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The online community hosted on Reddit lets men complain about girls but its users need to know that desire is a mess and that all individuals suffers from it

How shitty are men genuinely? The question hung in the air, invisible but omnipresent, like the smell of a garbage fire from a nearby town. By 2016, a series of catchphrases had come to predominate the chaotic state of gender politics male privilege, rape culture, mens rights but embarrassment reigned. And in the middle of this embarrassment, a group of anonymous humen retreated to The Red Pill, an online community hosted on Reddit, to revel in their loathing.

The name derives from a scene in the 1999 cinema The Matrix, in which Laurence Fishburne offers Keanu Reeves a selection: You take the blue pill the tale ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill you stay in Wonderland and I prove you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The rabbit hole, in this case, is the reality that women run the world without taking responsibility for it, and that their male victims are not permitted to complain. This attains The Red Pill a continuous, multi-voiced, up-to-the-minute male complaint nestled at the heart of the so-called manosphere a network of websites preoccupied with both the three men rights motion and how to pick up women.

The manospheres most hateful sentiments tend to generate the most attention like Roosh Vs notion that it should be legal to rape a woman on private property( a little bit of hateful stupidity which he afterward claimed to be charade ). In February, Roosh V attempted to organise a meet-up of like-minded men on the grounds of the provincial parliament in Toronto, but he had to cancel the event when a local band of female boxers threatened to disrupt the event with violence.


But judging The Red Pill by the most extreme statements of its members is, if not unjust, then at the least inaccurate. There is plenty of vileness, to be sure elaborate conspiracy hypothesis formed out of pure misogyny and outright hatred of female freedom. But the bulk of specific comments are becoming more muted and, frankly, pathetic.

In the hours upon hours I expended straying this online neighborhood, I watched largely feral boys straying the digital wreckings of exploded masculinity, wailing their sadnes, concocting vast nonsense about women, and craving the tiniest crumb of self-confidence and fellow-feeling. The deliberation threads are a mixed bag of rage and curiosity: screeds against feminists, advice on how to masturbate less, theories on why females fantasize about rape, descriptions of arguments with girlfriends, guides to going up to strangers on the street, and, most of all, workout schedules and diet regimes.

Reading The Red Pill, then, offers two possible answers to the question how shitty are humen truly?

The first situates The Red Pill as another toxic technoculture on a spectrum of digital misogyny: on Twitter, any woman who says anything even moderately controversial will receive torrents of direct physical threats as a matter of course. Sites such as 4chan exist mainly to post thousands of revenge porn images without consent. Gamers on Xbox Live will be sexually harassed, inevitably.

The answer to the question of how shitty men are, from this perspective, is really pretty shitty.

But an entirely different approach emerges with a slight shift in emphasis: how shitty are humen truly ? That is, how does these mens behaviour online translate into non-digital life? The Red Pill poses one of the absolute conundrums of our time: are we our real egoes on the internet, or are we not?

The head moderator of The Red Pill goes by the manage Morpheus Manfred, and where reference is agreed to give me an interview it was only by online chat. Anonymity is sacred; facelessness is the sacrifice it demands. He moderates the communitys 141,966( and counting) members, and like most of them, describes himself as white, early 30 s, male and conservative( he would have preferred Rand Paul to Donald Trump, but he likes Trumps watch-it-burn style ).

I ask him what event resulted him to The Red Pill( his reply have been edited for length ).

Morpheus Manfred : Having expended my 20 s looking for female companionship, I noticed that the dating game wasnt what I was taught what my parents prepared me for, and what I learned from movies. It was stacked against guys, and it was a very unpleasant experience.

Me : Can you give me two examples?

Morpheus Manfred : Over the past 10 years, the flakiness of women has get worse. Youd meet a girl, hit it off, get her number and agree to a date. And either shed no-show, or cancel right before. I saw myself putting in all this effort for nothing, it was very defeating. Its not the route courting ran when my mothers met.

What I ensure in movies where having a good heart and being yourself is all this is necessary thats not what happens now. Good and nice arent attractive any more. The manosphere basically became a surrogate parent for the life lessons I never got.

We wanted a place where humen could discuss masculine topics without facing the same public shaming outcry that happens on social media sites feminists are quick on the trigger to try to take down anything they consider incorrect Milo Yiannopoulos lost his verified status on Twitter because of his views on masculinity. Its a big topic that has become taboo in our culture.

Me : But surely theres a line somewhere. I mean, the real feelings being expressed here are enmity to women. Morpheus Manfred : Were accused of misogyny almost daily. I wont deny that the language is colorful and theres a lot of emotion expressed by the men on the forum. But[ before The Red Pill] there wasnt actually a style for guys to express these feelings.

