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Travel blogs are always quick to proclaim travel allows you to expand your horizons and broaden your mind, but what they fail to communicate is travel also allows you to expand your waistline and broaden your muffin top.

Id like to think my year of traveling has been a lot like that best-selling book and resulting sh*tty Julia Roberts movie, “Eat Pray Love.”

But maybe, it’s a bit more like “Eat Drink Eat.”

Okay, actually, theres been some praying and loving along the way, too (like praying we got to Tek Sen in time for the twice-cooked pork belly, or loving BYOB at HutongDumpling Bar).

For the most part though, this year has been less about discovering me as it has been about discovering meals.

I can’t tell you how many times travel companions and I are like the vultures in “The Jungle Book,” trying to figure out what to do if neither of us is hungry, or if 10 am is not quite an acceptable time to start drinking in a predominately Muslim country.

Without a set routine or constant access to a kitchen or gym, sticking to a healthy-ish diet and exercise plan while traveling can be harder than turning down free food in the break room.

(Can a coworker hurry up and quit so a girl can get some free sheet cake already?)

With the southern hemisphere’s summer fast approaching, I’ve compiled a list of workout ideas to keep your vagabonding body banging no matter where you are.

Once a personal trainer in a former college lifetime, Im currently working as a server.

So, instead of encouraging healthy habits among my clients, Im now coercing them into a second basket of fried chicken and fries.

Take my suggestions with a grain of salt (or MSG, the table seasoning of choice in Asia).

Im not over here trying to get ripped, though.

Rather, I’ll simply equalize my chili cheese fries and cancel out my takeout because like a good cocktail, life is all about balance.

1. Free Week Gym Trials

Who doesn’t love free sh*t?

Likefree samples at Costco, free hotel bathrobes, shampoos, free Moe’s burritos on your birthday (I’ve had like three birthdays last year) and free vodka soda from the balding bank branch manager who has a 0 percent chance of getting your real number, free workouts are no different.

Gyms always offer free trials or free workout classes to get you into the club, and I always take full advantage.

I think I’ve inspected and sweated in every gym in Melbourne.

Just be sure to give the gym a fake number.

Otherwise, the owners will hunt you down like that guy who bought you the free vodka soda.

2. Pounding The Pavement

One of the first things I like to do after long travel days is go for a run to stretch my legs and realign my lumbar discs after 10 hours on a budget flight in economy class.

Running is one of the best ways to explore the area and get your bearings straight.

But don’t get too crazy off the beaten path, oryou’ll end up lost among water buffalo off the Red River Delta in Ninh Bnh, Vietnam.

Before you lace up the Asics though, make sure to write down or commit to memory your hostel’s (or hotel’s, if you’re fancy) address.

Bring enough money with you in case you get lost and need taxi fare, or better yet, get three blocks into your run and say “screw it” and get a beer.

3. Swimming Laps (Or Just Staying Afloat)

Whether I’m swimming in a pool, ocean, lake or bottle of sauv blanc, swimming is one of my favorite workouts.

I always pack my goggles when I travel, and I often throw my sexy one-piece Speedo in the suitcase if there’s room.

In this tantalizing attire, even though I feel sleek and agile underwater, I’m sure I look a bit morelike this pool pugIRL.

You don’t have to go full on Phelps to burn off an extra Bintang beer or two.

Even if you’re just freestyling to work on your back tan or only swimming to the swim-up bar, aim for any water aerobics.

Or at least tread water with your Mai Tai, and maybe you’ll at least break even.

If you are at a beach destination, try water activities to get swole in the swell by surfing or renting paddle boards, kayaks or snorkels.

Do snorkels work for funneling beer, too?

4. Biking

Biking is one of those simple joys I always forget how much I enjoy until I’m back on the bike, pushing pedals and praying I don’t get mowed over by a moped in Ho Chi Minh City.

Bike rental shops are usually easy to come by in most tourist destinations.

Just be sure to opt for a helmet, map out your route and get home by dark before you get lost in incoming traffic on the streets of Southeast Asia.

Check yourself (and which side of the road traffic flows) before you wreck yourself and break someone’s Mercedes.

5. Body Weight Workouts

Don’t you hate when you’re traveling, and you forget to pack essential things like mouthwash, your bow flex machine, portable doorway chin-up bar and 10-pound kettle bells?

Luckily, Fireball shots are a great alternative to mouthwash, and body weight exercises are a great alternative to the gym.

