiated the ceremony.

TBH, the next time I think of my #GymGoals, Joe and Stephanie are wholly going to be the first people that come to mind. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Over the past couple weeks, the Mannequin Challenge has taken the internet by storm.

If youre super late to the party,( Im low-key shading you right now) this challenge necessitates everyone in the video to bide entirely frozen in their place, like mannequins, while music creeks in the background.

Entire high schools and athletics teams have been rallying together to make this challenge seem so sick.

From LeBron James to Destinys Child, literally everyone wants to join in on the action. And who could blame them? This viral video challenge is seriously epic.

Even Blac Chyna casually stimulated time to murder it when she was basically giving birth. For real, though, her video is definitely one of my favorites.

Kris Jenner and Chynas mom were part of the squad in the delivery room, along with new daddy Rob Kardashian and Kris boyfriend Corey Gamble. This crew really shut it DOWN, so we can all go home now.

OH, and who could forget the dude who casually use the Mannequin Challenge to mask the fact he was talking to another girl when his girlfriend snuck up and caught him. SO savage, yet I have to give him so much credit because his video is pure genius.

And now, this wedding party is going viral for their Mannequin Challenge video. It racked up over 1,000 retweets and more than 2,000 likes.

The person who posted it captioned the video,

Their wedding song was #BlackBeatles so they had to make that #Mannequinchallenge

The bridesmaids and groomsmen all circled around the bride and groom( who look super adorable and oh-so in love frozen in time ). The breeze blowing the ribbons on the bouquets while everyone remains entirely still induces this video seem much better on point.

They move into a different frozen pose, ready to catch the posy, and then the bride throws it and they all jump up to grab it.

Is this the Mannequin Challenge to end all Mannequin Challenges? You be the judge.

Why Being A Bridesmaid Is Harder Than It Seems[ Gen whY]

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Haley Smith’s Instagram is a masterclass in motivation.

She spent the year leading up to her wedding working on get healthy, and she ultimately lost over 100 pounds before her big day. She did so by eating healthy, exerting and detecting some A+ motive techniques.

“My journey truly started after my husband proposed to me back in July of 2015. I had always been trying to lose weight, but when I find the photos of the proposal, I freaked out, ” Smith wrote to Mashable .

“I didn’t recognize myself at all, and it really made me worry that I would feel that style about my wedding day, too. So I vowed to make a change so that I could be not only a happy bride, but happy with myself.

Smith, who is from Amarillo, Texas, documented the whole process on Instagram.

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Aug 16, 2016 at 9:05 am PDT

“When Matt proposed last year, I find my images and didn’t even recognize myself. My whole adult life, I have struggled with my weight, but this was my highest. I had let myself go and didn’t even realize how far I had gotten, ” Smith wrote on Instagram.

“On that day, I made up my mind to make a change. I was tired of hiding in images, get winded strolling across a parking lot, skipping out on activities, feeling lazy and most of all being embarrassed of myself.”

On her Instagram, Smith emphasizes that there isn’t only one weight loss technique that worked for her.

“No ONE thing made me how I am today, ” she wrote. “It was a combination of about every health and fitness option I could find. So don’t think there’s some magical pill, wrap, gym membership, dinner, vitamin, app, surgery, diet, workout, waist trainer, volume, hypnosis, shake, powder or anything else that will only do it for you.”

“It’s procuring your own style and using appropriate tools that work for you, ” Smith continued. “It’s attaining the right healthy options for your body. In the past year, I’ve made some big life options and huge lifestyle changes, and I couldn’t be more happy with myself. I still have a long way to go on this journey, and I’m not giving up.”

Smith told Mashable more about the techniques she found successful.

My biggest “technique” would be starting small and slow. I have tried all sorts of hard and fast diets, fads and workouts, but I always would get burnt out after a few weeks or so. This time, I decided I needed to construct manageable, realistic goals. I started with two habits – not eating after 8p m and merely eating out twice a week – and once I got those down, I started with two more. I began tracking every dinner in MyFitnessPal and logging my water uptake. I did the same on my exercising. I started with Couch-to-5k, running about 30 second intervals for a half hour, three times a week. Then I started to add some strength exerts, like push-up or crunch challenges. Eventually, I was alternating operated days with actually making the gym.

Some more of Smith’s lifestyle changes and motive tips-off include 😛 TAGEND

Eating healthy

Investing in a fitness watch

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Sep 12, 2016 at 7:42 am PDT

Rewarding herself for each weight loss goal

Setting monthly goals

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Oct 15, 2016 at 12:53 am PDT

Making an inspiration board

Laying out workout clothes

Sharing her journey on Instagram

To Smith, documenting her process on Instagram was the most motivating thing she did, she told Mashable .

Motivation has been tough, but my biggest assistance has been switching my Instagram over to a strictly fitness account. Once I had a few dozen( to eventually a few hundred) followers that were supporting and encouraging me, I felt like I couldn’t let them down either. Having that accountability along with thinking about different posts each day really made fitness and health stay at the forefront of my intellect. When that didn’t do it though, I’d decorate my scale or hang up motivational quotes around the house. Any little thing that could keep that fire burning was worth a try.

Smith and her husband Matt had their wedding this month.

A photo posted by Haley Smith (@ haley_j_smith ) on Oct 11, 2016 at 9:34 am PDT

Even though her weight loss journey is over, Smith is already keeping up her new healthy lifestyle even on their New Zealand honeymoon.

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( CNN) What would it take for you to change your life? For Texas woman Haley Smith, a single joyful moment became a wake-up call.

Smith’s boyfriend( now husband) proposed to her in 2015, and when “shes seen” photos of the moment, even though she was thrilled, she was also “ashamed.”