Lets say theres a guy who just says I detest women I think thats textbook misogyny. We let them say that. Because theres nowhere else for a human to blow off steam. But they remain, they learn, they ventilate, they get advice, they get back on the horse. The endgame of our advice isnt to dislike females. Its to understand them so you can stop being so darn frustrated by them.

Morpheus claims that The Red Pill helped him find a longtime girlfriend, and that The Red Pill is ultimately little more than an online version of locker-room talk.

Its funny, because Jessica, my editor at the Guardian, had the same idea. Wasnt The Red Pill simply an updated version of locker-room talk? No, I said, its nothing like locker-room talk. Well, she asked, whats locker-room talk like, then?

Locker-room talk runs like this: you say to your friend, my God, did you watch the tits on that yoga instructor, and your friend says, it hurts you, doesnt it, and you say it does, it does, and he says you know Ive sucked tits like that before, and you say yeah right and he says really and you say who and he says in Brazil and you say of course it would be an unverifiable assert, and he shrugs and you laugh and he laughs.

The quantity of locker-room talk is inversely proportional to acquaintance with women. So, as you fall in love, maybe even get married, it no longer becomes feasible to talk with friends about womens bodies in such specific detail because, say, your friend works for your wife, and you dont want him thinking about her cleavage when shes firing him.


But very quickly mid-3 0s, actually a new locker-room talk emerges. The new locker-room talk goes like this: you ask your friend what summer programming do you have your daughters in, and your friend says Im trying to find something with science in it, and “theyre saying”, yeah, you gotta fight those cultural hypothesis about girls and STEM, and he says totally, and you say Im just trying to do interesting thing like nature walks and journeys to the science centre, and he says we should go together some time, and you say totally.

And then youre taking your daughters to the science center and a gorgeous female strolls by, and you look at your friend, and your friend looks at you, and you dont have to say a thing.

Im not saying this is the way it should be. Frankly, its humbling for everybody involved. But there is a truth there: if you have a running dick and a working spirit, youd better get used to living with contradictions.

It is precisely this capacity for contradiction that the boy of The Red Pill absence so utterly. Their humourlessness is impressive, given that they largely post remarks about the minutium of sex dynamics, which is the substance of almost all comedy.

Under I fucked up. How to fix? Red Pill member AspireToBeGreater requested some advice from the group. He had met a girl. She was all smiley during their initial conversation. But then I horribly botched an attempt to ask her out for drinks because I get nervous. I pulled back and tried to rebuild my frame over a couple weeks. She was still giving off signs of interest , notably proving him pictures of her dogs. I have since asked her to get coffee in a much more casual way, she had a legit excuse and I couldnt read much from her response. Should he keep pushing?

The responds came to a rapid consensus. A commenter noted: Shes turned you down twice, which means shes almost certainly not interested. Another added: Most likely shes simply not that into you if she doesnt even suggest an alternative date.

The above is a fairly typical post. The Red Pill grinds away at the confusions of contemporary masculinity, both real and imagined. The intellectual foundation of The Red Pill is its glossary a shared language of complaint and insight. So we have, for example 😛 TAGEND

Alpha Socially dominant. Someone who displays high value, or traits that are sexually attractive to women.

SMV Sexual Market Value. A shorthand statement for what you bring to the table, whether for a one-night stand or for a longer relationship.

HB Hot Babe ( often followed by a ranking on a 1-10 scale ).

AF/ BB – Alpha Fucks/ Beta Bucks. AF/ BB, as an idea, is closely related to AWALT( AllWomen Are Like That ). All women, in this argument, divide men into two types: alpha males they want to fuck, and beta males they use for financial and emotional support in exchange for sexuality.

Definitions like these run into the dozens. Their primary purpose is clarity, patently. More than lust or hatred, the boys of The Red Pill hunger for clarity. They desire escape from confusion. They desire a system with which to comprehend longing itself.

Dont we all?

In real life, I knew a human once who was the exact opposite of The Red Pill in every regard, and he shattered everything that I believed I knew about men.

Never did he say the least inappropriate thing, at least around me. No locker room talk for him. He had graduated from York University, the most politically correct university in Canada, with a minor in womens analyses. He proudly called himself a feminist, and he was called a feminist proudly by others. In his undertaking as the most prominent radio host at the CBC, “the member states national” broadcaster, he had become an icon of the new multicultural and egalitarian Toronto.

That man was Jian Ghomeshi, who was on 25 March exonerated in three cases of sexual assault and choke after the testimony of the complainants collapsed.

Before Ghomeshi, I believed I knew more or less how humen ran. I thought its embarrassing to say I supposed I was a close observer of people.

I liked Jian; I cannot deny it. We werent close we met during the time in life when you dont form new friendships so much as respectful allegiances but he was fun, pleasant.

And yet I remember a lovely springtime bridal in Toronto where the guests, largely media people, sat around bitching and gossiping as media people do. I made some flip remark about Jian succumbing his hair. Then I considered The Face pass over one of the young women at my table.