Sure, locals (and the French backpackers who never work out but eat baguettes for breakfast and smoke 20 rollies a day) might throw shade at you for doing burpees in the hostel.

But at least you’ll be bikini ready for Bondi Beach.

Here are a couple of workouts you can do almost anywhere, hangover and space permitting:

The Hostel Heart Rate Riser

1.10 to one rep ladder for rounds (Do 10 reps for the first round, then nine, eight and all the way down to one)

2. Jump squats

3. Tricep push-ups

4. Burpees

5. V sit-ups

Four Rounds For Around The World

1. 30 squats

2. 20 burpees

3. 10 push-ups

(Modify push-ups as needed, with lay-down push-ups as rounds go on.)

Backpacker Booty-Build

1. 50 jumping jacks

2. 20 hip bridges

3. 15 jump squats

4. Fire hydrants (15 each leg)

5. Donkey kicks (15 each leg)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of the the exercises below:

1. 15 squats

2. 15 push-ups

3. 15 mountain climbers on each leg

4. 15 bicycle crunches on each leg

Make use of “equipment” at local parks as well, like benches for elevated push-ups and tricep dips, monkey bars for pull-ups and leg raises or elevated surfaces for step-ups or plyometric box jumps.

Just heed caution with these and aim to do them at the beginning of your workout, before your legs are fatigued and you fall and scar your shin like an assh*le (or like me).

If all else fails, and you’re just not feeling fitness on your trip, at least put on your activewear and go for an exploratory, happy, hour-long walk that ends at a local, happy hour bar.

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Working out can be hard.

We are physically and emotionally pushing our bodies to do things they’re not accustomed to.

Whether it’s a two-mile jog or a two-hour weightlifting conference, workout can be tough.

Plus, feeling motivated enough to actually get ourselves up and off to the gym is not always easy.

Weve heard many times that showing up is half the battle, but sometimes most days, thats actually the hardest part.

We all have our reasons for wanting to work out: to feel better, to look great naked, to lose those pesky extra pounds we put on the summer months or to get toned for an upcoming vacation, bridal or reunion.

But for every reason, most of us find just as many excuses to skip the gym.

Its raining out.

Its too cold.

All of my gym clothes are dirty.

My favorite show is on tonight.

Im too sore.

“I’m in the middle of a Netflix binge.”

“I attained plans with my friends.”

Ill start tomorrow.

I get it. Im right there with you.

Im ashamed to acknowledge how many times that bottle of red wine wins over working out.

Fortunately, for those who are too lazy to motivate themselves to exert( myself included ), there is a wave of new workouts making the fitness scene.

With New York City being the mecca of all things trending, its no astonish these workouts can be found in the Big Apple.

All of these class are effective and innovative ways to work out.

Each class offers something a little different, which means youre bound to find at least one class that will excite youand motivate you to exercise.

Check out these eight new workout classes trending in New York City, and find yourself a fun, new style to get in shape 😛 TAGEND

1. Rooftop Yoga( And Wellness) With SERENE Social

SERENE Social is a wellness community for conscious women.

Itstop attraction is rooftop yoga.

Imagine getting your namaste on from the rooftops of New York City, Los Angeles and London.

But SERENE is much more than merely yoga.

With mindfulness and wellness classes, pop-up events, dinners and members-only specials, SERENE encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

2. Water Cycling With AQUA Studio

Take spin class from land to sea.

AQUA Studio offers aqua cycling classes in a unique and peaceful environment.

Cycling motorcycles are immersed in a candlelit pool, with four inches of temperature-controlled water to warm up your body for an optimal workout.

Aqua cyclingpairs the challenges of high-intensity cardio and full-body toning with the natural, mending properties of salt water.

3. Reggae Dance Class With Banana Skirt Productions

If Zumba is the Latin influence forworking out, Banana Skirt is the reggae alternative.

Burn up to 800 calories per class while learning dance was taking steps to pop, reggae and hip-hop music.

Banana Skirt actually works with Atlantic Records, so you can expect several of its classes to be based off the artists’ videos.

Think Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and even* NYSNC.

4. HIIT Workouts With The Fhitting Room

Trainers and fitness guru have been telling us about HIIT workouts( High Intensity Interval Training) for quite some time now.

Now, you can get HITT without online printouts or streaming videos.

The Fhitting Room is a HIT( High Intensity Training) fitness studio providing these effective workouts in a small class environment.

