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It’s not easy to change your negative lifestyle habits. That’s why they’re called habits. But one female finally decided that enough was enough, and as you can see from her unbelievable before and after scenes, potential impacts has been truly remarkable.

The 4ft 10 ” 20 -year-old, who goes by the name of melephants and who once weighed 143 lbs, lost around 30 lbs by feeing properly, counting calories, and reaching the gym four to five times per week. She started by adjusting her eating habits( “I base my meals around a source of protein now( chicken, fish) and lots of veggies, ” she says. “I don’t eat carbs that much, more on lifting days”) before gradually incorporating exert into her routine. She spent the majority of members of her first month on the treadmill but she didn’t ensure much change, and so now she concentrates more on HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training ). She works her lower body two-three times per week and her upper body twice, and during those conferences she does deadlifts, squats, bench press and hip thrusts.

She’s also made smaller a modification to their own lives, such as standing instead of sitting on the train, drinking more water, and leaving snacks and junk food out of her home. “Honestly, it’s not only benefited my physical health but my mental health too, ” she said, adding that her lifestyle change has been the “best decision I’ve ever attained! ” So if you’re looking to shake things up then what are you waiting for? Take a foliage out of this woman’s book and start taking steps towards a happier, healthier life!

When this woman started to make changes to her daily habits, the results were incredible

She used to weigh 143 lbs but she’s so far lost 30 lb due to various adjustments to her lifestyle

“I base my dinners around information sources of protein now( chicken, fish) and lots of veggies, ” she says

“I don’t eat carbs that much, more on lifting days”

“For the first month or so I spent a lot of period on the treadmill but didn’t enjoy it/ find much change”

Now she focuses more on HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) while also hitting the weights

She works her lower body two/ three times per week and her upper body twice

During her upper body sessions she does deadlifts, squattings, bench press and hip thrusts

“It’s not only benefited my physical health but my mental health too. Best decision I’ve ever induced! ”

The internet was just as impressed as we are

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If you’ve always been the type of person to work out in the evening, you know that life can often get in the way of your #GymGoals. Whether it be extra hours at the office, your friends making you up for happy hour, or an impromptu Bumble date, cancelled workouts can easily become the norm. But as much as you try to rearrange your routine, you only can’t figure out how to work out in the morning.

Honestly, people who work out in the morning used to seem like another species to me. I could scarcely drag myself out of bed to brew my coffee, let alone blast out some burpees.

But with a few simple lifestyle changes, I slowly bear-crawled my way over to the dark side( literally — it’s still dark when I wake up ). And now, I can confidently call myself a morning person — at least when it comes to exert, that is.

Trust me, I was in a full-blown relationship with my snooze button when it came to morning workouts. Like, “were in” knee-deep in the honeymoon stage, and I had no intents of a divorce anytime soon.

So if I can break up with the snooze button and become a morning person, trust me, you can, too.

Here are five simple lifestyle changes that will finally let you attain the switch to morning workouts.

1. Eat Right At Night

The foods you eat the night before your workout can definitely impact how you’ll feel by the time you reach the gym the next morning.

Basically, greasy junk food is going to attain you feel sluggish AF when it comes hour for those #gains.

Having a balanced meal that includes carbs, protein, veggies, and healthy fats for dinner will give you a lot more energy when your alarm goes off in the morning.

2. Get Some More Shut-Eye

This might seem like a no-brainer, but catering to your body’s natural circadian rhythm will induce waking up for a morning sweat sesh much easier.

Try to get the recommended seven hours of sleep by switching off your phone during those late hours and giving your body the deep sleep it needs to perform at its best at the gym.

3. Make A Motivation List

Making a list of things that will motivate you to hop out of bed in the morning will help you recollect why you’re sweating it out at sunrise.

Whether it be the beaker of coffee waiting for you when you get home, or the #BootyGains that you’ll reap from a consistent a.m. workout routine, write it all down and stick it on a post-it note right next to your bed.

4. Prepare The Night Before

Setting out your clothes, keys, and shoes the night before will remove any obstacles or excuses you’ll be sure to make in the morning.