I would watch The Face several times with several different females when the subject of Jian came up a half-suppressed deflation, a furtive darkening. The other women told me nothing; The Face simply came and went. But at this bridal, the young woman with The Face did not let her suffering fade into the general background; she leaned in and told me the story of how he had said to her I only want to hate-fuck you to aftermath you up while at work.

I surely remained friendly with Jian after I heard this story. Why? I have no good answer. The best answer I have is that I have been developed not to judge people on the basis of their sex savors. Thats my tendency but its also been my education. I refrained from judging him, half-consciously.

Throughout Ghomeshis trial, as his lawyer Marie Heinen ripped apart the accusers, I saw myself remembering a line from Philip Roths The Human Stain, defined during the halcyon years when Americas biggest problem was the presidents joint taste for cigars and interns.

I myself dreamed of a mammoth flag, Roth wrote, draped dadaistically like a Christo wrapping from one end of the White House to the other and bearing the legend A HUMAN BEING LIVES HERE.

That phrase should have been draped over the Toronto courtroom. The accusers answered like human being, so they forgot to tell things to the police. They forgot their Hotmail passwords. They communicated with each other and with Jian. One of them wrote: You have beautiful hands. They responded in a way consistent with the inconsistency of human sexuality, caught in the mess of desire and its justification.

Much has been written about how the Ghomeshi trial has disclosed various aspects of our culture and society the failures of the criminal justice system, or the reality of rape culture, or the impotence of fourth-wave feminism. The Ghomeshi trial has uncovered nothing. It has only obscured.

Rape culture is a nebulous term, but it remains that men who want to treat women as if they are nothing have ample scope to express that longing online and offline both. Culture, insofar as it is popular, poses the same question over and over: how cool does a guy have to be before he can treat girls like theyre nothing?

When Kesha tried to escape her contract with Doctor Luke, the producer whom she claims raped her, the judge gave the ruling which applies to the music industry as a whole in 2016: My instinct is to do the commercially reasonable thing.

Kanye West was able extol Bill Cosbys innocence and release The Life of Pablo with the line I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ I attained that bitch famous. And it didnt matter; Kanye was way too cool. It was performance. Or it was subversion. It was something, anyway, that built it totally different than some ordinary guy saying that Taylor Swift was a bitch he made famous and so could have sex with her. A critic for the New Yorker described the Swift line as a throwaway boast on an otherwise good song.


The Weeknd is cool enough to treat females like nothing, too, at least for now. Sure, “hes having” videos in which he shoots his girlfriend, and yes, his song Initiation is a hymn to utilizing the promise of social acceptance to gangbang vulnerable young woman. But “the mens” is friends with Drake. He won two Grammys, and the same people in Toronto who loathed Ghomeshi cheered on the victory.

Not that this was in any way a new arranging, the bargain by which cool men treat girls like theyre nothing. The Rolling Stones? Led Zeppelin and the mudshark?

David Bowie faced rape accusations in the 1980 s, but weve all forgotten about that. One of his fans, Lori Maddox, has claimed in interviews that she lost her virginity to him after he dedicated her champagne and hash when she was about to turn 15. But before we ask ourselves what ought to happen to a grown-up human in a position of power who dedicated an underage daughter narcotics and alcohol and then took her virginity, we should just remember that he dressed really neat and wear makeup and stuff. Bowie was Ghomeshis idol, “the mens” he most wanted to interview.

A few years before Morpheus Manfred started up The Red Pill, Ghomeshi blurbed the Guys Guide to Feminism. He wrote 😛 TAGEND

An admirably accessible guide for guys to understand and espouse the other( often more incendiary) F-word. And its even funny. Quite remarkable. Everyone knows feminists have no sense of humour!

Jian appeared on the back of the book alongside Gloria Steinem and the editor of the online feminist site Feministing.

Where are Morpheus and Ghomeshi now? Morpheus is in a long-term relationship, and developing a sense of humour about himself and his project. Ghomeshi is currently awaiting his second trial. Who is truly shitty here?

Again to return to the our conundrum: are we our real selves online or off? Is the screen the place where we pander the fictions that our offline selves would never dare? Or is the screen where we perform the truth of our being that that world of faces and consequences does not permit?

Among humen today, there is violence concealed under the virtue, and virtue conceal under the violence.

The only constant is the hiding.

In The Red Pills glossary, you can find those two entries 😛 TAGEND

Oneitis When a guy has fallen in love with a woman in the same way a boy loves his mother. He obsesses about her, but she does not reciprocate.

The Unicorn Mystical creature that doesnt fucking exist, aka The Girl of Your Dreams.

If you excavate through the misogyny and the bravado, the sons of The Red Pill want The One. They are as lost in that pursuit as every generation of men has been before them.


