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You finished working out an hour ago and now you’re at work, still sweating.

It’s the worst. I’ve certainly been there, sweating at my desk and hoping my co-workers just assume it’s fromshowering after my running( which I wholly do, just in case anyone needs to know ).

Sometimes you sweat so much post-workout and post-shower, it’s almost like you need an extra change of clothes to wear in-between the gym and run. Butif you find yourself still sweating after showering, you’re likely making the mistake of rinsing off in cold water.

Jumping in a soothing cold rain after a hot sweat sesh is probably what you want to do most, but showering in warmer water will help the sweating stop faster.

Even when you’re done with cardio or whatever workout you’re doing, your body still generates hot while redistributing your blood and restocking energy. So that’s why you still feel hot for a while after hitting the gym and showering.

San Francisco-based hydration expert Stacy Sims, PhDexplained to Shape why this happens. She told,

The chilly temp constricts your blood vessels, causing hot blood from your scalp to rush to your core, raising your body temperature.

So yeah, taking a somewhat warmer( not super hot or cold) rain will be more effective. To actually seal the deal, stand in front of a fan or your AC to dry up any sweat left behind before get dressed-up if you are able. That way it won’t bead up when you’re getting to work.

To take it even further, you can drink some ice-cold water prior to and during your workout. This helps keep your core temperature low so you won’t sweat as much after you’re done.

Not taking a cold shower after a workout sounds counterintuitive, I know — but that’s just how the body runs, apparently. The more you know, kids.

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Between the ages of 4 and 14, I dove deep into ballet.

In the sixth grade, I began taking yoga and pilates as part of my regular fitness regimen.

However, a part of me still longed for the rigorous, high-intensity develop I once experienced in the tae kwon do classes my brothers took.

As the years progressed, I decided to stop dancing ballet. I also slowly moved away from pilates.

At the same time, I was beginning to see how western culture was opening up to yoga more and more each day.

Unlike pilates( which is purely a fitness regime ), yoga is a series of motions accompanied by a belief system.

Yoga was easier for me to continue due to how much lower in cost yoga classes are.

For the next couple of years, I dove into yoga. I found the practice opened me up to spirituality in a way I was unable to achieve with religion.

On the opposite aim, I also found peaceful develop is not for everyone.

There was something missing.

Here are the reasons why I traded in my yoga mat for boxing gloves 😛 TAGEND

1. Martial arts developing remainders mainly on willpower .

Although I concur we need to be kind to one another and live a peaceful life, I also believe yoga teachingsare not for everyone.

From a young age, I was a passionate child. Taekwondo was not only a great way to stay in shape, it also served as an outlet for my pent-up energy.

It was great to know that regardless of training, when it comes to pushing the limits of your body, there is no novice or intermediate level.

At persons under the age of 10, I was operating laps and working out with grown-up men and women. With martial art, the only limit is your willpower.

2. Martial arts moves youin ways yoga does not.

Now I’ve started muay Thai, I am relearning to appreciate the impression after high-intensity training.

Martial arts developing is not something you can do for 15 minutes at a time. MMA( mixed martial art) will never be the chamomile tea we use to unwind.

On the contrary, it is what we use to wind up.

Unlike the style yoga encourages you to take a childs pose whenever you run out of breath, martial art wants youto keep going.

It is a different kind of pushing yourself.

With yoga, your intellect and body are one at all costs. In martial art, your intellect controls your body.

At the end of each develop, the intellect and body are forced to come to an agreement.

3. Some of us require uppers, while others require downers .

Our bodies are all generated differently, and one should mold his or her life according to his or her specific needs.

When you look for a partner, you look for qualities that induce you feel happy to be around. The same goes for food, attire and friends.

So why shouldnt your kind of exert be the same style? I require more stimulation on a daily basis.

This is very much unlike my yoga teaching friends, who have mellow personalities that demand peaceful tones and environments.

Dont be afraid to go the other route.