Burn more calories, experience lean muscle growth and attain personal bests with The Fhitting Rooms trained instructors.

5. Stadium Cycling With Flywheel Sports

The Flywheel indoor cycling ride combines the fast-paced cycling workout including climbings and descents with arm workouts using weighted bars.

But beyond the techniques used in class, Flywheel is the first indoor cycling studio to house stadium-style seats.

With each pedal stroke, you are one step closer to winning a race against yourself and your fellow riders.

This is the perfect workout if you have a competitive streak.

6. Boxing Boot Camp With AEROSPACE

AEROSPACE is a machine-free, sports-emulation, high-performance fitness centre( say that three times fast ).

Classes incorporate full-circuit boxing equipment and range from 30 to 60 minutes.

AEROSPACE blends workout techniques derived from professional athletics and focuses on building muscle strength, promoting cardiovascular health, improving body tone, bolstering endurance and enhancing confidence.

7. Indoor Surfing With SURFSET Fitness

SURFSET Fitness has procured a way to stimulate surfing something anyone can do.

SURFSET lets you engage your core with mechanized surfboards and 45 minutes of surf-inspired workouts.

Intervals of high-intensity aerobic develop on the board will build your endurance and torch body fat.

Classesdraw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle and coordination.


8. Interval Training With AKT InMotion

AKT incorporates a full spectrum of fitness parts, from yoga and dance to strength training and plyometrics.

Each class runs either 60 or 90 minutes( broken up into 10 -minute segments) and depicts on a range of demonstrated methods to strengthen your body and improve flexibility.

AKT InMotion class are designed to progress, change and evolve over the course of each week so you never walk into the same class twice.

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Nobody knows discipline like Victoria’s Secret Angels, the models entrusted with wearing the lingerie brand’s famously flashy costumes down the runway once a year. From Alessandra Ambrosio to Jourdan Dunn, these dames boast an average of eight distinct abs per person. So, it merely attains sense for them to branch into workout content.

Vogue reports two of Victoria Secret’s newest angels, Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver, have launched an Instagram to document their grueling partner workouts both in and out of the gym. The pair lunge, timber and stone climb their style to the enviable bodies we love to drool over.

Because JoJa( yeah, that’s actually what they’re going with as a moniker) post lengthy descriptions of their training sessions, Instagram adherents are welcome to try their workouts at home.

The pair also encourages fans to mix up their cardio sessions, taking their buddy time to mountain hikes and scenic riverside spots. It’s no fun being in stuck in a darknes, sweaty cave of a gym on a summer’s day.

Skiver told Vogue,

One day, we started trying to do yoga poses together as a duo, then we started appearing online and were shocked and amazed at how many unique poses there were! We also thought it would be fun to create some on our own.

That’s when we built our funny, celebrity coupleesque name and made the account!

Ever stimulated excuses about why you don’t have a body that’s as fit as an Angel’s? Well, you’d require a personal stylist, cook and really good genetics.

But working out like these ladies could be a good start. It’s nice to see them putting an emphasis on fitness, as opposed to exactly how much chicken breast countings as a serve and when to discontinue eating solids before a runway show.

More of this, ladies.

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If you’re like most people, your listing of New Year’s resolves likely includes losing weight or exercising more.

But, did you know most people ditch their dreamings of scoring bangin’ bods before January even ends?

That’s right. According to a study published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology, weight loss and exercise goals are among the top resolves people induce each year.

But within the first four weeks, one out of every three people devotes up on his or her objective and goes back to old ways.

When it comes to making the gym on the reg, remaining motivated is key.

My mother once told me, “In order to kick ass, you need kick-ass shoes, ” and the same philosophy applies to kicking ass at the gym.

Yep, there’s nothing that they are able to inspire you to break a sweat quite like a murderer pair of yoga pants, some lighted running shoes or a new fitness gadget.

So, Iset out to find some astonishing workout gear to motivate you to stick with your relevant resolutions and hit the gym every damn day.