The Red Pill is hatred of women in the context of men who want nothing more than to please females, and who are living in a world with a sexual marketplace they find profoundly anxiety-provoking. Briffauts Law, another of the key concepts of The Red Pill, encapsulates male powerlessness as an eternal truth: The female , not the male, decides all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no is beneficial for association with the male , no such association takes place.

But Redpillers are responding to a much more novel and contemporary reality that such biological imperatives: they are responding to women having fiscal and sexual power over their own lives and bodies. And they havent dealt with it yet. The word manosphere is really a misnomer. Not-quite-a-manosphere would be better.

What the boys of The Red Pill need, in all integrity, is a massive dose of Romantic verse. They need a dedicated course of therapy in the novels of Jane Austen and Dostoevsky, combined with significant therapy in negative capability.

They need to learn that love is nasty, in the both the ancient and modern senses of the world that love is endlessly more powerful and real than any marketplace, sex or otherwise.

They need to read Freud, who wrote that every man wants to slaying his father and sleep with his mother and that the only way to be civilized is to recognize that everyone is barbaric style down deep inside.

They need to know that desire is a mess, and that all individuals suffers from its mess.

Instead of culture, the world offers the sons of The Red Pill disdain. Instead of education, outrage.

But its not only the sons of The Red Pill who need to begin again to learn from the fiasco that is men and women. Its everybody. Its the whole world.

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When a woman chooses to have an abortion, shes often faced with two options: having an abortion inside a hospital or a clinic, or taking whats known as abortion pills.

According to Planned Parenthood, a lot of women are more comfy with abortion pill because theyre private, dont requireanesthesia and feel less invasive and more natural.

While abortion pills do have raremedical dangers hemorrhaging, partialabortion and uterine blood clots most women are able to take them safely.

But unlike emergency contraception( aka Plan B ), abortion pills are not sold in pharmacies and are only available at select abortion clinics, women health centers and hospitals.

However, a new survey, the TelAbortion Study, aims togivewomen greater access to abortion pillsby mail.These types of abortions are currently referred to as telabortions .

First off, what exactly are abortion pills? According to Live Science, abortion pills refers to mifepristone and misoprostol, two medications thatare taken to abort the pregnancy during the first 10 weeks.

Participants who want telabortions arefirst necessitated to have a video consultation with a doctor. Then, they haveblood tests and an ultrasound completed.

After completing those exams at a nearby medical facility, the pills are mailed to participants, who receivefurther tests and virtually consult with a doctor again oncetheyve finishedthe pills.

While there are some states that allow you to consult with a doctor online for access to abortion pill, they are continuing require you to visit aclinic to pick up the pills. And for a lot of women, thats the most daunt, intimidating, triggering part of the process.

Researchers are nowtesting thesafety of telabortions. Out of the 12 women who have participated in the study, 11 experienced nomedical complications after having a telabortion and 10 would even encourage others to consider the process.

Director of theJacobs Institute of Womens Health Susan Wood expressed that she supposes telabortion is a positive move for womens reproductive health, tellingThe New York Times, Itsabsolutely an important step forward to expanding access to abortion that is safe and effective and creating options for women.

This type of service could be groundbreaking for people who live in parts of the country where itsnearly impossible for women to gainaccess to safe abortions.

All too often, girls are afraid to enter an abortion clinic because they know to expect beingharassed and bullied by the opponent on their route inside.

In some cases, women are even photographed and outed by protestors in their community for their deep personal medical decision.

The thought of being attackedfor merely entering the clinic can be so traumatic, females will even opt out of it entirely.

Even accessing a clinic at all is a problem for women in several countries. There are currently five states with merely one abortion clinic, and dozens of clinics have been forced to close their doorways due to tight state limiteds and lack of funding.

With President-elect Donald Trump on a strict anti-abortion platform, its safe to presume access to abortion is not going to get easier for women anytime soon, butTelabortion is an alternative style females can still have access to their fundamental reproductive rights.

Dear Hillary Clinton

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Exercising isnt always the best part of my day. Sure, there are some days where I cant just waiting hop on my bike and get going, but there are some days where Im really simply not feeling it.

Maybe I had a crappy day at work, maybe its that time of the month or maybe its merely not my day and the last thing I want to do is to continue efforts to hit a new PR at Flywheel. As much as spinning sometimes isnt my number one priority, I love it. But most importantly, Ive learned a lot from it.

Yes, Ive properly learned how to tap back without violating my back, and how to reach 105 RPM without looks a lot like a lunatic, but Ive also learned a lot about myself.

And thats not from sitting on motorcycle for 45 minutes, its from listening to my instructors.

Ive been blessed with some of the best fitness teachers not only in Boston, but also in the country. And after a year of spinning my little tush off, this is what Ive learned from them 😛 TAGEND

1. Love yourself.

This probably seems counterintuitive or super clich, but its true. The reason I started spinning is because I couldnt appears to love my body for what it was. And as much as the workouts have changed it, my teachers changed it even more.