4. Yoga is not an escape or personality trait.

In one year alone, three people discontinue my previous job to pursue becoming yoga teachers.

It was a job “weve all” unhappy in. However, even those who were never interested in yoga saw itas their only way out.

There is a sense of calm aboutaperson who practises yoga that others wish to emulate.

There is also a showing-off taken into account in yoga I have not seen in other practises. This is unfortunately due to how mainstream it has become.

It is not the intention of yoga to be full of ego, as the practices of yoga advise you to move away from the ego and listen to the self.

However, when people say they are attending advanced class instead of just saying they’re going to yoga, I cringe.

I notice that as soon as somebody carries an interest in yoga, outsiders’ perceptions of the individual change dramatically. Dont be afraid to disconnect from the views others have placed on you.

One day as I was scrolling through my feed, I saw yet another image of a blogger doing a wobbly tree pose in front of a scenic view.

All of a sudden, everything was clear to me.

My coworkers and I had been practicing yoga for the wrong reasons. It was a lot like a bad relationship.

Something that once attained me feel content was now stimulating me feel stuck.

For a moment, I too thought that becoming a yoga teacher was my merely way out of living the dull 9-to-5 lifestyle.

I sawyoga as an escape.

With muay Thai, I feel empowered. How much I progress will be based on my will power.

Yoga is not a bad practise in any way, shape or kind. But it is not for everyone.

Because there is so much emphasis and importance placed on being a yogi, it is hard to separate yourself from the practice.

But trading in my yoga mat for boxing gloves was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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I am, hands down, the laziest person youll ever meet.

Leisure activates for me include sitting, reclining and scowling at the outside world from my bedroom window.

However, tired of looking like a melting Play-Doh figurine who pants and sweats at the slightest incline, I have decided to get in shape.

This is by no means a new objective for myself.

I have tried to get in shape countless hours, going on runs and attempting to get a slender physique like the celebrities we consider cavorting in bikinis in magazines.

It never runs, though, because like many women, having a tanned and toned body isnt motivation enough for me.

This is the problem we need to address when it comes to fitness and females: Were encouraging exercise for the wrong reasons.

Slowly but surely, women the world over are increasingly defiant to fit unrealistic beauty standards.

Instead of striving to be the sizing 6 seen in publications or on the runway, were aiming to be fit and healthy instead.

Were realizing that exclusively looking to celebrities for body goals is unhealthy, especially as the focus is on the aesthetic value they hold, rather than their internal health.

That is , no one wants to look like Megan Fox because he or she jealousy her perfect health, but because he or she wants her bangin bod. The darknes secret is, to quote Cher in “Clueless, ” many of these people are Monets: From far away it’s okay, but up close its a big old mess!

While thigh gaps might seem good in images, the reality is, its most likely achieved through poor diet and over-exercising. This is obviously not something we should aspire to.

Thankfully, in the age of Instagram and Pinterest, the diversity and realism lacking in publications and cinema can now be found in abundance elsewhere.

If you scroll through any workout or #fitspo tags on Instagram, you will see bodies of all different shapes and colours — bodies similar to your own.

Not only are their figures more representative of reality, but so are their stories and pictures.

Its freshening to find women who are actively engaged in good nutrition with insane abs and bulging biceps, red and puffy and gleaming with sweat.

They are not wearing makeup or expensive gym gear, but old baggy t-shirts and faded leggings. This indicates a movement away from the aesthetic value of exercise, where being healthy is more important than seeming flawless.

Instagram and Pinterest also make it easy for us to engage, documenting our own fitness life and inspiring others in turn. We can curate goals that fit our individual savours, and set up more realistic and attainable fitness challenges — ones that can be supported by like-minded followers.

Were espousing the shape we have and exerting not because we hate our bodies, but because we love them.

Were realise its more important to focus on what we put into our bodies instead of what we can deprive it, and that imposing strict rules and guilt will not shrink our frames, just our confidence.