Sometimes I even sleep in my sports bra and work shorts because I know if I don’t, I’ll try to be sneaky AF when 6 a.m. rolls around.

5. Reward Yourself For Rising And Grinding

Making yummy pre-workout snacks that will be ready for you before your journey to the weight room can stimulate early rising a lot easier.

Prep your healthy treats as a reward for responding to your wake-up call. These chocolate peanut butter energy bites will stimulate parting with your pillow a lot more doable.

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You know when you’re lounging around, catching up on, and you abruptly realise you haven’t moved in, well, an embarrassingly long time? And you’re pretty sure your butt is so dead asleep you are able never be able to move it again? You want to get your blood pumping, but like, standing? That’s way too much effort. Well, actually, there are plenty of workouts for your butt that the project works, and don’t require you to move at all from your comfortable yoga mat.

Try these six kickass( literally) exerts to get the booty of your dreams with the least sum of effort.

1. Glute Bridge

From strengthening your loot and hamstrings, to reducing knee and back pain, to sculpting your core, the glute bridge candidly does it all.

And hell yes you should roll over and take power nap after, because you earned it.

2. Fire Hydrant Kick

You can’t park in front of them in real life, but you continue to park yourself right in front of your Netflix episode while you’re doingthese bad boys.

This exercise targets the outer glutes, core, and hipsto make this move a total lower-body trifecta.

I’m comin’ for ya, perky booty.

3. Donkey Kicks

Stay right where you are, and add some donkey kicks into your routine.

These simple kick-backs will sculpt your glutes big time, which helpsincrease your velocity and agility you know, for when you choose you actually want to get up.

Add ankle weights if you want to feel the booty burn.

4. Single Leg Glute Bridge

Remember your BFF, the glute bridge?

Well, subtract a leg, and redefine your rump with this slightly trickier variation.

You may be laying down, but don’t be fooled this moveis effective AF.

Your hammies won’t know what reached them when you double the difficulty of the classic bridge.

5. Lateral Leg Lift

Lateral leg lifts are the ultimate lazy-but-not-actually-lazyexercise. Severely, those minor, controlled movements run a way.

Sideleg raiseswill really run your abductors, which arethe muscles that help move your thigh to the side of your body.

6. Clam Shell

According to a 2011 study from the, theclamshell exercise was one of the five largest exerts for strengthening the gluteus medius and a strong gluteus medius entails less injuries for you in the long-term.

Listen, if I can achieve ultimate booty strength without ever having to stand up, you can catch me chilling on the floor forever.

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There’s nothing worse than a dreaded trudge through five inches of snow to construct those #gains in the wintertime.

I often find myself questioning whether dead-lifts are even worth it in the depths of December. Is worth it when it’s that cold outside?

So, when summer eventually rolls around and blesses us with constant sunshine, it’s pretty much necessary to take your workout to the outdoors to make the most of the gorgeous climate.

And, yes, you can work on your bronze glow and your #BootyGains simultaneously.

I know. It’s truly an emotionalexperience.

From outdoor dance parties, to downward dog, here are six outdoor fitness class that serve upa killer workout with a side of much-needed vitamin D.

1. Yoga In The Park

Tree pose is always style more enjoyable when I’m actuallysurrounded by trees, and it’s just like, hey fam we in this together.

If you’re based in NYC, you can perfect your warrior pose in Bryant Park every Tuesday morning at theiroutdoor yoga classes.

It’s opento everyone of all ages and skill levels, so bring a friend, and get ready to quite literally salute the sun from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

2. A Sunrise Workout

Morning people always seem like myths to me. But I guess I’d try out that lifestylefor a kickass class like this.

It must be fairly fulfilling to get those endorphins flowing before the rest of the world even makes the snooze button, and The Rise lets you do just that.

From HIIT circuits, to hill sprints, you can get your heart pumping before the sunup with these free classes.

3. Bootcamp In The Park

If you’re looking for a sweaty and fulfilling challenge, try seeing a local bootcamp in your area.

At the Bryant Park Bootcamp, you’ll endure exerts likecrunches, timbers, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers( seducing ?).