Their crazy confidenceand love for everything they do is so ridiculously inspirational. Every time I walk to class, I just feel myself strutting down the street because thats what theyve taught me to do.

Signing up for class each week, walking through a rainstorm and many other things dont make going to class easy, but were doing it. So love it, and love yourself because youre beating some serious odds.

2. Youre not always going to hit a PR.

Im crazy, crazy competitive. Even as a little kid, I always wanted to be first in line or the fastest at finishing my meal( plainly because PE was my worst subject ).

And yes, Flywheel maintains my competitive spirit alive, which Im totally grateful for. But Im not going to be at the top of the Torq Board every day, and thats wholly OK.

Were all going to have bad days days where we just cant appears to made checks and balances between our torq and RPM but those are also the days we are still, against all odds, sitting on that damn bike and kicking butt.

We night not always be kicking the best butt, but regardless of your rating, you are still KICKING BUTT.

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Running Out[ LABS]

3. EAT.

This might also seem like the most ridiculous tip in the world, but if you dont eat and if you dont eat healthy, for that are important you wont be able to work out.

I cant even tell you how many times I didnt snack or lunch before my workout, and I came severely close to fainting.

Your body requires nutrients so you can work even harder. If you dont eat, you wont have energy. And your body wont have anything to burn.

And then what happens? Youll have serious potbelly aches, and youll accident. Not good.

4. Be patient.

I am one of the least patient people in the world, so this one is a true life lesson. Your body wont change a week into your workout, and you wont be the best in class after a couple of spins.

It takes time to change, and so what? Youre still aiming for change and aiming for a better you every time you walk into that studio. Be proud!

I perfectly hated exercising before I discoveredspinning. I always, always dreaded it, and now its something I( largely) look forward to.

Yes, I feel great after my workouts, but the lessons Ive learned from it and my instructors are worth a hell of a lot more than any calorie Ive burned.

Give it a try. Who knows, perhaps youll love it as much as I do.

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OK, men: She’s expended the night at your place and liberally judged your probably disgusting bathroom. Now, you’re going to her place. Your expectations are high because you watch her as a perfect female goddess.

She always looks effortlessly flawless, whether you two are going out on the town or having a lazy day in the park. The audio of her voice calms and excites you both at the same time. You may or may not have tripped into some serious impressions for this girl.

But what if I told you she was disgusting? What if I told you she had some downright nasty habits? Even though we are amazing, feminine creatures, we have our flaws too. Because you know it’s all about equality.

You’d likely still be falling for her, but in an attempt to not catch you off-guard, here is a list of five gross things females do. You might as well merely accept them now 😛 TAGEND

1. You know that beautiful hair you love to run your thumbs through?

It’s the foe when it comes to cleanliness. If her rain drainage is clogged, do not — I repeat, do not — go in to investigate. Abort mission.

Lurking under that pool of water is basically the Loch Ness Monster of hair. Merely a marriage license( in my opinion) warrants the high expectations for a human to grab a wad of hair clogging the drain.

2. Speaking of hair, it will ruin vacuums.

The brush that’s under the vacuum has this habit of collecting hair: especially long hair. It’s a torrid and twisted love affair that usually has to be managed with a knife or pair of scissors.

Dudes, if you haven’t had to machete through the jungle of vacuum hair, deem yourself lucky.

3. There are bloody things in plain sight.

Look, we didn’t choose the period life. It choice us.

We are just trying to manage it. We are pretty are applied to it at this point, so if my period happens to not end on trash day, then that tampon is going to stay right there.

If periods still make you wince, you don’t appreciate the power of a woman’s body. Step to the side to make room for a real human, please.

4. Some of us are really good at losing things, and we mostly lose stud earrings.

The solution? Never take them out. The questions with the solution? Caked-on conditioner and other questionable grossness stuck to the earring’s back.

The result of the issue with the solution? Earrings that reek like straight ass. Yes, it’s gross. We know it’s gross. But the believed to be adding another step to our shower routines is too much to handle.

5. Due to the aforementioned shower routine, we sometimes go to bed post-workout, without showering.

There is no run, hot yoga, circuit training or other sweaty workout that they are able make a tired female go through a shower routine if she doesn’t wishes to. We will gladly sleep in our dried sweat, with the sweet satisfaction that we have worked out our bodies.

As you squirm, wince or pout at one — if not all — of these things, don’t sweat it. We know this stuff is gross( yet normal ). But we also know that our beautiful, elegant characteristics outdo all of them.

Nobody’s perfect, and if none of these things present themselves at the beginning of the relationship, don’t worry. They will emerge eventually.

But never dread, guys.Thesegross habits are totally normal, and they should just be accepted. Also, just as an aside guys: Ladiesalso poop.( Gasp .)