Basically, we’re learn positivity is a far more effective motivation than negativity. Out with thinspo, in with fitspo!

Best of all , not only are we dismantling existing beauty criteria, but for once were not just replacing it with another unrealistic aesthetic.

Strength is a far more motivational objective than skinny, as it offers women, in particular, a means to protect and support themselves, rather than just an external improvement.

Typically, women have been discouraged from overdoing their workouts. Muscle is often considered too butch and unladylike, making yet another unrealistic ideal for women to live up to.

But as Rashida Jones once set it, You cant invest in your appears as your only thing because its a depreciating asset. Its like putting fund into a stock thats going down.”

By abandoning the aesthetic focus, women can learn to be confident and happy, without consideration of their external physique. They won’t feel they need to keep up with constantly changing and shallow ideals.

While there is little value in a hot body, there is an endless amount in being active and healthy.

Imagine the difference it would attain to promote exercise , notas a means for women to look good, but as a means for women to look after themselves.

Whether its moving furniture into her new apartment by herself, opening stiff jars or worst case scenario: protecting herself against attackers.

If a young lady is attacked, strength permits her to pull away, push them off, run away or take off her running shoes and use them to beat her attacker mercilessly.

That is more than enough motivation to work out as far as Im concerned.

Skinny, however, can do little to protect you. Women should not only rely on a man to provide things we are capable of providing for ourselves.

Find your inner Furiosa, and be the kind of tough broad who doesnt require rescuing or relies on others.

And if your newfound strength intimidates a man and your abs repulse him, you should scoop him up in your burly Hilary Swank arms, and rock him to sleep like the newborn he is.

Ive recently committed myself to another try at getting in shape, and this time I feel more motivated than before.

Im giving up on the exercise to be skinny approach, and am opting for the exercise to be strong technique instead.

Confidence doesnt come from seeming hot in a bikini.

Confidence comes from feeling strong and independent.

I want to have people take one look at me guess, that girl can take care of herself.

Get strong , not skinny.

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I’ll be the first be recognised that I struggle with anxiety. It’s something I’ve been trying to containfor a very long time.

Sometimes my anxiety can be borderline paralyzing, attaining it impossible in order to be allowed to do anything butshake and cry. It sometimes feels like it’s never going to end.

Sure, I’m prescribed drug, but I avoid taking it unless I truly need it. If I’m experiencing baseline anxiety, I’ve always simply pushed it off and saved my benzos for extreme anxiety attacks.

I fear get addicted to my meds; no one wants that life.

So Ive always been very curious about how I cantreat my anxiety without needing constant drug. A friend suggested I geta gym membership.

I’ve never been one for physical activity. I’ve always been in the class of people who think that lifting a wine glass to your mouth is the same as weightlifting.

But I can say now that going to the gym has totally changed my life. Not merely is my body seeming ripped AF, but my mental health has also drastically improved.

In the last year, exerting has induced me very good at keeping my anxiety at bay.

I started small, lifting once a week and taking a few classes. Now I’m addicted to the amazing feeling I get after the gym, the calmness that determines over me and my improved sleep.I’m up to six days a week in the sweat palace, and it is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Working out truly is the key to helping your anxiety — despite the idea that the best route to relieve stress is with a relaxing Netflix marathon.

Don’t believe me? Aha! I have experts to back me up.

Exercise releases endorphins.

Exercise is one of the topnatural methods recommended by healthcare professionals in treating anxiety and depression. This is because ofthe release of endorphins, which give you a natural high. They’re also very powerful and come out en masse when you exercise.

Endorphins are what health coachRicki Friedman, founder of Break the Weight, training exercises program, calls “happy and feel-good brain chemicals.”

She tells, “Stress greatly affects our intellects and the route we suppose, so we when MOVE our body, we just FEEL better and more in control.”

Lora Percival, CPT at12th Street Gymin Philadelphia, says that exercisecan make a country of euphoria that can last for several hours.