I know it voices rough, but believe me, the intense mix of cardio and strength train will provide a murderer workout withresults that will last all summer long.

4. NYC Endurance

Whether you’re training for your next triathlon, or you’re just trying toconquer the walking between rooftop bottomless brunches, this 60 -minute class could be right up your alley.

NYC Endurance is run by three dedicatedathletes, who mix up challenging intervals, operating, and CrossFit techniques( you can do it, I promise ).

The trainers make sure to foster everyone to go at their own pace, so you’re ensure a good workout, whether you’re a fitness fanatic or just doin’ it to balance out the mimosas.

5. Dance Fitness In The Park

Dance it out with certified instructorsfrom Sweet Water Dance& Yogafor these high-energy workouts along theshoreline.

These class combine good-vibe tunesand your dreaming dance moves, with open-air and stunning views to enjoy along the way.

Even if your dance moves resemble an awkward platypus( I feel you on a spiritual level ), try this fun fiesta out I dare you.

6. Beastanetics

This intense, twice-a-week HIIT class is held at the crack of dawn a naturally occurring shooting of espresso, amirite?

Coach Tim Haft lures you into his combo of plyometrics andcalisthenics with murderer playlists, a healthy dose of rivalry, and pizza creep?

I’m not sure exactly what I simply read, but I’m down. Watch you there!

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In case you didn’t already know, coconut oil has the power to change your freaking life.

Between the benefits this stuff can have for your scalp and the nourishment it can offer your body, there’s pretty much nothing that coconut petroleum do.

So it should come as no surprise at all that coconut petroleum also happens to be an amazing resource for all your workout needs.

Coconut oil can help with both insulin secretion and immune functionand, in agreement with the, it has the potential to enhance your overall exercise performance.

It’s also an incredible source of medium chain triglycerides, which aid in the process of muscle recovery, along with development and growth.

In order to reap all these deliciously feel-good benefits, here are five post-workout snacks that will get you your coconut oil fixing and offer a tasty dose of #gains.

1. Energy Balls

Energy balls are the perfect nutrient-dense snack to eat after a solidsweat sesh, and they’re super easy to prepare.

Blair from @balancewithb adds cacao and hazelnut to hers, essentially making her own healthy spin on a Ferrero Rocher( and if you don’t consider yourself borderline addicted to those things, you are wrong ).

Add a couple of tablespoons of coconut petroleum into any Bliss Ball recipe to mend those hard-working muscles.

2. Banana Bread

If you say you don’t like banana bread, I’m sorry, but you probably sit on a throne of lies.

This recipe from @ambitiouskitchen includes a healthy serve of coconut petroleum to keep the bread moist and your body nourished after an intense SoulCycle class.

BRB, preheating the oven.

3. Pancakes

Sneak some coconut petroleum into @rachlmansfields protein-packed pancakes for a delectable post-workout treat.

And that chocolate drizzle? Ugh, I’m in heaven.

4. Eggs

If the thought of baking attains you wince , no need to worry one of the easiest ways to pack in that coconut petroleum punch is to simply fry an egg in it.

@Leefromamerica shows you how it’s done with this sweet and savory combo.

Seriously, I’d hold doing an extra set of burpees if I knew this plate was waiting for me afterward( I said deem, OK ?).

5. Hot Cocoa

Get creative with this healthy spin on a traditional hot chocolate.

@Balancewithb maintains it real simple with cacao, cinnamon, and almond milk.

Transform the comforting concoction into a post-pilates drink by adding a scoop of protein powder and a tablespoon of the very best stuff aka coconut oil.

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There is something about grunting or moaning while exerting that brings to mind the clich of a cockyweightlifter, or maybe even that person who seems to be having multiple, heavy-breathing orgasms in your yoga class. But the truth is, yelling while working outcan feel really cathartic and energizing. Not to mention, it might just be really good for your body.

Some exercise psychologists, in fact, believe a good shout or groan is a practice in mentally preparing for a moment of forced exertion or physical release. As athletics psychologist Charlie Browntold the, grunting while exerting can allow youto be more mentally present overall in your workout. It is part of total concentration, he said, referring to grunting in particular. It really is a matter of dedicating oneself over to the process.