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An unguarded phrase grab them by the pussy stuck because it reflects real experiences with the Republican candidate. Now girls could be his nemesis

Back in the spring, Jill Harth didnt want to talk. Neither did a number of the other women who had traversed paths with Donald Trump. But few of them had documented their encounters so exhaustively as Harth, whose 1997 lawsuit alleging attempted rape against Trump is a matter of public record.

It wasnt amazing that having kept quiet on the matter for almost 20 years, she wasnt jumping at the chance to respond to a reporters phone call.

But a few months later, her lawyer got in touch. The impetus, as Harth set it in an emotional hour-long interview at the Guardians New York office, was Trumps repeated insistence that any woman alleging misbehaviour on his part was lying. His eldest daughter Ivankas widely aired insistence that my dad is not a groper pushed her over the edge. What did she know? Harth asked. She was 10 years old.

A former Trump business associate from his early beauty pageant industry days, Harth said that the tycoon behaved inappropriately with her from the working day she gratified him. The first presentation she devoted with her boyfriend and business partner George Houraney back in December 1992 marked not just the beginning of their partnership with Trump, which Harth described as the professional highlight of their career, but also, the beginning of a steady creek of unwanted sexual advances, culminating in the alleged assault in one of the childrens bedrooms at Mar-a-Lago, his ostentatious Florida mansion.

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If you were ever in a sorority, you know that the sisterhood bond is timeless. Ultimately, you accepted a group of amazing women in your life that will be there for you through thick and thin. The big and little bond is a special one, though. That’s your legit partner in crime right there.

Being a big or a little leaves a special memory in your heart. It can be a bit hard to describe the friendship that transpires from the duo, but it’s strong and resilient as hell. At the end of the day, your ability to be a loyal friend is tested, and you reap the benefits of that effort being reciprocated. Whether you’re a big, a little, or both, these photos describe your sorority friendship oh-so perfectly.

1. The EverlastingFriendship Deserves To Be Written On The Walls

Who doesn’t like something inspiring AF plastered on their wall? We all require a little encouragement now and then. A heartfelt quote about you and your little or big is the perfect touch to help you leave your home with some confidence.

2. Seriously, You Can Depict Off Your Love Just About Anywhere

You can never get enough bangles that signify a dope friendship. And while it may seem indescribable at times, you conjure up the right words that describe your devotion to each other. I’m not weeping; you’re crying.

3. The Friendship Is Such A Gift, It Deserves A Beautiful Bow

Matching is just what you do with someone who has delivered a seemingly perfect friendship to you. Also, what’s wrong with sharing the same wardrobe as your bestie? It indicates unity, which you two have.

4. Your Bond Is So Dope, You Need The Greats To Spell It Out

It’s time to get creative. Oftentimes, you need a little bit of inspiration. And in the end, everyone should get the idea of what you’re trying to say. RIP Biggie.

5. It’s Severely A Head-To-Toe Experience

Cozy socks and reppin’ my big or little? I guess dreams truly do come true. But seriously, the list of ways to show some love for your unbreakable relationship is endless.

6. There Are A Million Ways To Wear Your Proud Title

Can someone say bling? You don’t even need anything too flashy, because your big or little is already a gem. The necklace is only an added bonus.

7. There’s Always Plenty To Cheers To

If you both are 21 and up, any beverage between the two of you is one for celebrating. No need to ever crave for a champagne partner ever again. Besides, ladies with class use a flask anyways, right?

8. Gratitude Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It

No matter what turbulence each of your lives have, you will always have each other. What more could you ask for? Nothing, because she always has you covered.

9. You Two Are A Seemingly Perfect Match

Your big or little is your perfect match. No matter how different the two of you may be, the love for your friendship will always be a great big commonality. Partners in crime, remember?

All in all, friendship is the reinforcing taken into account in sisterhood. Having a big and little bond is eternally. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Agreen and gray striped mens sweater. I got it because it was soft, and I liked the colors.In Arizona where I lived, it neversnowed, butwhen I was home from college thatwinter transgres, it was cold enough to wear my new sweater and jeans.

Thats what I was wearing when it happened because I know you will wonder if I dont tell you.

I was 18, and I had just tried alcohol for the first time because I was fighting with my high school boyfriend. A guy in my group of male friends had a condo that his family leased to tourists.

This winter break, hetold us, it was going to be empty.

Feeling very grown-up, we borrowed our mothers autoes and responsibly packed overnight bags to go have a leisurely adult bribe, with a cold morning brunch to follow, at the condo.

And I got a little bit drunk.

We Will Never Stop Fighting

I wasnt comfortable outside my mind, soI told my friends I would pick a bedroom and go to sleep for the night. I was coherent, and I wasnt vomiting, but I definitely wasnt steady. I wanted to be asleep and alone.