She tellsElite Daily 😛 TAGEND

Anxiety is this heightened country in whichyour body never gets to relax, and you are constantly in a state of anxiety. Running out or any type of physical activity can really reduce the stress levels in your body and help keep you even keel.

And there’s more. Exercise can also have the same glorious consequences as marijuana. BOOM!

AsDr. Sarah Villafranco, MD, founder of Osmia Organic, tellsElite Daily 😛 TAGEND

Your body also generates endocannabinoids after workout( a natural substance that induces some of the same receptors as marijuana ), so those may play a role, too.

That “high” you get is a real high. Go figure!

Dr. Villafranco saysthat exerting increases your body’s available “seratonin , norepinephrine and dopamine, ” whichdisappear when you’re depressed.

Exercise improves so much of yourdaily life and mental health.

Working out is the multi-faceted component to improving your mental health.

According to Dr. Villafranco, “Exercise can condition you not to panic when you feel certain symptoms, such as a rapid heartbeat or increased respiratory rate.”

Percival adds thatif you work out in the evening, it will help you get ready for bed; if you work out in the morning, it will help you get ready for your day.

Working out can improve your overallsleep and focus. As person with anxiety, sleeping can be very difficult. When you can’t stop the spiraling negative supposes before bed, it can be impossible to slow your heart rate enough tofall asleep.

Exercise will also help to improve your sense ofmotivation. When you’re anxious, getting yourself pumped up to complete a undertaking can be extremely difficult. If you’ve worked out, you will feel chilled out and ready to take over anything.

Exercise will improve yourimmune system. As Percival points out, “People who have a regular workout routine spend less day with colds or the flu.” I haven’t gotten so much as a runny nose since I began working out.

Working out can even help youcope with a loss.Friedman says that exerciseallows us to connect to our feelings in an emotional route, but the movement dedicates us the release that we need so we don’t feel overwhelmed by our sadness.”

Exercise will literally simply build you a happier person. Seriously.

Working out iseasier than you think.

As a beginner, it’s hard to get into a steady gym routine. I’d tried working out before, but I’d always objective up f* cking myself up by making my aspirations too intense from the get-go.

The key is to set objectives that you can actually accomplish and work yourself up to a more rigorous schedule. If you’re new to the gym, working out seven days a week isn’t realistic. Percival advises beginners toget out of bed in the morning and do 10 pushups. The next morning do 15. Then move on from there.”

Percival also recommends a good support system. Ask a friend or family member to join your workout regime with you. That route, the two of you can motivate and push one another toward your goals.

Friedman says her clients is beneficial for “a 20 -minute walk, some yoga or even simply a short running. It sets the tone for their day.”

Friedman and Dr. Villafrancosuggest yoga, operating, strolling and weight training to help with anxiety. It all depends on whether you prefer cardio or more concentrated workouts. The key is to figure out which one you like.

I suggest get a gym membership that includes classes. Go “class shopping”to figure out what you like and what works for your body.

Friedman tells yoga helps with anxiety particularlybecause it’s so focused on breathing. It helps to calm and centre you, and “the physical act of stretching helps release tightness or stress that we often hold in our bodies.

If operating is more your style, that runners high’ makes a lot of people feel alive at the end of their workout. They feel happy, excited and “re ready for” the day, ” Friedman tells Elite Daily.

If you feel like you’re up for a running, go for it. For me, I started small with cardio. I dislike feeling crazy out of breath. Start with short sprints, and run from there.

Or maybe you like to walk. I’m a huge walker. It’s a simple way to get in a good cardio workout and bring yourself into a good state of mind.

“Walking daily is the game changer. It eases the stress in our intellects and dedicates us a second to connect to our thoughts, adds Friedman.

Or if you dislike any form of cardio altogether, weight training is perfect for you. Friedman tells us, “It helps people feel strong physically, which helps us feel strong mentally.”

I weight train three times a week, and trust me that is huge. If I can weight train, you can.

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