Vanessa Dunleavy, a buti and vinyasa yoga teacher, says she considers it a way to remove static energy from the body, alleviate stress, and help people be more present during an exercise practice, which she reiterates should be a judgment-free zone, both of yourself and of others.

She tells Elite Daily,

I promote my students to make sounds. Build the weird noise! It constructs you feel good, it allows others people to release and do the same.

While there’s some debate as to whether or not hollering during a workout truly impacts performance, some proof indicates it may affect your strength.

A 2009 analyze from Iowa State Universityinvolving martial artists measured their handgrip strength on a dynamometer, a device used to measure force-out. They first gripped without noise, then tried again while performing a breath/ sound technique used in martial arts called a kiap, which is basically a quick and loud call. When they built the noise, their strength increase by about seven percentage.

Even if you’re not looking to increase strength in your workouts, the power of yelling and soundis actually considered by someto be primally healing, and there’s a whole psychology and mode of therapy behind use such soundsas a means of releasing trauma.

While having a few good shouts or moans while you exercise might not necessarily solve neurosis, it can, at least, help relieve a little bottled-up stress, which I think everyone can benefit from, amirite?

So, even if it seems a little weird, give it a try. You might just be surprised by how good it makes you feel.

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When it comes to crushing your #GymGoals, it can feel impossible to determine time in your schedule to fit in some quality workout. Sometimes, you only don’t have room in your busy day for anything more than a quick, 10 -minute workout. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that you don’t have to choose between your4 5-minute, full-body HIIT circuit and lazing away onyour couch after a long day at the office.

Trust me, your fitness results aren’t going to fade-out simply because you aren’t committing an hour each day to working out.

In fact, research actually shows that short spurts of exert can providejust about the samebenefitsas longer workouts, especially when your efforts all add up.

When it comes down to it, a 10 -minute workout is better than nothing, and honestly, you’d be surprised by how intense 10 minutes can actually be when you put your mind( and, of course, your body) to the task.

Here are six workouts for every part of your hard-working bod to try when you’re pressed for period, but still want to feel that delicious burn.

1. Engage Your Abs

Apparently, it merely takes 10 minutes to feel like your core is going to literally implode.

This workout is intense AF, and will work your abs from every single angle.

Like, angles you didn’t even know inside your core.

2. Run Your Arms

These exerts target your upper arms and shoulders the perfect combo for when you don’t have time for a total upper-body workout.

Warning: This may or may not feel like the longest 10 minutes of your life.

3. Sculpt Your Legs

If you think you’ll avoid the post-leg-day soreness because you cut your glute gains down to 10 minutes, think again.

You’ll probably still have trouble climbing a flight of stairsafter this loot blaster.

But it’ll be worth it.

4. Construct Your Back Muscles

I always believed back workouts were only meant to be done on elaborate gym machines, but this speedy sweat sesh altogether demonstrated me wrong.

All you’ll need to grind through this quick workout are two free weights and a comfortable mat. Get to it, girl.

5. Cardio Without The Machines

You don’t require an hour-long conference on the elliptical to get some quality cardio into your routine.

Jump for joy( literally) tothis quickie cardio circuit.

This baby will get your heart racing, the endorphins pumping, and before you know it you’re done!

6. No Muscle Groups Left Behind

I know, “youre supposed to” thought it was impossible to get a full-body workout in just 10 minutes but it’s absolutely a thing.

From sumo squats, to mountain climbers, to jumping jacks, you’ll be out of breath before you even know what you( teheh ).

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If you’re planning to stock up on candy and eat your heart out thisValentine’s Day, you’re not alone.

According to research fromNielsen, it turns out Americans purchase approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate in the weeks leading up to this lovely holiday.

Yeah, that’s a whole lot of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

If you’re someone who happens to have a serious sweet tooth, you might want to look away.

I’m about to tell you something scarier than waking up on Valentine’s Day and realise you’re still dateless.

Studiesshow “it merely takes five fun-sized candy bars and no other dietary adjustments for someone to gain 1 pound of weight per week.”