So, I shut the bedroom doorway, curled on top of the comforter in my sweater and jeans and fell asleep, missing my boyfriend.

I didnt hear my attackercome in the room he didnt ask, and I didnt let him in. But when I woke up, his hands were under my bra. He was kissing my face and neck.

As he continued, I only curled tighter and pretended to sleep. I shut my eyes and exclaimed steadily , not telling a word and refusing to face him.

The next morning, I showered and buffed the skin off my body as best I could. I felt as if Id betrayed my boyfriend by experiencing what I did. With soap in my face and hair, I hoped against hope that he would call and absolve me.

I curled into a ball, burning and shivering on the floor of the shower.

I dont know if my attacker ever took to the proverbial locker room to brag about how hed grabbed me. But if he had, it likely would have sounded a lot like President-Elect Donald J. Trump 😛 TAGEND

I only start kissing them. I dont even wait.

You can do anything!

Grab em by the pussy. You can do anything.

Thats exactly what he did.

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For those of us whose scope of experience operates beyond brides, haircuts and dancing Playboy bunnies, a listing of alternative female emoticons

When it comes to women and emojis, it can feel a bit like the 1950 s got trapped in your keyboard. The femoji are all girly girls; they get their fingernails done, get haircuts, get married , and dress up as dancing Playboy bunnies .. Meanwhile menmoji are policemen, construction workers and cyclists ..

There have been many suggestions as to how best to change the emoji-optics. Michelle Obama tweeted that shed like to see an emoji of a girl examining. Always and Bodyform, the feminine hygiene companies, have both launched campaigns to introduce less stereotypical emoji. In Bodyforms case these revolve around periods and include an angry-PMS-face emoji, which isnt stereotypical at all.

Now, Google has waded into the debate and is pressing for more professional female emoji. Isnt it hour that emoji also reflect current realities that girls play a key role in every walk of life and in every profession? reads a proposal from a squad of Google employees submitted to the Unicode Consortium the body that approves new emoji and ensures standardization across platforms.

Yes, it is time! The Google Female AdWords Software Engineer is the emoji that girls both need and deserve. But if were going to ensure a genuinely realistic representation of modern girls we need to go further than that. So here are a few more emoji suggestions that the Unicode Consortium can add to their listing:

Resting bitch face

The RBF-sufferer is constantly told that smiling utilizes fewer muscles than frowning. She would explain that she has extensively researched this fact and it is bullshit, but that would take too many muscles.

Mansplain stres

You might think this is characterized by a somewhat ached facial expression. Well, actually its more like a sort of glazed-eye wince as you pretend to be listening.

Empowerment batteries

Because being constantly empowered requires a lot of energy.

Netflix and chilled by my own inertia

Was going to get off the lounge and guarantee the next feminist revolution is likely to be broadcasted, but my empowerment batteries have run out and episode 5 of OITNB is going to autoplay in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Menstruation magician

And for my next trick I will make this tampon disappear. Following which I will turn water into wine.

Pay-gap smile

When you give person 79% of a smile as they explain to you how the pay gap is a myth, actually.

Basically busy bitch

Sorry to do this for like the 356 th hour, I am the absolute worst, but can we resched drinks because Ive just gotten crazy busy?

Studio slut

Joined Classpass and immediately became promiscuous, visiting a different workout studio every night. After they put up their costs she cancelled in disgust, but her old teachers dont look at her the same way any more.

SoulCycle spinster

Will never love anyone the route she loves SoulCycle. But thats OK because, as she breath expectation, she knows she is a beautiful warrior living for each and every single moment.

Ferrante-faking face

Oh yes I love Elena Ferrante. Such an incisive exploration of female friendship. Which of her books was my favourite? Well, um, you know, all of them really.

The woman card trader

Dont tell anyone but this is who all the women get their Woman Cards from.

The Amazon woman

Thanks to her Prime account she has not insured the inside of a drugstore for four years and buys everything online. The UPS man detests her.

The bermensch

The elusive Superwoman who can have it all and do it all as long as she can get there in an Uber.

Tired Tinderella

Former online-dating enthusiast who is now swiped out.

The ghostess With the mostess

Has been ghosted so many times by Tinder dates that she has developed a sixth sense.

Woman giggling alone with salad

The thing nobody has understood about this stock photo stereotype is that shes not laughing with it, shes laughing at it.

Fertilized eggplant

That feeling when your period is late and you know you must be pregnant despite this being basically impossible as you havent had sexuality for well, lets not even go there.

The everywoman

Whatever you want from emoji feminism, whatever you need. Anything you want done by a small digital image, this one does it naturally.

Leaned in a little too far

Now she has fallen over and cant get up.

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Red Starbucks beakers, flannels and gorgeous autumn leaves are some of the more pleasant ways that tell us wintertime is coming.