Take a look at the pictures below to insure some badass workout gear that they are able to maintain you motivated.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Sports Bra and Knockout by Victoria’s Secret Tights

Nike Free TR 5 Sneakers

Sweaty Betty Pacesetter Run Tank

Bkr Water Bottles

MICHI Illusion Legging

Lululemon Find Your Bliss Jacket

L’urv Sportswear Running Wild Legging and Crop Top

Vie Active Marble White Riley Full Length Tights and Grace Sports Bra

Spiritual Gangster Yoga Stacked Crop Tank

The Upside Baroque Yoga Pant and Dance Crop

Fitbit FlexWireless Activity+ Sleep Wristband

Fabletics Komodo Outfit

Vimmia Chalet Vest

Inner Fire Apparel GeometricaLeggings

Bandier Long-Sleeve Top

Sony Smart B-TrainerHeadset

Fabletics Tribal Knot Bra

Koral Emulate Legging and APL Women’s TechLoom Pro Cosmic RunningShoes

Lorna Jane Glamour Run Short

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If I had to pick two top priorities in life, they would be saving money and staying healthy.

The two actually go hand-in-hand, according to a recent report that examined the relationship between exercise and medical expenses.

If you exercise every week, heres some good news: your workouts can save you up to $2,500 a year in health care expenses.

So theres something to think about next time you want to skip your run to stay in bed and watch Netflix.

I know its a little hard to believe that working out can save you money, especially if you belong to a gym that charges you a sizable monthly fee. Severely, gyms can be so expensive.

But it seems that the membership basically paying off for itself considering workout saves you thousands in health care expenses.

Researchers analyzed data from a 2012 survey with 26,000 American participants and compared the medical expenses of the individuals who constructed sweating a priority compared to those whodidnt. The study was published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

For example, people who exerted regularly and had a history of cardiovascular disease were able to save up to $2,500 on medical expenses. Even people who didnt have many risk factors saved a couple hundred dollars. And lets be real, we can all do a lot with a couple hundreddollars extra.

So , no matter what your medical history is, sweating regularly can save you cash.

But are we really surprised? Exercise is proven to reduce health risks, such as heart disease and diabetes and other expensive health-related issues.

Starting to exercise regularly now will keep your bank account happy in the future for sure.

And what exactly is regular workout?

Well, the American Heart Association recommends at least half an hour of moderate-intensity aerobic activity( basically, anything that stimulates you sweat a little) five days a week.

Obviously, if thats not feasible, you can condense that recommended amount to an intensive workout that stimulates you sweat more three days a week.

If youre not motivated to workout because youre penalty with your body, just think of exercising as maintaining your bank account in shape.

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I don’t genuinely have celebrity daughter crushes, but if I had to pick one, it would be Margot Robbie. She’s bangin’.

Her newest flick, “Suicide Squad, ” came out August 5, and her character, Harley Quinn, basically runs around in the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen. OK, they’re basically underwear.

So before shooting this movie, I’d say Robbie was in excellent shape.

But with the help of personal trainer Andie Hecker, she went HAM and worked out for up to three hours a day two weeks before shooting started.

She also trained just as hard during filming.Damn, I can scarcely stay in the gym for more than an hour.

But, I guess when you have to appear virtually naked on a giant screen, you want to tighten up a bit. Especially because the camera can pull some pretty crazy optical illusion when it comes to body shape.

Normally, actresses cut calories and do high-intensity interval training workouts to slim down rapidly. Instead, Hecker had Robbie do Pilates, ballet and “non-bulkingcardio” like jumping rope and ballet jumps.

Robbie also did ballet-style moves with ankle weights to target glutes because of, you know, the booty shorts.

Of course, these exercises required a ton of energy on Robbie’s part, so no, she didn’t do any calorie cutting and still ate normally.

She even ate cake, people.

This was good planning on her component because in the movie, she looks toned and ready for action. She’s also supposed to be a rogue, and, well, they need to be fairly durable.

Besides, curves are badass.

In general, Robbie doesn’t wishes to slim down for movies only because she feels like she has to. Even for her role in “Tarzan” as Jane, she didn’t diet or anything before shooting.

Instead, she actually made a point to try as many saloons as is practicable while living in London. Meanwhile, poor Alexander Skarsgard likely had to diet and develop like an Olympian to get in shape to play Tarzan.

Robbie, you maintain doing you. It’sworking.

Thank you for being an actress who fees cake while getting in shape for a big movie.

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Ultimate Two Finger Pushups( Video)

Using merely his index finger and his thumb, this guy performed a 14 pushups with his feet planted on top of a table and one hand behind his back.

Narek Hakobyan via Yalda S .

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Sticking to a gym plan is hard. Like, genuinely hard.

But if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration( or a healthy dose of dishonor) check out the histories of Edna Shepherd.