Now, that doesn’t even sound like an outrageous quantity of candy, so you can only imagine what demolishing an entire box of Godiva will do to yourwaistline.

Yep, those lovely confections may seem harmless, but all of the sugar and calories hiding inside those deceptivecandies cansneak up on you faster than one of Cupid’s arrows.

To put these sweets into perspective, we figured out how much exercise it takes to burn off some ofyour favorite Valentine’s sweets. After looking at some of these calorie counts, you might want to think twice about polishing off that box of dialogue hearts.

( Note: calories burned are based on a 125 lb female .)

Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts

Conversation Hearts

Godiva Chocolates

Hershey’s Kisses

Red Velvet Cupcake

Valentine M& M’s

Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart

Russell Stover Chocolates

Peeps Marshmallow Hearts

Nestle Crunch Valentine’s Heart

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Everyone knows the impression after a kickass workout is simply unbeatable.

You feel strong AF, the endorphins are pumping, and TBH, you’re pretty much unstoppable.

But you’ve likely heard the majority of your advance isn’t aboutwhat goes on inside the weight room; it’s also about the decisions you construct post-workout.

Personal trainerGreer Rothermelsays what you do right after a workout is just as important as what you do before preparing your body for exercise.

She tells Elite Daily,

Many people hit the gym and volume it out the door after, forgetting to make sure their body is going to recover properly.

As tempting as it is to head out the door immediately after your HIIT circuit, you are able simply besabotaging all the hard work you put in.

Here are six small, but easily fixable mistakes that will build your #GymGains altogether worthwhile.

1. Cutting Out TheCool Down

So, you just finished a murderer cardio sesh.

You kind of simply want to stop the treadmill and take a nap right there on the gym floor, don’t you?

While you may have an overwhelming desire to face-plant into a pool of your own hard-earned sweat, science sayswhen you stop exerting abruptly, your heart rate can slacken a bit too abruptly.

This can cause blood to pool in your lower body, leading todizziness, and perhaps even fainting.

Take time to cool down by walking for a few minutes on the treadmill or actively stretching after a HIIT workout.

2. Slacking On Stretching

Rothermel tells Elite Daily one of the biggest mistakes people attain post-workout is forgetting to stretching:

Stretching isimportant because itallows your muscles to rebuild, grow, and get stronger to make it possible to get the full benefit from yourefforts in the gym.

Stretching after exercise also relax your muscles, helps aid in circulation, and helps your body rid itself of wasteproducts( lactic acid ), which helpsalleviatemuscle soreness.

Take a moment after your workout routine to slow it down and stretch it out. Your body will thank you, and TBH, doesn’t it justfeel good?

3. NotGetting The Right Nutrients

Proper nutrition is imperative for muscle repair.

You know when you can’t even sit on the toilet because you’re just sore from leg day?

A combo of complex carbs and protein could cut that recovery hour completely in half.

My personal fav is a peanut butter banana sandwich, but I won’t tell you how to live your life.

4. Sitting In The Sweat

Listen, I feel you. I kind of want to live in my yoga pants, too.

But maintaining your sweaty leggings on hours after hot yoga could lead to uncomfortable yeast infections and bacteria build-up.

Enough said. An itchy vagina is basically hell on Earth.

Pack an extra pair of Lulus tokeep your body clean and bacteria-free.

5. Dehydration Nation

Water is your BFF at this crucial time, and not sufficient of it can lead to some major post-workout fatigue.


It’s important to make sure you rehydrate toreplenish the fluids you lost while working out.

This refuels your muscles to prevent your body from getting dehydrated and aids inrecovery.

Drink up, baby!

6. Heading To Happy Hour

It’s been a long week, but you just managed to make it from work to your Pilates class, and now you’re in serious need of an ice-colddrink.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that spicy marg only won’t cut it if you’re looking for quality post-workout fuel.

Drinking alcohol immediately after a workout dehydrates your body, ups the health risks of blood clots, and hinders overall muscle recovery.

Save the sangria until at least an hourafter your sweat sesh.

After that, treat yo’self, girl. You deserve it.

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