On the other hand, the not-so-pleasant ways include static everywhere, dry, itchy skin and runny noses.

Winter weather can really put stress on our skin and hair, who are capable of end up affecting our mood.( SAD anyone ?)

Face Mask Hacks For That Summer Glow[ LABS]

Once fall rolls around, we know to swap out sandals for boots and coral lip gloss for burgundy matte lipstick.

But, there are also things we can switch up in our beauty routines to avoid feeling like a dry, fluffy ghost for the coming five months 😛 TAGEND

1. Switch: cleanser

Changing your regular cleanser to a cream cleanser is the first swap to makein your beauty routine duringcolder months.

Many gel and foaming soaps, especially those for blemishes, contain drying ingredients( alcohol, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid ). Look for a cream cleanser that contains glycerin, beeswax or any type of oil.

This goes for shower gels as well.

2. Add: facial mist

This may seem excessive, but a moisturizing facial fog can make a world of change before applying face lotion or makeup.

If your face is still feeling tight after cleansing, spritz on some facial fog to rehydrate the skin and prepare it for face cream, or use it any time throughout the day when skin is feeling dry.

Bonus: Giving your face a few spritzes after applying makeup will help it last longer, appear more natural and take away the cake face feeling.

3. Add: exfoliation

If you dont already, start exfoliating that bod to slough off dead skin cells and prep it for ultimate moisture absorption.

Look for products that contain polishing particles like ocean salt and sugar. Or, you can opt for an exfoliating mitt to employ with your favorite body wash.

And dont keep forgetting the face! If physical exfoliants are too harsh for your face, try a gentle chemical exfoliant that will give you the same results without the irritation from scrubbing.

4. Switch: lightweight to thick moisturizer

The skin on our face will usually be the first to tell us when its time to switch things upfor the winter.

Another swapthat will help keep you from drying up like a prune is exchanging your lightweight face lotion for a thick facial moisturizer to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay, prevent dry patches and keep the skin impression and seeming youthful and plump.

Look for products that contain hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

And dont keep forgetting the delicate skin around the eyes. If you haventalready, add a hydrating eye cream to protect those peepers.

5. Switch: body lotion to body butter

Lightweight products are nice to use in the warmer months when slathering on a body butter can leave the skin feeling greasy.

But in the winter when moisture is sparse, switch your body lotion to a thick body butter to keep all your bits super soft and ready for a last-minute Netflix and chill session.

6. Add: oils

In the warmer months, its easy to avoid applying petroleums because the moisture in the air avoids skin from drying out.

But during the course of its colder months when skin is desperately craving moisture, adding a layer of oil to the skin and hair can work wonders.

When your skin is dry, it creates excess sebum to compensate for the absence of moisture, which can lead to unwanted oily skin and clogged pores.

Keeping your sebaceous glands balanced by applying facial oil may help reduce the amount of oil your body needs to produce.

Use a light oil such as jojoba oil for already oily skin, and a heavier oil, such as coconut or almond oil, for dry skin.

But dont just stop at your face.You can apply oil like a body lotion immediately after a rain or wherever your skin is feeling dry.

For ultimate baby-butt-soft skin, apply body oil followed by lotion after a shower.

Not merely does oil work great for the skin, but it also maintains frizzy hair at bay.

Static is one of the most riling cold weather side effects, and it can stimulate us look like we just stuck our hand in an electric socket.

To avoid Einstein hair, rub a small amount of oil from the mid-length to the ends of your hair while its still damp, after heat styling or any time you feel like its floating away. Just remember, a little goes a long way.

You can also create a homemade oil hair mask by combining your favorite petroleums and applying to the hair from root to tip.

Leave on for about 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual for extra soft and supple hair.

7. Add: nasal spray

This may seem like an odd addition to a beauty routine, but trust me, its worth it.

The dry weather doesnt merely affect the skin, but it can dry up sinuses, too. Prevent nosebleeds and uncomfortable allergy symptoms with a natural nasal spray, an alternativeto chemical decongestants.

8. Add: face mask

When you think of a face mask, you may think of a stiffen clay mask that depicts out impurities and leaves the skin impression tight and clear.

While those masks are beneficial, a hydrating mask can bring your skin back to life and devote it a major boost of glow power. Try a sheet mask or a replenishing mask in a pot.

9. Add: self-tanner

The worst part of the winter is a possibility the moment when we realize we cant assure our tan lines anymore, and we become sad, pale spirits of summertimes past.

Self-tanner is quite possibly the most genius invention that dedicates us an instant confidence boost during our pastiest moments.

A nice washing of colour helps us looking slimmer, healthier and maintain us from fading into the snowy background.

Some self-tanners work in as little as two hours, permitting plenty of time to perfect that cat eye and red lip before the vacation party madness ensues.

What are your favorite wintertime beauty products tips-off? Let us know in specific comments below!

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