The 94 -year-old woman from Hume, Australia, who pumps iron a staggering ten hours a week. Even on her one day off, she’s still get the muscles moving with a weekly ballroom dancing class.

“I’m always on the go, I don’t like sitting around, ” Shepherd says in the above 7 News clip.

The nutrition-savvy great grandmother also claims the exercise regime helps her socialise especially when it comes to chatting up the opposite sexuality. “I like hugging “the mens”: I’m a naughty daughter, ” says the go-getter.

What are you waiting for then, young person? Those dumbbells aren’t gonna pump themselves.

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Instagram is a magical place full of good-looking people willfully making illusions to make their lives look more glamorous and easy than they actually are. And while that usually comes in the form of Beyonc digitally thinning out her already-perfect thighs, sometimes the dreaming goes true in the best route: photos of a handsome, deeply-sculpted man working out with his pet cat.

The aforementioned “Magic Mike” lookalike is Travis DesLaurier, a self-described “goofy dude without a shirt.” That bio doesn’t quite do him justice, though. The tousled, muscular model-meets-construction worker is basically the dreaming boyfriend you didn’t know you needed.

But wait, it gets better. Travis’s ginger tomcat, Jacob, is his near-constant companion. Lately, Travis even posted a photo of them working out together in perfect domestic bliss. Prepare your ovaries( or brovaries ), and check this out.

Meet Travis, who has more than 600,000 Instagram followers.

Meet Jacob, who only has 12,000 but manages to take selfies without owning opposable thumbs.

They like to bro out together.

Travis mess with Jacob, as all cat owneds do to their furry little demons.

Jacob tolerates him, as all cats do with their owners.

Travis cares about his kitty so much, in fact, the male model even got inked in Jacob’s honor.

But it takes a lot of effort to keep Travis’s body in shape for modeling.

So, they work out together.

During violates, Travis wears Jacob as a scarf.

The world is a brighter, more beautiful place with these two in it.

You’re welcome.

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The internetcant agree on what a good deed actually looks like these days.

ChelcieCookson, a personal trainer from Sydney, Australia, posted a controversial video on Facebook last week telling her fans she wasgiving a 46 -year-old homeless man named Steven a gym membershipeven if he didnt want it.

Cookson volunteers to help the homeless frequently, so this wasnt exactly a random act of kindness on her component. But after to know Steven, she thoughtthis wasthe best style to assist him.

Some people think this is a generous move.A chance to get some endorphin-producing exerciseand feel a bit of comfortis somethingthat would benefit most homeless people. Endorphins, after all, help make you happy.

Other people, however, are slamming her for not trying to help out by providingsomething more immediate, like a place to sleep, a joborfood.

Heres the first video explainingthis controversial passion project:

This story is not about me, but about Steven. Steven is homeless, and today, the day I had been hoping for, we had a BREAKTHROUGH. I declare Monday to be the first day of Stevens new life deity willing I’m stimulating it happen.

Posted by Chelcie Vera Cookson on Friday, September 30, 2016

In the video, which has been viewed over 58,000 days, Cooksonsays Steven refused to go with her to the gym five times until she told him he didnt have a choice.

Some found that too aggressive. Why make person do something they say they dont want to? But sometimes people just need the right kind of motivation. Maybe this is was what Steven required?

They made tentative plans to work out together the following Monday.

As a personal trainer, Cooksonis fully aware that thebenefits of exercise go deeper than physical appearance.She wanted to help improve his life, and also promised to get him a haircut andsome new clothes.

While most of the fans on her page were supportive, she did receive some backlash.

Cookson replied to some of the backlash on herInstagram:

Incase there is any one else with a lack of or limited understand. Hope this answers the question.

Posted by Chelcie Vera Cookson onFriday, September 30, 2016

People also commented that she just did this for attention.

Cooksonactually did end up working out with Steven and another homeless human, who is Stevens friend.

She brought them both to the gym, signed them up and got them three personal training sessions as well as some protein supplements to get started.

According to thisvideo, the twomenwere psyched to be at the gym.

Posted by Chelcie Vera Cookson on Monday, October 3, 2016

Personally, I think this isinspiring.

Even though some people might think Cooksonsact of generosity is unnecessary, at the end of the day, she improved the lives of these two men by fostering a personal, human connection with them.

That, along with being treated like normal human beings, can have a huge impact on a person who isnt assured human compassion every day. What do you think?

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Non-Profit Provides Care For Homeless People’s Pets[ Insights]

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